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        When everyone finished paying, I received a total of 26,400 yuan. Originally it was 27,000 yuan, but Wu Julan took 600 yuan and gave it back to Jiang Yisheng, which was the money for him to buy vegetables, fruits and drinks.
        At 6:30 pm, the buffet dinner officially started.
        In the yard, several tables were neatly arranged, covered with clean white plastic tablecloths, and they looked decent. Boiled greens, seaweed salad, vegetable salad and various cut fruits are scattered on the table. But at this time, everyone has no intention to pay attention to these, but waits to eat blue fin. It can be said that their six hundred dollars are all spent on bluefin tuna, and they don't care what else they eat.
        After Wu Julan prepared the vegetables and cut the fruits, while Jiang Yisheng and I were laying out the food, he took a shower and changed into a clean set of clothes.
        There was a long stainless steel table in front of the faucet outside the kitchen wall, and on the long table lay bluefin tuna that had been cleaned up. Wu Julan was standing behind the long stainless steel table, which was an open kitchen.
        For the convenience of washing things, grandpa installed a lamp under the eaves of the kitchen. At this time, the light was bright, and it reflected Wu Julan's white T-shirt as white as snow, making him look unusually clean and cold.
        Wu Julan's face was like water, he lowered his head, and placed the sharpened knife on both sides of the long table.
        Everyone looked at him intently, wondering what he planned to do to make everyone feel that he lived up to the most delicious ingredients in the world.
        Wu Julan raised his head and introduced, "I'm going to make fish soup tonight."
        What? fish what?
        The few who understood immediately explained to those who didn't: "Fish, it's Japanese sashimi! Sashimi!"
        Wu Julan picked up a thin long knife, "I still use the knife method for making fish soup.
        Tang Dynasty
        The knife method of fish noodle. Back then it was called 'Shaoshu'. Japan learned from the Tang Dynasty fish soup and developed its own sashimi. It can be said that sashimi is a type of sashimi, but sashimi is definitely not sashimi. "
        Wu Julan held a saber in his right hand, the tip of the saber pointed to the ground, and clasped his fists in a bow to everyone, "According to the ceremony, there should be joy to accompany you, but the clone lacks skills, so I can only make do with poetry."
        He is tall and straight and elegant, making everyone feel as if they saw an ancient nobleman saluting him gracefully. Deterred by his demeanor, everyone unconsciously straightened their posture and bowed their heads in return.
        When everyone's heads were about to be lifted, in the sound of reciting, they only felt a cold light passing by, and a piece of fish had already flown to the plate in front of the table.
        Wu Julan recited an ancient poem while cutting the fish fillets: "...the servant is handed by the fish and sharks, washes the fish and sharpens the fish's eyes. The snow is flying silently, and the bones have already chopped the chūn onions. The old man with the edge of soft cooking and fragrant rice. Ever since the anvil was wet with white paper, before putting the chopsticks in, the golden plate was empty..."
        In the cadence of his voice, he pitched at will, like a dance, the knife in his hand moved like the wind, and the pieces of fish fell into the white porcelain plate like pieces of snow. After a while, a stack of fish fillets had been piled up on the white plate, the bottom was wide and the top was narrow, like a slim pagoda.
        The blade in Wu Julan's hand changed slightly, and the fish fillets that fell had already landed on another white porcelain plate. Jiang Yisheng finally didn't forget Wu Julan's previous instructions, hurriedly took away the plate full of fish fillets, and put another white plate in place.
        After Wu Julan determined that Jiang Yisheng could handle it, he accelerated the speed, and the pieces of fish were like catkins in the wind, continuous.
        Everyone was dazzled, and he drew another knife in his left hand. No one could guess what he was thinking. I moved in my heart, but I couldn't believe it. I opened my eyes, held my breath, and stared at him nervously.
        Amid the screams of the crowd, Wu Julan opened his bows with his left and right hands at the same time, cutting fish fillets.
        With one knife raised and one knife down, the left and right hands danced for each other, like the most gorgeous dance in a scene. It looks like he is effortless and his movements are elegant and calm, but each piece of fish is as thin as a cicada's wing, one has not fallen, and one will come again, like a heavy snow of goose feathers, floating and falling incessantly.
        I remembered those Tang poems I had read - "The sword sings and the dragon flies", "The plate is like snow and afraid of the wind", "The child swings the two swords left and right, and the golden plate is flying and the white snow is high"...
        The scene that once seemed incredible and unimaginable is now unfolding before my eyes.
        "...You don't see the court coming to cut the scorpion, and the waves will be lost forever."
        After the last sentence of the poem was recited, the sound of the knife stopped. Only the white fish bones were left on the long table, but there were forty-eight plates of fish soup neatly placed on the table, which looked spectacular.
        Wu Julan put down the knife and said, "Please enjoy."
        The courtyard was silent.
        After a while, someone took the lead in applauding, and all of a sudden, the applause was thunderous. They were so shocked that they couldn't even find the right words to praise. They could only applaud hard to express their excitement and amazement.
        Wu Julan was still in that expressionless, unhappy look, covered the white fishbone with a piece of white cloth, bowed gracefully to the crowd, and gave a Western-style salute, provoking even louder applause. He walked through the crowd and went under the eaves of the living room.
        Everyone's eyes have been following him, only to find that there is a long table made of rattan, and a guqin is placed on the table.
        Wu Julan knelt down in front of him, raised his hand slightly, brushed the piano, and the ding ding dong dong sound flowed out.
        It turned out to be "Summer Night Starry Sea", I was stunned.
        I distinctly remember hearing it for the first time when he heard it a month ago. After just listening to it a few times, he can play it completely? !
