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        I'm not an ignorant fool, nor a fairy who doesn't eat fireworks, of course I know that this is not normal.
        I looked at Wu Julan and thought in a trance, there are still many things that Jiang Yisheng doesn't know. If he knew about those things, he would definitely say it was abnormal.
        After Wu Julan finished eating the last round in the bowl, he put down the bowl, raised his head, and looked at me calmly. My intuition told me that he knew exactly what Jiang Yisheng was talking about.
        "Xiaoluo, Xiaoluo..." Jiang Yisheng called out.
        I came back to my senses and said, "I understand what you're trying to say, and I've already thought about what you're thinking. He helped me with a more calm response than a medical student. Making money with my skills, I don’t have to worry about who I should borrow money from and when I should pay it back. Jiang Yisheng, let me tell you a secret. When I was a child, just because you could play the erhu, every time you were on the stage, it seemed like you only had your screen turned on. You are as swaggering as a peacock, I can only sit in the audience and applaud you. In fact, I have always been very reluctant. I can't kill you in my life, but I can find a boyfriend, if he not only I can play the guqin and make the guqin..." I thought of my pride and laughed, "Isn't it a complete victory over you? In the future, whenever he is around, I think you will dare to show off your broken erhu?"
        Jiang Yisheng was silent for a long time, and suddenly laughed softly, "Shen Luo, you are actually a latent mentally ill patient! But do you know that I love you?"
        "Well... that kind of love that always likes to make me look ugly!" When Jiang Yisheng was young, he used me as a stepping stone to show himself off because of his high IQ and ability to do all kinds of music, chess, calligraphy and painting. Once turned my birthday party into his personal talent show.
        Jiang Yisheng sighed, "Have you really figured it out?"
        I said, "It's every girl's dream to find a boyfriend who can do everything and beat everyone, and I have no way to avoid it."
        "Is Wu Julan right next to you? How can I listen? You seem to be afraid that someone will run away from home again, and you keep showing your loyalty with dogleg flattery?"
        "Jiang Yisheng, you don't need to always remind us that you have a high IQ," I said.
        Jiang Yisheng laughed: "I'm hanging up! Let Wu Julan not be angry with me. Humans' hearts are inherently biased. I also regard him as a friend, but between you and him, I will always choose you only."
        I put down my phone and asked Wu Julan, "Can you guess what Jiang Yisheng said?"
        Wu Julan said lightly, "Even if I don't know what he said, I have heard what you said."
        My face was gradually burning red. When I talked to Jiang Yisheng just now, I just hoped to win Jiang Yisheng's understanding and support, but now I feel that I am really bold and thick-skinned!
        "I know you're not my boyfriend, I just... just..."
        Wu Julan seemed to be curious about how a person's face could turn so red in an instant, he lightly touched my cheek with his hand, "It's very hot!"
        I just felt that all the blood was rushing to the top of my head, not only my face was hot, but even my ears were hot, which made Wu Julan's hands colder. I couldn't help holding Wu Julan's hand, trying to spread my warmth to him.
        Wu Julan stared at me, his deep, dark eyes full of hesitation and struggle.
        I was afraid that he would throw my hand away in the next instant, and subconsciously used all my strength to grab his hand.
        Wu Julan asked, "Shen Luo, do you really know what you are doing?"
        I said, "I know!"
        Wu Julan said, "You don't know my origin at all."
        I blushed and summoned the courage to say, "But I know how you feel. Don't tell me, everything you did for me is just because you are kind and like to help people!"
        Wu Julan lowered his eyes and remained silent.
        My heart is slowly falling. Although I have never been in a relationship, I have felt the care and care. I took it for granted that it was love, but what if... I misunderstood?
        I was so nervous and worried about gains and losses that I went from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye. Maybe it's just me who moved and lost my heart!
        My face gradually turned pale, my palms felt cold, and I became almost the same temperature as Wu Julan.
        Wu Julan stared at me and said softly, "After the full moon next night, if you haven't changed your mind, I..." His voice was harsh, and halfway through, there was no more.
        But I flew from hell to heaven in one fell swoop, my palms no longer felt cold, and my face returned to normal.
        Wu Julan looked at his hand, which I had been holding tightly, and he asked, "When are you going to hold it?"
        "Oh...I..." I immediately let go of his hand in a hurry, and my cheeks became hot again.
        Wu Julan suddenly smiled and pinched my cheek. In my shocked and dull eyes, he said, "Reciprocity."
        As if nothing had happened, he stood up, put the two empty bowls on the tray, and left with the tray, "Good night."
        I was stunned for a while, and then I remembered that when I first met him, I once pinched his cheek, and he actually "holds vengeance" until now.
        I covered my cheeks and couldn't help giggling! All right! This kind of hatred welcomes a lot of memory, and also welcomes a lot of revenge! I really regret that I didn't do anything else at that time!
        Chapter8 The Promise of the Full Moon Night
        The softest oysters have the hardest shells, and the most beautiful pearls are hidden deepest.
        I expected that the inn would be famous on the island, but I didn't expect not only the fame, but also not only on the island.
        That night, a guest who came to dinner even shot two videos with his mobile phone: one was Wu Julan holding a knife with both hands, and he was choking; He uploaded the video to Weibo and named it "An Incredible Dinner". The video was forwarded at an incredible speed, attracting all kinds of netizens to watch.
