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        Thousands of miles of chase, days and nights of raids, no one can quit, because quitting is death. I was very worried. I didn't know who to hope for victory. If the elephant didn't die, the lion would die. Both sides were admirable warriors, both fighting for survival.
        In the last attack, after a brutal and endless slaughter, the lions not only successfully killed a baby elephant, but also brought down an adult elephant, and the elephants left with a whimper.
        The lions who were still alive finished eating their blood and squatted on the ground calmly, watching the rising sun indifferently. Their ears stood up vigilantly, their bodies lay languidly, and there was neither the pain of existence nor the joy of victory in their eyes, just another day naturally.
        I was shocked because their eyes and gestures were like Wu Julan - fearless and indifferent; vigilance and laziness, ferocity and leisure, strangely and harmoniously woven together.
        Wu Julan didn't respond. Even as soon as the subtitles came out, he pressed the power button and was ready to sleep.
        I asked persuasively: "What do you think after watching the film?"
        Wu Julan glanced at me indifferently and said, "I don't feel it."
        Suddenly, I really understood a bit of Wu Julan's awkwardness.
        He never bothered to deal with interpersonal relationships, and a small innocuous lie could make others happy, but he didn't say it at all. At first I thought he didn't understand or didn't know, but later I found out that he didn't understand or didn't know, and like those lions, it's not that he didn't know how to hunt elephants, but when food is plentiful, is it necessary? There is no need not to do it naturally, it will naturally do it when it is really necessary. This is the most ruthless act after analyzing the gains and losses in the most rational and calm way. Wu Julan would not lie to make me happy, nor would he euphemistically make the workers feel comfortable, because our reactions were irrelevant and he would not be troubled. But he will tell Jiang Yisheng that he is my cousin, because a lie can save countless troubles.
        I looked at Wu Julan with complicated eyes. What did he experience to make him like this? An African Roughness of the Human World?
        Wu Julan said without expression: "It's getting late, you should rest."
        I know very well that it's not that he didn't notice my strange gaze, but he didn't care at all. I couldn't tell what I was feeling, so I stood up in a fit of anger, with a cold face, and threw a sentence, "It's not up to you to tell me about my affairs," and went back to the study.
        I was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, always feeling very angry and unwilling. I thought that although we didn't know each other for a long time, our relationship... But it turned out that in Wu Julan's eyes, I was insignificant and nothing.
        Angrily, I slowly calmed down.
        Is Wu Julan obliged to take my emotions into account?
        No obligation to! Even my own parents can't care about my emotions, why should I ask Wu Julan?
        Wu Julan treats everyone the same, not worse for me. I am the boss, he came to work, did he fail to do any of his tasks?
        No! Laundry, cooking, cleaning, all done better than expected! It's not even his job to supervise the decoration and take care of me, who has limited mobility, and there is nothing wrong with it.
        So what am I dissatisfied with?
        Should not have!
        As the boss, I should only pay attention to what Wu Julan does, not his personality.
        I analyzed it rationally, and was no longer angry. I regretted that I had just slapped Wu Julan inexplicably. As for the unwillingness in my heart, I chose to ignore it.
        I gently opened the door of the study, looking at the sofa across the long aisle. It was pitch black and there was no sound, so I couldn't tell if Wu Julan was asleep.
        While hesitating, Wu Julan's voice came from the darkness, "Why don't you sleep?"
        I took a few steps forward and narrowed the distance between us, but considering that he was sleeping, I didn't get too close, "I have something to tell you."
        The shutters were not fully closed, and wisps of moonlight fell from the gaps between the shutters, cutting the darkness into wisps after another. I happened to be standing in the shadow of a ray of darkness and a ray of moonlight, and I felt that the whole world seemed to be blurry and confusing.
        I heard my own voice sounding softly in the dark, clear and blurry for a while, but it was also wrong.
        "Just now... I'm sorry. I... I'm a little confused, please forgive me. I shouldn't... disturb your sleep, but grandpa has always taught me not to get angry overnight, hurt my body, and be sad." As I spoke, Look hard at the sofa. But in the dark, I was bright and he was dark, and I could only vaguely see that he had not moved. If he hadn't just spoken, I would have suspected that he was actually sleeping.
        My voice fell behind, and Wu Julan didn't answer.
        Silence filled the darkness, and when I felt more and more embarrassed, Wu Julan's voice finally came again, "I forgive you."
        Very cold, just like his usual faceless expression, but faintly, it seems that there is something more. I said, "Thank you!"
        I waited and waited. Seeing that Wu Julan had nothing to say, I cheered up and said with a smile, "Good night! Have a good dream!"
        Two weeks later, the renovation was completed on schedule, plus the TV, tables and chairs for the house, as well as some aging and damaged parts, a total of more than 47,000 yuan was spent.
        It hurts my heart to spend money, but I am very satisfied with the finished house. The loose chariot, the aging shower were all replaced, the broken cabinets in the kitchen were repaired, and the whole house was more comfortable to live in than before.
        After two weeks of recuperation, my leg injury is almost healed and I can walk like a normal person. The wound on his hand has also healed. The doctor said that he can't live, but it doesn't matter if he touches some water occasionally. As long as you wear a waterproof glove in the shower and a little attention, you should be fine.
