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        I took out the high-quality liquor prepared for the guests, poured myself a full glass, raised my head and poured it down.
        The spirits rolled down my throat like a flame into my stomach, making my internal organs feel a burning sensation, and my spirit gradually relaxed.
        I held onto the stairs, staggered upstairs, and fell weakly on the bed, without even covering the quilt, so I closed my eyes groggyly.
        When I was about to fall asleep, I felt Wu Julan picked up my head, made me lie down on the pillow, and covered me with the quilt.
        I wanted to open my eyes, look at him, and even hug him, but the beauty of being drunk, or the hateful thing about it, is that I feel like I know everything, but the connection between neurons and the body is cut off. , is unable to control the body.
        Wu Julan caressed my hair and cheeks gently, I tried my best to tilt my head and put my face against his cold palm, expressing reluctance and attachment.
        Wu Julan didn't take his hand away, and let me stick to it like this until I smiled and fell asleep completely.
        At seven o'clock at night, I woke up.
        Did you sleep all day? I will definitely not be able to sleep at night, do I have to pass US time?
        America, 1865, New York in the nineteenth century... How many years have passed since then?
        I stared at the roof, froze for a while, and decided...let's go to dinner first!
        After washing, I tied a ponytail and ran downstairs, "Wu Julan!"
        "Wu, Ju, Lan!"
        Jiang Yisheng's voice came from the living room, and he imitated me to bark in a strange manner.
        I said depressedly: "Why are you here to eat again?"
        "I'm happy!" Jiang Yisheng held a glass of red wine in his hand, his legs rested on the coffee table, and none of them were crooked on the sofa.
        I said to Wu Julan, "I'm hungry, do you have anything to eat? Don't make it for me. I'll eat whatever you have left."
        Wu Julan turned around and went to the kitchen.
        Jiang Yisheng handed me a new mobile phone, "I bought it at noon, and it's your old number, as well as Brother Wu's. Just give me the money for a mobile phone. Yours is a birthday present."
        I took it with a smile, "Thank you! Where's Wu Julan's phone? Did you show it to him?"
        "I've seen it." Jiang Yisheng pointed to the round table at the corner of the sofa, with a mobile phone on it, "The speed at which you two lost your mobile phone is really domineering!"
        I ignored his ridicule, picked up Wu Julan's mobile phone and compared it with mine. The model is the same, but the color is different. I said with satisfaction: "Qíng Lvji, I am so relieved!"
        Jiang Yisheng was disdainful, "Is it hard to guess if you are so careful?"
        I didn't say a word, I was busy saving my mobile number in Wu Julan's phone, and adjusted his ringtone to be exactly the same as before. My choice has nothing to do with aesthetics and preferences. There is only one criterion. The ringtone is loud enough and long enough to ensure that when I call Wu Julan, he will definitely hear it.
        Jiang Yisheng waited for me to finish his work, and handed me a folder, "I just let Brother Wu read it. He doesn't know them at all, and he can't think of any relevant information."
        I looked through the personal information of the two thieves, as well as the information of the lawyer and guarantor who helped them get bail pending trial.
        I looked at it carefully, line by line, and I didn't see any doubts. Ordinary thief, ordinary crime, the surety is one of them's sister, and the lawyer is hired by her.
        I sighed and closed the folder. "These two guys must know something, but if they don't tell us, there's nothing we can do."
        "Don't worry, this is just the beginning of the investigation. There will always be clues. There is nothing in the world that is flawless." Jiang Yisheng said.
        "I'm not in a hurry, it should be those people who are worried. If my guess is correct, they must have a plan, and a fourth unlucky thing will happen." I patted the folder, "Since I can't find anything for the time being, just Just wait and see!"
        Although I said don't bother, Wu Julan fired up and made me a bowl of fried rice with crystal shrimp.
        When he walked into the living room with his meal, I happened to say to Jiang Yisheng, "Those bad guys are not coming for Wu Julan, they should be coming for me."
        "Why do you speculate?" Jiang Yisheng asked.
        I glanced at Wu Julan and said, "Anyway, I have ample reasons to believe that those bad guys are not targeting Wu Julan. Since he is excluded, it can only be me."
        "Listen to your good reasons."
        "I do not want to tell you."
        Jiang Yisheng looked at me as if he was insane, "Miss Shen, you should be very clear, whether those people are coming for you or Wu Julan, there will be two completely different ways of dealing with it. Such an important judgment. , you won't tell me? Maybe you have clues in your judgment!"
        I said arrogantly: "Anyway, I have a reason. Do you believe me?"
        Jiang Yisheng was speaking to me, but his eyes were looking at Wu Julan, "This is not a question of believing in you or not, but at least analysis and logic. Compared with Wu Julan, of course Wu Julan is more likely to cause trouble. people."
        I smiled bitterly and said, "But it's really me who caused trouble this time. Even though I can't figure it out myself, I'll tell you the reason for my judgment when I want to say it."
        Jiang Yisheng said, "Okay, I won't ask you why, I'll just assume that everything is for you." He raised his head, drank the red wine, put down the glass and said to Wu Julan, "Before we check everything out," Jiang Yisheng said. , don't leave Xiaoluo alone." He stood up and waved to us, "I'm going home."
        I picked up the fried rice and ate it silently, while Wu Julan sat on the other side of the sofa, quietly flipping through a book.
