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        The phone rang suddenly, and I thought it was Zhou Buwen, so I hurriedly answered the call, "Have you seen Wu Julan?"
        "Is he home?"
        "No. Where are you, Jiang Yisheng and I..."
        Zhou Buwen said that I didn't hear it at all.
        Hands hang down feebly, the whole person seems to have been taken out of the soul, staring blankly at the sea làng in the distance slapped on the reef, shattering into thousands of white làng flowers.
        The thought of "I can't find Wu Julan again" gripped my throat like a death rope, so I could barely breathe, my chest was full and painful, and it seemed like I was about to die.
        Suddenly, among the blue sea and blue sky, a familiar figure appeared.
        Wu Julan, dressed in white clothes and black trousers, stepped on the rocks and walked towards me slowly.
        I looked at him stupidly, as if in a dream, until he stopped in front of me.
        I rubbed my eyes to make sure it wasn't a hallucination, and swooped in, completely forgetting that the road under my feet was not smooth, but uneven rocks.
        When I stepped on the air and I was about to fall down, a pair of hands grabbed me firmly and carried me to the reef.
        Like a climbing vine, I immediately grabbed his wrist and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry..."
        He didn't say a word, looking slowly from my hand to my arm. Last night, in a hurry, I forgot to change my clothes and ran out in short-sleeved pajamas. After numerous falls on the reef, both arms are now covered in colorful wounds.
        I immediately retracted my hand, "I accidentally fell, the reef is too slippery."
        Wu Julan asked, "Why are you here?"
        I blushed, "I... come to you. Yes, sorry!"
        "Sorry for what?"
        "I know you heard what I said last night."
        Wu Julan said lightly: "You think too much, I'm not angry, and I don't plan to leave without saying goodbye. I just have something to do and want to be alone for a night."
        I don't believe what he said, but in any case, he is still in front of me now, and I still have a chance to make up for the mistakes I made. This is the greatest gift God has given me.
        When Wu Julan and I got home, Zhou Buwen and Jiang Yisheng rushed over immediately and kept complaining that I ran out without saying hello.
        I listened without saying a word, and Wu Julan was even more sympathetic to his words.
        Zhou Buwen said to Wu Julan: "Cousin Wu, no matter what conflict you have with Xiaoluo, everyone is an adult. If you have something to communicate with, how can you run away from home like a child? You know how much Xiaoluo was last night. Are you in a hurry?"
        I said, "It's none of Wu Julan's business, it's me..."
        Jiang Yisheng raised his hand and made a stop gesture, indicating that everything was over, "Okay! Don't talk about it! Just come back safely. You didn't sleep last night, so take a nap during the day!" He took his coat and car. key to leave.
        I stopped him and whispered, "Help me get a mobile phone for Wu Julan, with good quality and signal. I'll pay you 1,000 yuan for the phone bill, and I'll give the money back to you."
        Jiang Yisheng understood that I was frightened. He didn't want to happen again last night when he couldn't get in touch with Wu Julan. He pressed his voice and asked, "Will he want it? The poorer the man, the stronger his self-esteem."
        I said, "He never has the self-consciousness of being a poor man. In his eyes, there is no difference between a pair of old slippers and a new mobile phone. You will know later."
        Jiang Yisheng raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Okay!" As he walked out, he waved to Wu Julan and Zhou Buwen, "I'm going to work, come back tonight."
        Wu Julan walked straight into the study, and I followed behind him like a puppet. He turned around and asked lightly, "What else do you want to say?"
        "I'm sorry" has already been said, and he also said, "I'm not angry, and I don't plan to leave without saying goodbye." It seems that there is really nothing more to say.
        I said embarrassingly, "No, you have a good rest."
        I exited the study and helped Wu Julan close the door. When I turned around, I saw Zhou Buwen standing in the aisle, looking at me thoughtfully, I smiled reluctantly and said, "You worked so hard last night, sleep during the day!"
        I went back to the bedroom, rinsed briefly, and changed into clean clothes. Just as he was choking his hair, he heard a knock on the door.
        I opened the door, but Zhou Buwen.
        He raised the disinfectant and cotton wool in his hand, "I see you have a wound on your arm."
        The disinfectant and cotton wool he took were things that I didn't use up after my last injury. Even I didn't know where Wu Julan kept it. I asked, "Where did you find this?"
        Zhou Buwen said, "Ask Cousin Wu what he wants."
        A very strange thought came to me, if it wasn't for Zhou Buwen, maybe Wu Julan would bring the potion up by himself. In a flash, he felt that he was overthinking himself, and it would be magnanimous if he didn't get mad at me.
        Zhou Buwen saw me standing in a daze, and patted the sofa, "Come here!"
        I sat next to him and said, "It's just a few scratches, don't bother."
        "It's better to disinfect it." He took the soaked cotton wool and wanted to wipe it for me.
        I hurriedly said, "I'll do it myself."
        I lowered my head to disinfect the wound on my arm, Zhou Bu looked at me intently.
        I asked, "What are you looking at me for?"
        "Xiaoluo, did you throw away the letter I wrote to you?"
        I bent down and gently pressed the wound on my ankle with cotton wool, and said indifferently, "No."
