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        Different from the traditional civil structure on the mainland, the old house is a masonry structure. The island residents use local materials, build the walls with blue-black rubble, and cover the roof with blue-gray tiles. Can prevent cháo moth.
        The main house of the old house is in the shape of a "7", but it is long horizontally and short vertically. There are two floors up and down. Downstairs are two large suites, one is the living room and the other is the study. The living room is on the horizontal side of the "7" character, and the study is on the vertical side of the "7" character. They are very spacious. Because my grandfather had rheumatic legs, it was inconvenient to go up and down the stairs, so the study was later used as a bedroom.
        The stairs up and down are at the corner of "7". Go up the stairs. There are two rooms on the horizontal side of "7" and two rooms on the vertical side of "7", both of which are bedrooms with separate bathrooms. The two bedrooms near the stairs are relatively small. After placing a double bed and a few simple pieces of furniture, there is nothing superfluous.
        . These two bedrooms are regarded as guest rooms, which are for the convenience of Dad and the others when they come back for a short stay. Speaking of which, the old house can be decorated so "modern", thanks to Shen Yanghui. When Shen Yanghui was six years old, he couldn't get used to living there after he came back, so he was crying and arguing that he had to leave. In order not to feel wronged by the grandson, the grandfather spent half a year asking someone to do a major renovation and installed a shower and a flush toilet in the old house. But in fact, Dad and the others came back very rarely, and only came back to live for two or three days in two or three years.
        The two large bedrooms are at the horizontal and vertical ends of the "7" character, with internal and external compartments, and they are still spacious after placing the bedroom, bookshelf, desk, rattan sofa, and rattan chair. The one that used to be my grandfather's bedroom on the horizontal and the one on the vertical is my bedroom.
        The kitchen is an independent stone tile bungalow on the left side of the main house, forming a "door" shape with the "7" of the main house. The place where the word "door" is located is a flowerbed, and the Gongsun orange, which is at least 100 years old, is in the flowerbed. According to Grandpa, he didn't know how old Gongsun Ju was. Anyway, according to his father, when he was a child, he would pick oranges from the tree and squeeze out the juice to dip them in mackerel.
        On the vertical head to the left of the word "door", there is a rectangular flowerbed. Dragon boat flowers and bougainvilleas are planted close to the courtyard wall. There is a faucet next to the kitchen wall. wash things. On the vertical head to the right of the word "door" is an open space, planted with Long Tuzhu and Jiuli incense, just outside the study and my bedroom window. In the middle of the word "door" is a rectangular courtyard, with blue and black stones on the floor and scattered bonsai. The direction of the opening of the word "door" is the main entrance of the courtyard.
        After leading Wu Julan to visit all the rooms, I stood by the window of the guest room on the second floor, overlooking the whole yard, and turned my back to Wu Julan and said, "I plan to open an inn, but I can't do it alone, that's why I left you. reason."
        It was the first time I shared a little secret in my heart with others, and I felt a little strangely excited. I couldn't help but say, "Since the day I came back, I have no plans to leave. No matter how big or prosperous Beijing is, it will always be the same. I have nothing to do with me, I will always be like a guest under someone else's fence, I've tasted enough of being under someone's fence in my life, even if I live a little poorer, I'll stay at my own home."
        After the words were spoken, I felt that the jiāo was shallow and deep, that I talked too much, and was a little embarrassed. I quickly changed the subject and pretended to be serious and said, "The location of the old house is not good, and it is a little far from the sea. The first choice of tourists, so I want to win with my characteristics. After I have word of mouth, there will naturally be guests who come here. In the future, I will be the owner of the inn, and you will be the waiter of the inn. I eat with my brain, and you eat with physical strength , so, all the dirty and tiring work is done by you..." I was suddenly a little worried that the inn would scare away the free guy before it opened, and quickly said: "Of course, it's just an inn, not a construction site. There's no dirty or tiring work, just be diligent."
        Wu Julan gave a "hmm" to show her understanding, "Where do I live?"
        I said, "This is the one." This was the decision I made after much thought. Since we are going to open an inn, in theory, we should let him live in the study downstairs and rent the room upstairs as a guest room. However, I am not ready yet, and I am reluctant to let others live in the place where my grandfather lived, so I can only let him live upstairs. Of the two rooms, this one is next to my bedroom, so I can "watch" him, after all, he's a stranger.
        "My brother just lived in this house. There are clean sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases in the drawer under the bed. You can change them yourself. If you want to clean the bathroom, just clean it yourself. The rag is hung in front of the sink. The sanitizer is in the cupboard under the sink."
        "Okay." Wu Julan agreed quickly.
        "I'm tired today. I want to go to bed earlier, so you should go to bed earlier! After resting, we still have a lot of work to do."
        I closed the door for Wu Julan and entered my bedroom.
        I haven't had a good rest for several days. I woke up early this morning. My head was a little dizzy.
        Although he passed the test this afternoon, there is a kind of person in this world who looks well-dressed and looks like a person during the day, and will transform at night. People are separated from each other, who knows if Wu Julan is such a person?
        I locked the door, moved a square stool and placed it behind the door. There was a beer bottle upside down on the square stool. As long as someone pushed the door in the middle of the night, the beer bottle would fall to the floor and I could wake up immediately.
        A small flashlight was placed under the pillow; a mobile phone was placed beside the pillow, and the alarm phone was set as an emergency call, which could be dialed at the fastest speed anytime, anywhere; a watermelon knife was placed under the pillow.
        After thinking about it, I didn't seem to have missed any more. I put on a pair of thick cotton socks and lay down on the bed. Although it is very uncomfortable, there is always a woman in the movie who has to run away barefoot in a critical moment, just in case, I think it is safer to wear socks.
