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        Wu Julan glanced at me and continued to take the medicine without saying a word.
        I no longer have the courage to talk nonsense, and can only continue to be embarrassed in silence, silent in embarrassment.
        After finally treating the wound, I felt as if I had been granted amnesty, and immediately said, "Thank you! You should rest early!" I just wanted to add: Please leave as soon as possible.
        Wu Julan put away the potions and ointments, and said calmly, "Good night."
        After watching Wu Julan walk out of my room, I fell onto the bed softly as if my bones had been taken away, the panic and confusion still lingering in my mind.
        Chapter5 likes the feeling of a person
        The joy of getting along with him in daily life, the peace of mind when being around him, the panic when facing him, and the unwillingness when being ignored by him were all ignored by me intentionally or not, because I didn’t dare to face all the answers.
        The two rooms upstairs were the ones to be renovated, and Wu Julan had to vacate the room before the renovation. Although my room doesn't need to be decorated, I figured out that I have injuries on my legs and feet, and it is inconvenient to go upstairs and downstairs, and I don't want to smell the pungent decoration smell. I might as well move to the first floor with Wu Julan.
        After discussing with Wu Julan, I made a decision. Wu Julan improvised and slept on the sofa in the living room for a while. I moved to the study room on the first floor. My grandfather used it as a bedroom before. It has a bedroom and a wardrobe, but there is no separate bathroom, so I need to share the bathroom in the living room with Wu Julan.
        We move our mouths and hands together, and move the house in a hurry.
        At nine o'clock, Wang Tianlin showed up on time with decoration workers.
        After a brief introduction and greetings, Wang Tianlin told the workers about the matters needing attention in front of me, and then officially started the decoration.
        Renovation is a very trivial and annoying job. Although Wang Tianlin has used his most trusted decoration workers, for the workers, this is just an ordinary business that makes money; for me, it is the only home , there are many things to be concerned about.
        I can't use my right hand at all, and I can't walk a few steps, so I can only rely on Wu Julan to do everything. Fortunately, Wu Julan listened to my words and read a lot of technical posts with high gold content on the Internet. He knew everything about the decoration. I was basically relieved to let him watch.
        However, although Wu Julan was poor, his speech and manners and his dealings with others were not as cautious and smooth as a poor man should be, but instead he was full of arrogance. He doesn't know how to please people, he doesn't know how to tell innocuous lies to lubricate interpersonal relationships, and he never wrongs himself. I was worried that he would have friction with the workers, and I reminded him again and again that if he saw something wrong with the workers, he should express it mildly and not be too straightforward. If the other party does not correct, and must not reprimand, you can call Wang Tianlin and ask him to coordinate.
        Unexpectedly, Wu Julan's temper was worse than I thought.
        He is indifferent, demanding perfection in everything, and is used to giving orders. His words were straightforward and sharp, and he didn't understand anything about falsehood and condescension. Almost every sentence seemed to be provocative and scolding. He even looked at others with the eyes of an idiot without moving. Several workers fell out with him on the first day. If it weren't for the fact that I was a friend of the boss Wang Tianlin, a girl was covered in injuries, which was pitiful, I guess she would have been unreasonable.
        I remembered my madness when Wu Julan said that my cooking was hard to eat, and I can fully understand the hearts of the workers. However, understanding comes understanding, I am now with Wu Julan, and I don't think Wu Julan has done anything wrong. Those workers are not doing well enough, and they are not doing well, so people can't tell them? Although Wu Julan speaks sharply, he always bases it on facts, just like he dislikes the food I cook, compared to him, I don't make it delicious enough!
        However, no matter how much my heart is on Wu Julan's side, I don't dare to honestly say that the skills of the decoration workers are poor. Wu Julan can only play the black face, I play the red face, he hit the stick, I will give the date.
        With a smile on my face, I asked the workers to bear with the "unreasonable" Wu Julan. In order to ease everyone's anger, I offered to include lunch for all the workers during the renovation.
