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        Dad said worriedly: "You kid, you quit your job just to take care of your grandpa without discussing it with me. It's hard to find a job now, so you have to hurry up..."
        "Dad, Mom asked you to help me pack my luggage." Shen Yanghui shouted while standing on the stairs.
        Dad had to say, "I'll go up first. Remember, hurry up and find a job. If you've been idle for too long, no company will want you."
        I followed Dad upstairs, went into my room, and locked the papers the lawyer gave me in a drawer. I vaguely felt as if I had missed something, but my stepmother's voice sounded sharply from time to time, making me unable to stop and think.
        I asked xing to go to the window to enjoy the scenery, no matter what, I will wait until they leave!
        A few emerald vines with dragons spewing pearls swayed in the wind outside the window. Flowers adorned the branches, some just blooming, but still snow-white; Spit beads.
        I smiled and picked up the vines and played with them. I haven't had time to repair the flowers and trees this year, and the vines of Long Tuzhu have already climbed up to my window. Suddenly, I remembered what I had been vaguely forgetting—the man who passed out in my yard!
        I knocked hard on my forehead in annoyance, I forgot that there was a strange man at home!
        I pulled the window frame, leaned out of the window, and looked down. Under the layers of green leaves and the white flowers, the black figure was very conspicuous, sitting motionless, as if asleep.
        Just as I was about to call him out loud, I remembered that my stepmother was walking around the house packing things up, so there was no need to make extra troubles. I grabbed a dragon spitting bead flower and threw it hard at him.
        When he heard the movement, he immediately raised his head and looked at me, his eyes were sharp and cold, like a fierce shòu with murderous intent and ready to go, which made me jump. Although I used a lot of strength, a flower is a flower, and it cannot become a weapon for killing people. In the breeze, the white calyx and red crowned dragon spitting bead flowers fluttering dàngdàng, flew towards him, quite poetic and pictorial. The sharpness in his eyes dissipated, he squinted slightly, quietly watching the flower gradually drift towards him, until the moment when it was about to fall on his face, he gently raised his hand and caught the flower.
        At this moment, the fragrant flowers are like snow. He leaned lazily on the wicker chair with the flowers between his fingers. He looked up halfway and looked at me through the strands of vines. He was just an ordinary and down-to-earth man, not in the slightest terrifying. momentum. I was so frightened that I finally dared to spit out the breath that was held in my chest. I only felt that my legs were weak, and I had to hold on to the window sill to stand firm.
        What the hell is this? For a while, I kindly took in a wild cat, but I was so frightened that I almost knelt down by the wild cat's eyes.
        I raised my face and stared at him fiercely, trying to show who was the boss. Dad's voice came from outside the door, "Xiaoluo, let's go!"
        I couldn't care less about fighting with a wild cat without a tutor, I turned around in a hurry, opened the door, and ran out of the room.
        Grandpa's knees hurt because of rheumatism and he climbed too many stairs. For the next few years, he lived in the large suite downstairs, which was both his study and his bedroom. When I passed by, I glanced at it unintentionally, and immediately noticed something was wrong. After a closer look, the mirror on the Bogu shelf was gone.
        "Yang Hui, hurry up! Wait a little longer, be careful that you won't be able to buy a ticket!" The stepmother had already walked into the yard with her suitcase.
        I rushed over a few steps and blocked the courtyard gate, preventing them from leaving.
        The stepmother immediately understood what I wanted to do, and called out sharply: "Shen Luo, what do you want?"
        Dad looked at me puzzled, "Xiaoluo?"
        I said, "Before leaving, leave Grandpa's mirror behind."
        Shen Yanghui said eagerly: "Mirror? What mirror? Are we going to bring a broken mirror back to Shanghai? Apart from rocks and sand, what is better than here in Shanghai?"
        I sneered and said, "It is indeed a broken mirror, but even if it is a broken mirror, it is a broken mirror in the Qing Dynasty, otherwise how could Aunt Yang see it?" In addition to a bronze mirror, the property purchased by grandfather also has a pair of silver bracelets and a silver hairpin. Unfortunately, in the flood of time, the two most valuable items do not know where they went, and only one bronze mirror remains.
        Dad glanced at his stepmother, who was holding the box tightly. He understood. He was very embarrassed. He looked at me and his wife. As usual, he didn't know what to do.
        The stepmother found out that she couldn't hide it anymore, so she said arrogantly, "I took that old mirror, but so what? It belongs to the Shen family! I gave you the whole old house, and I am for Yang Hui. Shouldn't it be better to leave a memorial?"
        "Don't forget, the lawyer made it clear that I inherited the old house and all the property in the old house." I finally understood why my grandfather made this statement in the will, and asked my father and stepmother to sign it. confirm.
        Aunt Yang didn't reason with me either, and pushed me hard, "Yes, I helped the grandson of the Shen family get a mirror of the Shen family, you go and sue me!"
        I tugged at her box, she squeezed it tightly with her hands, and the two shoved and fought over it. She was wearing high heels, and I was wearing flat heels. After all, she was younger and stronger than her. I snatched her suitcase over, and she lost her weight and fell to the ground.
        The stepmother immediately burst into tears, "Shen Haisheng, look at your daughter, how dare you beat the elders!"
        Dad was swept away by my sharp eyes, and he didn't dare to say anything. He could only be careful and go to help his stepmother, "Mirrors are for girls, Yang Hui is a boy, and if you can't use it, just give it to Xiaoluo. !"
        The stepmother was so angry that she cried, scolded and beaten: "Fart! There is such a valuable thing in a dilapidated house, you can give it as you say it! I tell you, there is no way!"
