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        That year, Wang Wei was nineteen years old, and it was the year of poetry and wine when "meeting spirits are the king's drink, and the horses are beside the weeping willows of the high-rise buildings".
        I could hear my own voice like smoke, it didn't seem like it came from my own mouth, "Do you know Wang Wei?"
        No wonder I thought his tone of voice sounded strange.
        My brain was blank for a while, and I subconsciously searched for Li Bai: AD 701-762, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, with the word Taibai and the name Qinglian layman.
        It turned out that that year, Li Bai was only nineteen years old, and he was the young Feiyang who "was far ahead of the nobles, and was willing to fall behind others".
        Wu Julan at that time was also like this, right? In full bloom, poetry and wine are songs, "I'm drunk, Mianqing, let's go,
        Ming Dynasty
        Willing to hold the piano. "
        I murmured: "Do you know Li Bai?"
        "Drinked wine several times, compared to swords several times."
        "Where's Du Fu?"
        "Because of my immortality, I can't live in one place for a long time, and I have to wander around. In the second year of Shangyuan, I once met Zimei by the Huanhua River in Shuzhong."
        Wu Julan's expression and tone were very flat, but I didn't dare to ask again. From the prosperous times of Kaiyuan to the Anshi Rebellion, from singing and dancing to peace and sorrow in the world, I read it after a thousand years of light, and I feel thrilling, sad and regretful, not to mention those who are in the middle.
        "Since you can't live in one place for a long time, why don't you go back to the sea?"
        Wu Julan smiled lightly, "I was too young at that time, and it was the first time I lived on land. I was too confused and too involved. I couldn't do anything, but I couldn't let go of anything."
        "When did you leave after that?"
        "In the sixth year of the Dali calendar, in 771 AD, I took a boat from the Zhoushan Islands and traveled east to Japan to visit my old man. When I arrived in Japan, he died of illness. After living in Tangzhaoti Temple for half a year, I returned to the sea."
        From AD 720 to AD 771, in the fifty-two years of the rise and fall of the world, joys and sorrows, watching countless familiar old friends die of old age, whether it is "meeting for the sake of the king", or "being willing to fall behind others", They have all become white bones. For Wu Julan, who has a long life and never gets old, it should be equivalent to several lifetimes.
        Suddenly, I understood why it would take a thousand years for him to land on the land again. It is still a continent with no memory. The laughter and sadness engraved in the memory are too heavy!
        I walked up to Wu Julan and hugged him gently.
        Wu Julan's body trembled imperceptibly, "Aren't you afraid?" His voice was as cold as his body temperature, as if carrying the vicissitudes and heaviness of a thousand years.
        I put my head in his arms and hugged him tightly with my arms, hoping that my warmth would melt a little bit of his coldness, "It's time, not you, that scares me."
        "But what you can see and touch is me, not time. You are still young and don't think it matters, but what will happen in ten or twenty years? I am still like this, what will you become?" Wu Julanyi Standing motionless, his voice was so calm that there was no fluctuation, but his words were as sharp as ice picks, as if they were about to pierce into my heart.
        At this moment, I really hated Wu Julan's rationality and ruthlessness. He wouldn't let me be a little confused, nor let me escape a little bit. He always spread everything out in front of me.
        I clearly felt his feelings for me, but he was able to push me away again and again without hesitation, forcing me to give up my feelings and give up on him!
        I was silent for a long time and said, "I will grow old and ugly."
        "I can't live in one place for a long time, you have to follow me around, no friends, no home, then my existence will be your worst nightmare. Old and ugly, you will hate me and fear me, Try your best to escape from me." Wu Julan said cruel words and pushed me away with a smile.
        I grabbed his hand subconsciously and didn't want him to leave, but at this moment, my hand was colder than his.
        "Shen Luo, don't waste your short life on me, go find a man who really suits you!" Wu Julan pulled my hand away coldly and forcefully, "Wait to find out who is targeting you, confirm and agree with you. After I have nothing to do, I will leave, and you can treat me as a dream!"
        Feeling dizzy, I walked out of the study like sleepwalking and went back to my bedroom.
        The room was pitch-dark, and my heart was suffocating and stuffy. With a few "swoosh", I pulled back all the curtains and opened all the windows. The cool evening wind rushed in all at once, causing the paper on the table to fly up, and the curtains fluttering.
        I curled up on the wicker chair by the window, looking at the full moon in the sky for a long time.
        The moon from a thousand years ago should look similar to the moon tonight!
        However, human beings are not good enough. No one can escape from birth, old age, sickness and death. A woman's youth is even more limited. Ten years later, I will be thirty-six years old. If I take good care of it, I can still say that milfs are old and charming, but what about twenty years later? What does a forty-six-year-old woman look like? What does a fifty-year-old woman look like?
        At that time, what was it like for me to stand with Wu Julan, who had a long life and a youthful appearance?
        The most beautiful love oath in China is "hold the hand of the son and grow old with the son". If you can't even grow old together, is the hand you hold still the hand of your lover?
        I smiled sadly and helplessly.
        I thought I mustered up all the courage, faced this feeling with confidence, and made up my mind that no matter how much doubt and uncertainty there is between me and him, we can slowly understand, slowly move forward, and let time To defeat all doubt and uncertainty.
        However, it never occurred to me that the biggest issue between us was "time".
        What should I use to beat time?
        This question, even Wu Julan, who has a thousand years of wisdom and is almost omnipotent, doesn't know what to do, that's why he deliberately hurt me by saying something like "old and ugly you", and made me give up.
