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        A few days later, I could vaguely see what Wu Julan wanted to do. However, I can't quite trust my own judgment.
        "You... are you making a guzheng?"
        "Guqin." Wu Julan glanced at me coldly, "The two are very different."
        I was sluggish for three seconds, hehe gān laughing, "It's almost there, it's all musical instruments."
        After the body was finished, Wu Julan began to wind the strings. I know that his wood was picked up from the sea and it didn't cost a cent.
        But guqin strings... I really don't remember such elegant and high-end shops on the island.
        "Where did you buy the strings from?"
        "..." I decided to walk away silently.
        I am very worried about the market for Wu Julan's "high-end musical instruments".
        I have seen people who play the piano and play the erhu on this island, but the guqin... I guess when we sell it out, everyone passing by will come to watch, and then silently light a candle for us and leave.
        I can only try harder.
        In the evening, I walked out of the living room while rubbing my sore neck. I saw in the courtyard where the setting sun was slanting, the rough trees were verdant, and the fallen flowers were colorful. The guqin, God qíng looked at the distant sky wistfully.
        The sunset glowed all over the sky, as bright as a rouge, and there seemed to be a faint haze around him, as if he was a peerless and independent young master in a costume movie.
        My heart was thumping wildly, and I thought in my mind, I will never laugh at those star-crazy nympho fans again. In the face of absolute beauty, there will be absolutely no reason.
        Wu Julan noticed my gaze, sighed, returned to his indifferent expression, and looked at me.
        I hurriedly ran to him and looked at Qin in disguise, "Is it done?"
        "Well, well, not well done."
        Black body, white strings, simple and quiet, beautiful and dignified, I fell in love with it at first sight, and felt that it was good anywhere, and secretly decided that even if someone came to buy it, I would never sell it!
        I touched the body of the qin and exclaimed, "Wu Julan, you actually know how to make a guqin! I won't be surprised if you say that you can drill wood to make fire and make nets for fishing in the future."
        "I will."
        I half-opened my mouth and stared at Wu Julan.
        Wu Julan thought I didn't believe what he said, so he shoved the qin into my arms, and Shi Shiran walked to the pile of broken wood left when he made the qin, and really began to drill the wood to make fire. The thumb-sized wood turned a few times in his hand, and blue smoke came out. Wu Julan grabbed some broken wood chips and put them on it, and after a while, he saw a small flame.
        I murmured, "I'm slow to make fire while watching TV."
        "Their strength and speed are not enough," Wu Julan said.
        I looked at the piano in my arms and the burning flame. I felt dizzy and wanted to ask "Wu Julan, what else would you do?", but the degree of stimulation of the heart is really limited - that's all for today. so far!
        Wu Julan said, "How much money do you have? Can you give it to me first? I'll pay you back tomorrow after I earn it."
        I know very well that this guqin made by Wu Julan will not be sold tomorrow, but... I gave Wu Julan all the remaining 100 yuan, and said with a smile, "Okay."
        I hid in the bedroom and quietly called Jiang Yisheng.
        Jiang's father's illness has stabilized, and Jiang Yisheng no longer has to accompany him at night, which is much more relaxed. I asked Jiang Yisheng to find a friend who seemed to be knowledgeable and talented to buy the guqin made by Wu Julan when he had time tomorrow. The price doesn't have to be too expensive, of course it can't be too cheap, more than a thousand!
        I asked Jiang Yisheng to help me with the money first, and then supply him after I sold the conch jewelry.
        Jiang Yisheng was stunned, "Are you sure that Wu Julan made a guqin, the kind of artifact in ancient TV dramas? You don't mistake cotton-playing as a musical instrument, do you?"
        "Idiots can't tell the difference?!" I completely forgot the fact that I couldn't tell the difference between guzheng and guqin.
        Jiang Yisheng shouted and shouted excitedly, wishing he could immediately come over to worship Wu Julan.
        I'll ask him to come back tomorrow, remember to find a few more friends to join us, to be high-end atmosphere and cultured! Otherwise, it's not like acting! It's a guqin after all!
        Early in the morning, after getting up.
        I originally wanted to pretend that I suddenly received a call from Yisheng Jiang, and told Wu Julan that someone was very interested in the guqin he made and wanted to come and see it in the afternoon. Unexpectedly, Wu Julan left early in the morning and left a note for me, saying that he was going to do something and come back later.
        I stared at the note for a long time. It wasn't that there was anything special about the content, but his words, which were horizontal and vertical, golden and iron horses. They were even more beautiful than the words on the copybook. However, he can even play the guqin, and his handwriting is particularly good-looking, so there is nothing surprising.
        I saw that the guqin was still in the study, and I was relieved to know that he was not going to set up a stall to sell the guqin.
        While I was making accessories, I was waiting for Wu Julan. After waiting until the afternoon, Wu Julan did not come back. Instead, Jiang Yisheng brought a few friends to "buy" the guqin.
        I put the guqin on the coffee table in the living room, and some of Jiang Yisheng's friends gathered around the guqin to watch and discuss. Not to mention, all of them look a bit strange, or unusual, like someone who can play the guqin.
        Wearing black retro round-rimmed glasses and black cloth shoes, Mr. Dai, dressed in a dainty manner, asked, "How much does Miss Shen sell for this piano?"
        I said, "More than 1,000. I see that the price of guqin on Taobao ranges from four to five hundred to two or three thousand. I took a middle value. Anything more would be too fake."
        Mr. Dai said: "I am asking the price of the real purchase, I want to buy it."
        Does Wu Julan really appreciate what Wu Julan does? !
        I was happier than selling my own things, but said without hesitation: "I won't sell it, I want to keep it for myself."
