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        It is obviously a completely unfamiliar city, but because of falling in love with someone, even the feeling of a city has completely changed.
        It's a pity that in modern society, it's not like more than a hundred years ago, you can buy a ferry ticket from one continent to another. Otherwise, I really want to visit this city with Wu Julan.
        I suddenly asked: "New York in 1888 should be very different from now, right?"
        Wu Liangliang said: "It's very different. However, this is a country with almost no history, so special attention is paid to preserving history. Many buildings from that era have survived to this day. If you are interested, I can show you."
        Jiang Yisheng asked strangely, "Xiaoluo, why are you interested in New York in that era?"
        I took a sip of champagne in disguise, "Just ask."
        The driver drove the car through a shaded and rough place. Many trees must be hundreds of years old. The trees are thick and the canopies are gorgeous. In the city with many high-rise buildings, such a place where birds and flowers are fragrant and full of life suddenly appeared, Jiang Yisheng and I couldn't help watching curiously.
        Wu Liangliang said: "The famous Central Park. It was established in 1857 and was the first landscape park in the United States. Back then, the land nearby was not valuable. Now..." Wu Liangliang frowned and breathed out from her nose. "Apart from government and institutional buildings, only the world's richest people can own an apartment overlooking Central Park."
        The driver parked the car in front of an apartment building, and Wu Liangliang said, "We're here."
        I looked at Central Park just across the street and exchanged glances with Jiang Yisheng.
        As soon as we got out of the car, someone came to help us with our luggage. The doorman in the red uniform should know Wu Liangliang, greeted her politely, and opened the door.
        Wu Liangliang took us into the elevator. The elevator was driven by an old black man with gray hair and a spirit of spirit. When she saw Wu Liangliang, she greeted her warmly and pressed the elevator button "Penthouse" representing the top floor. It is also one of only two buttons in this elevator, the other being "Lobby" for the lobby.
        Wu Liangliang said: "This apartment building is the owner's property. My grandmother has been taking care of it. The other floors are rented out, and the top floor is reserved for the boss to live in occasionally."
        Jiang Yisheng sighed and said, "Your boss is really good at making money!"
        Wu Liangliang couldn't help sneering, "It's a good way to make money? He doesn't care about it! The boss just bought it early in a confused way. Central Park was built in 1857, and the family of the boss... bought it in 1852. At that time, this area was just a wasteland." She frowned and said angrily: "When you go to Europe in the future, look at the bosses in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Rome, Vatican... all bought at will. What would be even more shocking! When I tell people that I buy them, they are rubbish that no one wants, and no one believes it at all!"
        When the elevator arrived, Wu Liangliang walked out of the elevator and stood in a luxuriously furnished corridor with woolen carpets on the floor, oil paintings on the walls, and crystal lamps hanging from the ceiling. She walked to the door, entered a code on the electronic lock, and the door opened.
        As Wu Liangliang walked in, she said, "In order to make it easier for you to come and go, I have asked someone to set the password to Xiaoluo's birthday, which is the birthday of your birthday."
        I hurriedly said: "Don't be so troublesome, we just borrowed for two days and left soon."
        Wu Liangliang said, "It's already been changed, do you want to change it back?"
        All I can say is, "Thank you and your boss."
        Wu Liangliang said indifferently, "Let's go, I'll show you the house."
        We walked along the porch and into the living room, and at a glance, we saw the large floor-to-ceiling windows that took up almost an entire wall. Outside the window is a clear blue sky, white clouds, lush forests, clear and beautiful lakes, and even several black eagles flying in the sky.
        I am amazed that I can see the scenery like a wild forest in a reinforced concrete city. No wonder the houses around Central Park are sky-high.
        Wu Liangliang said, "Jiang Yisheng and I live in the guest room downstairs, and Xiaoluo lives in the master room upstairs."
        The house is so high that it can be made into two floors, but the owner did not cherish the land and money in this area at all. Only half of the upstairs was built, and other places were left empty, so that the ceiling of the living room and dining room was five or six meters high. , The house looks big and deep, like a small castle.
        With a curiosity about the life of the rich, I visited the first floor with Jiang Yisheng first, and then went to the second floor. We found that the house looked like a "castle", and there were very few houses that could actually live in it. In addition to the living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, there are only two bedrooms, and there is only one large bedroom on the second floor. Other areas are: a reading area like a small library, an activity area with chairs and astronomical telescopes, sofas and Dining area with coffee table. These areas do not have serious walls or doors, but are separated by some clever furnishings, which can directly overlook the living room and dining room downstairs. The sofa in the reception area is facing the huge floor-to-ceiling window across the living room. You can chat while enjoying the outside scenery.
        I said to Wu Liangliang: "Your boss obviously sees this house as his own private domain. Except for the bedroom, there are no doors or walls in other places. Obviously, he has no intention of inviting strangers to live there. How could he give the house to him? Where do we live?"
        Wu Liangliang said with a smile: "It's empty, it's empty, let us stay, and you can save hotel fees."
        I said, "Although my two things are worth a little money, they are definitely not rare and rare. They can be sold for several million RMB at most. I always feel that the standard of this reception is too high!"
        Wu Liangliang patted me on the shoulder and said, "Don't think about it, you will understand soon."
