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        Wu Julan was silent for a moment and said, "Okay."
        I turned around and walked into the study, sitting in front of the computer desk, waiting for the computer to turn on, while looking at the sheets and quilts in the yard in amazement, thinking that Wu Julan was incredibly diligent.
        There are still many people who wash their clothes by hand, but there are very few people who wash their quilts by hand.
        However, it is not that there is none. Just like Ama Li, a neighbor on this street, in order to save water and electricity bills, she has not bought a washing machine at home. Of course, Ama Li’s family is one of the poorest families on this street.
        Wu Julan's family should also be very poor, so poor that they don't have a washing machine, so they are used to washing sheets and quilts by hand.
        The computer started up, I picked up my mind and started working hard.
        After going through it in my head, I made a list of things to do. The first thing, of course, is to apply for a business license and other relevant documents for operating a private inn. I've inquired about it before, and it's not that difficult, although it's a little tedious. At present, the island government is vigorously developing tourism, and supports local residents to do some distinctive small businesses and develop cultural tourism and green tourism. It's only a matter of time before "indigenous people" like me handle this. What worries me is the decoration and future business.
        Although the old house is old, it is quite comfortable to live by yourself, but living by yourself and letting guests live are two concepts. At least every room needs to be refurbished, TV and Wi-Fi installed, curtains, bed sheets, quilts, bath towels, etc. Have to prepare new ones.
        I worked in Beijing for three and a half years, living frugally, saving a total of 120,000. After resigning and returning home, I spent more than 10,000 yuan one after another, and now there are more than 100,000 yuan left in the bank. This is all my assets except the old house. I have to consider that the inn may not make money at the beginning, so I leave myself some living expenses and the initial operating expenses of the inn. The money that can be spent on decoration is very limited, and I must fight hard. Calculate carefully.
        I looked up other people's decoration experience on the Internet, and if I knew more, I could not only avoid detours, save more money, but also supervise the construction and prevent being deceived.
        I was watching the video and taking notes when I suddenly saw a long, white hand reaching out and poking at the portrait on the computer screen. After poking it a few times, it was not enough, and after digging it a few times, I seemed to be curious about why the screen would appear on the screen. There are lively people.
        What's the situation?
        I stayed for a while, then turned my head and looked at Wu Julan who was standing behind me without knowing when.
        Wu Julan looked at me blankly, calm and calm, and even had an aloof indifference. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would definitely think that the second-hand product that just poked and smashed the computer screen was definitely not the one in front of me.
        I couldn't help but ask, "Have you never used a computer? Do you have to send home all the money you used to work?" Although computers have become popular in modern society, in many poor places, not to mention computers and color TVs are still available. Can't afford it. Based on my judgment of Wu Julan's family situation, it is normal for him to not have a computer, but even if he can't afford a computer at home, there is a place called "Internet Cafe". Many wage earners who can’t afford a computer can still play games and chat on QQ, unless they, like me, need to save money and cut down all consumption activities.
        In an instant, I made up my mind a lot, and I even thought of the touching festival "Wu Julan's parents are terminally ill, and Wu Julan must mail all the money from his part-time work home".
        Wu Julan didn't answer my question, just looked at me disdainfully, and said coldly, "You think too much, it's not that you can't afford it, but you don't need it." After speaking, he turned around and walked away with a straight back. Show: Uncle is not rare!
        I looked at his back, and 10,000 rough mud horses galloped past in my heart. It was both funny and uncomfortable. This arrogant man, even if his self-esteem is hurt, is unwilling to lie and say that he has used a computer. He will simply cover himself with disdain and indifference. I think of myself when I was a child. I was six years old that year, and my parents were arguing for divorce. No one cared about me, not even my pants were short. The mother of the children who played with me noticed my embarrassment and kindly bought me two pairs of pants, but the first time I was sensitive, I was not grateful, but embarrassed that I was stabbed in the sore spot, and refused to accept the pair of pants. I also reiterated that my mother bought a lot of new pants for me, but I don't like to wear new clothes, I like to wear old ones.