        A group of people were talking, the open courtyard door was pushed open, and Wu Julan came back.
        He glanced at the people in the living room, only nodded to Jiang Yisheng and said hello, he carried a fish more than one meter long, walked straight to the faucet in the corner of the kitchen, and put the fish down.
        People on the island are used to seeing all kinds of big fish, and they don't care. They asked me with a smile, "Is this Mr. Wu who made the piano?"
        I asked Jiang Yisheng to greet everyone and ran out with a towel.
        After Wu Julan finished washing his hands, I handed him the towel, "Jiang Yisheng heard that you made a guqin, so he found some friends who like music. Some people want to buy your guqin." Because Mr. Dai really wanted to buy it, I Speaking with great confidence.
        Jiang Yisheng led his friends over and said with a smile, "Everyone likes this guqin very much, so I'm just waiting for your bid."
        Wu Julan glanced at the people standing beside him, and said to me, "The piano I made is not for sale."
        "Ah?" I was dumbfounded. "No... If you don't sell it, what are you doing?"
        "I play." Wu Julan returned the towel to me and went to the kitchen.
        Jiang Yisheng and I looked at each other, speechless.
        Since there is no need for acting, it is natural to send away all the "extras" that Jiang Yisheng invited.
        I kept apologizing: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."
        Jiang Yisheng glared at me several times and walked out with his friend.
        Several people walked out of the courtyard gate one after another. The last person, who had already stepped over the threshold, accidentally swept his gaze across the bluestone floor in the corner of the kitchen and saw the fish on the ground. He immediately retracted his feet, rushed over a few steps, squatted down to take a closer look, and then shouted: "Bluefin tuna!"
        The people who had already walked outside the courtyard wall came back in an instant, all surrounding the fish, watching and talking excitedly.
        "Really bluefin tuna!"
        "I heard that in Japan, bluefin guns are now selling for £3,500 a pound."
        "Almost! In 2013, a 200-kg bluefin tuna sold for a sky-high price of 150 million yen, or about 11 million yuan."
        "That's the price at the auction. It's overpriced, and it's not that expensive in the market. However, it's definitely not cheap. A few years ago, the West Lake State Guesthouse imported a blue fin of about 70 kilograms. Shipping costs, the import price alone will cost more than 40,000 yuan, and now at least double it!"
        "Tsk tsk! Haven't seen anyone catch a bluefin in years."
        Although I am not like these gluttonous old customers, I can recognize the variety and quality of fish at a glance, but as a child who grew up by the sea, I also know the name of bluefin tuna, but I have never eaten it.
        Grandpa said that when he was young, bluefins were not as rare as they were later, the crew would catch them from time to time, and he had eaten them many times. Bluefin is the most delicious raw, melts in your mouth, like eating ice cream, I have never been able to imagine.
        Jiang Yisheng reacted the fastest, and said to Wu Julan through the kitchen window: "Brother Wu, if you want to sell it, you must quickly find a way to freeze it. This thing is fresh, and if the taste changes, it will be worthless."
        While sharpening the knife, Wu Julan said without looking up, "It's alright, I'll eat at night."
        I almost fell to my feet and fell to the ground.
        The others were also shocked, all staring at Wu Julan with surprise, admiration, excitement, and longing.
        Jiang Yisheng looked at me with question marks in his eyes, and my heart was full of blood - that's money, money, money! ! ! But he gritted his teeth and said, "He can eat what he wants!"
        Jiang Yisheng shook his head speechlessly, and as soon as he turned his head, he smiled like a flower, and said to Wu Julan gently, "Brother Wu, I'll have dinner here tonight."
        "Okay, but I want you to do me a favor." Wu Julan still didn't lift his head, and focused on checking whether the knife was sharpened.
        "No problem!" Jiang Yisheng agreed happily.
        Jiang Yisheng was sent by Wu Julan to live, but the five friends Jiang Yisheng invited did not leave with him.
        These five people are all cultural people, and they are more reserved in their actions. They are embarrassed and straightforward to express that they want to stay for dinner, but they do not say go. I understand their thinking, anyway, this fish looks like forty or fifty kilograms, and the three of us will definitely not be able to finish it!
        They stood in the yard and had a tea party while watching Wu Julan picking up the fish. From eating fish to talking about fishing, from island fishery to environmental protection, there seems to be endless talk.
        I whispered to Wu Julan: "What are they going to do?"
        Wu Julan glanced at them and asked loudly, "Do you want to eat fish?"
        "Think!" They said in unison, sonorously and forcefully.
        Wu Julan smiled slightly and said, "Welcome to the Conch Inn for dinner. It costs 600 yuan per person. In addition to fish, there are vegetables, fruits, and drinks."
        The five of them didn't even think about it, they all agreed, and immediately lined up to give me money, with a look of "I'm afraid it'll be gone if it's too late".
        Mr. Dai looked at me with amazement and said with a smile, "It's normal to spend a few hundred yuan for a meal in a good restaurant in a big city, but can they have such fresh bluefin?"
        I started to collect the money in a daze, and before I could finish collecting the money from these few people, another person walked into the yard one after another, saw someone lining up for money, and immediately voluntarily lined up to the back.
        After hearing their explanations, I realized that Wu Julan had rented a fishing boat to go fishing early in the morning, and he would have to disembark at the pier when he came back. There was a lot of fish and fish there, and when he got off the boat with the fish, someone recognized the bluefin gold gun, and the news spread quickly.
        On his way back, countless people came to talk, and Wu Julan made it clear that "this is the buffet dinner tonight at Conch Inn." In less than half an hour, he accepted reservations from forty people and announced that the dinner was full. It can be said that if these five people in the yard were not friends of Jiang Yisheng, they would definitely not even think about it.