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        Zhou Buyan has always given me an indescribably weird feeling. Even if she is a relative of the big head, I can't get close to her. I don't care whether she comes or not.
        I turned my head and said to Jiang Yisheng, "You go and tell Wu Julan, and it's enough to cook a meal for four people."
        Jiang Yisheng said: "I originally wanted my mother to come over and cook you a meal every day. Cousin Wu knows how to cook, so I don't have to worry about it. Xiaoluo, sit with the big head, and I will go to the kitchen to help Cousin Wu. ." After he finished speaking, he winked at me with a look of "Look at how much I know how I know my interests".
        As soon as Jiang Yisheng left, the living room was quiet, only Zhou Buwen and I were sitting side by side on the sofa, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. I was busy looking for a topic, "When are you leaving?"
        Zhou Buwen said: "It was originally planned to be tomorrow, but you are injured now, why don't I stay and wait for you to recover before leaving?"
        I said, "Thank you very much, but I only injured one hand, and I don't need anyone to take care of me. Although it's a little inconvenient, Jiang Yisheng is nearby, and... my cousin, you should go back to work as planned! "
        Zhou Buwen said, "Then I'll come to see you in a while."
        "Okay! Work comes first. When you have time, you are welcome to visit me and Jiang Yisheng at any time."
        Zhou Buwen said, "Have you lost so much money, has your plan to open an inn be affected?"
        "No, it's business as usual. Don't worry, if there's any difficulty, I'll speak."
        Zhou Buwen's gloomy expression finally relaxed a bit, "Just remember this sentence."
        I smiled and turned on the TV. With the sound of the TV, even if you don't speak, it won't look weird anymore. While watching TV, the two chatted casually.
        Half an hour later, Jiang Yisheng's voice came, "It's time to eat!"
        Jiang Yisheng did not ask for my opinion, so he placed the table and chairs in the courtyard. After Zhou Buwen washed his hands, he also went to the kitchen to help serve the dishes.
        I sat on a wicker chair and waited leisurely for the food to be served.
        Four dishes and one soup, cold shredded kelp, stir-fried small tang vegetables, grilled small huáng fish, braised pork ribs, seaweed egg drop soup.
        Although it looked better than the average person, every dish was home-cooked. Zhou Buwen didn't think much about it and ate a small bite of fish at random, but his expression changed immediately, and he couldn't help but marvel: "This is the first time. Eat such delicious and tender little huáng fish."
        He ate another piece of pork ribs and praised: "Sweet, glutinous and sweet, I can't bear to swallow it."
        I asked happily: "How is it? It's not worse than eating in a big hotel, right?"
        Zhou Buwen said to Wu Julan, "Cousin Wu, to be honest, it's definitely not a compliment. I've eaten dishes made by many famous chefs, and your dishes are by no means worse than theirs."
        Jiang Yisheng probably ate it secretly in the kitchen. There was no surprise or surprise from Zhou Buwen. He just buried his head while eating and said, "Xiaoluo, I'll be here for a long time after I apply."
        Hearing them compliment Wu Julan, I felt honored and said with a smile, "Eat more if you like."
        Zhou Buwen smiled and said, "Don't just watch us eat, you eat too!"
        I took the chopsticks in my left hand to pick up the vegetables. After picking a small tang for a long time, I finally picked it up, but as soon as it was brought to my mouth, it fell onto my clothes. I hurriedly put down my chopsticks, picked up the dishes and put them on the corner of the table, and said embarrassedly, "No wonder foreigners find our chopsticks difficult to learn!"
        Zhou Buwen stood up and wanted to help, but Wu Julan had already taken a tissue and wiped my hands first, then handed me a clean tissue and asked me to wipe my clothes.
        Wu Julan brought me an empty bowl and a spoon, picked the regular-shaped ribs and put them in the bowl, "Eat it with a spoon."
        I scooped a piece of pork ribs into my mouth and found that although it was a bit like eating for a child, it was no problem to eat by myself. I smiled and said, "Let's all continue eating, don't stare at me, or I'll be very nervous."