        I jumped up, ran over a few steps, and stopped Wu Julan, "Have you finished washing the dishes?"
        "finished Wash."
        I pushed Wu Julan to the computer desk, "There is still something for you to do, come here!"
        Wu Julan stared at me and didn't move. It was like I was pushing a big mountain, no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't move.
        I was annoyed and stared at him, "I'm the boss, didn't I tell you what to do?"
        Wu Julan followed me to the computer desk.
        After I sat down, I pulled a stool and motioned Wu Julan to sit too, with a businesslike appearance, "I'm studying how to decorate the inn, you have to learn it too, this is something we both need to live in in the future, we want to eat and drink well. Well, you have to be careful."
        I opened up a web browser and demonstrated how to use the search function. Once you learn to search, everything else will be learned slowly. I deliberately slowed down, Wu Julan sat beside him and watched silently.
        I suddenly remembered that he has never used a computer, so he probably doesn't know how to type on the keyboard, "Are you better at pinyin, or are you better at handwriting?"
        Wu Julan thought for a moment before saying, "Writing."
        I immediately downloaded a Wubi input method tutorial, and after a brief demonstration, I said to Wu Julan: "As long as you know the root of this thing, you can practice it for a while."
        Grandpa's self-learning computer book is still there, I took it out from the bookshelf, put it in front of Wu Julan, and asked him to study with the book.
        Wu Julan picked up the book and read it quietly. I stood beside him, and my eyes swept across the yard inadvertently. When I saw the sheets and quilts fluttering in the wind, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind: Wu Julan doesn't need a washing machine, he won't Is it because he can't use it at all?
        I was startled by this thought of mine, but I thought it was very possible, where did he come from? An old village in a remote area? Electric appliances are not common yet? No wonder he had such a weird accent when he first spoke...
        Although I am a little curious, I have no plans to develop Wu Julan into a boyfriend, and I will not be responsible for the second half of his life, and I am not interested in exploring his first half of life. The important thing is to solve the problems at hand.
        The electrical appliances in the home include air conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, rice cookers, TV sets, DVD players... don't know what he has used or not used.
        After thinking about it, I turned the boxes over and overturned the cabinets, took out the manuals for all the electrical appliances that were on the bottom of the cabinets, and put them in the corner of the desk, "This is the manuals for all the electrical appliances in the house, you have time to read them." Afraid of hurting his self-esteem, I hurriedly added, "Electrical appliances of different brands and products produced in different eras will have different usage methods. Take a look at it, so as not to take things for granted based on your previous experience and ruin my things."
        Fortunately, Wu Julan didn't have the sensitive perversion I had when I was a child. After listening to my instructions, she simply replied: "Okay."
        I took the ID card, household registration book and other documents that I thought might be useful, and went out to apply for a document license to operate a private inn.
        Originally, I thought it was just such a little thing, and it shouldn't take much time, but I didn't expect the procedures to be really cumbersome. I need a photo for a while, and a recent medical certificate for a while. Fortunately, I am an "indigenous" of the island. No matter where I go, I can always meet my classmates, or my classmates, which saves a lot of time. But just like this, I ran around and tossed for a whole day before I got it all done.
        At about six o'clock, I carried a watermelon I bought on the way and came home tired. He weakly called out "I'm home" and collapsed on the rattan chair.
        Wu Julan glanced at me, and without a word, brought the watermelon into the kitchen.
        After a while, he came out with a fruit plate that had been peeled and cut into cubes, with a fruit fork thoughtfully placed on the edge of the plate.
        I'm a little surprised that he didn't act like someone who knows how to use a fruit bowl and fruit fork this morning, but
        At present, I am too lazy to delve into it. I happily fork a piece of watermelon with a fork, "Thank you!"