        I didn't explain my twists and turns to Wu Julan, I just gave him the money and told him that I would take care of all the workers for a meal at noon and buy more when I went shopping.
        Wu Julan often doesn't look like a wage earner at all. He is bigger than me, but as long as it is about work, he is very serious. I told him, and he did it without questioning.
        As I expected, Wu Julan did not cut corners because it was for the workers, as if he made it for me and himself, and made it seriously for everyone to eat. After the workers ate the lunch Wu Julan made, their hostility to Wu Julan immediately faded.
        I secretly laughed, no wonder one of the fine traditions of our ancestors liked to talk about things at the dinner table. A table of hand-made meals, from the ingredients to the taste, it is easy to feel the mind of the cook. No matter how stern and harsh Wu Julan was on the surface, he always treated others frankly. These gang of workers who do business from house to house have a lot of eyes and eyes, and they have their own set of methods for judging people and things.
        Although the workers no longer hated Wu Julan, they couldn't say they liked Wu Julan. However, looking at the sumptuous and delicious meal at noon, no matter what Wu Julan said, they all listened calmly. Soon they found out that Wu Julan didn't deliberately pick mistakes, it was all reasonable, and even some of his suggestions for improvement were more professional than their experts.
        They complained that it was easier said than done, and Wu Julan immediately demonstrated it with his own hands, completely shocking them. The workers have a heart of admiration, they work meticulously, and the decoration is going very smoothly. I am completely relieved.
        The workers' eyes on Wu Julan changed completely. They praised Wu Julan in front of me from time to time. But in fact, my surprise was no less than theirs. The reason can also be said to be seen by Wu Julan from the Internet, but it can be done so easily, how to explain it?
        The only explanation is that he did it before.
        He can do laundry, cook, understand medicine, and build... that's all, he can cook better than a chef in a five-star hotel, and his diagnosis and first aid for trauma are no worse than a professional doctor. He's even more brilliant than the decades-old master, I couldn't help but wonder, what else could he do?
        Although only the second floor of the whole house was being renovated, the first floor was not peaceful. It was rumbling and ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-pingping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-bang-bang-bangfortunately, the kitchen is a separate big room, I hid in the spacious kitchen.
        One window of the kitchen faces the courtyard, and the other window faces the courtyard wall, facing a large bougainvillea blooming beautifully. Move a comfortable chair and sit by the window for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. .
        I wore headphones, listened to MP3, and read "Tang Poetry Appreciation Dictionary" by Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House. This is my grandfather's book collection. When I came to my grandfather's house, it was already in my grandfather's bookcase, and he was a more senior resident than me.
        There was a time when my grandfather would ask me to recite a poem every day after dinner, one a week. At the beginning, I was just a task, with a little reluctance to do it. But over the years, gradually, I tasted it, and I really understood what my grandfather said, "a book that can't be read in a lifetime". Each poem, coupled with the author's life experience, the social background when writing the poem, and the source of the word dictionary, read it carefully, and it is a heart-warming or lingering story.
        When I have nothing to do, I often open a page at random and read slowly one poem at a time. Right and wrong, success and failure, joys and sorrows, life and death are the same in ancient and modern times. If you read a lot, your heart will naturally cool and you will not be false.
        I had finished reading a page and was clumsily trying to turn the page when a hand helped me turn the page. I turned my head and saw Wu Julan sitting quietly beside me without knowing when.
        I took off one of my earphones and said, "It doesn't matter, I can do it myself."
        Wu Julan looked at the book and said casually, "It's okay, I'm also reading."
        I reacted for a moment before I understood the meaning of his words, "You mean, you want to read a book with me?"
        If this is a martial arts novel or fantasy novel, I can still understand it, but this is Tang poetry, and even many college graduates will not use it as a recreational reading. I couldn't help looking at Wu Julan suspiciously. He stared at the book intently, with melancholy in his eyes and a sigh at the corners of his lips. He must have felt something in his heart and really looked into it.
