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        "That Starry Sky, That Sea (Book Edition)" Author: Tong Hua [End]
        brief introduction:
        "That piece of starry sky, that piece of sea", the latest fantasy love novel of 2015 by Tong Hua, a super popular Chinese writer and film and television producer.
        That person is the bright starry sky in my eyes; that person is the boundless sea in my heart.
        Love is exactly the same as life, it will always be flowers and thorns. If my love is flowers, I am willing to embrace its beautiful fragrance;
        If my love is a thorn, I will not hesitate to embrace its sharp pain.
        Because, when I embrace the flowers, it is the beautiful fragrance that Wu Julan planted for me with sweetness and smile;
        When I embraced the thorns, his entire chest was already covered with thorns watered with his own blood.
        If our embrace can only be separated by thorns, then I am willing to hug him harder and harder!
        Even if the thorns pierce my skin and pierce my heart, as long as I can get closer and closer to him!
        About the Author
        Tong Hua, writer, film and television producer. Published works: "Amazing Heart", "The Ballad of the Desert", "Song in the Clouds", "Zeng Promise", "Sauvignon Blanc", "The Most Beautiful Time", "Those Youthful Times that Can't Go Back", "Half Warm Time", "The Starry Sky" , The Sea". Film and TV drama works: "Golden Jade Good Fate", "The Man Who Catches the Rainbow", "I Like You".
        jīng color book review
        ★ I like Tonghua for a long time. Each of her books is full of aura, and even though we have passed through the dusty years, we can still find a heart-pounding feeling in the process of reading each time. Many people write about love, many are touching, many are compassionate, and many are touching, but the only one who is thrilling.
        ——Yuan Yuan, Executive Editor-in-Chief of "Modern Women's Life"
        ★To become famous on the Internet with a book, to travel the world with a kind of love, and to define life with a style, such a woman is always as mysterious and beautiful as the Liuli under Yang Huishan. Reading her article, every step is startling; reading her article, every step is pleasantly surprised.
        ——Chu Jiang, editorial director and writer of "Good Housewives"
        Under the moonlight, the god of death waved his scythe, ready to harvest the man's life.
        The man asked, "How can I not die?"
        Death said: "Find a girl, as long as she is willing to give up her life and dedicate her soul to you, you can live."
        The man asked, "How can I make a girl give up her life and dedicate her soul to me?"
        Death said, "As long as you get her heart, make her fall in love with you."
        The man asked, "How can I get her heart?"
        The god of death smiled slightly and said, "It's very simple, exchange your heart for hers."
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        Chapter1 The man who passed out in the yard
        He immediately raised his head and looked at me, his eyes were sharp and cold, like a fierce shòu with murderous intent and ready to go.
        In the early morning, when the first rays of sunlight passed through the treetops of the staghorn tree, hit the bedroom window, and then came to my face from the gap between the curtains, I woke up from my dream.
        In order to keep cool, the windows were not closed at night, and the cool sea breeze caused the curtains to rise and fall. The familiar smell of sea fish crept into my nose lightly along with the morning breeze, which made me close my eyes tightly, shove my head into the pillow, and try to get a little more sleep, while subconsciously thinking, "Wait a minute to get up again. , you can eat the seafood porridge cooked by grandfather again." As soon as I thought about it, another picture appeared in my mind - my father and brother, three people dressed in black and white silk, stood on the bow of the boat, and threw my grandfather's ashes into the sea, the white làng flowers tightly Chasing after the boat, wave after wave, surging non-stop, much like the wreath of soul flags in the mourning hall.
        After a moment of panic, I clearly knew which was a dream and which was reality. Although I really hoped that I would not wake up from the beautiful dream that my grandfather still had, the so-called reality is that you have to open your eyes to face it. .
        Thinking that my stepmother was not familiar with the kitchen and would never feel sorry for grandpa's old pots and bowls, I immediately opened my eyes and sat up. Looking at the alarm clock on the table, it was less than six o'clock, the house was quiet, and it was obvious that the others were still sleeping soundly.
        In the past few days, we have been very tired for grandfather's funeral. Dad and stepmother are typical urbanites. They are used to going to bed late and getting up late.
        After washing, I went downstairs lightly, and went to the kitchen to boil the porridge first. I didn’t have to worry about it, I just put a little scallop in the pot, it could be considered seafood porridge!
        Walking out of the kitchen, I stood in the courtyard and unconsciously went to look for my grandfather among the lush flowers and trees. In the past, when my grandfather got up in the morning, the first thing I did was to take care of his flowers.
        The courtyard wall is surrounded by flowers blooming all year round
        Boat flowers, crimson small broken flowers are gathered together, bright and moving, like hydrangea in the hands of the bride; bougainvillea crawling around the bluestone wall, the pink flowers are as bright as the rising sun, and clusters are pressed on the mottled old stones. The walls add a bit of color to the cool morning; the cardinal coral and qin-leaf coral under the living room window are in full bloom; outside the study window, the dragon spitting beads and Jiulixiang are full of white flowers, piled with clouds and snow, which is really beautiful At the corner of the kitchen, the at least 100-year-old Gongsun orange was full of green, and the little orange shyly hid among the branches and leaves.
        All flowers and trees are common plants on the island. They are not precious varieties. Almost every household will plant a few, but the flowers and trees that Grandpa takes care of always grow better than others.
        The past few days have been busy, and no one has taken care of them. The fallen flowers and fallen leaves have been piled up on the ground, looking a little decadent. I wiped my sour eyes, picked up my broom and started cleaning the yard.