        After eating half a plate of watermelon leisurely, I felt recovered, and said to Wu Julan, "I made an appointment with the decorator, and he will come to see the house tomorrow afternoon and estimate the decoration price. You must clean the house tomorrow morning, if you can. A little money saved is a little money.”
        Wu Julan made a sound of "um", indicating that he understood.
        It was already dinner time, and I was thinking about cooking some noodles to make do, when the door banging sounded suddenly.
        I stood up and asked, "Who is it?"
        "it's me!"
        Jiang Yisheng's voice, my old neighbor, the two of them are "childhood sweethearts" who grew up together and have no guesses. Because I have a very high IQ since I was a child, I still won the first place in the grade even if I didn't attend the class, killing me and other mortals in seconds. The nickname of the hour was "the genius doctor", and now he is the chief surgeon of surgery at the Island People's Hospital. "Yisheng" and "doctor" are homophonic, even if it is called "Jiang Yisheng", it sounds like "Doctor Jiang", and everyone screams.
        As usual, I ran to open the door early, but now I stopped, saying "come here" while looking at Wu Julan hesitantly.
        Wu Julan was very keen, and immediately noticed my doubts, and turned around to avoid the room. I stopped him and made a decision in an instant, I was doing business and hiring people, and I had nothing to hide.
        I whispered to Wu Julan, "My good friend, he is very nice. I will introduce you to you later." After speaking, I ran to open the door in a few steps.
        "Xiaoluo, stop cooking, go out to eat tonight." Jiang Yisheng walked into the door while talking.
        There were two people behind him, a young woman in a dress, with long hair and a shawl, a slender figure and a beautiful face; a man with glasses, a gentle temperament, and a polite manner, turned out to be the lawyer Zhou Buwen whom he had met yesterday.
        I was stunned for a moment, then politely greeted Zhou Buwen first: "Hello, lawyer Zhou."
        Jiang Yisheng laughed and put on Zhou Buwen's shoulder and said, "It's so pitiful, you really don't know him! Xiaoluo, take a closer look, you really don't know him?"
        Zhou Buwen looked at me with a smile, which was completely different from yesterday's estranged and polite professional smile. His smile was filled with genuine joy and even a bit of nervous anticipation. I was so confused that I wanted to kick Jiang Yisheng, who was pretending to be mysterious, but he was accustomed to putting on a pose and said with a polite smile, "Lawyer Zhou, we just met yesterday, how could we not know each other?"
        Jiang Yisheng sighed strangely, and just as he was about to speak, Zhou Buwen pulled Jiang Yisheng's arm and stopped him. Zhou Buwen stared at me, smiled and said, "Xiaoluo, it's me, big head."
        The polite smile on my face disappeared immediately, and I looked at Zhou Buwen in shock.
        Li Datou, formerly known as Li Jing, was my best friend in my youth. In the memory of him, with a thin body, a big head, long legs and long feet, coupled with a bit of a ferocious fierce expression, no one in the school dared to provoke him. The man in front of him was tall and courteous, but he looked a little familiar except for his eyebrows and eyes, but he couldn't find the appearance he remembered.
        When I was ten years old, because my father remarried and my stepmother was pregnant, there was no place for me in the cramped home, so my grandfather took me back to my hometown. I can't speak Hokkien, nor can I speak the Li dialect. I speak Mandarin, which is very conspicuous in the school. At first, my classmates were curious and envious of me, but soon the news that my father didn't want me and my mother to run away with the wild man spread in the school, and the students' curiosity and envy turned into pity and contempt. At that time, like a hedgehog, I used sharp counterattacks to protect my shattered self-esteem. It didn’t take long for me to become a thorn in the side of my classmates. I was thrown into the toilet with my homework book, spat on on the way to school, and even had The male classmate caught the snake and put it in my schoolbag... When I grew up, I looked back and it was just a prank by a child, but those pranks made me feel like I was in hell until Li Datou moved in.