        I was too lazy to pay attention to them, put the box on the ground, squatted down, opened the box, and started rummaging through the bronze mirror.
        "Clap", a slap hit me hard in the face. I was a little stunned by the beating, raised my head and stared blankly at Shen Yanghui. Shen Yanghui's strength is no less than that of an adult, and the slap was so hard again, my left ear was buzzing, and I couldn't stand up for a while.
        Before I could react, he pushed me away again, snatched the box back, quickly zipped it up, and held it firmly in his hand.
        I have always been on guard against my stepmother and father, but I forgot that there is another Shen Yanghui, they are a family of "three". Fourteen-year-old Shen Yanghui is already 1.7 meters tall. When he smiles, he can still see a little childishness of a child. When his eyebrows are cold, he is already an uncompromising man. In ancient times, he could go into battle and kill the enemy. .
        Shen Yanghui glared at me fiercely and said, "You beat my mother first, and then I beat you."
        The stepmother immediately stood up and said gloatingly, "The one who hits is hit!" She took her son's arm and walked out the door, "Let's go!"
        Reluctantly, I grabbed the box hard, trying to stop them from leaving. My stepmother rudely kicked my arm with a high-heeled shoe, and it was painful. I let go of my hand at once, and I could only watch them walk out of the courtyard gate.
        Dad leaned over to help me, "Xiaoluo, don't take it to heart, Yang Hui is still a child who doesn't understand anything. Just give Yang Hui the mirror, he is the son of the Shen family, you are a girl after all, and sooner or later you will have to go out. marry."
        I endured the pain and said nothing.
        Dad knew very well that I was a tough guy since I was a child, and I was definitely not someone to be bullied. He grabbed my shoulder and said solemnly, "Xiaoluo, I know what you're worried about, it's not just your surname Shen, don't worry, then I will let Yang Hui take good care of the mirror, and I will never sell it!"
        I looked at those eyes very much like grandpa for a few seconds, then nodded slowly.
        Dad was relieved and wanted to say a few more words when his stepmother's roar came from outside, "Shen Haisheng, if you don't leave, just stay here forever!"
        Dad shoved a bunch of things into my hand in a hurry, "I'm leaving, call me if you have something to do." After that, he hurriedly went after his wife and son.
        After a while, the yard where the dog jumped just now was completely quiet, and I was the only one standing in the yard.
        When my ears stopped buzzing, I lowered my head to take a closer look, my arm was already purple, and then I looked at what was in my hand, it turned out to be a few hundred-dollar bills rolled into a ball. I laughed helplessly, if this is my father's father's love, his father's love is too cheap!
        I am twenty-five years old, no longer the weak ten-year-old girl, I have a college degree, and a large house left by my grandfather, and I can live well without my father! However, no matter how my reason persuaded myself, my heart was still empty and sad, even more at a loss than before.
        Maybe because I know that when I lost my parents, I still have my grandfather, but now, I have lost my grandfather and my only relative in this world. From now on, in this world, I really have only myself! When tired, there is no more to rely on; when injured, there is no retreat!
        Looking at the old mansion in front of me, I threw the money out of my hand with a smile, the pink banknotes fluttered and dàngdàng hadn't landed yet, my smile was still on my face, but tears were already streaming down my face.
        At the age of seven, when my parents divorced, I knew that my tears were useless, and I never wanted to waste time crying, but at this moment, it was like the valve of a faucet was opened, and the suppressed sadness turned into a steady stream of tears. , falling non-stop.
        It turns out that losing a loved one means that you think you can understand, accept, and stand firm, but you can never be unhappy. At a certain moment or a certain touch, you will feel sadness.
        grandpa, grandpa...
        I cried silently, wiping away the tears several times, trying to smile. Since no one will wipe away my tears for me, and no one will care about my pain, I can only face it with a smile. But every smile of effort was quickly shattered by tears.
        I cried so hard that I couldn't stand still, I sat softly on the ground, I clenched my teeth tightly, hugged myself tightly, and wanted to give myself some strength and comfort, but when I looked at the empty house in front of me, I thought of the house The owner is no longer there, and tears are like a torrential rain, one after another, falling non-stop.
        I kept crying, kept crying, and it seemed like I was going to cry until the end of the day.
        Suddenly, a group of dragon spitting beads floated in front of my eyes, like a urchin trying to make people laugh, turned several somersaults in the air, and threw into my arms.
        I stopped crying all of a sudden, and stared blankly, it turned out to be a flower ball made of dragon spit beads, green vines as bones, flowers as decorations, just in the palm of your hand, very delicate and beautiful.
        I forgot my sadness and couldn't help but pick it up. I was about to take a closer look when I thought of a question: where did this flower ball come from?
        Like an unoiled robot, I turned my head stiffly, inch by inch, looking at the direction the flower ball was floating. That man...he saw everything...the weakest, the most painful, the least visible side of me that was deeply hidden by me...
        He looked at me quietly, silent; I was embarrassed and annoyed, my mind went blank, and I couldn't say a word.
        Across the branches and leaves of Jiulixiang, which was as white as snow, the two stared at each other "silently" for a long time.Willing to, turned around, and rushed into the house with the flower ball.
        I looked at myself in my glasses, feeling embarrassed and annoyed, and wanted to smash the flower ball again, but I just lifted it up and looked at it, it was so beautiful, I put it down again, and comforted myself, don’t punish my family with other people’s mistakesflowers!
        I quickly washed my face with cold water and tangled my loose hair.Looking in the mirror, I felt that I had changed my face and became a new person. I walked out of the house in a rage, and decided to take this man who passed out in my house seriously!
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