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        Wu Julan asked, "Are you hungry? Let's go eat."
        I took Wu Julan's hand and jumped on and on, "I had an appointment to have dinner with Liangliang's boss, but I've been late for so long, and I don't want to go now. You give Liangliang a call and tell me I'm not going to her."
        Wu Julan called Wu Liangliang and told her in fluent English that he had found me, and we were going to have dinner together and let her boss take care of it.
        When he hung up the phone, I smiled and asked, "Do you always speak the language of any country you have lived in?"
        Wu Julan did not deny it, but said lightly: "Although it is difficult to understand their hearts through human language, but not knowing their language is even more terrifying, like a blind man walking on a highway."
        There is a faint murderous intention in his words. Of course I understand that his past life will not be just reciting poetry, playing the qin, drinking and dancing swords, but hearing it with my own ears is still a bit uncomfortable.
        Wu Julan rubbed my head, as if to reassure me not to think wildly. He smiled and asked, "Have you had a good trip?"
        Immediately, I had a spirit, and I started chatting from the plane to the apartment where we lived, expressing all kinds of incomprehension to the generosity of the boss, "...Maybe it's because I have shallow eyelids and haven't seen the world. , I'm a little flattered, always worried that this boss is a huáng rat láng wishing him New Year's greetings, and he has other plans..."
        A police car was parked on the side of the road, and two policemen got out of the car. I turned abruptly and pulled Wu Julan into the next alley. When the two policemen passed by, their eyes swept to us, my heart was beating wildly, I hurriedly put my arms around Wu Julan's neck, put my lips against his cheek, and made an affectionate look.
        When the police were gone, I breathed a sigh of relief and let go of Wu Julan.
        Seeing him staring blankly at me, I suddenly reacted and couldn't help scolding myself: "I'm so stupid! I'm so stupid!" I always remembered that Wu Julan had no identity and entered the country illegally. When I saw the police I feel guilty, but I don't think about it, you are walking on the street, which policeman will stop you to check your passport when you are idle? On the contrary, it was because I was sneaky just now that it was easy to attract attention.
        I really want to cry stupidly by my own IQ! I looked at Wu Julan pitifully, "I'm sorry! I almost got into trouble, you want to scold..."
        It suddenly became dark in front of me, Wu Julan leaned over and kissed my lips lightly, my ranting stopped abruptly.
        His kiss was like the first snowflake in early winter. It was cold and soft. It disappeared as soon as it was touched, leaving only a little wetness, which proved that it existed.
        I held my breath and stared blankly at Wu Julan.
        Wu Julan stared at me for a moment, then suddenly smiled. I'm used to his cold eyebrows and indifferent expression. It was the first time I saw him so gentle and unrestrained. I just felt that his face was charming at this moment, which made my heart beat like a deer, and my face turned red with a swish.
        Wu Julan's smile deepened, she reached out and brushed my cheek lightly, while smiling, took my hand and continued to walk forward.
        I was completely dumb and didn't say a word along the way.
        Wu Julan took me into a western restaurant. After I sat down ignorantly, I found that Wu Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng were both there.
        Wu Liangliang lowered her head, with a look of "I did something wrong, I'm very upset", Jiang Yisheng looked at Wu Julan displeased.
        I said, "You guys are here too? Liangliang, is it okay to let your boss's pigeons go?"
        Jiang Yisheng looked at me like a monster, and said contemptuously, "Your IQ is really... unlimited!"
        Wu Liangliang hurriedly said, "No problem! The boss won't mind, why did you get lost?"
        "I looked at my phone, but I couldn't find you guys. It's because I was too distracted when I walked." I was polite to Wu Liangliang, but turned to Jiang Yisheng with a different face, "Your IQ has an upper limit, I am The big living people are right behind you, what are you thinking about, you never realize that I am missing?
        Wu Liangliang just recovered a little, and began to bow her head to confess the guilt again. Jiang Yisheng grabbed Wu Liangliang and said to Wu Julan, "I don't like western food, I want to eat Chinese food!"
        Wu Julan said, "Okay."
        Jiang Yisheng left with Wu Liangliang, and I asked inexplicably, "Why does Jiang Yisheng seem to be a little angry with you?"
        "Wu Liangliang said you lost it. I was in a hurry, so I reprimanded Wu Liangliang."
        I'm not a child, and someone else should be responsible if I lose it? It seems a little too much... I asked tentatively, "Why don't you go back and apologize to Liangliang?"
        Wu Julan glanced at me and picked up the menu for himself.
        From the first day I met him, he has never wronged himself, and I didn't want to wrong him either, so I decided to say a few good words to Wu Liangliang myself to make amends!
        I looked through the menu and found it was French. It's not that I don't like French food, foie gras snails, caviar steak, and occasionally a few meals, I also like it. But tonight, I just took a long-distance plane, and I was jet lag, and I felt a little sick. I didn't want to eat these things.
        Wu Julan asked, "What do you want to eat?"
        I said apologetically, "I just finished the long-distance plane. In fact, I want to eat a bowl of sour noodle soup the most."
        "I didn't think about it carefully." Wu Julan put down the menu and took me out of the restaurant.
        I don't know where there is a Chinese restaurant, and Wu Julan must be unfamiliar with New York now, so I propose to go back to the apartment and make it myself!
        When I visited the kitchen in the afternoon, I found that the boss or the boss's subordinates were very thoughtful and meticulous. Not only did they put food that Chinese people often eat in the refrigerator, but also put various Chinese seasonings on the table, including soy sauce and vinegar. All ready.
