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        The material needs of life are nothing but food, clothing, housing and transportation, firewood, rice, oil, and salt. These things, whether it's a house or a car, jewelry or clothes, can be bought with money anyway, and even if you can't afford expensive ones, you can buy cheap ones. However, there can be no second Wu Julan in this world, nor can I find a cheaper man to like. How could I put those things that can be bought in malls and factories more important than Wu Julan?
        Grandpa provided me with studies, educated me with all my heart, let me have a skill to support myself, and left me a house, didn't it just give me the ability and dependability to pursue the life I like?
        Could it be that I have worked hard for many years and all I have now is just to make me compromise with the so-called reality?
        If it's just a stable life, don't I have the ability to give it to myself?
        I have a house to live in, a brain to make money, and just because I know I can take care of myself, I never expected a man to improve my life through marriage. Since I have the courage to be single all my life, why don't I have the courage to pursue the person I like?
        Thinking that I would give up a unique person in the world for those things that are made in factories and can be bought everywhere, I suddenly felt cold and scared after a while.
        If I say that, when I stood at the door of the study just now, I was still at a loss, not knowing what I was thinking. I like Wu Julan, but I feel that I can't see the future of the two of them; Zhou Buwen is willing to give me a stable and reliable future, and I feel that there is no way to go against my will.
        But at this moment, like a Buddhist epiphany, in an instant, my mind became clear, and I completely understood what I wanted.
        I stood up and looked at Wu Julan firmly, "I like you, are you willing to be my boyfriend?"
        Chapter7 What else would you do
        I feel that Wu Julan is more and more like a mystery, and every time I feel that I know a little more about him, he will surprise me more.
        In the past few days, I have been thinking about the results of my confession.
        I do, I love you too...
        is to accept.
        I'm sorry you're a nice guy, but I...
        is a refusal.
        Too suddenly, I have to think about it...
        It is neither accepted nor rejected.
        There should be only these three outcomes.
        So, what is Wu Julan's "I know"?
        That day, after I confessed to my face, he stared at me for a while with a sullen and expressionless expression, and the answer he gave me was: "I see."
        Looking at his silence has exhausted all my courage, and I don't have the guts to ask any more questions. When he opened the door and signaled that I should leave, I immediately fled without looking back.
        The consequence is-
        I've been thinking hard for the past few days, what kind of result is "I know" after the confession?
        do you accept? Of course not!
        Refuse? At that time, his expression was stern and his eyes were deep, and it seemed that...
        After several thoughts, I voluntarily attributed "I know" to the third result after confession - neither acceptance nor rejection.
        Up to now, when I look back and think about it, I realize that my previous entanglement is ridiculous. I have been entangled in whether I should like Wu Julan or not, and I completely forgot to consider whether people will like me or not.
        A person like Wu Julan, when his clothes are ragged, is still picky about the food I make is unpalatable! I will definitely only be more picky about my feelings, I was too self-righteous at the beginning!
        Zhou Buwen told me that he was in a hurry at work and needed to go back early.
        I don't know if it's true or not, but it's always good that he can leave. After all, after confessing and being confessed, no matter how much two people want to pretend that nothing happened, there will always be some vague embarrassment.
        Zhou Buwen settled the room fee according to the large suite price stipulated by the inn. I originally wanted to give him a discount, but he refused.
        I said, "As long as you stay for more than three consecutive days, there will be a discount."
        Zhou Buwen said: "Can ordinary guests eat seafood and fruit at will? I won't count the expenses with you, so don't talk to me, or else I'll go to another inn next time I come back!"
        I didn't dare to rant any more, and together with Jiang Yisheng, I sent Zhou Buwen off by boat.
        After Zhou Buwen left, no guests stayed.
        To be precise, since the inn opened, there have been no other guests except Zhou Buwen. The money I made from Zhou Buwen was just enough to pay for Wu Julan's mobile phone bills and phone bills. That is to say, since the inn opened, I have only paid out, but not received.
        Watching the bank deposit decrease a little bit, I have a feeling of sitting on the mountain and I am under a lot of pressure.
        However, it's not a bad thing, at least it relieved my pressure to face Wu Julan.
        I confessed in front of him, but he acted as if nothing had happened. There was no embarrassment in his speech and behavior, and I was the only one who was uneasy. But no matter how uneasy you are, you must first consider your own survival plan and solve the economic foundation before you can create a sense of upper class qíng.
        I sit in front of the computer every day and promote my inn on various travel forums and post bars. It's still somewhat effective, and I will receive calls from time to time for consultation, but once the other party asks "it's inconvenient to get through" and is far away from the wharf and the most famous Lantern Street, he will politely say "I'll give you a call after thinking about it." .
        I've been looking for a job, and naturally I know that this means a polite refusal.
        Blessings are unparalleled, and misfortunes do not come singly.
        Every morning and evening, Jiang Yisheng's father would go out for a walk accompanied by a nanny or Jiang's mother. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that Dad Jiang was a little crazy. When they met, they would try to avoid him after greeting him politely. But that day, a strange man who appeared out of nowhere actually stimulated Dad Jiang to suddenly fall ill and roll down the hillside.
        The strange man ran away immediately when he saw the accident. The nanny was busy calling for help, and she couldn't care about arresting anyone, so she could only admit that she was unlucky.
