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        Before I got home, I saw two policemen standing at the door, and a few warm-hearted neighbors watching the fun.
        I immediately struggled and said, "Put me down."
        Wu Julan ignored me, and kept holding me into the yard before letting go.
        Under the scorching gazes of the police and neighbors, I didn't even dare to lift my head up. Fortunately, Jiang Yisheng was there, he immediately introduced Wu Julan's "cousin" status to everyone, and also adjusted the wound on my leg.
        The injury on my leg looked very scary, and the neighbors nodded understandingly, and I calmed down.
        I invited the police to sit in the living room, and the neighbors who were watching stood in the yard, chatting in a low voice.
        I politely said to the police, "I'll go up and change clothes, and I'll come down soon."
        A neighbor aunt who had watched me grow up helped me and walked upstairs slowly. She helped me take off my nurse uniform and changed into a loose dress. Only then did I feel at ease throughout my body.
        I sat across from the police and told the police in detail how I was robbed. Unfortunately, I didn't see the robber's face at all, nor did the motorcycle have a license plate number, which was of little help in tracing the criminal. The only impression was that of a robbery. The man I was wrapping seemed to have a black rump on his wrist.
        The police said that they would do their best to investigate, but it also revealed that this kind of case is usually committed by roaming, and it is very likely that they have left the island at this time, and it will be difficult to recover the property.
        I had expected this result long ago, and naturally I didn't have an overreaction.
        The police saw everything they could ask was clear, and got up to say goodbye. After Jiang Yisheng sent the police away, he also sent his neighbors away.
        Jiang Yisheng walked into the living room, sat down opposite me, and asked, "How much money do you have left?"
        "More than forty thousand."
        Jiang Yisheng said angrily: "Damn thief, if I catch him, I have to interrupt his hand."
        Jiang Yisheng went to medical school in Beijing, and he knew very well that for a foreigner like me, Beijing is not easy to live in, and it costs money for food, clothing, housing and transportation. I am a young girl who just started working, and her salary is only 7,000 or 8,000 before tax. I can save hundreds of thousands in three and a half years. I must be frugal and have no pleasure. .
        I smiled, and in turn persuaded him, "If you lose money, you will lose it!" When the money was first robbed, I gave my life to get it back, but when I watched the doctor give me the fèng needle, I remembered I heard about the car robbery that caused people's lives before, I suddenly figured it out, and even regretted it. No matter how important money is, life is not as important. If you encounter this kind of robbery in the future, you must immediately sacrifice money to save your life.
        Jiang Yisheng saw that I was not smiling and smiling, but that I was genuinely open, and said angrily, "You have a big heart!"
        I smiled and said, "The biggest advantage of people like us is that we have a big heart!" It is unfortunate enough to encounter unfortunate things. If you can't think about it, it is purely torturing yourself. Neither me nor Jiang Yisheng is such a person.
        Jiang Yisheng was stunned for a moment, then smiled relievedly, "How much do you cost for decoration? I'll lend you, but I can only pay 50,000."
        I thought about it and said, "I don't know when I will be able to pay it back. You can just give me 20,000 yuan. If there is more, I will be under too much pressure."
        "Okay." Jiang Yisheng knew his own situation as well as mine, so he didn't persuade him much. He suddenly remembered something and said tentatively, "Big head is a rich man now."
        I smiled, but Jiang Yisheng understood without answering his words. He said to Wu Julan, who had never spoken, "Cousin Wu, Xiaoluo is going to trouble you to take care of it. If anything happens, you can call me at any time." He took out his mobile phone, "Let's change the phone number. , easy to contact."
        Wu Julan said, "I don't have one."
        Jiang Yisheng was stunned.
        I hurriedly said: "I lost my cousin's mobile phone on the road. I planned to buy it, but I haven't paid attention to it yet. Now I also lost my mobile phone. You can buy a mobile phone for me. My ID card is in my wallet and I lost it too. Now. Help me think of a way to get my phone number back first."
        "Okay! Cousin Wu, give me your ID card, and I'll help you with your phone."
        Wu Julan looked at me silently, and my heart skipped a beat, when I suddenly realized that I, a completely inexperienced boss, had never asked him for an ID card. For a while, I was so confused that I couldn't think about it, I dealt with Jiang Yisheng first, "No need, just do mine."
        "Success! You have a good rest, I'll come back later." Jiang Yisheng hurriedly left, busy with errands.
        There were only me and Wu Julan left in the room, and I hesitated how to speak. In terms of employment, it's normal for me to ask for his ID, but it's weird for friends to ask for ID. I do not know when, I have regarded him as a friend of equal status.
        Wu Julan broke the silence and said, "If you want to ask me for an ID card, I don't have one." His expression was very calm and calm, as if he was talking about a very common thing.
        The weird thing is that I seem to have been mentally prepared, not surprised at all, just very disappointed, although I myself don't know what I am missing or what I am missing. In my mind, I thought about it a lot—
        Family planning and birth control, black households without registered permanent residence after birth; smugglers, smugglers who have been to Vietnam and the Philippines on the island before, and residents of the island who have smuggled to the United States and Europe, although I have not seen it with my own eyes, but have heard of it .
        I asked: "Have you lost your ID card, or do you have no ID card at all?" Before Wu Julan could answer, I hurriedly said: "Don't tell me, I don't really want to know, just work hard."
        Wu Julan didn't hide his indifference to this matter at all. He smiled lightly and said, "If you're all right, I'll go and boil some water."
        I nodded randomly, and he walked to the kitchen.