        I vaguely described the location of the apartment to Wu Julan. I didn't expect him to find the right way, but I didn't expect to return to the apartment smoothly all the way.
        I used my birthday to open the door of the apartment, smiled and said to Wu Julan, "Experience the luxurious life of the rich!"
        However, Wu Julan had no interest in the luxurious decoration and beautiful scenery of the apartment, glanced at it lightly, and then turned to the kitchen.
        I offered my treasure and asked, "Is it good? Soy sauce, vinegar, all kinds of seasonings, even rot rǔ and bean paste."
        Wu Julan said, "It's just okay."
        I said, "This is America, and it's still a foreigner's house, don't be so picky!"
        Wu Julan took off his jacket, rolled up his shirt sleeves, and walked into the kitchen.
        After a while, he made me a bowl of sour noodle soup with miscellaneous vegetables and fried a steak for himself.
        We sat in front of the bar and ate from one Chinese to one Western.
        Under the bright light, Wu Julan was wearing a simple white shirt and black trousers, but every move showed a natural elegance. I glanced at him secretly, and then realized that he was wearing a shirt that I had never seen before, and it looked very nice.
        Afraid of his embarrassment, I didn't ask whether the suit was stolen or bought. After I finished eating, I jumped off the high chair, ran to the sofa to get my wallet, and handed a card to Wu Julan, "If you want to buy something these days, just use this card, and..." I He took out all the dollars in cash in his wallet and began to count the money, "Liangliang said that there are not many opportunities to use cash in the United States, that is, sometimes cash is needed when tipping, I only exchanged $600, half of us, please don't. Help me save, I'll exchange it if it's not enough. It's rare for the poor to get rich, and it's rare for us to come out once, and the most important thing is to have fun..."
        I was telling Wu Julan ramble that Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang were back. Both of them knew the financial situation of Wu Julan and I. I glanced at them, didn't care, and handed Wu Julan the 300 yuan I counted.
        Wu Julan took the cash and card without saying a word, and put it away carefully.
        Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang both stared at me and Wu Julan strangely.
        "Wu Julan, you actually took Shenluo's money to spend?" Jiang Yisheng's voice was even stranger than his eyes.
        I was unhappy, and regretted that I didn't avoid them just now. Just as I was about to explain, Wu Julan smiled and looked at Jiang Yisheng and said, "It's easy for a man to spend money for a woman, but it's a little more attractive for a man to spend money on a woman! Doctor, are you jealous, low self-esteem and depressed?"
        I'm very happy that Wu Julan didn't worry about a man's face and self-esteem, but he still explained: "Wu Julan just arrived in the United States and has no time to exchange money. What's more, why did he take my money? You don't know, all my money. He earned it all for me, mine is his, and he takes his own money!"
        Jiang Yisheng sneered: "I still help our hospital make money! I haven't seen the president say that his money is my money!"
        Wu Liangliang dragged Jiang Yisheng and changed the subject, "Why didn't you eat at the restaurant? Don't you like the restaurant I chose?"
        I said, "No, I have no appetite, I just want a bowl of hot noodle soup."
        Wu Liangliang said apologetically, "I was too careless. I didn't consider that you just wanted to eat Chinese food after the long flight."
        "It's okay, you've already taken good care of me. Liangliang, there is something I want to discuss with you."
        "What's up?"
        I said embarrassedly, "I want Wu Julan to live here, okay?"
        Wu Liangliang glanced at Wu Julan quickly, "As long as Brother Wu is willing, I have absolutely no objection. However, Brother Wu can only live on the second floor, and the first floor is Jiang Yisheng and I's site."
        "No problem! Thank you!" I said happily.
        Wu Liangliang smiled meaningfully and said to us, "I went back to the house to take a bath and rest, good night everyone!" After speaking, she turned and left.
        Jiang Yisheng said "good night" and returned to his room.
        I packed up the tableware and took Wu Julan to visit the second floor.
        Wu Julan swept away the other places, showing no interest, and only stayed in the reading area for a while.
        He was silent and looked at the books on the shelf for a long time, and I couldn't help asking: "What are you thinking?"
        He reached out and took a book from the shelf, "Books I've read before."
        I leaned in and looked at it. It looked very old. It wasn't English, Japanese, or Korean. For me, it was completely from heaven.
        "What book? What language is this?"
        "Egnet and the Mermaid by Hansandersen. Danish."
        Andersen? Denmark? Mermaid? Isn't that the famous Andersen! I said, "The Chinese translation should be "The Mermaid" or "The Daughter of the Sea."
        "You're talking about "Thelittlemermaid", which is a story about a mermaid, and this is "Agnete andthemerman", a story about a mermaid."
        Andersen actually wrote a story about a merman? I asked curiously, "What is the story about?"
        Wu Julan put the book back on the shelf and said lightly: "This story is a poem and drama written by Andersen based on European folklore, and he regards it as one of his best works. There are many versions of the story, but they are roughly the same. It's about a merman with pure gold-colored hair and pleasing eyes. One day he meets a human girl named Agnete, they fall in love with each other and decide to live together. Agnete lives with a blond merman It took him eight years to give birth to a child, but in the end, Agnete couldn't give up his human life and chose to leave the merman forever."
        I regretted asking the story out of curiosity, looking at Wu Julan awkwardly, not knowing what to say.
        Wu Julan smiled and shook his head, holding my hand with one hand and flicking my forehead with the other, "I'm not that sensitive, don't think about it!"