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        I am suddenly a little panic, will it be self-defeating?
        The curtain was slowly opened, the stage set was very retro, and the music was very classical, which quickly brought people to Europe in the nineteenth century.
        The first act is La Traviata's Parisian residence. A group of men from high society gathered around the most beautiful flower in Paris at that time. The hero Aman was introduced to Margaret, the Camellia. He eagerly expressed his love, but was rejected by the Camellia.
        Looking at the men and women dressed in cumbersome and elegant clothes on the stage, I recalled in a trance that the novel "La Traviata" was published in 1848, and the opera "La Traviata" premiered in 1853, describing the love of that era. I arrogantly took Wu Julan and sat beside me to watch an old love, but I forgot to consider, who was sitting next to him when he watched "La Traviata"?
        I try to use money to participate in a time that is long gone, but maybe, let the time that was gone participate in my present time. Wu Julan is sitting next to me, but he is obviously thinking the same as me. I am thinking about him, who is he thinking about?
        A hundred years ago, the person who watched "La Traviata" with him has disappeared; a few decades later, I will also disappear; a hundred years later, will there be a girl who is unwilling to try to participate in today's time that has passed away?
        I also know that it makes no sense for me to think this way. The past and the future are outside of my time. In fact, I don’t exist at all. It can be said that it has nothing to do with me, but at this moment, I am so sad and so greedy. , not only want to have the present, but also jealous of the past and future.
        Wu Julan gradually returned to normal. He noticed my abnormality and asked softly, "What's wrong?"
        I stared at the stage and shook my head, not knowing what to say.
        Wu Julan took my hand, "You don't like watching this?"
        I tried to smile and said, "I want to see what you've seen. It should have been popular to watch opera back then."
        Wu Julan understood why there was an opera performance with only the four of us. He said, "You arranged it on purpose? For me?"
        I nod.
        Wu Julan pulled me to stand up, "Let's leave!"
        Without even bothering to say hello to Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang, I was pulled out of the theater in a daze.
        Leaving that closed and dark environment, I no longer have to appreciate the love of the past, my heart is a lot easier all of a sudden.
        Wu Julan took off his thin cashmere coat and draped it over my shoulders. I knew that he had a special body and was not afraid of the cold, so he didn't show humility.
        His coat had his unique cool smell, I smiled and squeezed tighter, and a thought suddenly flashed in my mind - a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, someone was also in the bleak autumn wind, using his coat Heating? Does he think of her now?
        Wu Julan took me to avoid the crowded streets and walked towards the nearby park, the more I walked, the wider my vision became. It is the golden autumn season in October, and the colors of the streets of New York are strong and bright, like oil paintings with rich colors.
        Autumn is high, the sky is blue and clouds are white, and on the long avenues, tall trees, some are golden, some are dazzling crimson, the ground is covered with a thin layer of fallen leaves, all kinds of colors are mixed, far away. From a distance, we seem to be walking on a gorgeous brocade.
        I was staring at the scenery in a trance, when I suddenly heard Wu Julan say, "I don't like theaters! My sense of hearing and smell are more sensitive than human beings. The sounds in the theater are noisy, and a large group of people are sitting so densely that it is hard for my ears and nose. It's torture."
        I was stupid. "But you are the most impressed with the theater. I thought you liked the theater."
        Wu Julan looked at the blue sky in the distance and said, "I told you, back then, I wanted to live in New York for a while, but because of a sudden accident, I had to leave New York early and return to the sea. The sudden accident was that my true identity was discovered, and I was caught by design."
        I screamed "Ah" and I almost lost my voice. I knew that Wu Julan was standing right in front of me now, but I still felt scared and nervous. No matter the East or the West, the cruelty and bloodshed of human beings to "non-me races" is exactly the same. I couldn't help but ask: "How could you be so careless?"
        Wu Julan said lightly: "When the Civil War broke out in 1861, with the deterioration of the war situation, more and more men joined the war voluntarily or forcibly. Because on the documents, I was the most suitable age. All my friends were drafted into the army. One of my friends was my friend. Before I left, I promised her that I would try my best to save her life. There are too many uncontrollable accidents on the battlefield. My friend's life, I had to show my inhuman strength. He didn't show any abnormality at the time, pretended not to notice my peculiarity. In 1865, the South surrendered and the Civil War ended. Just as we celebrated the end of the war That night, he put poison in the food I ate and designed to catch me."
        It's another story about betrayal and betrayal. It's been happening over and over again since the day humans existed, so I didn't have the slightest surprise. I just felt very heartbroken, "What happened later?"
        "They put me in a special glass jar, and they wanted to show it in the theater, and I made a name for myself. I tell you that I'm impressed with the theater in New York because I've been on stage, through the glass jar, Watching them staring at me excitedly, greedily discussing various plans for the successful exhibition."
        I held my breath and asked, "What happened next?"
        "On July 13, 1865, the day before the official exhibition, my men set fire to the theater called the Barnummuseum, and saved me in the chaos."