        Intellectually, I agree with Wu Julan's decision. Since the future is a dead end that is getting narrower and narrower, it is destined to hurt everyone, and you should really choose to give up.
        However, I only know that I like him and he likes me. I am willing to accept his inhuman identity, and he does not reject me as an ordinary human woman, why can't we be together?
        The darker the night, the cooler the wind, but I was like a stone sculpture, sitting in front of the window all the time, enjoying the cool breeze.
        Suddenly, I sneezed violently a few times, and I burst into tears for a while, so I had to stand up and grab a tissue.
        After wiping my nose, I picked up the phone on the table and glanced at it. It was only ten minutes before four in the morning.
        I unknowingly sat at the window for six or seven hours, no wonder my nose was so cold that I was snoring, but I don't know which of my nerves failed, and I didn't feel cold at all.
        I leaned against the window sill and looked out the window: under the moonlight, the dragon spitting pearls and flowers were bright and clean, moving with the wind; Jiulixiang piled up clouds and snow, and the fragrance was faint.
        I remembered Wu Julan sitting lazily among the flowers, watching the falling flowers lazily, she couldn't help but put her hand on her heart and sighed silently.
        I'm not Wu Julan, I don't have his rationality, and I don't have his ruthlessness towards others and himself. Maybe no matter how long I think about it, I can't figure out whether I should give up rationally or stick to it.
        However, falling in love is a matter of two people, no matter what I think, Wu Julan seems to have made a decision...
        Suddenly, my heart moved.
        Wu Julan said I gave up, did he give up?
        After saying so many cold words, knowing that it will hurt me, am I the only one who can't sleep at night?
        In an instant, I made a desperate decision, leaving the undecidable thing to fate to decideβ€”β€”
        If I called Wu Julan out at this time and he responded, then fate told me not to give up! If he doesn't respond, then fate tells me that I should... give up!
        I leaned my head to the window, put my hand to my mouth, and tried to call him. However, I was so nervous that my hands and feet became weak, my heart was beating wildly, and my throat was so astringent that no sound came out.
        Do I really want to lay down my fate, my future, on a whisper?
        What if, in case... He was already asleep and couldn't hear it at all, or if he heard it, but he didn't want to respond to me?
        I took a few deep breaths and calmed down a little.
        In the tangle of fear, I mustered all my courage, facing the misty night outside the window, and softly called: "Wu, Wu...Wu Julan." Because I was too nervous, my voice sounded hoarse and hoarse. With some trembling.
        Originally, I thought I had to go through a painful wait before I could get an answer, but I didn't expect that as soon as my voice fell, I heard Wu Julan's voice coming from the downstairs window, "What's wrong with you? Comfortable?"
        I froze in astonishment.
        After a moment, I covered my mouth and laughed excitedly and joyfully, while limply slipped and fell to my knees.
        I lay on the floor, huddled into a ball, covering my face with my hands, tears streaming down silently.
        You are downstairs, leaning against a railing against the wind.
        I was upstairs, looking at the moon from the window.
        Two heartbroken, but for a kind of lovesickness.
        you let me give up?
        Do not! I don't give up!
        I was covering my face and weeping with joy, when Wu Julan flew in silently from the window.
        When he saw me kneeling on the floor, he immediately rushed over and hugged me, "What's wrong with you?"
        I hugged him, shook my head, and just cried.
        He doesn't understand, I'm not uncomfortable, but too happy, too joyful, worried about his heart and worried about him.
        He touched my forehead and said angrily, "You have a fever! Now that you know you're uncomfortable, why don't you think about it when it's cold?"
        Look at me silently, crying all the time. He picked up my hand and asked me softly, "Where is the pain?"
        I shook my head, choked and said, "No, it's not uncomfortable anywhere."
        He was puzzled, "It's not uncomfortable, why are you crying?"
        I cried and laughed and said, "Because you heard my cry, because you couldn't sleep either..."
        Wu Julan seemed to understand what I was talking about, her expression became numb, her brows were covered in frost again, she withdrew her hand that took my pulse, and said coldly, "I have a bad cold."
        He picked me up, put me on the bed, covered me with the quilt, turned around and was about to leave.
        I immediately grabbed his hand and looked at him with red eyes and teary eyes.
        His icy expression loosened a bit, and he said helplessly, "I'll go get the antipyretic."
        I let go, and he closed all the windows and closed all the curtains before going downstairs to get medicine.
        After a while, he came up with antipyretic medicine, poured me a glass of warm water, and asked me to take the medicine first.
        He handed the electronic thermometer to my mouth and motioned for me to take it.
        After a few seconds, he took out the thermometer, glanced at the number displayed, frowned, and said to me, "The medicine you just took will make you sleepy, so get a good night's sleep."
        I don't know if it was because of the efficacy of the medicine or because of the fever, my whole body started to feel weak and weak, and I didn't even have the strength to open my eyes. I gradually closed my eyes and fell asleep.
        However, it has been uneasy sleep, from head to toe, from the inside to the outside, has been very painful. For a while, it was like being roasted on the stove, and the whole body was smoking; for a while, it was like falling into the ice cellar, and the whole body was shivering.
        I felt dizzy and felt that someone was taking care of me all the time.My brain is confused, I have no strength to think, I can't figure out who he is, but I am happy for no reason. It seems that as long as he is by my side, even if I have been in such pain, sometimes I am roasted by fire and sometimes frozen, I will be happy.willing.