        Zhou Buwen asked, "When are you going to reply to me?"
        I was so frightened that my body froze all of a sudden, and after a moment, I straightened up and said as casually as possible: "So many years have passed since the things you wrote and played with when you were a child. Now you have a successful career and a wealthy family. If you have a house and a car, there must be many girls who like you..."
        Zhou Buwen took my hand, and I immediately shut up.
        "You're talking about everything Zhou Buwen owns, but I'm not just Zhou Buwen, I'm Li Jing. Although I changed my name with my father, I know who I am. Xiaoluo, when we were apart It's been too long, I wanted to give us some time and take it slow, but I'm afraid that if it's slower, it's really too late."
        I was confused and looked at Zhou Buwen stupidly. Although Jiang Yisheng has been making jokes about me and Zhou Buwen, I never took it seriously because I didn't feel any strange feelings between us at all.
        Zhou Buwen held my hand with one hand and put the other on the back of the sofa, stared at me and said, "Xiaoluo, if I hadn't left, maybe we would have been together long ago."
        I pulled out my hand and said as gently as possible: "But life has no possibility..."
        Zhou Buwen obviously didn't listen to me. He leaned down and wanted to kiss me.
        I immediately backed away, the person was stuck on the back of the sofa, and there was nowhere to go. I had to press my hands against Zhou Buwen's chest, "Big head, don't do this!"
        Zhou Buwen but his emotions were out of control, and he wanted to kiss me regardless.
        "Big head, big head..."
        The two were fiercely entangled, and suddenly, a crisp sound of "pop" came from the yard, reminding us that there are not only the two of us in this room.
        Zhou Buwen finally calmed down, he let go of me, buried his head, and asked in frustration, "Why? You know me, I know you. I know exactly what you want, and I can give you everything you want now. You, a stable family, a stable life, a stable future, I thought it must be natural and natural for us to be together."
        "I'm sorry." I know very well that in this world, there may be no one more suitable for me than Zhou Buwen. He knows everything about me, but he still accepts and likes me. From childhood to adulthood, he can give everything I desire. However, I just can't accept that my heart has been occupied by another person.
        Zhou Buwen asked, "Isn't the feeling that we grew up together no match for the time we were apart?"
        "I'm sorry, our feeling is another kind of feeling."
        Zhou Buwen was silent for a while, then qiáng jingled up and said with a smile, "Don't say sorry. I didn't give up. You haven't gotten married yet, so I still have a chance."
        Just as I was about to speak, Zhou Buwen stretched out his hand, motioning me not to say anything. I can only swallow the words that have already reached my mouth.
        Zhou Buwen said, "I'm going to sleep for a while, you have a good rest." He had already opened the door and turned around suddenly, "I forgot to ask you something, is Wu Julan really your cousin?"
        I shook my head.
        Zhou Buwen showed the expression "It really is", walked out of the bedroom with a smile, and closed the door gently.
        I sat alone for a while, suddenly remembered something, jumped up, ran to the window, and looked down secretly.
        Wu Julan was sweeping the floor with a broom and dustpan. It turned out that the "pop" sound was the sound of a glass falling on the stone floor.
        After cleaning the glass ballast, he turned and entered the house.
        Without thinking, I immediately opened the door, ran downstairs, and rushed to the front of the study.
        The door of the study was closed, I raised my hand to knock on the door, and shrank back.
        I didn't have the courage to go in, but I didn't want to leave. So, he just stood in front of the door stupidly.
        I didn't know how long I stood, the door was suddenly opened, and Wu Julan stood in front of me.
        I was startled, and said with a hurried smile, "I was about to knock on the door, but I didn't expect you to open the door. Haha... what a coincidence!" about to knock on the door.
        Wu Julan stared at me without saying a word.
        I think I probably... insulted his IQ again.
        I put my hand down embarrassingly and asked timidly, "Can I go in?"
        Wu Julan silently stepped aside, I walked into the room and sat on the chair in front of the computer desk.
        Wu Julan closed the door, leaned against the wall, crossed his arms across his chest, and looked at me from a distance, "What do you want to say? If it's an apology, you've said it many times, and I'm not interested in repeating it again. 'I'm not angry'."
        I gathered up my courage and said, "You're not angry, but it's not that you don't care what I say. Otherwise, you wouldn't search for the meaning of 'scumbag' on the Internet."
        Wu Julan was stunned for a moment. No matter how smart he was, after all, he had just been in touch with computers and didn't know that he could query historical records. However, he had no interest in asking me how I knew it, and simply explained: "I'm an old antique, and I don't know what 'scumbag' means, so I checked it out."
        "Remember "Animal World" we watched together? When the lion is full, the antelope is not far away, and it has no interest in taking another look. And... how did that glass fly to In the yard?"
        Wu Julan looked at me silently, her expression was so calm that there was no trace of turbulence, which made me feel like I was thinking too much again.
        I looked at him, my heart beating faster and faster.
        Although the man in front of him was stern and piercing, he did not shirk his responsibilities in the face of anything. Whether it was me being robbed or injured, or the renovation of the inn, he could actually ignore it, but he didn't say a word. The inn has been successfully renovated. I still think he is unreliable and unsafe?
        I suddenly found myself very, very stupid!