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        I lay on his arm, coughed, and said, "You didn't accept threats before because you didn't put that person in your heart. Unfortunately, now that you put me in your heart, you can only accept me threat!"
        Wu Julan was silent, did not deny, and did not try to let me go.
        I murmured: "I know the road ahead is very difficult, maybe far beyond my imagination, but, at least for this moment, please let me know your heart. I just want to know that I don't feel wrong, and you have the same Like me a little bit."
        Between the blue sea and blue sky, under the rising sun, Wu Julan hugged me tightly in his arms for the first time. The arms were tightened and tightened, so that I could hardly breathe, and my ribs felt pain, but it was the first time that I truly felt his feelings for me, and I closed my eyes with satisfaction.
        In a trance, I felt that he not only liked me a little, but a lot, like a snow-capped mountain, although the surface is full of ice, but deep underground, it is scalding lava.
        Chapter10How to Beat Time
        You are downstairs, leaning against a railing against the wind. I was upstairs, looking at the moon from the window. Two heartbroken, but for a kind of lovesickness.
        When Wu Julan and I came down from the mountain, we saw a ladder outside the courtyard wall from a distance, and the courtyard door was hidden.
        I am angry, these thieves are too rampant! In broad daylight, the sky is bright... I picked up a sturdy tree stick from the roadside, rushed into the yard, and hit anyone when I saw it.
        "Ouch—" Jiang Yisheng turned around while hiding.
        I was stupid and immediately threw the stick away, "I... thought it was a thief again. How did you come to my house?"
        Jiang Yisheng said angrily: "How did I dig into your house? Tell me, why are you not at home? I called your phone to turn off, and no one opened the door when I knocked on the door. Of course I have to dig in and have a look! You didn't tell me about you Will you sleep at home? Why didn't you tell me when you went out? I don't know if I'd be worried?"
        I said apologetically, "My phone fell into the sea, and I can't receive your call, and there's no way to call to notify you."
        "Then why didn't you tell me when you went out? The phone never fell into the sea when you went out, did you?"
        I said with a guilty conscience: "I'm sorry, I went to find Wu Julan. I was afraid that you would stop me, so I didn't tell you."
        "Can I not stop you? In the dark, where can you go to find someone? I have never opposed you to go to Wu Julan, but you must first ensure your own safety. I tell you, even if Wu Julan is here, he must stop you!"
        I turned around to look at Wu Julan begging for help, but Wu Julan leaned against the courtyard door and said coolly, "Well scolded!"
        Jiang Yisheng was stunned for a moment when he saw Wu Julan, and said in surprise, "Brother Wu, are you back?"
        Wu Julan smiled and said gently, "I'm back."
        Jiang Yisheng saw my coat on his feet and asked with concern, "Are your feet hurt?"
        "No, I lost a shoe." Wu Julan said, sitting on the stone steps outside the kitchen and unbuttoning the coat on her feet.
        Jiang Yisheng was relieved and said to me in surprise, "I didn't expect that you really got Brother Wu back."
        Before I could be proud, Wu Julan said, "I would have come back without her."
        I pouted, took a pair of slippers from under the eaves of the living room, put them in front of Wu Julan's feet, turned around and entered the kitchen.
        Jiang Yisheng said to Wu Julan, "Just come back safely. Those four gangsters..."
        "After I jumped into the sea, they should have escaped."
        Jiang Yisheng asked in shock, "You jumped from the Eagle's Mouth Cliff into the sea?"
        Jumping off the Eagle's Mouth Cliff is safe and sound? Jiang Yisheng looked at me in disbelief, and I shrugged, indicating that we should get used to Wu Julan's strangeness.
        Jiang Yisheng asked, "Do you want to call the police?"
        Wu Julan said, "Forget it!"
        Jiang Yisheng thought about it silently, and felt that he could only forget it. Wu Julan's identity was a bit troublesome, and those people did not cause actual harm, so even if they called the police, it was probably of little use.
        When Wu Julan saw me rummaging in the kitchen, he said, "Go and change your wet clothes first."
        I took the cake and said, "I'm hungry, so I'll change my clothes to eat something."
        Wu Julan said to Jiang Yisheng, "I'm going to make breakfast. If you don't eat it in the morning, let's eat it together!"
        I hurriedly said, "Don't bother, I'll just find something to eat."
        Wu Julan said lightly, "You can do whatever you want, but I can't."
        I was kicked out of the kitchen by Wu Julan to take a hot bath.
        By the time I washed my body warm and put on clean clothes, Wu Julan had already prepared three bowls of Yang chūn noodles and boiled a bowl of ginger soup.
        I ate a bowl of noodles with nothing left.
        Wu Julan asked, "Didn't you eat well yesterday?"
        Jiang Yisheng snorted coldly, opening his mouth to speak.
        Under the table, I stepped on Jiang Yisheng's foot, and Jiang Yisheng was silent.
        I picked up the ginger soup and said with a smile, "The noodles you made are so delicious."
        Wu Julan said without expression: "If you don't step on Jiang Yisheng with your feet, this sentence will be more convincing."
        I was so embarrassed that I immediately shrank my feet back obediently.
        Jiang Yisheng giggled, "When we were young, the three of us, everyone thought that Datou and I were the worst, but we were obviously arrogant and bad, and Xiaoluo was bad and bad, and many of our bad things were caused by her. idea."
        I said plausibly: "Those are not bad things, they are reasonable revenge and resistance." Who told me that I was experienced in fighting? From stepfather fighting to stepmother, at a young age, he learned to fight in curves and stab in the back.