        Jiang Yisheng's father went to the hospital, and the medical expenses were spent like running water. Although Jiang Yisheng did not ask me to pay back the money, I felt that I had to pay it back.
        I took Wu Julan to the bank, took out all the money, and emptied all my pockets, totaling 18,046 yuan.
        I stared at the money on the coffee table depressedly, thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, the only way out was to borrow it from Zhou Buwen.
        I took out my mobile phone and was about to make a call when Wu Julan came out of the study and put a thin stack of money on the coffee table.
        I looked at him suspiciously.
        Wu Julan said: "Two thousand yuan, and Jiang Yisheng's money should be returned first."
        I asked, "Is... the salary I paid you?"
        Wu Julan didn't speak, apparently thinking that I asked an idiot question.
        What is this all about? I said, "Even if we take your money and pay it back, we only have forty-six dollars left. How can we live? We still have to borrow money! No matter what, we will borrow money. Forget it, take your money back! "
        I pressed the dial button and the music chime rang.
        This mobile phone is a cheap one. After being dropped once, xing can become very strange. The call is fine, but the music ringtone is seriously distorted, especially harsh. In order not to poison my ears, I held the phone away from my ears, just stared at the screen, and put it to my ear when I was ready to see the call connected.
        Wu Julan reached out and held the phone, "I still have five hundred dollars."
        "That's not enough!"
        "I'll find a way."
        The phone was connected, and Zhou Buwen's voice came faintly, "Xiaoluo, hello, Xiaoluo..."
        Wu Julan held the phone and didn't put it away.
        I asked softly, "You don't want me to borrow money from Zhou Buwen?"
        Wu Julan didn't answer my question, just said, "I'll find a way about the money."
        "Is that so..." I frowned and pulled the phone out of his hand.
        Wu Julan didn't really try to stop him, a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes, he pursed his lips tightly, and looked down at his hand.
        I put the phone to my ear, but I kept looking at Wu Julan, "Hey, big head, the phone signal was a little bad just now. I have nothing to do, just make a phone call to greet you..."
        Wu Julan suddenly looked up at me, there was no expression on his face, but his deep eyes were as clear and beautiful as the sea under the summer sun, shining with light.
        After a few words with Zhou Buwen, I hung up the phone. Putting away the 20,000 yuan on the table, he said with a smile, "I'm going to pay it back."
        Wu Julan said nothing and followed me out of the yard.
        I said, "You don't have to go, just a few steps away. It's impossible to be so unlucky to encounter a robbery again."
        Wu Julan sneered unceremoniously: "You have a bad luck physique." The pace was unhurried, still following me.
        I pursed my lips unhappily, then pursed my lips and smiled softly.
        The two went to Jiang Yisheng's house, and despite Jiang Yisheng's objection, insisted on returning the money.
        When I got home, I took out the remaining forty-six dollars and reached out to Wu Julan, "Where's your money?"
        Wu Julan gave me 500 yuan, I kept 300 for myself, and gave Wu Julan 246 yuan. The two of them divided all the property equally.
        I said, "Let's figure it out together!"
        At night, I was lying on the bed, looking at the only three hundred dollars I had left, and sighed melancholy, but after a while, I couldn't help grinning and grinning.
        the next day.
        I bought a bunch of large and small conch shells from a fisherman I knew, and started making bracelets, necklaces, pendants, ornaments... I learned this craft from my grandfather.
        In order to make a living when he was young, his grandfather went out to sea with a boat and often stayed at sea for half a year. He had no money and could not afford jewelry, so he had to figure out how to make beautiful and ingenious things with conch shells of various colors and shapes. After disembarking, give them to grandma.
        After grandma passed away, grandpa still used conch to make things. When a certain amount is accumulated, it will be taken to the wharf and sold at a stall.
        When I was young, I thought my grandfather was there to make money, but later I realized that making money was only one of the reasons, and the more important reason was missing. Grandpa misses the lonely but bright time when he was drifting at sea. After every time he drifts, there is a gentle woman waiting for him at the pier.
        In my grandfather's memory, conch is countless happiness and beauty, so when my father asked grandpa for my name, he did not hesitate to let me use the name "conch".
        Probably because of this fate, I have been fond of playing with these beautiful conch shells in various shapes since I was a child. Under my grandfather's careful guidance, I will use conch shells to make necklaces, bracelets, key chains, wind chimes, pen washers, candlesticks, jewelry boxes, soap boxes, flower pots... Of course, my craftsmanship is completely incomparable to my grandfather's, but every time A piece of work is designed and made carefully by me, and it can be compared with those conch ornaments produced on the assembly line. Basically, every time my grandpa and I set up a stall, it sold out quickly.
        However, it takes time to make these things, and the price cannot be set as high as the handicrafts sold in high-end shops, so in terms of time cost, it does not make much money.
        But now there are no guests in the inn, I decided to use this craft to make some money for grocery shopping! At least guarantee that Wu Julan and I will not starve to death.
        While guarding the phone and other business, I made conch and shell jewelry.
        Wu Julan was also making things. He picked up a piece of wood from the sea, took grandpa's old tools, and cut, chopped, ground and baked... Anyway, I looked very complicated and deep.