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        Wu Julan wasn't nervous at all, and still had time to look back at me, and asked displeasedly, "Why don't you wait outside?"
        I shivered and said, "Be careful! I-I'll... call the police!"
        I took out my phone tremblingly, my eyes suddenly widened, and I was too frightened to move.
        Probably because he heard me say to call the police, the man with the dagger tried to get away several times and was stopped by Wu Julan. He went crazy and started stabbing Wu Julan regardless.
        In the light of Sen Han's sword, Wu Julan stretched out his hand as if he was searching for something, and snatched the dagger gently and skillfully. The other hand grabbed the opponent's neck, like an iron hoop, firmly fixing the man to the wall. superior. The other party also tried to resist, Wu Julan raised his hand up, his legs were hanging in the air, his whole body weight was hanging on his neck, he couldn't breathe, and he soon lost all his strength.
        Seeing that he was being honest, Wu Julan lowered his hands a little so that his feet could touch the ground, "Who are you? What do you want?"
        The man said in a hoarse voice: "We are thieves. We sneaked here tonight and came in to try our luck when there was no one in the house. I didn't expect luck to be so bad..."
        "Really?" Wu Julan snorted coldly, picked up the dagger, and stabbed.
        "No!" I screamed.
        Wu Julan stopped what he was doing. He stared at the man, approached him, muttered a few words to him, and then let go, the man fell to the ground and passed out.
        Wu Julan turned around and looked at me.
        I looked at him in horror and stared blankly.
        Wu Julan's eyes dimmed, and he threw the dagger on the ground, turned and walked into the house.
        "Dang clang" The sound of a dagger falling to the ground made me recover from the extreme nervousness and fright, and I rushed to Wu Julan's side in a single stride, pulling his arm to check his body, "Are you injured? There is nothing valuable in the house, and even if there are valuable things, it is not worth your life! Are you going to fight them? Are you crazy? You are still empty-handed, who do you think you are..."
        Wu Julan didn't seem to have expected my reaction at all, and let me play with it like a puppet. I checked it from head to toe and made sure that Wu Julan was unscathed, before he let out a long breath and said, "Scare me to death! Fortunately, you are not injured! "
        Wu Julan stared at me and asked almost word by word, "You were afraid... Was it because you were afraid that I would get hurt?"
        "Nonsense! Am I still afraid that the thief will get hurt?" I said, looking around to make sure no one could see it, kicked the thief who was unconscious on the ground, and said to Wu Julan, "You can't use a dagger. Stabbing them is not allowed by the law, and will be punished by the law, but... we can beat them secretly." I trotted, ran to the study, took out a book, and handed it to Wu Julan, "Put on them and beat them, no way. leave traces."
        Wu Julan held the book and stared at me blankly.
        I said, "You fight! I'll call the police when you're done."
        Wu Julan's eyes became brighter and brighter, and suddenly, he laughed, just like the dark sea on the dark night, the bright moon broke through the clouds, making the whole sea shine instantly. He smiled and patted my head with the book, "Where did you learn it?"
        "On TV, the police beat those bad guys like this." American dramas, Korean dramas, and Hong Kong dramas are all performed this way. I am very sure that this method is absolutely feasible.
        "You call Jiang Yisheng and ask him to come over immediately, we will wait in the room."
        "Okay." I don't know how to deal with the qíng shape in front of me at all, but Jiang Yisheng has always been a person since he was a child.
        After Jiang Yisheng came, he didn't make a fuss when he saw the scene in our yard, but he was speechless and dull.
        I told the story in detail. As Jiang Yisheng listened, he looked at Wu Julan thoughtfully for a while, and then at the unconscious thief on the ground.
        Wu Julan didn't seem to notice anything, and calmly walked from one room to another, checking to see if he had lost anything.
        Jiang Yisheng called the police. Twenty minutes later, two policemen ran in panting. Jiang Yisheng told the police that when we went out to sea to play, we encountered two people burglarizing the house when we got home. The thief tried to run away in a hurry. One of the thieves was accidentally knocked unconscious by the suddenly dropped signboard, and the other was subdued by us.
        The police woke the two thieves and asked them what to say.
        I was still a little nervous, but no matter what the police asked, the thief nodded and admitted, looking a little confused, probably thinking that he was caught anyway, and how he was caught was not important.
        Because the incident was very simple, the thief was caught on the spot, no one was injured, and nothing was lost at home. After the police completed the investigation, they left with the two thieves.
        When they were discharged from the hospital gate, the police were extra careful. They looked at the eaves above the gate, and then looked at the plaque that had fallen on the ground. They sighed and said, "It turns out that I was actually knocked out by the signboard!"
        When the police left, I rushed before Jiang Yisheng and said, "It's very late, everyone, rest! No matter what happens, I'll talk about it tomorrow."
        Jiang Yisheng understood my attitude, he immediately swallowed his stomach full of doubts, yawned and said, "Good night!" He swayed away.
        I locked the courtyard door and the house door, turned and went upstairs. As I walked, I always felt a little panic in my heart. I turned around and said to Wu Julan, "Can you sleep in the room next to me tonight?"
        "Okay." Wu Julan accompanied me upstairs and took me to the room, "Don't worry, no one is hiding in the closet, and no one is hiding under the bed. I checked them all, and I made sure there was not a single mouse. ."
        I burst out laughing, and my tense nerves suddenly relaxed, "How did you guess I would worry about this?"