        After sweeping the yard, I plan to sweep the door as well and open the yard door. In the blink of an eye, I only felt a black thing coming upside down towards me. I was startled, and subconsciously stepped back and dodged. I stumbled on something and fell to the ground.
        "Who put the stuff..." I took a closer look, my mouth was half open, the voice was gone, and it turned out to be a person who fell in my yard.
        A strangely dressed, unconscious man, with messy hair half covering his face, he couldn't see his face, but his skin looked dull and malnourished. The upper body is wearing a black sailor's uniform, which is not surprising, but he wears nothing inside. He is wearing a double-breasted autumn and winter uniform like a shirt. The flower shorts, look down his legs, barefoot! ?
        I stared at him dumbfounded for a while, then finally came back to my senses and poked him carefully, "Hey!"
        There was no response, but the tentacles were soft, because I had just sent my grandfather away, and I had a fresh memory of the body that lost his life, and I immediately judged that this person was still alive. But his body temperature was very low, abnormally low. I don't know if he was sick or if I made a mistake of judgment, but he was actually dead.
        I held my breath, put my hand under his nose, felt a breath, and breathed a sigh of relief.
        Probably because things were so weird, my reaction was not normal. After I made sure that my door was not a "corpse dumping scene", my first reaction was not thinking about what to do, but... strangely running to the courtyard door, looking left and right. After looking at it, I was sure, definitely, that no shoes were left outside the door.
        He is actually barefoot!
        I look at the one outside the hospital
        Looking at his feet on the long, bumpy stone road, the black stains and dark red bloodstains are mixed together. can't see where there is any injury, but can be sure that he must have walked very hard on this road.
        I squatted beside him, took out my phone to make a call, and shook him hard, this is not a big city, I can't expect an ambulance on call, not to mention this old street, even if the ambulance can be at this point When I arrived, I couldn't get up, so I had to ask someone for help.
        The phone got through, "Doctor Jiang..." I just said hello and felt my hand being tightly grasped.
        "No doctor!" After the man who fainted in my yard said this feebly, he slowly opened his eyes.
        I looked up at him in amazement, a gust of wind just happened to loosen the messy hair that was covering his eyes, and my eyes were right on his eyes.
        What kind of terrifying eyes are those? Indigo blue in the pitch black, deep, calm, and vast, like the sea on a summer night when the wind is calm and the sky is full of stars, the entire dazzling starry sky is swallowed up by it, and the secrets of the entire universe are hidden in it, making people endure. Keep staring and exploring.
        I stared at him blankly, he sat up propped up, and said again clearly: "No doctor."
        Looking at it again at this moment, although his eyes are good-looking, they are not as breathtaking as before. It should be just because of the right angle, the magic of the sun in an instant.
        I hesitated without saying a word, and he said, "I'm just short of water, just drink some water."
        He is definitely not a local, and his accent is very strange. I have a hard time listening to him, but his tone is neither humble nor convincing. More importantly, I still have a lot of things to deal with. After all, my sympathy for a stranger is limited. One less thing.
        "Doctor Jiang, I'm fine, I accidentally pressed the wrong number, I'm still busy now, I'll talk about it later!"
        I hung up the phone and helped him up. The moment he stood up, I felt how tall he was. I was 1.73 meters tall. Since I was a child, I was wild, and I always acted like a tomboy.
        I helped him to the corner of the yard and sat on the rattan chair that grandpa usually sat on, "Wait for me."
        I went into the kitchen, poured him a glass of warm water, thought about it, and scooped two spoonfuls of honey.
        I brought the honey water to him, he took a sip first, probably tasted a strange smell, and gave him an alert meal.
        I said, "You passed out on my doorstep. If you're not sick, it's probably low blood sugar. I added some honey to you." Already figured out what I put.
        "Do you still want?"
        He didn't speak, just nodded slightly.
        I ran into the kitchen again and poured him water.
        Back and forth, he drank six large glasses of water in a row, and only slowed down when he reached the seventh glass.
        He lowered his eyes and held the slender glass. Except for the sentence "don't need a doctor" at the beginning, he never said a word, never even said "thank you", and he didn't know what he was thinking.
        A ray of sunlight sifting through the gaps between the vine leaves just hit the glass, and his fingers were white, clean, slender and strong, like the hands of the most elegant pianist, and his scarred and stained feet formed a strange formation. Strong contrast.
        Intellectually, I know that I shouldn't let a stranger stay at home, but because of some inexplicable touch and soft-heartedness, I can't help but drive him away like this.
        I walked into the kitchen, lifted the lid of the pot and took a look, and found that the scallop porridge was almost cooked.
        I served a bowl of porridge with a plate of cold seaweed sprouts and two halves of salted duck eggs, and brought it to him on a tray.
        I said tactfully: "You eat something, wait until your strength recovers before leaving!"
        He didn't speak. He stared at the tableware and chopsticks in front of him for a while before picking up the chopsticks. Probably because he woke up from a coma, his hands were unstable, and he held the chopsticks a few times before he held them properly.
        "I still have to do housework, you eat slowly, and call me if you have something." I was afraid that standing aside would make him uncomfortable, so I found a reason to leave.
        I walked into the living room, rummaged through the shoe cabinet, and found a pair of old men's slippers. Unlike other shoes, which must be worn in the right size, slippers can be worn regardless of whether your feet are larger or smaller.