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        On the way home, I bought some food by the way. Carrying two large bags, I walked along the pothole-strewn stone road in the old street while building my own thoughts: When I get home and find out that he stole the things and ran away, it is normal, and I will be free from bankruptcy. disaster! The sooner you recognize such a person, the better! Therefore, although my actions today are a bit reckless and impulsive, it is still a test of my heart!
        When I walked to the gate of the yard and took out the key, I hesitated, took two steps back, and carefully looked at the gate in front of me. The door was tightly closed, and there were only fallen flowers and dust on the ground. I couldn't see if anyone had left here with something after I left.
        I bit my lip and put the key into the door lock. When I unlocked the lock, I felt nervous and nervous, reminding me of how I felt when I was waiting for the results of the college entrance examination.
        As soon as I opened the courtyard door, I saw him sitting under the eaves, I couldn't help but smile, I walked briskly in front of him and put a bag of clothes at his feet, "It's all yours, I I guess I bought it, let’s see.” Before he could answer, I turned around and went into the kitchen and put the food I bought in the refrigerator, “I bought a live fish and steamed it at night.” In grandpa’s words, steaming Although the fish is a test of the chef's heat, the most test is the ingredients. As long as the fish is good enough and fresh enough, the heat is slightly worse, and it can be delicious.
        After washing his hands and walking out of the kitchen, he saw that he was flipping through the clothes one by one, and after reading the clothes and pants, he raised a pack of underwear and looked carefully. My face was a little hot, so I quickly looked away, walked into the living room in a hurry, and said loudly, "Go take a shower, and then put on your new clothes. If it doesn't fit, I'll change them tomorrow. Use the clothes on the first floor. In the bathroom, if you want to change your clothes, wash them yourself, or if you want, throw them in the trash can."
        I stood at the door of the bathroom on the first floor and said to him: "This is the bathroom, there are shampoo and shower gel in it, I will find two clean towels for you, after you have picked out the clothes you want to wear, you can take a shower. already."
        I was rummaging in the cupboard for towels when he walked up behind me and asked, "What's this?"
        As soon as I turned around, I saw him holding an open pack of underwear and looking at me seriously. My blood rushed to my face, and I almost shouted, "What are you talking about? Even if you don't read well or can't read, there are still patterns printed on it!"
        "How to wear it?"
        I roared: "How to wear it? How do you say it? Of course it's under the pants. Do you want to be like Superman, wearing underwear over the outside, or like Batman, wearing underwear over your head? Warning, next time I'm not done with you anymore for such a boring joke!" I angrily smashed the bath towel on top of him and hurried out of the living room.
        I stood in the yard and sweared through my teeth that I would never buy underwear for men who are not my boyfriends again! Otherwise, the kindness will be used as a joke!
        After a while of wind, I felt the heat on my face subsided. I checked the time, it was almost time for dinner, but... I had to see if he was eligible to stay for dinner.
        I walked into the living room and saw that the door to the bathroom was tightly closed. I tiptoed close to the door and listened. I heard the sound of water running, and it looked like I was taking a shower. I hurriedly ran to the study, bent down to examine it closely, and found that my hair was still caught in its original place.
        I straightened up and went to the second floor immediately. I checked the doors of the four bedrooms carefully, and every hair was still in its original place, not to mention falling, not even breaking. Apparently, after I left, he made no attempt to enter any of the rooms and remained in the yard honestly.
        I bit my lip and walked downstairs slowly, staring at the closed bathroom door, a smile gradually emerged from my lips, and the irritation I had just been teased disappeared. As long as it is not a bad person, it is not unforgivable for occasional annoying behavior.
        I finished the meal, but Wu Julan still hadn't finished taking a shower. I ran to the door of the bathroom and heard the sound of water running. Could it be that I fainted in the bathroom? I knocked hard on the door, "Wu Julan, Wu Julan!"
        The sound of running water disappeared, "Come out soon."
        "It's okay, take your time." As long as you don't faint, wash for a longer time, and clean up, I absolutely support it.
        I moved the rattan table and rattan chairs to the courtyard and put the food on the table. I covered it with a gauze to prevent flies. When Wu Julan comes out, we can start dinner.
        It was not dark at the moment, but it was no longer hot, and the breeze was very comfortable. My grandfather and I used to eat in the yard when it was not windy or rainy. I was sitting on a rattan chair, shaking my palm fan and raising my head slightly, looking at a corner of the blue sky and a few white clouds on the eaves. The sound, the familiar scenery, and the familiar silence made me feel a bit of a long-lost comfort even in my sadness.
        Feeling the shadow blocking my eyes, I was startled to realize that Wu Julan was already standing in front of the dining table. I looked at him casually, but was startled, and the fan in my hand fell to the ground.
        The setting sun is in the sky, the figure is on the ground, he is white shirt and black trousers, standing there straight, towering like a lonely pine, Xuan Xuan like a sunrise, his eyebrows are picturesque, his color is bright, almost like a person in the world.
        I don't know if he was used to my amazing gaze, or if he didn't notice it at all, he sat down calmly and said, "The clothes fit well, thank you."
        "Oh, oh... You're welcome, eat, eat!" I came to my senses, and I picked up a fan to hide my embarrassment, and there were 10,000 rough mud horses running through my heart. man? He scrubbed the gān clean to be so eye-catching?
        Wu Julan picked up the chopsticks and first picked up the chopsticks. While I was eating, I looked at him secretly—the slightly longer hair was neatly hanging by the side of the ear, the face was no longer half-covered, it was fully exposed, the shape of the facial features did not change, but after washing, the skin did not change. Then there is the gān dull, malnourished appearance, which becomes fair and clean, and all of a sudden, the entire facial features are full of vigor, as if a dusty orb has been wiped clean, finally revealing its original brilliance.