        Zhou Buwen and Jiang Yisheng hurriedly looked away and continued to eat.
        Wu Julan happened to be sitting on my left. He used his left hand to eat with chopsticks and his right hand to hold the public chopsticks. He put a chopstick of kelp silk on my spoon at a time, and a chopstick of Xiaotangcai on my spoon at a while. He also tore off the part of the fish maw without the spines and put it in my spoon.
        Using both left and right hands, Wu Julan didn't seem flustered at all. He ate very calmly, even very elegantly. I was taken care of by him in a leisurely and relaxed manner.
        Zhou Buwen and Jiang Yisheng were no longer polite, and stared at them directly. I was also stupid, staring blankly at Wu Julan, while mechanically putting a spoonful of vegetables into my mouth. Only Wu Julan didn't seem to think that he was so magical at all, and had been eating peacefully.
        Jiang Yisheng couldn't help but ask, "Cousin Wu, can you use chopsticks with your left and right hands?"
        Wu Julan didn't raise her eyes, and said plainly, "My left and right hands are exactly the same."
        Neither of the parties involved took it seriously, and it was not good for us to keep making a fuss. Jiang Yisheng and I exchanged glances, hypnotized ourselves, "It's no big deal, it's ordinary", and continued to eat.
        After eating, Zhou Buwen and Jiang Yisheng helped Wu Julan clean up the dishes, and the four of them sat in the yard, enjoying the shade and chatting gossip.
        Last night was the first time we saw each other after many years of separation. The nervousness and excitement made me want to talk all the time. Tonight, everyone relaxed, holding cans of beer, talking in a row or not, and their bodies were not tilted seriously. Jiang Yisheng even put his feet high on the back of another chair.
        The moonlight is clear, the evening breeze is cool, the insects are chirping and the flowers are rustling.
        Zhou Buwen looked at the familiar courtyard, and then looked at Jiang Yisheng and me, with a dazed expression, "I feel like I'm back when I was a child, and nothing has changed."
        Jiang Yisheng shook the beer can with a smile, stretched out his index finger and shook it in denial, "At least a little has changed. When we were young, we never had the courage to drink so blatantly, we all hid on the reefs by the sea and drank secretly!"
        Zhou Buwen and I couldn't help laughing, and I said, "I really didn't expect that we would still be able to eat and chat together, as if we were walking through a maze together, but we thought we were separated, but there was only one exit. , everyone actually met at the exit again."
        Jiang Yisheng shoved me and laughed: "Cousin Wu, do you know that your cousin is so artistic?"
        Wu Julan smiled lightly and did not speak. He probably knew very well that the emotions of the people in the courtyard tonight had nothing to do with him.
        A knock on the door suddenly sounded.
        Wu Julan opened the door, and Zhou Buyan walked in with two boxes of gifts, "Sister Shen, I heard from cousin that you were injured, so I bought some supplements for you."
        I think it's two packs of bird's nest, and I think it's too expensive, but refusing in public is both shameful and sad, so I can only keep it in my heart and return it later, "Thank you."
        Zhou Buyan sat for a while, and Zhou Buwen said, "It's getting late, we have to catch the boat tomorrow morning, and we have to go back to the inn to rest."
        Anyway, there are still many opportunities to meet in the future, and I did not stay.
        When they left, I had locked the courtyard door and was watching Wu Julan cleaning up the courtyard when the knock on the door rang again.
        I opened the door strangely and saw Zhou Buyan standing outside the door. I hurriedly asked, "What's wrong? Did you drop something?"
        Zhou Buyan smiled and said, "I told my cousin to come and get the dropped mobile phone. In fact, I didn't leave anything, I just wanted to have a few words with you alone."
        I looked at Zhou Buyan and waited for the following.