        Jiang Yisheng smiled and looked at me for a while, then said to Wu Julan: "When I was eleven years old, my father suddenly had a mental illness and became a lunatic. This became a watershed in my life. Before, I was a versatile, intelligent and excellent darling. A good student, the teacher likes me, and my classmates envy me. After that, everyone became weird when they mentioned me. The teacher's liking turned into pity, and my classmates stopped envy me. They often called me 'crazy'. It seems that the smarter I am, The more abnormal my nerves are, the more likely I am to become a lunatic..."
        I interrupted Jiang Yisheng's words and said gently, "Why do you suddenly bring up these things?"
        Jiang Yisheng smiled at me and continued to say to Wu Julan: "I have grown accustomed to being praised and envied by others, and I have no idea how to deal with such a sudden life accident. When I was scolded, I would just endure it silently, thinking that I would really become a lunatic sooner or later, and it didn’t matter. At that time, my mother was in pain, and I had to take my father everywhere to seek medical attention, so I didn’t have the energy to pay attention to me. ;Teacher and classmates thought something like that happened, my change was taken for granted, only one classmate who had never spoken to me thought I shouldn't be like this. She scolded all the classmates who called me 'crazy', talking to herself She declared me to be her friend. I ignored her, but she stalked me until she couldn't help me and had to be her friend. She took me as a good student and did a lot to me. Things I didn’t dare to think about even incited me to jump three levels in a row, I felt like I was crazy, and I completely gave up my entanglement about whether I would become a lunatic.”
        Jiang Yisheng asked Wu Julan with a smile: "You know who I'm talking about, right? It's the woman who is now pestering you with shame!"
        I said, "Hey! Don't talk to yourself like I don't exist, okay?"
        Jiang Yisheng restrained his smile and said solemnly to Wu Julan: "For me, Xiaoluo is a friend and a relative; it is a matter of trust and concern. I care about her safety very much. Robbery by car, burglary, and attack in the middle of the night have already been It happened three times, if these things are related to you, please don't have a fourth time!"
        I stomped on Jiang Yisheng's foot hard, motioning him to shut up quickly. Jiang Yisheng ignored me completely, and kept looking at Wu Julan seriously.
        Wu Julan said: "I can't guarantee that similar things will not happen for the fourth time, but I can guarantee that no matter what happens, I will be there and Xiaoluo will be safe."
        Jiang Yisheng stared deeply at Wu Julan for a moment, laughed, and regained his sloppy appearance. He stood up and said, "You two, I'm going to work! I heard that the hospital will come from abroad to have a beautiful female doctor to do jiāo. Liu, when you are free, help me prepare a few surprise meals, I want to invite her to dinner."
        I hurriedly said, "Doctor, remember to ask your friend to help continue to track down the two thieves."
        After watching Jiang Yisheng leave, I said to Wu Julan: "Don't take what Jiang Yisheng said just now. We are just guessing that these three unfortunate events should be related, not accidental."
        Wu Julan said: "Your guess is completely correct."
        I asked in surprise, "Why so sure?"
        "You said last time that the person who stole your money has a black scorpion on his hand?"
        "Yes!" I stretched out my hand and roughly drew the position of the scorpion.
        Wu Julan said: "One of the four people who attacked us at Yingzui Cliff also developed a scorpion in the same position."
        Unexpectedly, this small detail helped us confirm our guess. It seems that the three incidents were really done by the same group of people, and they must have other plans.
        I asked cautiously: "Wu Julan, did you... have anyone who hated you or hated you very much?"
        "Yes!" Wu Julan confessed with certainty.
        I was stunned and was about to ask in detail when Wu Julan said, "However, they should all be dead."
        I asked in shock, "Dead?"
        "This time I went ashore, and the first person I met was you. The time I spent on land was limited, and the people I knew were also limited. Except for Zhou Buwen, no one should hate me anymore." Wu Julan smiled half-smilingly. look at me.
        I didn't want to discuss this with him, so I quickly continued to ask, "What about before?"
        "The last time I went ashore to be a human being, I think about it, it should be... 1838 in the Gregorian calendar. I wanted to live for a few more years, but an accident happened in 1865, and I went back to the sea." Wu Julan said lightly: "That time I landed in Europe. After living in Europe for more than ten years, I went with the ship to the New World and settled in New York. Even if those who hated me have very persistent descendants, they should be far away on the other side of the earth, it is impossible to know I am here."
        I was messed up in the wind, my whole body was in a petrified state, and I stared at Wu Julan. He said how many years in 18, 18? Continental Europe? New World? Is he serious?
        Wu Julan sighed silently, "Xiaoluo, I'm telling the truth, this is me. I'm not the right person, you should find someone who is a good match for you as a partner..."
        My mind was confused and my temper became bào, "Shut up! What should I do, I know myself!"
        Wu Julan really closed his mouth, silently packed the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.
        I sat alone for a while, walked to the door of the kitchen and said, "Wu Julan, you did it on purpose! You can tell me the same thing in a gentler way, but you deliberately scare me! I tell you You, all your tricks won't work, I will never be scared away by you!"
        After I finished speaking, I immediately turned around and walked towards the living room.
        I haven't slept for two consecutive nights, and I have a headache, but because what happened in the past two days is challenging my limit, every nerve in my brain seems to be stimulated, completely out of control, and chaotic. It's noisy, so I don't have a trace of sleepiness.