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        When I opened my eyes, the room was so dimly lit that I couldn't tell how long I had slept.
        Wu Julan sat on the rattan chair next to the room, closing his eyes and dozing off. As soon as I struggled to move, he opened his eyes.
        My throat seemed to have been scorched by smoke, and it was painful and painful. I opened my mouth, but didn't say a word.
        Wu Julan immediately understood what I meant and brought a glass of warm water to my mouth.
        I drank half of the glass, and the feeling of thirst was relieved, but I still felt a burning pain in my throat. Combined with the symptoms of top-heavy and weak, it seemed that my cold this time was really serious.
        I said hoarsely, "How could it be... so serious?"
        Wu Julan sneered: "After soaking in the sea water all night, and the cold wind all night, do you think you were made of iron? You are lucky not to burn with pneumonia."
        He opened the curtains, and I realized that the sun was shining brightly outside, it should be noon.
        Wu Julan asked, "Are you hungry? I made white porridge."
        "No, yes." I was dizzy, very uncomfortable, and had no appetite.
        Wu Julan walked to the table, opened the crock pot, and filled a small bowl of thin porridge, "Drink a little."
        I didn't want to defy him, so I sat up with a jingy jerk.
        As I slowly drank the porridge, I secretly looked at Wu Julan. He hadn't had a good rest for several days, but his face was as usual, and there was no trace of fatigue.
        After drinking the porridge, I said to Wu Julan, "Go and rest, don't worry about me. I have been very healthy since I was a child, and I rarely get sick. Even if I get sick, I will be well soon."
        Wu Julan stared at me quietly for a moment, ignored me, turned around and picked up a bowl and handed it to me, "Take medicine."
        It turned out to be a bowl of black Chinese medicine. I felt bitter when I smelled it. I was about to say, "It's just a cold, just take some western medicine." Suddenly, I realized that I didn't go to the doctor again. Where did the Chinese medicine prescription come from?
        I asked tentatively, "What medicine did you prescribe?"
        Wu Julan replied lightly, "Mmm."
        I don't like Chinese medicine anymore, and I don't dare to dislike this bowl of medicine. I held the bowl, took a sip, and immediately frowned. It was so bitter and unpleasant to drink! But looking at Wu Julan, I didn't dare to say a word, held my breath, and drank it in one go. When I put down the bowl, I only felt bitter and astringent in my mouth, and immediately looked for water to drink.
        Wu Julan stood beside the room, holding a water cup, looked at me coldly, but didn't hand me the water.
        I looked at him pitifully, "Water!"
        He said coldly: "Knowing how sick it feels to be uncomfortable, I will make a note in the future. Will you open the window next time to get a cold wind?"
        I suspected that the bowl of Chinese medicine was so bitter that he was punishing me on purpose, but he didn't dare to say anything, and shook his head obediently, saying that he would never do it again in the future.
        He finally handed me the water glass, and I quickly took a few sips of water to swallow the bitter taste in my mouth.
        Wu Julan said: "The medicine has a hypnotic effect. If you feel sleepy, just continue to sleep."
        I lay down for a while, and felt that my eyelids became more and more heavy, and I fell asleep again in a daze.
        However, this time, I did not feel hot or cold for a while, and I slept very soundly.
        When you wake up, eat and take medicine, and then go back to sleep after eating.
        The next evening, when I woke up again, except for a little soreness in my body and a little discomfort in my throat, I was almost healed. I have always been like this since I was a child. My body is better than the big head and the genius doctor. I rarely get sick, and even if I get sick, I get better quickly.
        I narrowed my eyes and looked at Wu Julan quietly. He was sitting on the rattan chair next to the classroom, probably feeling a little bored, holding a notebook and a few pencils, scribbling on it.
        I propped up my hands, sat up, picked up the water glass on the cupboard, and looked at Wu Julan while drinking.
        He glanced at me, saw that I could take care of myself, lowered his head, and continued smearing.
        I put down the water glass and asked with a smile, "Are you painting? What are you painting?"
        Wu Julan handed me the notebook in his hand without saying a word. I took it with a smile, turned the pages one by one, and the smile gradually disappeared from my face.
        Wu Julan drew three sketches, all of me and him, just me and him of different ages.
        The first one is me and Wu Julan now. I was lying on the sick bed, and he stood by to take care of me. It looked like a man taking care of a young lover, showing warmth and sweetness.
        The second one is me and Wu Julan more than ten years later. I lay haggard and miserable on the sick bed, and he stood by to take care of me, looking like a son taking care of his mother.
        The third one is me and Wu Julan decades later. I was lying on the sick bed with a sickly hair and dying, and he stood by to take care of me, looking like a grandson taking care of his grandmother.
        It's just a sketch in black and white, but Wu Julan's painting skills are very sophisticated, and each drawing is detailed and lifelike, making people look like real photos.
        After reading the last picture, I raised my head pale and stared at Wu Julan.
        His sanity always made him cold after being gentle. If every time he is good to me, he accidentally gives me a reason to keep feeling for him, he will definitely do something to hurt me immediately and give me more reasons to give up this feeling.
        Although he clearly knew that he did this not because he was ignorant of me, my heart still seemed to be pierced by a sharp blade, and the blood was dripping with pain.
        With a heavy heart, I reached out my hand and wanted to hand the notebook back to Wu Julan.
        He glanced lightly, didn't answer, and looked at me with a blank expression, "These three pictures are all of you, and I gave them to you."