        I secretly scolded myself, "A dog's eyes are inferior to others." Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner, hasn't graduated from elementary school yet! I pushed the book in the direction of Wu Julan, and looked down to see that it was Wang Wei's "Pine Tree Song in New Qin County":
        On the green hills, the pine trees,
        Not seen for a few miles now.
        see you,
        remembering each other,
        This heart should be known to you.
        For you, the color is high and leisurely,
        Tingting is out of the clouds.
        After reading a poem, Wu Julan did not turn the page for a long time. I quietly glanced at him several times, but he did not notice it, and kept staring at the page.
        I felt curious, so I could not help but read it carefully again, feeling emotional and sighing: "This poem seems to be written loosely, but in fact it should be written about people, just like Qu Yuan's writing about gentlemen with fragrant roughness. However, Wang Wei is recorded in historical records. 'Miao Nian is pure white and beautiful in appearance', 'Xing Xian's rhythm, Miao Neng Pipa', such a literary and elegant person even praises another person's color is high and leisure, the pavilion is out of the clouds', I really don't know who What kind of person Qing Song-kun is."
        Wu Julan smiled slightly and said, "Do you still seriously pursue Mojie's words of over-acclaim?"
        I always thought that what he said was a bit strange, but I couldn't tell what was wrong. Wu Julan also looked a little strange, not his usual cold and sharp, his fingers slipped across the page, with a faint smile, he sighed softly, but he had a feeling of "everything that has been through the ages, without words".
        His sigh made me feel some inexplicable grief in my heart. I couldn't help but hurriedly wanted to wipe the sadness from his brows and asked, "Do you want to listen to music?"
        "Music?" Wu Julan was stunned for a moment and looked at the MP3 in my hand calmly.
        In the beginning, his expressionless and calm look could still scare me, but now... I glanced at him and immediately understood that this guy who I dare not look down on all the time will definitely not use MP3.
        I handed a headset to Wu Julan and motioned him to put it on.
        Wu Julan played with it in his hand for a while before slowly putting it in his ear. For the first time, he showed an expression of surprise and joy.
        I asked in a low voice, "Does it sound good?"
        Wu Julan smiled and nodded, and I said, "The name of the song is 'Summer Night Starry Sea', a song I like very much."
        The two sat side by side under the kitchen window, each with an earphone, listening to music and reading books together. The decoration outside is noisy and harsh, but the small world inside is warm and sunny, flowers are blooming, and the years are quiet.
        In the evening, after the workers finished work, the house returned to peace.
        Wu Julan and I, one with limited mobility and one unfamiliar with each other, sat on the sofa and watched TV together after eating and taking a shower.
        I gave Wu Julan the remote control and let him choose. Finding that Wu Julan was only interested in animal and nature programs, he flipped through the channels and started watching "Animal World".
        I rarely watch animal-related programs, and I take it for granted that this kind of program about animals must be boring, but when I actually watched it, I realized that it is not only boring, but very interesting. That kind of struggle between creatures and nature, between predators and prey, is bloody, cruel, yet thrilling and touching.
        This issue of "Animal World" is about the battle between lions and elephants on the rough plains of Africa. According to the commentator's explanation, the lions actually rarely attack the elephants, because the elephants are not weak zebras or antelopes, and they need to pay a huge price to attack them, and the elephant ròu is almost harder to swallow than the zebra ròu or the antelope ròu, Therefore, lions and elephants can say that well water does not violate river water.
        But this time, due to lack of food, the hungry lions on the verge of death decided to hunt the elephants, targeting the young elephants in the group. In order to protect the young elephants, the adult elephants walk outside and use their bodies to resist the sharp claws of the lions. Although lions are cunning and ferocious enough, elephants are not weak. In the first two hunts, the lions failed, and some lions were even seriously injured. However, in the face of death, the pride had to strike again. According to their physical strength, this will be their last attack. If it is not successful, they cannot launch another hunt in the African roughland, where they survive entirely by strength, and can only wait quietly for death.