        I can only come here and stay safe and wait for the development of things. I said, "You can do anything else! But I will stay for two days at most, that is, I must go back to China the day after tomorrow, and Wu Julan is still waiting for me at home!"
        Wu Liangliang said, "The boss wants to invite you to dinner tonight, you can tell the boss directly."
        I yawned and said, "I'm so sleepy, I don't want to eat, I just want to sleep." Counting the time, this time is four or five in the morning in China, when a good dream is in full swing.
        Wu Liangliang said, "Take a shower, don't fall asleep, stick to it until night, or the jet lag won't come back."
        I walked into the bathroom, getting ready to take a shower, and was pleasantly surprised to find that both shampoo and body wash were my usual brands. It's just a small detail, but it makes me feel very caring and thoughtful, and my heart feels a little better.
        After taking a hot bath, I washed away my drowsiness and exhaustion. I sat by the bed, brushing my hair, and casually looking at the bedroom layout.
        There were a few beautifully colored conch shells on the head and the shelf for decoration, which made me feel a little intimacy for no reason. I thought to myself, this rich man must like the sea, no wonder he wants to buy two of my stones.
        After I finished my hair, I stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the master bedroom, overlooking Central Park, and sent a WeChat message to Wu Julan: "I have arrived in New York safely. If you have something in mind, I can go there and take pictures for you to see. ."
        There was no reply from WeChat, probably not yet, so I put away my phone.
        Wu Liangliang knocked on the door and said, "I'm going out for dinner."
        "It'll be fine right now."
        Anyway, what the other party values ​​is my things, not my image. I dress casually. I wear smoke-gray small-cut jeans, a straight-leg long-sleeve floral shirt, and a camel-colored knitted sweater and cardigan jacket. I go outside. can be worn when.
        Wu Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng had clearly chosen their clothes carefully, one was wearing a violet dress and a cashmere coat; the other was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and straight trousers. When I went down, they were standing together, whispering, very eye-catching.
        I said, "I feel like your light bulb."
        Wu Liangliang just smiled, Jiang Yisheng ignored my jokes, picked up the trench coat and said, "Let's go!"
        Wu Liangliang said that the place to eat was not far, it was nearby, and the three of them walked past.
        I deliberately walked behind, letting Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang walk in front.
        The streets of a foreign country, the endless stream of pedestrians, English with various accents, and a pair of "lovers" who are developing like golden boys and girls, I became so missing someone that I couldn't help but take out my phone again.
        At a red light, Wu Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng crossed the street and continued to walk forward, but I was left on this side of the street. I didn't care either. While looking at the photos on my phone and waiting for the red light, I thought about sneaking out during dinner later and calling Wu Julan.
        When the red light turned green, when I looked up, I found that Wu Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng were no longer in sight. I no longer dared to play with my phone, so I put it on, and hurried forward until I walked three intersections without seeing them. I went back and searched the neighborhood several times, but I still couldn't find Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang.
        Fortunately, it was still early, and there were many people on the street, which made me less nervous, but after all, this is a foreign country, and my English is very general, so I was still very flustered. I took out my phone and called Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang. Neither of them can get through on their phones, and I don't know if there is a problem with the signal, or if my international roaming has not been successfully activated at all.
        I thought about it and decided to go back the same way. As long as I find the apartment where I live, I won't lose myself.
        It's just that I was thinking about it just now, and followed Wu Liangliang confusedly, without remembering the way at all. I can only try to walk while trying to remember. The apartment building is not far away. If you go around a few more times, you can always find it!
        But I looked around, and the more I looked, the more flustered I became. According to the distance, I should have arrived near the apartment building early, but I didn't see the apartment building at all. I tried to ask for directions in English, but I couldn't tell which street the apartment building was on or what the house number was. The pedestrian who was asked shook his head impatiently, said "Sorry", and hurried away.
        The night was getting darker and darker, I was standing on a strange street, looking at the stranger chΓ‘o, very anxious and helpless.
        Suddenly, I heard someone call: "Xiaoluo!"
        The familiar Chinese made me hear the sounds of heaven, and I immediately turned to look over. Across the busy street, Wu Julan was standing under the dim lights and waving at me.
        I felt that I must be too anxious and had hallucinations. I couldn't help closing my eyes and opening them again. Wu Julan had quickly crossed the road and came to me.
        "Xiaoluo!" Wu Julan looked at me with a relieved joy.
        I went to touch his hand and felt that his body temperature was lower than ordinary people, so I was sure that everything was real.
        I asked in surprise and confusion, "Why are you here?"
        "Wu Liangliang said I lost you, so I'll come to you."
        "Not this, I mean, why are you in New York? How did you get here? You don't have any documents, how did you get through customs?"
        Wu Julan leaned over and said in my ear, "I'm a fish, when have you ever seen a school of fish migrate and you still need to bring a certificate?"
        Feeling his breath, I blushed, "You planned this long ago?"
        No wonder he said goodbye without a trace of parting; no wonder every time I expressed the idea of not going to New York, he always said we would meet soon.He didn't say goodbye lightly, but would come to New York to accompany me. The awkwardness that had been entangled in my heart disappeared in an instant, and joy filled my heart.
        I asked, "How did you find Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng?"
        Wu Julan took out his mobile phone and shook it, with a waterproof plastic bag from Taobao on it, "Your phone can't get through."
        "I couldn't call out just now, maybe there is a problem with international roaming!"