Feast of Flowers
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Every woman on Earth is unique. No matter if they were rich or poor, or if they were from a small village or a prosperous city. Hua Jin isn’t afraid of falsehoods and ridicules, but what she fears the most is not having control of her own life. Not only does she know embroidery, she also knows how to plan for her own life. Some would say that other than being rich and having a good looking face, Pei Yan had no other good qualities for a man. Even beautiful girls aren’t able to grasp him! Pei Yan coldly sneered. ‘Unlike other households, if she is willing to lift her foot by 2 inches to enter, then the entrance of my house will only be an inch tall! If she isn’t willing to even lift her foot, then there won’t be any steps at all!’ This is a sweet yet spicy story of an ambitious woman and a rich man.
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Drama   Romance   Slice of Life