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        I silently reviewed it, and there are indeed many clues. It's just that I was confused by Wu Julan's first impression, and always thought of him as a person with nothing. But I forgot that the two stones I picked up from the sea were sold for millions. He can come and go freely in the sea, which is equivalent to sitting on an endless treasure. How could he be so poor that he has nothing?
        I asked Wu Liangliang, "Did you go to the island to be a doctor on purpose to find Wu Julan?"
        "I accidentally saw the video on the Internet, and I felt that the man in the video was a bit like the boss in the old photos collected by my grandmother, so I immediately rushed to confirm."
        The old photos of Wu Julan can only be photos before 1865. I asked in surprise: "You mean... the old photos of Wu Julan?"
        Wu Liangliang said, "Yes, the only old photo in our family."
        Last night, I felt that Violet knew Wu Julan's identity, and it seemed that my feeling was correct.
        I asked worriedly, "How many people know about this?"
        Wu Liangliang said, "Don't worry, it's very rare! Even my mother doesn't know about it. My grandma told me because I would take over from my grandma in the future."
        Jiang Yisheng asked suspiciously: "What do you know? What are you talking about?"
        I grimaced at Jiang Yisheng, "I have a secret, but I just won't tell you."
        Jiang Yisheng sneered, "What else can you have except Wu Julan? No matter how handsome he is, he is still a man. I am not interested in men's secrets!"
        I retorted with a smile: "It's great that you're not interested, at least we won't have to turn enemies into each other for robbing men in this life!"
        Wu Liangliang burst out laughing, "You guys feel so good!"
        Jiang Yisheng and I looked at each other, made a disgusting expression to each other, and turned away from each other.
        Wu Liangliang asked with a smile, "Is this the online talk about falling in love and killing each other?"
        I suddenly remembered something and asked for confirmation, "Did you delete Wu Julan's online videos?"
        Wu Liangliang said embarrassedly, "I asked someone to delete it, and I also asked people to post a message saying that the content in the video is fake, and it's just a commercial packaging method. Sorry!"
        I said, "You are very careful, and I should thank you."
        Sure enough, it wasn't Wu Julan who did it, but it makes sense for Wu Julan to take it on. Wu Liangliang is his person, and what he does is naturally counted on his head, but... I asked out of pure curiosity, "When you came to my house, Wu Julan knew about you before?"
        Wu Liangliang moved to me and whispered, "I met the boss when I first arrived on the island. At that time, I followed him to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. I couldn't believe that such a man at home would be described by grandma. Regulus. I was still struggling with how to test him. I didn't expect that he had already noticed that someone was secretly following him and pulled me out. I didn't immediately say who I was, he regarded me as Zhou Buwen's accomplice, I almost killed the killer, and I was so frightened that I immediately reported my family name, and he let me go. I confirmed that he was Regulus, but he had no interest in ignoring me at all, so I had no choice but to visit Jiang Yisheng. "
        So this is ah! No wonder what Wu Liangliang said that day was very meaningful.
        Wu Liangliang looked at the blue diamond ring on my finger and said, "Last night, when Zhou Buyan saw you wearing this ring, his eyes burst into flames! Such a blue diamond can't be bought with money. It’s even less likely that it will be a discounted item.”
        She glanced at the cabin and saw that Wu Julan was studying the radar screen intently. She lowered her voice and said, "The boss must have done it on purpose, but I don't know if he minds Zhou Buyan's rude words to you or Zhou Buwen's intentions to you. Bad."
        I said embarrassedly, "Wu Julan wouldn't mind these little things!"
        Wu Liangliang smiled meaningfully, "Do you mind? Do you know that the boss asked my grandma to invite Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan, otherwise, even if grandma had some business dealings with them, it would be impossible to invite them to attend yesterday's event. drinking party."
        I was dumbfounded.
        Wu Liangliang said gloatingly: "Sister Xiaoluo, listen to my sister's advice, don't ask Zhou Buwen to kiss you in front of the boss in the future. You were just talking to Zhou Buwen at that time, but I saw it with my own eyes. The boss's eyes suddenly became very scary."
        I remembered that Wu Julan grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from Zhou Buwen's shoulder. I didn't think much about it at the time, but now I remember his small gesture. I asked with a guilty conscience: "Wu Julan really looks terrible?"
        Wu Liangliang nodded, imitating my movements that night, and the brothers put their arms on my shoulders nicely, "Not only did you say that Zhou Buwen wanted to kiss you, but you also put on someone's shoulder so intimately, the boss's eyes changed. It's terrible."
        "I just want to disgust Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan!"
        Jiang Yisheng sneered: "You call this an indiscriminate attack, and by the way, it also disgusts Brother Wu."
        Wu Liangliang agreed and said, "This kind of trick that hurts the enemy as well as yourself should be used with caution!"
        I thought depressedly, what else did I say last night, did I stop talking nonsense?
        Focusing on the details of seeing Zhou Buwen last night, Zhou Buyan's words jumped out of his memory, "Bumper! I thought that if I sold two broken stones, I was rich! I dare to hold a few million yuan. Come to New York to show off your wealth, be careful that your embroidered pillow boyfriend who eats soft rice is taken by the real rich woman!"
        I was shocked and thought about it carefully.
        Jiang Yisheng snapped his fingers in front of me and asked mockingly, "Hey, you're not so afraid of Big Brother Wu getting angry, are you?"
        I clapped his hand away and asked Wu Liangliang seriously, "Are Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan very rich?"