        I bit my lip tightly, and the hand holding the notebook trembled slightly.
        He turned a blind eye, stood up, and said coldly, "Dinner is ready, you can come down and eat after changing your clothes."
        When he was gone, my hand that had been stretched out in mid-air slammed down, and the notebook fell to the ground with a "pop".
        I hugged my knees, curled up on the bed, and fought uncontrollably. The three lifelike pictures are more lethal than any language. He urged me to see the cruelty of the future, reminding me that this is the reality I have to face, not because of love, let alone because of temporary soft-hearted and moved and change.
        I stared at the notebook on the ground, wanting to close my eyes and stop looking at it, but the reality is that it will happen sooner or later no matter how you escape.
        I gritted my teeth, bent down sharply, and picked up the notebook from the ground.
        Wu Julan, if this is the future you want me to see clearly, I will see it carefully!
        I restrained my fear and resistance, opened the notebook, and slowly reviewed the three pictures from beginning to end.
        If you still don't see it clearly, watch it again!
        If you still dare not look directly at yourself in the painting, then look again!
        Still scared, watch it again!
        I looked at the three pictures over and over again like nüè.
        Going back and forth, over and over again, I seem to be really taken into the long river of time by these three pictures, youth, middle age, old age... I don't wait for time, the streamer is not qíng, I am getting old, and he is still the same.
        I closed my eyes and thought silently about each picture.
        After a long time, I suddenly got off the bed, walked to the desk, picked up a pen, and wrote a paragraph in the blank of each picture.
        Putting down the pen, I walked briskly into the bathroom and decided to take a hot shower.
        After washing the sweat stains all over, it was as if all germs were washed away, and the whole body felt light, and the whole person was jīng.
        I chuīgān my hair, braided my long hair, carefully braided it, put on my favorite dress, and wore a necklace I made myself. The pendant was the black pearl Wu Julan gave me.
        Because my face was still sickly, I applied BB cream, loose powder, and blush to make myself look better.
        I looked at myself in the mirror and felt pretty good about myself. I picked up my notebook and went downstairs.
        The night outside the window was dark, and the light inside the window was bright.
        Wu Julan sat at the dining table, waiting for me quietly.
        When he went downstairs, the sky was still bright, and he waited for more than two hours. When it was dark and the food was cold, he was not impatient.
        I stopped and stood in the yard, looking at him from the window.
        He raised his eyes and looked at me. I believe he must have imagined my various reactions, but no matter how he thought about it, he never imagined that my full-blooded resurrection ability was so powerful that I had been hit so hard, and my expression was bright and bright. appeared.
        He was obviously startled, and I smiled at him.
        I went into the kitchen, took the seat next to him, and put the notebook squarely on the table.
        I said calmly: "I have carefully read all the three pictures you gave me. As a reward, I will give you three sentences."
        I pushed the notebook in front of him, he hesitated, and opened the notebook.
        Three pictures, three sentences.
        Every sentence is written neatly in the margins of every picture.
        The first picture: The so-called Yiren are on the water side. Backtracking from it, the road is long and obstructive. Travel back and forth, like in the middle of the water.
        The second picture: The so-called Iraqi people are in the water's Mae. Backtracking from it, the road blocks and ranks. Travel back and forth from it, just like in the water.
        The third picture: The so-called Yiren are in the water. Go back from the road, resistance and right. Travel back and forth from it, just like in the water.
        Wu Julan looked through them one by one, frowned, and looked at me suspiciously, not understanding what my words had to do with his pictures.
        I leaned closer to him, lowered my head, looked at the three pictures without evasion, and said, "The three pictures are all when I am not in good health, weak, and need someone to take care of me the most. The first picture , when I was green and bright, you were there."
        I turned to the second picture, "When I am middle-aged and my face withers, you are here."
        I turned to the third picture, "When I am old, you are still there when I am old."
        I looked up at Wu Julan and said softly, "You know what? There are four words that can describe the meaning of these three pictures - never betray!"
        Wu Julan was completely stunned by the performance of my god, and looked at me dully for a moment. Just as he was about to open his mouth to refute, I immediately said, "I know, that's not what you meant! But Gibran, who wrote the 'Little Bible' Said, 'If you want to understand him, don't listen to what he said, but to listen to what he didn't say.' What you draw subconsciously is your truest heart, no matter what I am, in When I needed you, you never thought about abandoning me."
        Wu Julan, who has always been quick-witted and sharp-spoken, was speechless for the first time by me.
        I patted the notebook lightly and said, "Never give up is the best love oath I can think of, thank you! My oath of love for you is three sentences, borrowed from ancient poetry!"
        I smiled and said: "You must know more about the ancients than me! My love is on the other side of the river, looking for him against the current, the road is dangerous and long, following the current to find him, he seems to be in the middle of the water. Whether it is upstream or downstream, he is always out of reach, out of sight and out of reach.”
        I grimaced at Wu Julan, "But, it doesn't matter! He has promised to stay with me, and he will wait for me until I overcome all the difficulties he set for me and come to him."
        Wu Julan stared at me like a monster in shock and sharp eyes.
        I didn't give up and kept looking at him.
        I'm not the kind of woman who "can give up self-esteem and desperate for love", or the kind of woman who "even if you don't love me, I will silently love you for the rest of my life".If I really love the wrong person, even if I have to endure the pain of a caesarean section, I will definitely be able to do it if you don't have any questions and I will leave!