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        I asked Wu Liangliang, "What's the dress code for the reception?"
        Wu Liangliang said, "My grandma has already prepared it for you. It's all in your bedroom."
        Inviting people to dinner, but also responsible for preparing clothes? Which country's etiquette is this? I'm a little confused.
        Wu Liangliang glanced at Wu Julan, stood up, and said sincerely to me, "This matter is very important to my grandma. She wants you to dress up to attend, so... please!" Wu Liangliang leaned over to me , bow ninety degrees.
        I was taken aback and hurriedly said, "Okay, okay!" Wu Liangliang has always taken good care of us. I decided that no matter what fancy clothes her grandmother prepared, I would bravely wear them and be the color clothes. Entertain.
        When I walked into the bedroom and saw the dress prepared by Wu Liangliang's grandmother, I felt relieved. It wasn't some weird clothes, nor was it the bright and dazzling old man's aesthetic taste I imagined. A white jacquard waist-length princess dress with simple cut and clean workmanship, with no other decorations except the jacquard of the fabric itself.
        After I put it on, I realized that the cut and workmanship must be very knowledgeable. It looks very simple, but there is nothing inappropriate on the whole body, which makes me feel very comfortable to wear, and at the same time fully highlights the advantages of my figure. It can be said that I have never worn such comfortable and beautiful clothes. I wanted to look at what brand it was, but I couldn't find anything, which made me suspect that it was probably the legendary high-end private customization.
        I walked out of the cloakroom and said to Wu Liangliang, "The skirt fits and looks great, thank you grandma!"
        "As long as you like it."
        Wu Liangliang asked me to sit in front of the dressing table. She stood behind me and helped me tie my hair into a bun and put on a shiny diamond hair accessory. She has neat short hair herself, but she is very quick to help people take care of her long hair. After a while, she said, "Ok, the hair is ready! Wait a moment, and then put on light makeup."
        Just ten minutes later, Wu Liangliang said, "Put on those silver fish-lip high-heeled shoes, and go look in the mirror to see if you are satisfied or not."
        I put on my high heels, walked to the mirror, and looked at myself in the mirror in amazement.
        Wu Liangliang was very satisfied with my response. While smiling, she put a diamond necklace around my neck and helped me put on matching diamond earrings, "This is the witchcraft of our women."
        I have to admit she's quite right, really sorcery! A dress, a hairstyle, a makeup look, and a few pieces of jewelry make me feel like a completely different person. I myself feel tall, slender, beautiful, and noble.
        Women are the ones who please themselves! I immediately thought of Wu Julan and hurried downstairs, "Wu Julan! Wu Julan..."
        No one answered me, not only Wu Julan was not there, but Jiang Yisheng was also not there.
        Wu Liangliang said behind me, "They have something to do, so they left early and meet us at the reception later."
        I said disappointedly, "What do they need to leave early for?"
        Wu Liangliang smiled and said, "Don't worry, Brother Wu will not miss your beauty tonight."
        I was punctured, and I was embarrassed, so I hurriedly said, "Go and change your clothes and make up! I'll wait for you."
        In less than 20 minutes, Wu Liangliang changed her dress and makeup, and walked out swayingly, wearing a long rose red dress. Rose, I couldn't help but marvel, "What is a stunner? You're just showing up to talk about it!"
        Wu Liangliang smiled and took my arm and said, "Let's go!"
        When we arrived at the reception, I realized that it was not the small reception I imagined at all.
        The splendid banquet hall, the white-clothed waiters, and the well-dressed guests looked like the grand dinners I saw in Hollywood movies. No wonder Wu Liangliang's grandmother specially prepared clothes and jewelry for me.
        Along the way, there have been people watching us. I felt a little uncomfortable, but Wu Liangliang looked forward to her appearance and enjoyed the attention of the crowd. She smiled and said: "Don't be nervous, they are just admiring your beauty." She took my arm affectionately and winked at me, "Who told us tonight that one is a fire rose, the other is a clear water lily, and the Double opening, a man's biggest dream!"
        I smiled bitterly, "Is this the small reception your grandma hastily prepared?"
        Wu Liangliang said helplessly: "Tonight is very important to her, the old man pays great attention to the sense of ceremony! You should be glad that she has limited time and limited guests. If you give her a few more days, it is estimated that even the African tribes The chiefs will come."
        I asked curiously, "Why do you keep saying that tonight is important to your grandma..."
        "Little snail!"
        The voice from behind interrupted my words, I turned around and found that it was Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan. They stared at me in astonishment and watched me carefully from head to foot as if they had never seen me.
        I also unceremoniously looked at them carefully. The two stood arm in arm, showing intimacy, obviously a pair of lovers who agreed. Just looking at the appearance, the man is gentle and the woman is beautiful, it is indeed a pair of beautiful people. But to think that Zhou Buwen left his girlfriend behind and pretended to pursue me, and Zhou Buyan could see his boyfriend flirting with other women, I felt a little disgusted.
        Maybe my eyes were too sarcastic, Zhou Buwen moved his body uncomfortably, trying to separate a little distance from Zhou Buyan, but Zhou Buyan tightened his grip and looked at me demonstratively.
        Zhou Buwen smiled and said, "Xiaoluo, why are you here?"
        I seemed to be gentle and polite to him, but in fact, the high-pitched tone was very uncomfortable. I imitated his tone and smiled and said, "I don't smell, why are you here?"
        Zhou Buwen's smile froze and asked, "Didn't Wu Julan come with you?"
        My tone softened. "He'll be here later."
