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        After watching a group of dolphins go away, I regretfully said to Wu Julan: "Grandpa said that there were many dolphins near the island when he was a child, and the whales could be seen when the boat opened a little, but unfortunately the environment has been severely damaged over the years, and the dolphins have become more and more frequent. At least, as for the whale, I have never seen one since I was young."
        Wu Julan smiled slightly and said nothing.
        I saw that Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang were still some distance away from us, and asked in a low voice, "Although dolphins live in the sea, they are not actually fish, but mammals, that..."
        I didn't know what to say, but Wu Julan immediately understood what I wanted to ask, "Although it is called a mermaid, like dolphins and whales, we are all viviparous, not fish. In ancient human legends, the Eastern We are called mermen, and the West calls us Mermaid and Merman, and we are all inseparable from the same 'people'. I think your ancestors probably knew that from a genetic point of view, we are indeed homologous. It's just that In the process of evolution, you chose land, and we chose the ocean. In order to survive better in different environments, the body had to evolve in different directions. After billions of years, everyone will become completely different. Just like whales and dolphins originally had hind limbs, but because they chose the ocean, their hind limbs disappeared and became fins."
        A long time ago, I read a paper that was a comparative study of ancient legends between China and the West.
        The article analyzed: In ancient times, China and the West were separated by a vast ocean, and it was impossible to have a cultural flow, but many legends and records showed striking similarities. From the point of view of probability, the possibility of coincidence is very small, and it is more likely that humans living on different continents have seen and experienced it, so the legends and records of different continents are surprisingly similar. For example, ancient floods. Regardless of the legends of the East or the West, there are records of floods and human beings struggling to survive. With the development of science and technology, geological research has proved that human history has indeed experienced great floods.
        I still remember that the article also mentioned mermaids, saying that no matter whether it is the East or the West, there are such species in very ancient legends, and their appearance descriptions are similar. If you exclude the small probability of coincidence, the bigger The probability is that the species has actually existed, or even still exists.
        After all, although humans have been on the moon, their understanding of the earth is still on the surface. Only 29% of the entire earth is land, and 71% is ocean. No one really knows what is hidden in such a vast ocean.
        Wu Julan saw that I had been thinking deeply, and said gently: "I only have a general understanding of these things. If you are interested in biological evolution, you can ask Violet. Her family has been working on these researches. I heard that she helped Discovery do it. Two issues of Mermaids, and Themerman for Crypt-o-zoo, which explores the origin and evolution of mermaids.”
        I said with interest, "Look back and have a look."
        I remembered the information I had consulted and asked curiously, "The book says that when the merman cries, the tears shed are pearls, is that true?"
        Wu Julan said: "It seems to be true."
        I asked in surprise: "It seems? You don't even know?"
        Wu Julan said: "Do you think we can cry if we want to cry like you? Humans, like dolphins, have lacrimal glands; but mermaids, like apes and whales, have no lacrimal glands at all."
        I couldn't figure it out: "Dolphins have lacrimal glands, but human relatives, apes, don't have lacrimal glands?"
        Wu Julan said: "Many biologists can't figure out this problem, and they have been studying it. Because there are no lacrimal glands, mermaids will not cry once in their entire life. I have never seen mermaids cry with my own eyes. I just heard it from the elders in the clan. true."
        I stared at Wu Julan's eyes and asked inexplicably, "If you don't have lacrimal glands, how can you cry out pearls?"
        Wu Julan flicked my forehead and said amusingly: "I haven't cried before, how do I know? The elders in the clan said they would be extremely painful and sad. I can't imagine that feeling."
        I nodded my head in understanding. Wu Julan has lived for thousands of years. He has been betrayed and framed, and he has been seriously injured by the savage nature. , I can't cry.
        Suddenly, a loud sound like a muffled thunder came, and I was startled. I turned my head to look at the sea, and suddenly became stunned: under the sapphire-clear blue sky, a "fountain" soared into the sky, with a height of more than ten meters. amazing.
        Jiang Yisheng rushed to the railing and shouted excitedly, "Whale! Whale!"
        "It's really a whale! It's so big!" I couldn't help but stand up excitedly.
        As far as the eye can see, a dozen whales have gathered on the sea at some point, slowly swimming around our boat.
        The astonishing "fountain" just now was like an announcement by an announcer, drawing our attention to them.
        Great show, now the real start!
        Like an experienced performance troupe, they landed at intervals and staggered, sinking and floating. Every time it floats, a water column will be sprayed, the water column will be thick and thin, and the top will be scattered, like a large white flower.
        They cooperate with each other, changing the direction and height of the water spray, so that the blossoming water in the air is sometimes high and sometimes low, and combined into different shapes. Sometimes it is like the stars in the sky, sometimes it is like undulating ripples, and sometimes it is like a blooming flower.
        They even know how to use the folds of sunlight to create rainbows. The largest whale is bigger than our yacht, it will swim slowly by our yacht, spray high water column in the most suitable position, let the sun fold a rainbow of colors in front of our eyes , stretched out his hand, and the rainbow floated in the palm of his hand.
        At first, Jiang Yisheng was excitedly holding his mobile phone and kept taking pictures. Later, he was completely dumbfounded. He stood in front of the railing dumbfounded and kept saying, "They are performing consciously!"