        There was a plate of meat dishes and two plates of vegetarian dishes on the table. I found that Wu Julan only tasted one chopstick, and did not pick up the second chopstick. With hindsight I discovered the fact that he would rather just eat white rice than the food I made! My anger jumped up, and the two plates of vegetarian dishes were nothing. In order to steam the fish, I kept staring at the watch and stood by the stove, not daring to be distracted at all.
        "You don't eat vegetables, and you think the dishes I make are unpalatable?"
        Without raising his head, he simply said "um".
        I stared at him hatefully, and stared at him hatefully.
        He finally raised his head, looked at me, thought about it, and said, "I know you've tried your best, it's okay."
        What? What is he saying? Do I need him to forgive me on a high and magnanimous way? What did I do wrong and need his forgiveness? I was so angry that I didn't want to talk to him anymore, so I buried my head, went down with chopsticks, and put half of the fish into my bowl. If you don't eat it, I will!
        I adhered to the idea that I must support myself, and I ate hard. Wu Julan had already put down his chopsticks, and I was still eating hard, until I vomited after another bite. Wu Julan looked at me silently, and I said angrily, "What are you looking at? I've never seen anyone eat a lot!"
        The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, seemingly with a smile.
        I glared at him and said, "I cook, you go to wash the dishes!" After I finished speaking, I wanted to stand up cool and handsome and walk away, leaving him with a handsome back. However, as soon as I lifted my butt, I found that I was eating too much, and I had reached the highest level of the buffet strategy, and I needed to support the wall to go out. I swayed twice and could only sit back awkwardly.
        I picked up the paddle fan and fanned it pretentiously, "It's cool outside, I'll sit for a while."
        "It's going to take a while," he said.
        Before I could reply, he had already packed up the dishes and walked into the kitchen, leaving me staring at his handsome back.
        I sat for a while, and finally, uneasy, stood up staggeringly, went into the kitchen, and watched him wash the dishes.
        He didn't add cleaning, and in order to wash off the greasy, he could only use hot water with steaming heat, it was really not too hot!
        I turned on the faucet and put some cold water, then picked up the washing machine and poured a few drops into the water, "Ask me if you can't find anything in the future."
        He picked up the cleaning bottle and read the instruction manual, and said calmly, "Okay."
        I said, "After washing the dishes, wipe the countertop, there are still stoves, cabinets, floors, windows, and..."
        I put on the attitude of the boss, and asked one by one picky request, Wu Julan simply answered "yes" without expression.
        The two of us, one in command and the other in action, the results of our work completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did he clean the desk, stove and cabinet, but he even polished the windows and the tiles around the stove. I set this level for him in my heart, and he passed it with full marks.
        Looking at the bright and clean kitchen, I was a little curious about him. Although this person is picky and vicious, he is serious in his work and diligent in his hands and feet. He is not a lazy person. How can he be reduced to a situation where he does not even have a pair of shoes?
        After cleaning the kitchen, Wu Julan took the initiative to clean the bathroom he used.
        I was sitting in the empty living room, listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom from time to time, and thinking about my thoughts.
        Grandpa died of stomach cancer. It was already in the middle and late stages when he was found out. He kept hiding his illness from us until finally he couldn't hide it, and we didn't know it. At that time, I was doing financial work in a foreign company in Beijing. After learning about this, I immediately went through the resignation procedures, took all my luggage, and returned to the island.
        Grandpa didn't object to my decision to let me go, and I didn't object to Grandpa's decision not to be hospitalized for surgery. Instead of lying in the hospital and being slashed in the east and in the west, with tubes all over his body, it's better to be like a normal person and enjoy the last time. .
        We deliberately forget about the pain and live a normal life, growing flowers and growing rough, playing chess and drinking tea. When the weather is good, we even set up stalls on the pier and go fishing. The time is no different from before, just like leaving home. I haven't existed for seven years. I have always stayed on the island, but he used to walk with my hand, and now I walk with his hand.
        Since I quit my job, I have not had a job for more than half a year. My father is worried about my job. He must think that I am taking care of me without thinking about the future. But he didn't know, because he didn't take the responsibility of being a father, I have been thinking about the future, and I have been working hard for the future.
        Before my grandfather got sick, it can even be said that when I was in college, I thought about going back to the island to settle down. It’s just that I need money for food, clothing, housing and transportation. I have already spent a lot of my grandfather’s pension money, so I can’t drag him down any more. For the plan of “going home and settling down”, I work hard to make money, and plan to return to the island when I save enough money. , I rented an old house by the sea and transformed it into a cafe, so I could take care of my grandfather and face the sea to enjoy my life. However, my son was raised and my relative was not there, and time did not wait for me.
        If I had known that Grandpa would leave so early, if I had told Grandpa earlier that I didn't miss the big city, maybe... But the world didn't know it earlier.
        She was complaining about herself when she suddenly heard Wu Julan say, "The bathroom is finished, do you have anything else to do for me?"
        I raised my head and saw him walking towards me from the direction of the bathroom. During his steps, Xiao Xiao was very solemn, wearing a cheap white shirt and black trousers. 's atmosphere. I couldn't help staring at him for a moment before I said, "There's nothing left to do, let me show you where you want to live!"
        I stood up, stretched out my hands exaggeratedly, and drew a picture, "As you can see, this is an old house, the old house of the Shen family..."
        According to grandpa, the old house was built after his grandfather ventured into the sea when he was young and sold pearls for money. Because the island is so poor, the three aunts got married far away, and the grandfather left home. No one lives in the old house anymore, and it gradually becomes deserted, and the eaves are covered with moss. After grandpa left the salvage bureau, he did not choose to stay in the city, but returned to his hometown, sorted out the old house, and settled in his homeland.