        "Ah! Barnummuseum? When I...I...searched the history of Broadway, I saw this news. It was a big event back then!" The document qiáng said that it was a four-story renovation of a big entertainment The center, located on the southwest corner of Broadway Street, was a collection of the most popular American pop culture at the time, but it was burned to ashes overnight. I also regret that it burned down the year Wu Julan left, otherwise I could have arranged the opera there.
        Wu Julan gave me a reassuring smile, "It's been over a hundred years ago, it's all over!"
        yes! It's all over now, and he's right beside me now! I breathed a sigh of relief, and then felt very guilty for my self-assertion, "I...I don't know what you think about the theater...I thought...I'm sorry!"
        Wu Julan said half-jokingly: "You tell me what you were sad about just now, and I will forgive you."
        " do you know I'm sad?"
        Wu Julan walked slowly while holding my hand, glanced at me, and said lightly, "Your emotions are very strong, and I don't feel dull."
        I bit my lip and said periodically, "I'm thinking about the girl you liked before."
        Wu Julan stopped abruptly and turned to look at me.
        I didn't dare to look at him, lowered my head, and said embarrassedly: "Actually, it's normal to have a few ex-girlfriends, even married! I just think about it casually, don't worry, I can understand... "
        Wu Julan supported my chin with his hand, raised my head, and he and I looked at each other, "No!"
        "No, no?" I must be looking like a fool at the moment.
        "No one, you are the only one."
        If another man said this, I would just treat it as a hypocritical sweet talk and laugh it off, but it was Wu Julan who said it. Although his expression was flat and his tone was flat, he just stated a fact that he didn't want me to misunderstand, but it was a thousand years of light. I know that I am shallow, stingy, selfish, and boring, but I know that no woman has held his cold hand, no woman has enjoyed his care, and I know that there is no shadow of anyone in his heart... My surprise is so qiáng It was so violent that I couldn't help but burst into tears.
        "You..." Wu Julan bent her fingers and used the cold back of her fingers to lightly imprint the teardrops on my eyelashes, as if she really didn't know what to do with me.
        I tilted my head in embarrassment, like every girl who knows she is pampered, asking for more in a pretentious and unreasonable manner, "for such a long time, not one? I don't believe it! Even if you haven't liked it before. Others, there must be other people who like you, right?"
        Wu Julan must have seen that I was being arrogant. He pinched my cheek and said with a half-smile, "Do you think every woman will be like you and have thicker skin than the sea?"
        I was really embarrassed all of a sudden, and said unreasonably: "Where am I thick-skinned? You are the only one who is thick-skinned!"
        He smiled and said, "Okay, I have thick skin! My Shenluo's skin is more tender than oysters!"
        I was teased by his words "My family Shenluo", so I felt so sullen in my heart, I couldn't bear my face anymore, I lightly beat his chest with my fist, and muttered: "I'm not thick-skinned by you!"
        He stopped laughing and said softly, "I'm sorry!"
        I froze for a moment, then smiled and shook my head. I'm not sorry, everything is my wish. As Gibran said, love can never be only sweet, and pain is also a part of love. It allows us to know ourselves more clearly, and let us cherish the sweetness we get more.
        Wu Julan stared into my eyes and said, "Before I met you, I never considered finding a human as my partner. In the final analysis, in the eyes of humans, I am an alien monster, and when they don't know my true identity, they may There will be good feelings, but no one will actually choose a monster as a partner."
        I immediately said, "You are not a monster."
        "Then what am I?" Wu Julan looked at me with a smile, she didn't seem to care about my answer very much, but there was a faint expectation.
        I hugged his waist and said clearly: "You are my love partner, the partner who will love each other for a lifetime."
        Wu Julan stood quietly for a moment, folded her arms, hugged me tightly, lowered her head, and kissed my hair lightly.
        When Wu Julan and I returned to the apartment, it was already past six o'clock.
        Jiang Yisheng was playing on the tablet computer, and Wu Liangliang was watching TV, both of them looked bored.
        I said apologetically to Wu Liangliang and Jiang Yisheng, "I'm sorry, we left halfway."
        Wu Liangliang was not interested in investigating what had happened, and said to me, "Two stones have been sold, as I guessed, the boss bought both stones, the total price is 3.5 million, after deduction All kinds of fees paid, you finally got more than 1.9 million in your hand."
        I'm happy with the windfall, "Thank you and thank you boss."
        Wu Liangliang said, "I accept the first sentence. The second sentence, you can tell the boss yourself! My grandma arranged a reception for you and the boss to formally meet."
        I said in surprise, "Tonight? You only told me now?"
        Wu Liangliang shrugged and said, "This is not my idea. It was a message from the boss to my grandma in the afternoon. Who knows what happened to his old man, and he suddenly couldn't wait to see you?"
        Jiang Yisheng lowered his head and said with a sneer while playing games, "I won't see you for a while, but I want to see you later. Are you playing people like monkeys?"
        Wu Liangliang kicked him, and Jiang Yisheng was silent.I chuckled, the queen's training was very successful!
        I thought about it and said, "Tonight is just tonight!"
        I plan to go back to China after the full moon night and Wu Julan's body is normal.Although it's just a business deal, I should thank them in person for their hospitality.