        There are Yan-controlled girls who only care about appearance, music enthusiasts who like ancient music, textual research groups who have carefully studied the method of cutting fish and knives, and foodies who like delicious food... Countless people left messages discussing the "Taozi" in the video—— Netizens didn't know Wu Julan's name, so they called him a niece based on the poems he recited, an elegant name for chefs in ancient times.
        Really drunk! The picture is so beautiful that I can only play it on a loop.
        Is it a musician who can cook, or a chef who can play the guqin? It's enough to have talent, it's enough to be so handsome, so handsome, and still so aura, Mahler Gobi, why don't you let other men live?
        This is the traditional Chinese good man! History proves that for the sixth year of Tianbao, Li Bai took his young son to pass through the Central Capital, and a little official who never knew him came to visit. Li Bai was deeply moved, and he personally stabbed the knife, and when he parted, he presented a poem. Needless to say more about Li Bai's poems, go to "Baidu" by yourself, please pay attention to the key points, "Li Bai personally cao knife and chop", Li Bai! Li Bai! Li Bai! I can write a poem that has been passed down through the ages, and I can move the kitchen knife on the tip of my tongue! This is a good man in China!
        As early as in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, chopsticks were not only for eating, but also for viewing. In the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the literati regarded slaughtering as an elegant affair. Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Changling, Bai Juyi... all described yuzu in their poems. People like Li Bai, who are skilled in martial arts and skilled in swordsmanship, also perform chopsticks in person from time to time.
        crazy! The blogger replied that he heard that the guqin was made by Yizi himself! since! already! Do! of!
        In the late Ming Dynasty, Li Rihua wrote in "Notes of Liuyanzhai: Zi Taoxuan Miscellaneous" that he had read a book of "Shackles" that may have been compiled by the Tang Dynasty. Huangbai, dancing pear blossoms, willow leaves, paired butterflies, Qianzhang lines..." Unfortunately, at that time, the skill of chrysanthemum was lost, and Li Rihua had no way to verify the authenticity of these records. It is very likely that the scorpion in the video is using the long-lost scalloping knife method.
        Fortunately, Jiang Yisheng contacted the guest who uploaded the video in time. Under the frantic inquiries of netizens, he only replied, "The place for dinner is Conch Xiaozhan, and the man in the video should be the operator of the inn." He didn't say a word of other private information. .
        Netizens searched around according to "Conch Xiaozhan", and many people found the Weibo I opened for the hotel. Like detectives, they compared the photos of the inn I uploaded before, and immediately based on the background, they concluded that my conch stack was the one in the video.
        Netizens left messages one after another, some inquired about the scenery of the island, some suggested to post more photos of Wu Julan, some were just watching the gossip, and some even asked Wu Julan how his parents raised Wu Julan, asking for experience...
        My Weibo followers increased from more than 100 bào to more than 1 million, from not a single message for a few days to thousands of messages every day. I was frightened by the enthusiasm of netizens, and even worried, for fear that this unexpected "popularity" would bring trouble to Wu Julan.
        Although Wu Julan was surprised that the development of qíng far exceeded his expectations because he did not consider the Internet, he did not mind as much as I thought. Sometimes, he even reads with gusto those comments about him with me.
        Jiang Yisheng smiled and comforted me: "At least prove that he is not a wanted criminal, otherwise he would not be able to watch his video go viral on the Internet so calmly."
        I punched Jiang Yisheng and couldn't laugh at Jiang Yisheng's comfort.
        Jiang Yisheng browsed the comments of netizens and pointed to one of them for me to read: "This product must have come from Mars! It must be!"
        Jiang Yisheng laughed, "I found a lot of mental illnesses on the Internet. Reading their comments is really healing. It makes me feel that I am really normal!"
        I looked at Wu Julan in the video, and then looked at Jiang Yisheng next to me, and I felt that I was really normal!
        Since Conch Inn became popular on the Internet, many people call to inquire about room accommodation every day, but I have not accepted any of them.
        I carefully feel that the guests who come here are all drunkards and not drinking. I am still trudging on the difficult pursuit path. How can I allow others to cause trouble?
        What's more, I have now successfully weathered the economic crisis and found a more preferred way of making a living, so I gave up the original plan to open an inn.
        For various reasons, the guests who had eaten fish soup that night still came to Conch Inn from time to time to eat.
        However, because there are only Wu Julan and me as the chef and the small workers, the menu is not rich, and it depends entirely on what Wu Julan bought in the vegetable market that day. To be precise, he does what he buys. Of course, guests can also call ahead to explain what they want to eat. As long as Wu Julan can buy it, he can also make it.
        At the beginning, I was worried that doing this would affect the business. I didn't expect that the guests not only didn't think Wu Julan did it wrong, but they liked to come to Conch Inn for dinner. Later, I learned that many private kitchens with very good reputation in big cities operate in this way. Because only the ingredients purchased on the day can ensure that the dishes are fresh and delicious.
        Wu Julan's cooking skills are impeccable, and the dining environment can also be said to be perfect. The trees and vines in the old house are a little old, and they have been precipitated by time to have a very special taste. It is an artistic conception that is impossible for any decoration. Guests who have come here will gradually like the sea snails. Friends bring friends, in the word of mouth, Conch Xiaozhan quickly became the most popular private restaurant on the island.
        To my surprise, the guests saw the conch crafts I made and liked them very much, and asked if I would sell them. Of course, I have the money to negotiate, and the price is much higher than when I set up a stall to sell it, and it unexpectedly became a way of making money.