        To help me stop the bleeding, the hem of his T-shirt was torn off, and the whole T-shirt was shortened and looked a little weird. I stared at it for a while, and my heart that was a little restless gradually calmed down.
        Now, I have more pressing troubles to face and solve - the renovation is due to start tomorrow, but the renovation money has been snatched away.
        I thought silently for a while, and called Wang Tianlin from the landline at home.
        The two exchanged a few words. I asked him if he had bought the decoration materials. Wang Tianlin happily said that he had. He was already on the boat back, so I can rest assured that all the workers have been in touch. It's too urgent, but relying on his face, he invites all good masters.
        Walking through the rivers and lakes is worth a letter. I can't let Wang Tianlin break the trust of others. I gave the "cancellation of renovation" a big red cross in my heart.
        I told Wang Tianlin that I was robbed, and said that I was a little nervous about money, and asked him if it was possible to adjust the decoration plan.
        The two discussed on the phone for a while, cut off some projects, and adjusted the renovation budget to 40,000 yuan.
        I said "I'm sorry, thank you" several times before hanging up.
        When I looked up, I saw Wu Julan holding a glass of water and standing at the door, probably thinking that my legs were inconvenient and that I was thirsty, so she brought me water.
        I sighed and said, "When the decoration is finished, I really don't have a penny left."
        Wu Julan said lightly: "If you don't have money, you can make more money. If your life is gone, everything will be over."
        He handed me the water, I was just thirsty, took a sip, tasted that it was filled with honey, and drank it immediately. Thinking of what happened when I first saw Wu Julan, I couldn't help pursing my lips and smiling.
        I said softly, "You said that it was because of bad luck that I ended up here. I will try my best to help you through this unfortunate day within my ability. As for the rest, if you don't tell me, I won't ask."
        Wu Julan stared at me silently for a moment, turned and left without saying a word.
        Wu Julan was cooking dinner in the kitchen. I was a little bored, so I lay down at the computer desk and practiced playing with the computer with my left hand.
        The sound of "bang bang" slammed on the door, my heart moved, I stood up with difficulty, and shouted: "Wu Julan, open the door!"
        Wu Julan opened the courtyard door, and sure enough, Zhou Buwen and Jiang Yisheng walked in one after the other.
        "Where's Xiaoluo?" Zhou Buwen was talking, and he had already seen me. He ran to the window in a few steps and asked anxiously, "Jiang Yisheng said you hurt your hand, is it serious?"
        I held my right hand with my left hand to show him, "It's okay, the robber didn't mean to stab me. When he cut the shoulder strap of the handbag, the knife slashed from my hand. The doctor said to take a good rest, and there will be no pain after recovery. any sequelae."
        Zhou Buwen looked at my hand and said, "Fortunately, I'm fine, otherwise I..." He paused and took back the words later, "Be careful in the future."
        I nodded, "Yeah."
        Jiang Yisheng said with a smile: "Hey - I said you two really chatted across the window? Big head, you go in and I'll put the things we bought into the kitchen."
        As I limped toward the living room, I asked, "What did you buy?"
        "Pig's trotters, where to eat to make up for it!" Jiang Yisheng's voice came from the kitchen.
        I couldn't help rolling my eyes, is this person really a high-IQ prodigy who even jumped three grades and won the first grade?
        After I slowly sat down on the sofa, Zhou Buwen handed me a new mobile phone, "I bought it with Jiang Yisheng, and it's the same number you used before."
        "How much?"
        "Don't count the money with me, it's a gift."
        A mobile phone of a domestic brand should cost less than 1,000 yuan. I thought about it and accepted it, "Thank you!"
        Jiang Yisheng ran out of the kitchen and shouted to Wu Julan, "Cousin, you actually know how to cook! What's stewing in the pot? It smells so good!"
        Wu Julan said, "Pork ribs."
        I pouted and said, "It happened that you bought a big cabbage. You and Datou stay for dinner!" Jiang Yisheng paid for the barbecue last night. I originally planned to invite him and Zhou Buwen to dinner tonight. .
        Zhou Buwen said: "You are still injured, it's too troublesome!"
        "It's not me who cooks, it's not me who is the trouble. Is that right, cousin?" I called out "cousin" heavily, and looked at Wu Julan with a playful smile. It's a pity that Wu Julan doesn't watch TV dramas, and I don't know that where there is a cousin, there will be dramatic conflicts, and usually the cousin will be pào ashes.
        Wu Julan didn't have the same knowledge as me, and said to Jiang Yisheng and Zhou Buwen, "There's not much difference between cooking a meal for two people and cooking a meal for five people. Let's have dinner together." He made a succinct decision and went to the kitchen to cook.
        Five people? I was stunned for a moment, then remembered Zhou Buyan, and hurriedly said to Zhou Buwen: "I almost forgot that your cousin is also on the island, you can call and ask her to come with me!"
        Zhou Buwen said, "No need."
        I was surprised: "Why not? She always has to eat at night. Do we only ask you to eat, not her, what do you make her think of our friends?"
        Jiang Yisheng asked strangely, "Big head, do you and your cousin have a bad relationship?"
        Zhou Buwen hurriedly said, "No, I just think it's too troublesome for you."
        I said, "It's not too much trouble for anyone who cooks to open the mouth in person, so why are you being polite?"
        Jiang Yisheng also said: "It's too polite to be seen as an outsider!"
        Zhou Buwen smiled bitterly, "Okay! I'm welcome!" He immediately called Zhou Buyan, and after saying a few words, hung up, "Buyan is already eating, she said she won't come over for dinner. Yes, but thank you, she will come to see you later."