        Although the others in the yard thought it was a bit interesting, they had seen the face-changing of Sichuan opera and the Arab belly dance in the restaurant. They were not too surprised by Wu Julan's guqin performance. However, it was "movement" just now, but now it is "stillness". The combination of movement and stillness makes people feel completely relaxed. The taste buds become sensitive, just right for tasting food.
        Everyone couldn't wait to get the fish soup. The fish ròu is as thin as a cicada's wings, almost transparent, melts in the mouth, and is indescribably delicious. They all showed their expressions of satisfaction, and felt that this evening was definitely worth the money.
        By the time the guests left and the cleaning was done, it was already past ten o'clock.
        After taking a shower, I sat cross-legged on the sofa, staring at more than 20,000 yuan in a daze.
        I don't need to pay rent or pay mortgage. If I save a little money, this money is enough for one year's living expenses.
        A few days ago, although I promised Wu Julan to borrow money without asking Zhou Buwen, and told myself to trust Wu Julan, in any case, I never thought that he would solve our "economic crisis" so quickly.
        There was a knock on the door, and I hurriedly tidied up my clothes and hair before saying, "Come in."
        Wu Julan came in with a tray, and put two bowls of fermented rice balls on the table, "You've been busy taking care of the guests at night, and you haven't eaten much yourself, so I made a little supper."
        He didn't say it was okay, but when he said I was really hungry, "Aren't you the same? Let's eat together?"
        "Okay." Wu Julan sat down at the table.
        I walked over to Wu Julan with my slippers and sat down, happily holding the bowl, "You have worked hard for you today, the money..." I pointed to the money on the sofa, "What are you going to do? Deposit it in the bank..." I remembered He doesn't have an ID card and doesn't seem to be able to open a bank account.
        "It's yours, you can decide." Wu Julan said casually.
        I was almost choked to death by a small round child. When did the wage earners not only help the boss, but also pay the boss?
        I put down the bowl, coughed a few times, and said, "You give me all the money? That's the money you earned, and I didn't do anything."
        Wu Julan frowned slightly, as if thinking about a reason. "You're not good at business," he said. "Give it to you, and you won't have to borrow money from others."
        "Oh! Where am I not good at business? Don't you think my inn can't make money?"
        "I couldn't earn it before today, but I should be able to earn it after today."
        "What do you mean? You make it clear!"
        Wu Julan said helplessly: "The first thing to do in the inn business is the location. The location of your inn is not right. If the location is not good, it must be distinctive, or famous. As long as it is famous enough, it will make people feel that it is all inconvenience. A style. Those pictures you come and go with..."
        "Photos! PS photos! Very beautiful!"
        "Your photos are indistinguishable from other inns."
        I feel a little uncomfortable, but I have to admit that Wu Julan is right, "What will change after today?"
        "Humans like freshness and excitement, and they like to show off their advantages. Of course, it's not the advantages that come from greed, but the advantages that can prove their vision, taste, and wisdom. They will be willing to talk about it. Tonight's guests, No matter how extravagant and special they eat in the future, they will never forget the dinner they bought for 600 yuan."
        I stared at Wu Julan.
        In fact, I always thought that Wu Julan's price was too low. This evening is either a well-informed gluttonous old customer, or someone who is quite influential on the island, and they all know the market price of bluefin gold guns. Even if it is set at 2,000, they will definitely eat it. Not to mention Wu Julan's chopsticks skills later, no one will feel that they have lost their money.
        Originally, I thought it was because Wu Julan didn't really know the market price of the bluefin. Since he had already announced the price, I didn't plan to say more. But he didn't expect that, he knew very well that he deliberately set a low price, deliberately made those customers feel that they were unique and accurate, and they took the lead before others found the value of an item, so they were the only ones. Can take advantage.
        But did Wu Julan really suffer? He used 600 yuan to buy the memories of their lifetimes - they will never be forgotten and talked about with relish.
        I feel that Wu Julan is more and more like a mystery, and every time I feel that I know a little more about him, he will surprise me more.
        So far, all I know are: cooking, medicine, architecture, piano making, playing the piano, even drilling wood to make fire, making nets for fishing... It is not surprising that a person knows any of them, but Wu Julan is like this He understands everything, and I even suspect that he is jīng in everything.
        What kind of environment did he grow up in to be so perverted?
        The phone rang suddenly, and I saw it was Jiang Yisheng, so he answered immediately, "Why are you calling me so late?"
        "I have something I want to talk to you about, about Wu Julan."
        Hearing his serious tone, I couldn't help but glance at Wu Julan, then sat up straight, "Tell me."
        "Before, you told me that you shouldn't like Wu Julan. I have no objection or support, because I think that regardless of his economic conditions and identity, Wu Julan is still very good, and he is also very good to you, but now I I really hope you give up."
        I looked at Wu Julan, who was eating fermented rice balls unhurriedly, and asked, "Why?"
        "That day, you were covered in blood and you lost your eyesight. Even medical students would panic. Wu Julan was very calm. Not only did he accurately determine your injury, but he also gave first aid simply and effectively. It's not that he How difficult it is to do, but the calm and self-confidence must have experience in life and face blood and death to do it, not just two or three months of training courses."
        Jiang Yisheng's words verified my guess, and I gave a soft "um" to agree.
        "Wu Julan's skill in chopping fish tonight, you have seen it with your own eyes. You can't practice it in ten or twenty years! If you don't believe it, I can find a professional chef to ask."
        "I believe!"
        "Also, he can play the guqin. Of course it's not uncommon to play the guqin, and I can also play the erhu! But can I make the erhu? He can make a guqin from a piece of wood he picked up. I listened to it tonight. His playing, the guqin is very well done, the timbre is perfect, and he plays it perfectly. It can be said that Wu Julan is a master in both making and playing the qin. Xiaoluo, ask yourself, Are these normal?"