        I took a peek at it and found it was Gibran's "The Prophet," and I couldn't help but rejoice, because Gibran is one of my favorite writers. Actually it's not a big deal, but knowing that Wu Julan likes to read my favorite books, it's like in this unpredictable world, I found a little bit of entanglement between me and him.
        After I was full, I put down the bowl and said to Wu Julan with a smile, "You don't call me during the day, so I slept all day, and I must have insomnia at night."
        Unfortunately, Wu Julan didn't feel any sense of guilt. While reading the book, he casually suggested, "You can pour yourself another glass of white wine."
        I was so choked that I couldn't say a word and stared at him. Wu Julan was unmoved, calmly flipping through the book, letting me stare.
        I stared and stared, and unknowingly turned into a careful look, carefully looking at the feet from the head, and I couldn't see any difference at all.
        If it wasn't for Wu Julan's constant insistence on me to face this fact, I'm afraid I would soon forget what I saw last night! Because I don't know what to do psychologically, and I'm even secretly glad that he turns into... a fish only once a month.
        I know that it's not that Wu Julan doesn't like me, it's just that he has a lot of realities to consider besides liking me. Any reality that I guessed or didn't guess at all might stop him.
        Wu Julan said: "After the full moon next night, if you haven't changed your mind, I..." At that time, before he finished speaking, I took it for granted as "I will accept you". Now, I understand that he didn't mean that at all. He didn't continue to speak. It wasn't that he didn't stop talking, but he really felt that there should be no more words.
        This following article is what I want to come here abruptly! However, since I want to arrive shamelessly, I have no intention of letting go!
        The beginning of any adult relationship between men and women will be doubtful and uncertain, because we are long past the age of believing that "true love is invincible" and that "from now on, the prince and princess live happily together". It is normal to have doubts and uncertainties, that is a more responsible attitude towards oneself, so it is necessary to fall in love and have a relationship, talk back and forth, go back and forth, understand a little bit, judge a little bit, trust a little bit, even a little bit. A little compromise, a little tolerance, this is the love of adults.
        I have only lived for twenty-six years, and I am already full of pessimism and disbelief in this world. Wu Julan is older than me, and his experience is more complicated than mine. I allow him to have a little more doubt and uncertainty. As long as he still likes me, then everything can be resolved, we can slowly understand, slowly move towards, and let time defeat all doubts and uncertainties.
        I sat next to Wu Julan and called out "Wu Julan" softly, indicating that I had something to say.
        Wu Julan closed the book, put it on the coffee table, and looked at me calmly.
        I tentatively held Wu Julan's hand, he didn't reject, but he didn't respond, his eyes were calm, and he could even look at me indifferently, as if to show that - to him, my touch , not to mention the ripples in his heart, even troubles and troubles are not worthy of him.
        If it were another girl, I'm afraid I would have already retreated in shame, but I... it's not the first time I've lost my face and skin!
        I gently scratched his palm with my index finger and middle finger, but he didn't respond, so I kept scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching... Wu Julan held my hand backhand, preventing me from going on and on. 's teasing.
        I was secretly happy in my heart, but said solemnly on my face: "It's a long night, I don't want to sleep, let's chat!"
        "What are you talking about?"
        "Let's talk casually, such as your affairs, if you are interested in my affairs, I will know everything and say everything."
        Wu Julan never thought that I would stop running away so soon and decided to face everything. He stared at me for a moment before asking indifferently, "What do you want to know?"
        I try to say as casually as possible: "Your age."
        Wu Julan said: "I have always lived on the bottom of the sea. The so-called mountain has no sun and moon. The way you calculate time has no meaning to me."
        I was silent for a while, then asked, "You said the last time you landed on land was in 1838, in Europe. How many times did you land on land?"
        "This time now, once in 1838, and the first time, three times in total."
        The experience is quite simple! I breathed a sigh of relief and asked curiously, "When did you first land on land?"
        "The eighth year of Kaiyuan."
        I didn't ask "where" again, because this method of year numbering and the word "Kaiyuan", as long as the Chinese who have read a little history book know it. Although I had already made various psychological preparations, I was still shocked.
        I was stunned for a while, jumped up abruptly, ran to the study, pulled out the "Tang Poetry Appreciation Dictionary", turned to the poem by Wang Wei, and read quickly line by line:
        On the green hills, the pine trees,
        Not seen for a few miles now.
        see you,
        remembering each other,
        This heart should be known to you.
        For you, the color is high and leisurely,
        Tingting is out of the clouds.
        Finally, finally... I understand! Wu Julan sighed softly that day, not a feeling of "everything in the past, all in silence", but it was really a sigh of relief.
        I looked like a madman, hurriedly dropped the book, hurriedly sat down at the computer desk, and searched for Wang Wei: 701-761 AD, a famous poet and painter in the Tang Dynasty, with the word Mojie and the name Mojie lay Buddhist.
        I was just about to search for the year of the eighth year of Kaiyuan, when Wu Julan walked behind me and said, "The eighth year of Kaiyuan, 720 AD."
        The year Wu Julan entered Chang'an was the golden age of the Tang Dynasty. "Chang'an Avenue is narrow and sloping, with green cattle and white horses and seven incense carts. The jade chariot crosses the main hall, and the golden whip flows towards the Hou family."