        "Depending on how you define rich, compared to bosses, they are like fireflies to moonlight."
        "A few million yuan is nothing to them?"
        "Definitely! The jewelry that Zhou Buyan wore last night cost at least one million yuan."
        I looked at Jiang Yisheng, and Jiang Yisheng also looked at me. With his IQ, he must have understood what I was thinking.
        Jiang Yisheng frowned and said, "If a few million yuan is nothing to Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan, your two stones can't be their target. What do they want?"
        Wu Julan's voice came from the door of the cabin, "I asked Violet to invite Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan to attend the reception. One of the purposes is to find out what they want."
        Wu Liangliang and I looked at each other, and I was overheard talking about him behind his back!
        I hurriedly said: "Look! I knew that Wu Julan would not be so boring and stingy, there must be serious reasons to invite Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan."
        Wu Liangliang was extremely contemptuous of me, a dead Taoist friend who did not die, and reminded me in her voice: "It's just one of the purposes!"
        Wu Julan came over with a dozen beers and said lightly, "Yes, it's just one of the four purposes."
        Wu Liangliang made a weird expression to me, "Dangerous people are approaching, I'd better stay away." She hurriedly stood up, walked towards the cabin, and said loudly: "For everyone's safety, we should There is a person guarding the cabin, only the boss and I have a driver's license on the boat, since the boss is out, I will guard."
        Wu Julan sat beside me and handed the beer to Jiang Yisheng. Jiang Yisheng took a can and threw a can for me. He wanted to give it to Wu Julan. Wu Julan shook his head and said that he would not drink it.
        I opened the can, and while drinking beer, I pretended to look at the scenery, trying to clear the topic just now, "I have seen a lot of fish, and I hope to see whales later."
        But Jiang Yisheng wanted to kill me. While drinking, he asked with a smile: "Brother Wu, what are the other three reasons for you to invite Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan to the reception?"
        Wu Julan said: "One is to let them see the power behind Xiaoluo. I said before that if you try to hurt Xiaoluo, you must consider bearing my anger, but they should think that I am not qualified to say this, so they didn't take it to heart. , I can only tell them again in a pompous way they can understand."
        I thought that what he said at the dinner table was a joke, but I didn't expect him to be serious. My heart was warm and I looked at Wu Julan tenderly.
        Jiang Yisheng asked, "Are there two other purposes?"
        Wu Julan said lightly: "Wu Liangliang said it just now, I don't like Zhou Buyan's attitude towards Xiaoluo, and I don't like Zhou Buwen's expression of admiration for Xiaoluo, especially when he dares to stand in front of me!"
        In an instant, I felt lightning flashes above my head, and I immediately turned my face away from embarrassment. It is safer to look at the scenery!
        Jiang Yisheng was also embarrassed. He almost spit out a mouthful of beer from the mouth. He coughed and said, "Brother! Can you not say such a serious thing in such a serious tone, will you? dead person's!"
        Wu Julan frowned and asked solemnly, "Do you think this is a serious matter?"
        Wu Liangliang was lying on the window, leaning halfway outside, and said loudly, "Doctor Jiang, what you just said was very unscientific and imprecise! Anyone who has seen "Animal World" should know that for Xiong Xing , Everything about your spouse is very serious, no matter if you show good or bad, it may lead to a death duel! The boss is a very conservative person. The last time I saw Zhou Buwen was courting Xiaoluo in front of the boss. , just happily waiting to see how he died."
        I couldn't help but ask, "Liang Liang, are you sure you're sailing the boat, not eavesdropping?" I think Wu Liangliang was quite normal, but since she talked to an abnormal boss, she started talking in a fuss-free manner. embarrassed.
        "It's sailing!" Wu Liangliang immediately retracted her body and pretended to be very busy.
        Jiang Yisheng laughed twice, looked at me, then at Wu Julan, and made an excuse to retreat, "I'll take a look at Liangliang."
        The yacht has been heading towards the depths of the blue sea and blue sky. The farther away from the land where humans live, the better the scenery.
        Jiang Yisheng and I grew up by the sea, and we can be regarded as accustomed to the scenery of the sea since childhood, but the scenery is always different in different sea areas. If nothing else, the color of the sea is different.
        White seabirds flew up and down our boat and occasionally landed on the railing to lend our boat some way. Dolphins chased the school of fish and jumped out of the sea from time to time, drawing beautiful arcs on the blue sea.
        Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang whistled and clapped vigorously. The smart dolphins seemed to understand that someone was admiring their beautiful figures. Made us yell.
        Wu Julan sat next to me, quietly watching me and yelling, while taking pictures with her phone.
        Wu Liangliang saw that my phone was covered with a transparent airtight plastic bag with a long strap on it that I could hang around my neck. She asked curiously, "Why is your phone like this?"
        "The waterproof bag for mobile phones purchased online has a very reasonable design. It does not affect calls and photos at all. It can be hung around the neck or tied to the arm to prevent the mobile phone from being washed away by the water after falling into the water."
        I smiled and pulled up Wu Julan's sleeve, his mobile phone was fastened to his arm with a strap, and mine was a couple's mobile phone case. I put my phone aside and showed it off to Wu Liangliang, "How is it?"
        "You... so thoughtful!" After Wu Liangliang finally found a word to compliment me, she turned her head silently.
        I thought to myself, it's not about being thoughtful, it's about eating a lot of money and getting smarter, I don't want to get a new phone every month!