        Zhou Buyan couldn't hold back any longer, and said sarcastically, "You bastard! I thought that if I sold two broken stones, I was a rich man! You dare to come to New York to show off your wealth with a few million yuan, beware of your embroidery who eats soft rice. Pillow Boyfriend was spotted by a real rich woman and snatched away!"
        Quarrel? When I want to win, I have never lost! I said with a smile: "Miss Zhou has time to worry about me, why don't you worry about yourself first, at least my boyfriend has never had a bad record of trying to cheat." I patted Zhou Buwen on the shoulder. "Big head, did you tell your girlfriend that you confessed to me and even tried to kiss me, but I rejected it?"
        Zhou Buyan turned blue with anger, "'s not true at all! Buwen is my fiancรฉ, he just pretended..."
        "Don't talk, shut up!" Zhou Buwen scolded with an ugly face, but it was too late.
        A fact that I have always refused to face because there is no evidence unfolded before me. I stared at Zhou Buwen and pinched him by the shoulder. I had a lot of questions to ask, but I was so angry and sad that I couldn't say a word.
        It's really unheard of! Why? I can barely understand car robbery and burglary, but how could he treat Jiang Yisheng's father like that? How could I have sent four gangsters to attack me? Isn't the friendship of many years not important in the face of money?
        A cold hand grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from Zhou Buwen's shoulder. Already familiar with the temperature of the bone marrow, I immediately held his hand and turned to look at him.
        Under Wu Julan's deep and peaceful gaze, my anger and sadness gradually calmed down.
        Zhou Buwen's expression became more and more ugly when he saw Jiang Yisheng beside Wu Julan.
        Jiang Yisheng smiled and said to Zhou Buwen: "I remember the first time I drank, I learned it from you, I thought it was hard to drink, I sipped it in small sips, and I was laughed at by you for not being a man. Big head, I'll give you another toast!"
        Jiang Yisheng took a bottle of strong foreign wine from the tray held by the waiter, poured a full glass, raised his head and drank it in one breath.
        Zhou Buwen looked at him, his face ashen.
        The first time drinking is the beginning of the young friend; the last time drinking is the end of the young friend. Because of Li Datou back then, Jiang Yisheng no longer pursues Zhou Buwen's actions, but after drinking, Zhou Buwen commits another crime, and Jiang Yisheng will retaliate against him.
        When I was young, the three of us hid on a deserted beach, secretly drinking and smoking, giggling and laughing. When I looked at the front, I felt that my heart was blocked, and the questions that had been hovering around my lips had disappeared. meaning. There is no "why", or "why" is not important at all. The important thing is that time has changed our appearance after all, making us strangers. Asking what happened in the past time has no meaning to strangers.
        Jiang Yisheng smiled and handed the empty glass to Zhou Buwen, but Zhou Buwen didn't pick it up. Jiang Yisheng asked with a smile: "If you dare to do it, you must admit it! Don't you even have the courage to drink a glass of wine?"
        Zhou Buyan didn't understand the riddles played by Jiang Yisheng and Zhou Buwen. Watching Jiang Yisheng drinking is probably like Lin Daiyu watching Grandma Liu drinking tea when she first entered the Grand View Garden. She said contemptuously, "What do you call drinking? Even aperitif and meal. It's a shame to come to Violet's reception without knowing the English of the drink! If you don't smell it, let's go and ignore them!"
        Zhou Buyan dragged Zhou Buwen away. Jiang Yisheng returned the empty wine glass to the waiter. I asked Jiang Yisheng worriedly, "Are you okay?"
        Jiang Yisheng said: "Don't worry about me, and don't affect your heart because of Zhou Buwen, it's not worth it!" He glanced at Wu Julan and smiled meaningfully, "Xiaoluo, you are the protagonist tonight, and the main scene has not yet started. !"
        I looked at his and Wu Julan's extraordinarily formal outfits, and remembered that they came to see Wu Liangliang's boss tonight, but I really don't have the heart to chat and laugh with strangers right now, I just want to finish the task quickly and return to the apartment.
        "Liang Liang, what's your boss's name and where is he?"
        Wu Liangliang glanced at the hands I shook with Wu Julan and said, "The boss' name is Regulus, which is Latin, which means prince, and also means the heart of a lion. My grandma will introduce him to you soon. Oh, my grandma It's the Violet mentioned by Zhou Buyan just now, many people who don't know her think she is erudite, mysterious, elegant, and charming..."
        Wu Liangliang didn't say any more, because the banquet hall was suddenly quiet, and I saw her grandma, a well-dressed, charming old woman walking in with the hot eyes of everyone. She was wearing a black evening dress and her hair was neatly tucked behind her head. She could tell her age at a glance, but time left her grace and grace, turning every wrinkle into a gift of time. In front of her, a room full of colorful and flamboyant women suddenly seemed to be reduced to a foil.
        I couldn't help looking at her, and then at Wu Liangliang. Wu Liangliang's face is very Asian, but her grandmother is very Western, not a blond Western, but a Latino with black hair and honey-colored skin. The two faces are very different, yet there are obvious similarities.
        Wu Liangliang explained: "My grandmother calls herself a Gypsy and has Spanish ancestry. I have Indian and Chinese ancestry."
        I nodded to show that I understood.
        Wu Liangliang's grandmother stood in front of the microphone and gave a welcome speech in English.
        She doesn't speak fast and her pronunciation is very standard, so I basically understood it.The guests she invited tonight are all friends with whom she has a cooperative relationship, some old partners who have been working together for hundreds of years, and some new partners who are expanding their business in Asia.Her business involves many fields, such as real estate, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, medical care, minerals, new energy... Violet's way of doing business is not the same as the current business philosophy. She has not listed a company, all of which are privately owned, but noThere is no doubt that this is a low-key but rich business kingdom.