        I finally got out of the ranks of "handicapped people" who couldn't take care of themselves. I was excited and instructed Wu Julan to carefully arrange the two guest rooms, trying to be warm and comfortable.
        After the room was set up, I called Jiang Yisheng and asked him to take pictures of the room from all angles, the comfortable room, the brand-new clean bathroom, the conch, coral, and flowers in the yard collected by grandpa... After I edited the photos, I matched them with Appropriate text is posted on various travel forums.
        I also printed a lot of small advertisements, and took Wu Julan and Jiang Yisheng to the pier to post them... When the trivial things were completed little by little, my hands were not able to work again, and everything was normal when I was eating and washing my face. .
        One sunny morning, together with Jiang Yisheng and Wu Julan, Wang Tianlin installed the inn signboard that had been done during the renovation. The dark brown plaque with white characters, when I saw the words "Conch Small Stack" hanging upright under the eaves of the courtyard gate, I lit the whip pào with my own hands.
        With the crackling sound of whip pào, Wang Tianlin, Jiang Yisheng and the neighbors who were watching the lively congratulations loudly: "Great opening!" "Customers are coming, and money is coming!"
        Although there were many twists and turns, my inn finally opened. I smiled and said "thank you", looking subconsciously to find the person who helped me on this journey.
        Wu Julan stood at a certain distance from the outside world, with a polite smile, watching quietly, which was out of tune with the warm atmosphere around him. I ran to him in a few steps, stood on tiptoe, put my ear on purpose, and said loudly, "Thank you!"
        Wu Julan stared at my too bright and smug smile.
        I tilted my head, a little deliberately provocative - I was just teasing you, what can you do to me?
        Wu Julan ignored my "little man's ambition", he stretched out his hand and carefully picked up the red whip pào shavings on my hair piece by piece. The two of them stood very close, and with his every move, the temperature between his fingers and the breath of his body were all real, and they entered my heart from my nose and skin. My heartbeat couldn't help speeding up, the smile froze on my face, and the pride I had just now disappeared.
        Wu Julan looked at my foolishness and asked with a smile, "What are you doing? Have nothing to do?"
        His smile was completely different from the polite smile just now, which made me dazed for a while before I answered calmly: "I, I... I was thinking about something, yes, yes... something related to the operation of the inn." I He repeated his tone very seriously, and when he finished speaking, he immediately turned around and walked towards the neighbors, almost running away.
        I thought angrily, knowing that he was a lion, why did he deliberately provoke him? As a result, teasing is not the opposite of being teased.
        Although there are psychological preparations, guests will not come to live so soon, but people will always have unrealistic expectations. I have been standing beside the phone, hoping that some guest will pick out my "Conch Inn".
        Jiang Yisheng laughed at me: "Don't be too obsessed with money. You have only opened for two days, how can you be so fast..."
        The phone rang suddenly, and I was stunned for a moment in disbelief, and hurriedly answered the phone, "Hello, Conch Xiaozhan!"
        A few minutes later, I hung up the phone excitedly, and patted the record book of Jiang Yisheng's demonstration, "This store is about to welcome its first customer, and the reservation has been made for a month."
        Jiang Yisheng snatched the notebook, "Miss Hu makes a reservation for a month." He raised his eyebrows, "What kind of shit luck are you doing?"
        I scolded: "Go away! It's not a sightseeing tour, but they want to stay on the island for a while. They like our inn is very homey, warmly furnished, and has a quiet environment."
        Jiang Yisheng said with a smile: "Anyway, congratulations on your successful opening."
        Wu Julan and I cleaned all the rooms spotlessly, waiting to welcome the first guest of Conch Inn.
        I told Miss Hu that the last section of the road to the inn is a century-old street with a local style, but it is not accessible by cars, which is a little inconvenient. However, we can go to the pier to pick up the guests, we will carry the luggage and so on, and the guests do not need to worry at all. But Miss Hu refused, saying she could handle it herself.
        In the evening, after a few knocks on the door, the hidden courtyard door was gently pushed open. I was excited and walked out quickly with a polite smile. Just as I was about to say "Welcome", I saw Zhou Buwen carrying his luggage and walking into the yard.
        I asked in surprise, "Why are you here?"
        Zhou Buwen smiled and said, "I'm here to stay at the inn, and I've already made a reservation."
        "Miss Hu booked the room for you?"
        Zhou Buwen smiled: "She is my assistant."
        The feeling in my heart is weird, but I can't let Zhou Buwen stand in the yard all the time, "Come in!"
        Zhou Buwen observed my face and said, "Are you upset? Do you think I deceived you?"
        "No, I just thought that a guest really chose my inn. I didn't expect it to be you. I felt a little happy, but it's not that you are not welcome."
        "Am I not a guest? An inn like yours originally relies on word-of-mouth to attract guests. If I want to live comfortably, I will send you a WeChat Moments, and maybe another friend will come."
        I laughed, "Okay, it must make you comfortable. But, don't you want to work? Why did you book for a month?"
        "I'm a little tired. I want to take a vacation for myself. I'm also tired from traveling. With you, I can take a good rest for a while without thinking about anything."
        I took a closer look at him and found that his face was really tired. There was even a faint blue shadow under his eyes. Obviously, he hadn't rested for a long time. I didn't know whether his stress was from work or family. I didn't ask any more questions. , "Which room do you want to live in?"