        "Isn't the TV series you watch played like this?" Wu Julan said, "Will it be hard to guess?"
        I was ashamed, "Uh... that's how it's played. It's also a disadvantage that the room is too big. I don't know where there is a person hiding in any corner."
        Wu Julan said: "I'm right next door. My hearing is very sensitive. I'll know immediately if something happens. You can sleep in peace."
        "I know!" Having seen his skills tonight, I completely believe him, not to mention just two thieves, I'm afraid that two well-trained special police officers can easily bring him down.
        After I took a shower, I went to rest. Because he knew that Wu Julan was not far away, although he experienced a fright, he was not afraid at all, and fell asleep not long after laying on the bed.
        Early in the morning, after I woke up, I found that Jiang Yisheng was already in the yard. While eating breakfast, he watched Wu Julan live.
        I tapped downstairs, filled a bowl of porridge, sat beside Jiang Yisheng, and joined the viewing group.
        Wu Julan was making a plaque with water patterns on the corners, which was much prettier than the previous plaque. Jiang Yisheng and I are very calm. For someone who can even do the guqin, this is really a small job that is not worth mentioning.
        Seeing that he was almost done, Jiang Yisheng put down the bowls and chopsticks, ran into the study, voluntarily unfolded the rice paper, took out the pen and ink, and prepared to write. Last time, he wrote the four big characters "Conch Xiaozhan". When he was in middle school, Jiang Yisheng's calligraphy works won the first prize in the province. Although he hadn't practiced it well for many years, it was better than me, who "focuses on participation" every time.
        After Jiang Yisheng finished writing, he consciously played well and called me in to read it with great interest.
        Wu Julan and I walked into the study one after the other. I glanced at it, and complimented casually, "Yes, it's better than the last time."
        Jiang Yisheng asked Wu Julan sternly, "What do you think?"
        Wu Julan didn't say a word, walked to the desk, picked up the pen, and moved the pen in one go.
        My level is limited and I won't appreciate it. Jiang Yisheng was dazzled and fascinated, and murmured, "The breeze comes out of my sleeves, and the bright moon comes into my arms."
        Wu Julan put down his pen and said seriously to me, "My words are better than Jiang Yisheng's."
        I looked at my dear friend Jiang Yisheng, and of course he agreed without hesitation.
        Wu Julan took the words he wrote and went to the plaque to rub the words. Jiang Yisheng crumpled up his own words and threw them into the trash can.
        I patted him, "Gān? Angry?"
        Jiang Yisheng sighed, "You! The ignorant are fearless! Do you know who the ancients commented on the eight characters 'The breeze out of the sleeves, the bright moon in the arms'?"
        "do not know."
        "Wang Xizhi."
        I cupped my hands with a smile, "Thank you!"
        "No thanks, Wu Julan's words deserve this compliment! Xiaoluo, are you really not nervous about what happened last night and today's words?"
        "Nervous! I've already thought about all kinds of possibilities."
        "What is the possibility?"
        "He is a special agent and has received special training, so he has various skills that ordinary people can't."
        "Um-" Jiang Yisheng was drinking water, unable to open his mouth, his nasal voice dragged on, and after swallowing, he said, "Matt Damon's "Bourne Bourne", what else?"
        "He came through."
        "Pfft—" Jiang Yisheng spit out the sip of water he just drank, and said while coughing, "Have you watched too much 'Jingxin'? You should watch less of those nonsense TV series!"
        I took two tissues for him in disgust, "What about your high argument?"
        "I don't know! It's because I don't have any clues in my heart that I worry about you. You said that if you like the big head..."
        I made a "stop" gesture and said angrily, "Wu Julan will tell me everything."
        "Soon." Tomorrow night is the full fifteenth night. I had a hunch that Wu Julan would tell me who he was and where he came from on the night of the full moon.
        The night of the full moon this month coincides with the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the yīn calendar, which is not only the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, but also my twenty-sixth birthday.
        Because my birthday on the yīn calendar is too special, since I was a child, I only had the birthday on the yīn calendar.
        This year, my grandfather will not give me any more birthday gifts, so I decided to take the night of the full moon that Wu Julan and I agreed on as my birthday present.
        Thinking of tomorrow night, I was very nervous, but Wu Julan seemed to have completely forgotten his promise, and he would just do whatever he should.
        I couldn't afford to do business at all, so I asked the guests to take another two days off because of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
        I have nothing to do, I sit on the sofa and watch TV while using my mobile phone to browse Weibo and Moments. Whether on TV or on the Internet, everyone is talking about this year's Mid-Autumn Festival full moon.
        News report: "The full moon moment of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival will be the closest the earth has come to the moon in fifty-two years. Because of the earth's rotation and the moon's revolution, tonight will be seen in advance in Europe, Africa, Antarctica, South America and the east of North America. By the full moon tomorrow night East Asia and Oceania will see the largest full moon in fifty-two years."
        The Mid-Autumn Festival and astronomical visions made the media playful and made everything more intense: "Who will you share with you tomorrow night to enjoy the biggest full moon in 52 years? Have you ever considered going under the biggest full moon in 52 years? Confession, marriage proposal?"
        My heart is very complicated. My little feeling is actually connected with the astronomical events in the universe. It was originally just my special day, but it seems to have become a special day for many people.
        After dinner, I didn't want to watch TV anymore and asked Wu Julan if he wanted to go out for a walk, he said "yes".