        As if in response to Jiang Yisheng's words, more than a dozen whales surfaced in unison, surrounded our boat in a stacked ring, and spewed high water jets together. Beautiful water flowers bloomed in the sky above us, and several rainbows appeared by mistake in the blue sky. There are colorful lights in front of us and around us, like gorgeous fireworks blooming colorfully, but because it is a bright day, it is brighter, brighter and lighter than the fireworks in the dark night.
        In the brilliance, I looked back at Wu Julan - this is the sea, it is his territory, only he can make this fairy tale dream scene happen!
        Wu Julan said lightly, "A small gift for you who have never seen a whale."
        Between the blue sea and the blue sky, colorful neon lights floated behind him, making people feel like they were in a fairyland, but at this moment, no matter how magnificent the scenery of the world is, it can't compare to his indifferent eyebrows.
        Impulsively, I rushed over, wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed him hard on the cheek, and whispered in his ear, "Don't be too kind to me, I already love you very much, but I'm still afraid that my love is not worthy of your kindness to me!"
        Wu Julan seemed to be standing still and his face was as usual, but the "performing team" of the whales suddenly became chaotic, and the spray of water was out of control.
        A spray of water was too close to the ship's side, and the water splashed towards me and Wu Julan. Wu Julan hurriedly hugged me and turned around, turned his back to the flying spray, and hid me in his arms. He was splashed by the spray himself.
        Jiang Yisheng sneered at me angrily: "Shen Luo, your intelligence quotient and your face are starting to have no lower limits. In broad daylight and in full view, you threw yourself into a man's arms."
        I was surprised and delighted in my heart. I turned a deaf ear to Jiang Yisheng's words and stared at Wu Julan blankly.
        Wu Julan let go of me, and wiped the water droplets on her head indifferently. From the beginning to the end, he has always been the kind of calm, indifferent, turbulent expression, but just now, he must have fluctuated a lot, which is why the whales lost control.
        I secretly thought: It's because of me! ?
        I kept staring at him, and Wu Julan said calmly, "The clothes are wet, I'll change clothes."
        He turned around and walked to the cabin, and when he passed by Jiang Yisheng, he took the empty beer can in Jiang Yisheng's hand and patted it with both hands, and it turned into a flat circle. He put the wafer back into Jiang Yisheng's hand again, and said lightly, "If I didn't want to, no one would be able to pounce on me."
        Jiang Yisheng's laughter stopped abruptly, and he stared at the thin circle in his hand in a stunned manner.
        I had a serious suspicion that Wu Julan actually didn't mind wearing wet clothes, but just like me sometimes - embarrassed and ran away! But seeing that he can still focus on helping me find a place from Jiang Yisheng, I think I really think too much!
        I took the beer can that was pressed into thin slices by Wu Julan from Jiang Yisheng, turned it over and couldn't help laughing.
        No matter what, I was deceived by his paralyzed face. In this relationship, he would also be shy and nervous, and he would also lose control because of an intimate touch of mine.
        I thought to my heart's content, this is normal! Anyway, I'm also someone who has watched all the dramas, what exciting scene have I never seen before? There is no reason to be more nervous and shy than this old antique!
        When I am with my loved one, time always flies very fast. I just feel that the sun just rises and it is already sunset.
        We parked the boat in the middle of the sea and had dinner while admiring the sunset. Wu Liangliang made seafood creamy stewed pasta with strong aroma, which was very delicious, but Wu Julan didn't ask for seafood cream soup, and only ate very light noodles.
        I remember that Wu Julan did not reject food with strong flavors, and asked strangely, "Is there any food that you should avoid today?"
        Wu Julan said lightly: "If it wasn't for the food I cooked myself, it would be easier to eat if there were any added medicines."
        Jiang Yisheng almost choked on the pasta he had just eaten, and said strangely, "Are you serious?"
        I know this is too true, but it was embarrassing to see Wu Liangliang's demeanor, so she hurriedly laughed and said, "Of course it's a joke! He's just a little angry."
        Wu Julan glanced at me, but did not refute my well-meaning lie.
        By the time dinner was over and the dishes were cleaned up, it was almost dark.
        While drinking, Jiang Yisheng enthusiastically proposed: "Today is the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the night of the full moon, when the moon rises, let's go fishing at the end of the month!"
        I immediately rejected, "I'm going to have a separate event with Wu Julan tonight. It's only me and Wu Julan!" Jiang Yisheng likes to be lively since he was a child, and I need private space without emphasizing the ambience. He will definitely come over to join in the fun.
        "Oh—" Jiang Yisheng didn't know what to think, he laughed so hard. He put down the wine glass, opened the window, and went out to take a look around, "The sky is full, you guys are really wild, it's windy tonight, be careful to catch a cold!"
        I reacted for a moment before I understood his nasty words, and couldn't help but punch him on the back, "Where did so many nasty thoughts come from?"
        Jiang Yisheng fell down and slumped on the table.
        I pushed him with a smile, "Don't pretend to be weak!"
        He didn't move at all, I pushed a few more times, only to find that he was not pretending, but really passed out.I was frightened, even if I used a little strength for that punch, it wouldn't knock a big man about 1.8 meters into a daze!
        I screamed in panic: "Wu Julan!" I remembered that Wu Liangliang was a serious doctor, "Liangliang, come and have a look! Jiang Yisheng has passed out!"