        At first, I was resisting sleepiness, pricked my ears to hear if there was any abnormal movement outside, but gradually, I was overwhelmed by sleepiness and fell asleep completely.
        childhood sweetheart
        No matter what the process is, it doesn't matter anymore, the important thing is that we all grew up well, and that's the best thing!
        I had no dreams all night, and when woke up, glanced at phone in a daze, it was almost nine o'clock.
        I closed my eyes and wanted to squint for a while, when Wu Julan's face suddenly appeared in my mind, agitated, stood up abruptly, and looked at the door - the upside-down beer bottle stood straight there, like a dutiful person The guards reported to the master that there were absolutely no bad guys trying to break in last night.
        I certainly did not see the wrong person! Joy bubbled up from the bottom of my heart, and I couldn't help grinning. While giggling, he lay back on the bed again.
        I slept for a full ten hours this time, and the fatigue of the past few days was swept away, and my heart was much better.
        I stretched out a lot, squinting and thinking, is Wu Julan getting up? I don't know how he rested last night... As I was thinking about it, I heard a voice coming from the yard, I jumped up from the building, ran to the window, and looked down
        The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. The green trees and flowers are blooming in the yard. The colorful quilts are hung on the bamboo poles and fluttering with the sea breeze. Wu Julan, dressed in white and black trousers, was standing in the undulating room between the sheets and quilts, hanging up his laundry one by one.
        Maybe the sky is too blue, the sun is too bright, the trees are too green, and the flowers are too red. Such a simple and ordinary scene at home made my heart feel soft and warm in an instant. With a smile on my face, I kept watching.
        The sheets and quilts fluttering in the wind are like undulating waves, rising and falling at one time, and Wu Julan's figure also appears and disappears at one time. After he hung up the last shirt, he raised his head and looked at me. The golden sunlight shone around him, making his figure seem clear and blurred. I waved my hand gently and said loudly, "Good morning! "
        Wu Julan smiled and said to me, "Good morning."
        "Have you had breakfast?"
        As I twisted my hair, I said, "Wait a minute, I'll be fine soon."
        I rushed to the bathroom, washed quickly, then rushed into the kitchen and started making breakfast. It's too late to cook porridge at this point. I plan to cook two bowls of Longxu noodles, stir-fry a plate of tomato eggs, and eat tomato noodles!
        When I was cooking, Wu Julan kept watching from the door of the kitchen. I thought that he had already washed his clothes all morning, so I didn't ask him any more.
        Wu Julan asked, "Do you always use this kind of stove for cooking now?"
        While watching the noodles in the pot to prevent overflowing, I stir-fry the tomatoes and say, "We use liquefied gas tanks, and cities on the mainland generally use natural gas."
        When the meal was ready, the two of them each filled a bowl of noodles, sat under the eaves of the kitchen, and started to eat breakfast.
        I peeked at Wu Julan, he didn't show any signs, he ate slowly, but he wasn't picky anymore, whether it was tomatoes or eggs.
        I held back for a long time and asked, "How does it taste?"
        Wu Julan glanced at me lightly, but said nothing.
        I understand, but I'm used to his dislike, and I made breakfast in a hurry, and I didn't expect him to be satisfied. I muttered to defend myself: "Although my cooking skills can't be compared to the chefs of restaurants, I have been doing housework since I was a child, and I did a good job of home-cooked dishes. Even Aunt Yang, who always picked me wrong, said that I was The food is well-done, you probably can't get used to the taste of our side."
        Wu Julan lowered her head, concentrated on eating noodles, and said nothing.
        I found Wu Julan's "virtue" very melancholy. He doesn't lie. Even if everyone thinks it's innocuous and used to lubricate interpersonal relationships, he will never tell it. In the face of such a "righteous" product, I nag a few words angrily, but I can only forget it.
        After the two of them finished their meal, Wu Julan consciously packed up the dishes and went to wash the dishes. He was already looking good. He didn't need me to remind me from time to time like yesterday, so I felt relieved.
        Take a look at Wu Julan who is washing the dishes seriously, and then look at the yard. The clothes he bought for Wu Julan yesterday, the single quilt he replaced last night, and the single quilt in the room where his father and stepmother lived were all washed thoroughly. Hanging on the bamboo poles, the yard was crowded to the brim.
        In today's society, people are recruiting seriously, but I'm afraid I can't find such diligent people. For the first time, I felt that I was a good person with good rewards. I made a very wise decision, and I became more and more puzzled. How could someone with such a good appearance and such diligence be reduced to ragged clothes and fainted in front of my house?
        However, my childhood experiences have taught me that everyone will have some inhumane experiences. If he doesn't tell them, I won't spy on them either.
        I said hello to Wu Julan and went to work in the study.
        When I passed by the bathroom next to the stairs, I suddenly stopped. The bathroom was clean and didn't look like it was used at all. The power indicator of the washing machine was black, I opened the lid and looked again, there was not a drop of water.
        I was restless and ran out of the living room in a few steps, "Wu Julan, how did you wash your clothes in the morning?"
        Wu Julan looked at me across the kitchen window, not understanding what I wanted to ask.
        I asked, "Have you ever used a washing machine?"
        Wu Julan shook his head.
        Although I have already guessed it, but I have personally confirmed it, I still find it hard to believe. I pointed to the yard and asked in surprise, "You wash all the clothes by hand?"
        "Is it wrong to wash your hands?" Wu Julan asked back.
        "It's not wrong. But don't your hands hurt? The next time you use a washing machine to wash large items, it won't cost you so much energy!"
        Wu Julan said without expression: "My hand doesn't hurt, this little strength is nothing to me."
        I was so choked that I didn't know what to say for a while, so I said arrogantly: "Anyway, next time I use a washing machine for a single quilt cover, I can't buy my washing machine for nothing!"