        Zhou Buyan said: "I heard that you were robbed of more than 60,000 yuan. Your savings should be very limited. You must be reluctant to open an inn. Since you are a good friend of your cousin, I will tell the truth. I'm not optimistic about your inn. Tourists choose the inn, either because of the unique scenery or the convenience, you have nothing here..."
        I interrupted her, "What is Miss Zhou trying to say?"
        Zhou Buyan smiled confidently, "I just want to say, I really like this old house, please sell it to me, I don't care if there is a real estate certificate, the price is up to you. If you really don't want to sell it, It’s okay to rent it to me. I only rent it for two years. The annual rent is 200,000 yuan, which is paid in one payment. After two years, the house will be returned to you intact.”
        Is she trying to hit me with money? I was blinded for a while, and said: "You are very generous, I am really tempted, if it is an ordinary house, I will definitely agree immediately. However, this is the shelter my grandfather left me, not just a house, I really can't sell it to you, and there's no way I can rent it to you."
        Zhou Buyan said anxiously, "But, you have so little money..."
        "The more money you have, the more money you have, the less money you have, the less money you have. Even if you don't have a penny, this inn can still be opened. Miss Zhou, I have made my words very clear." I still had a polite expression on my face. He laughed, but his voice was a little cold.
        Zhou Buyan stared at me deeply for a moment, and said with a smile, "I hope Sister Shen will not regret it in the future. When she regrets it, I won't be as easy to talk as I am now. Four hundred thousand is nothing to me, but to my sister. Not a small amount..."
        "You, too much nonsense!" Wu Julan's voice came from beside me, abruptly interrupting Zhou Buyan's words.
        I looked sideways at him, all the depression turned into a smile in an instant, Zhou Buyan blushed with anger, stared at Wu Julan and said, "You, you...what did you say?"
        As if she didn't see her at all, Wu Julan half-assisted me, took two steps back, and closed the door softly with a "pop".
        I looked at him in surprise, he acted as if nothing had happened, "You go upstairs first, I'll go upstairs after I've cleaned up the rubbish."
        I listened to the angry screams coming from outside the door, looked at Wu Julan who was concentrating on life, and deeply understood: indifference to a person is the greatest shame.
        Back in the bedroom, I checked that it was past nine o'clock, and decided to follow the doctor's advice, rest early, and try to recover from the injury as soon as possible.
        I brushed my teeth and washed my face clumsily and slowly with one hand. When I staggered out of the bathroom, I saw Wu Julan standing at the door of my room.
        "Is there a problem?"
        He took out a medicine bottle and cotton ball, put on medical gloves once, and I realized that he planned to give me medicine. The doctor specially instructed that the wound on the leg should be treated with medicine in the morning and evening for five consecutive days.
        I hurriedly said, "Don't bother you, I can do it myself."
        He looked at me and said, "Bend over."
        I hesitated and didn't move. I knew my own injury the most. I had to sit, lie down, or stand. As long as I didn't move, I was fine. But once you move, let alone the large movements of sitting down, standing up, and bending over, even a little twisting will involve the wound, and it will hurt deeply. Medication on the leg, another hand, will definitely hurt.
        As soon as I gritted my teeth, I was about to bend down when Wu Julan walked over to the room and said, "Lie down."
        I glanced at his expressionless face, and decided not to challenge his IQ, so I leaned on the bed obediently.
        Wu Julan first tapped the wound with a cotton ball soaked in brown disinfectant, and then smeared the ointment prescribed by the doctor on the wound.
        Although he wore medical gloves once, the transparent thin layer of plastic could isolate germs, but it could not isolate touch and body temperature. His fingers looked fair and slender, but they were not soft at all, they were very hard and full of strength. I began to believe that he really sold his strength for a living, but when he lightly applied the ointment, I didn't feel pain at all, and even had some cool comfort because of his cold fingers.
        I don't know if it's because of the silence, or because of the embarrassment. Neither of the two said a word. It was as if countless ants had been drilled into my heart. Your hands are so cold, it must be due to lack of qi and blood, you should pay more attention to your body in the future, and don't work too hard."