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        Wu Liangliang leaned against the bar and drank red wine very calmly, "I put sedatives in his seafood noodles, so it's not surprising that he doesn't pass out. Don't worry, just get some sleep and you'll be fine tomorrow."
        I was completely stupid, so I went to see Wu Julan subconsciously. Is it true that the food with strong taste will add drugs? what about me? Am I going to fall asleep too?
        Wu Liangliang guessed what I was thinking, and hurriedly explained, "I didn't put anything in your food."
        Wu Julan stared at Wu Liangliang and said calmly, "The reason!"
        "There are some things that Jiang Yisheng doesn't need to know. This is the safest way to do it. To be fair, I will also take a sedative and accompany him to sleep for a night." Wu Liangliang shook the glass, "Already put it in the wine."
        Wu Liangliang drank the red wine in one breath, walked over, and lifted Jiang Yisheng with both hands. She carried Jiang Yisheng like a sandbag and walked towards the stairs leading to the bilge, "We went down to sleep, Jiang Yisheng and I share two rooms, anyway, if you don't need it, I won't leave it for you, tomorrow See you in the morning!"
        Wu Liangliang's footsteps disappeared into the bilge, and I still stared at the direction of the stairs with my mouth wide open.
        Wu Julan said: "The people of their family have to undergo strict physical training since childhood. More than a hundred years ago, it was to save their lives. Now it seems to be a family tradition."
        I came back to my senses, it really is the mighty queen! Whether it is strength or wisdom, it is simple and rough! She is cruel enough to Jiang Yisheng, but she can be considered to be in trouble with Jiang Yisheng. Moreover, what she did might be in line with Jiang Yisheng's intentions.
        With Jiang Yisheng's IQ, I don't believe he didn't find Wu Julan's unusual, but he didn't ask anything, he just showed that he didn't want to know anything. In fact, many times, knowing too much will not help, but will become a burden.
        Chapter16 You can betray me
        As long as you can be safe, it doesn't matter whether you use me as an exchange or betray me!
        The sky was already dark, and the wind on the sea was swift and cold, making everyone feel cold.
        Wearing a thin white shirt, Wu Julan stood by the railing, looking at the moon slowly rising in the east.
        I was fully armed, with a turtleneck pullover, a cropped thin cashmere coat, thick jeans, and a beanie hat.
        I rubbed my hands and said, "It's fine during the day, but it's really cold at night."
        Wu Julan turned her head and glanced at me, "After I go to sea later, wait for me in the cabin."
        "No! I want to be with you all the time!" Last time, Wu Julan was afraid of scaring me, so he only showed me his body from a distance, and once he got close to me, he would hide his lower body in the water. This time, I don't want him to avoid me anymore, I want him to really feel that I'm not just not afraid of him, I love him in any way.
        Wu Julan said: "The sea water is very cold. A normal person will go into shock after soaking in such sea water for an hour. It is impossible for your body to go into the water."
        It's the end of October, and I need to wear a coat to keep out the cold on land. Of course, I understand that I can't accompany him to the sea.
        I pointed to the stern and said, "There is a small life-saving hovercraft behind the yacht. I can sit on the hovercraft to accompany you." That way, although I am on the boat and he is in the water, at least we can hold hands , you can see each other clearly.
        Wu Julan thought for a while and said, "Okay!"
        Originally, I thought it would take a lot of words to convince him, but I didn't expect him to accept my proposal so easily. I was so happy that I almost jumped up, hugged his arm, and said excitedly, "Wu Julan, you are so kind!"
        Wu Julan shook his head, stretched out his hand, and helped me put on the hat a little bit, "You are very good, very good!"
        I was a little shy, so embarrassed I dragged his hand and walked towards the stern. "Before your legs can move, help me put the hovercraft into the sea."
        Wu Julan turned over the railing, stepped on the edge of the boat, and easily put the hovercraft fixed at the stern into the sea.
        I was anxious to get down immediately, and he said, "Wait!"
        Wu Julan walked into the cabin and took two cashmere blankets, a thermos and a small bottle of vodka from the cabin.
        There was no one at the moment, and he no longer concealed it. He tapped his steps and flew into the hovercraft.
        I said, "I'm wearing such thick clothes, I'm sure I won't freeze! Don't just take care of me, think about what else you need first."
        Wu Julan lowered her head and said, "Everything I need can be found in the sea, except you!"
        When he spoke, his expression was natural and calm, as if he said "drink water when you are thirsty, and sleep when you are sleepy", but my ears were hot and my eyes were sore, and my heart was shaking.
        Wu Julan raised his head and said to me, "It's time to come down."
        I didn't move, just kept staring at him.
        He was very strange, showing a puzzled look of "what happened".
        My old antique Wu Julan is so bright and stupid! I laughed and couldn't help but say crisply, "Wu Julan, I love you!"
        Wu Julan's expression became more and more calm and indifferent, but her eyes were a little erratic, avoiding my sight, drooping slightly, and said coldly, "Come down!"
        It's a pity that I have completely seen through his tricks to cover up the ups and downs with calmness, and the more he does this, the more wicked I am, and I really want to tease him.
        I smiled and said: "Hey! I said I love you! Don't you respond? At least you should stare into my eyes deeply and say 'I love you too', or... directly and deeply kiss?"
        Wu Julan responded to the changes without change. Looking at the direction of the rising moon, she said indifferently, "My legs will soon be unable to move."
        Uh - you're amazing! I didn't dare to linger any longer, I immediately grabbed the railing and rode over onto the railing. I thought in my heart not to look at the water, not to look at the water, but my eyes always looked down at the hovercraft, and I inevitably saw the undulating sea water. Immediately, my body felt an instinctive fear, and it was difficult for me to understand this psychological mechanism. I was sitting on the boat, and I was fine. I was so scared that I wanted to shiver before my feet left the boat as soon as I climbed the railing.
        Wu Julan stretched out his hand and wanted to carry me down. I hurriedly said, "I'll do it myself!" If the person I love is an ordinary person, it doesn't matter if I'm afraid of water or not. However, Wu Julan takes the sea as his home, so even if I can't be a good swimmer, I definitely can't be afraid of water.
        Wu Julan stood aside and looked at me quietly.
        While clutching the railing tightly, I recited in my heart, "With Wu Julan here! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! You can do it..."
        Suddenly, the "ding ding dong dong" cell phone rang, and it was my cell phone ringing.
        I should get down into the hovercraft as soon as possible to answer the phone, but my hand is tightly gripping the railing and I just can't let go. The "ding ding dong dong" ringing of the mobile phone was like a non-stop urging. The more anxious I became, the more scared I became.
        "Don't be so selfish!" Wu Julan suddenly hugged me and put me on the hovercraft.
        I am very frustrated, how can such a simple thing not be done?
        Wu Julan said, "answer the phone first!"
        I made my spirits and answered the phone, "Hello?"
        "Is it Shenluo?"
        The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember who it was. I said, "I'm Shenluo, who are you?"
        "I'm Shen Yanghui!"
        Before I could react, Shen Yanghui started yelling: "Shen Luo! You bastard! You bastard! Smelly bastard! Rotten duck! Why don't you die? It's all because of you, you broom star, I definitely won't leave you alone..."
        Shen Yanghui cried while scolding. I listened to him scolding for three minutes, but I still don't know what happened, I just felt that something bad happened. However, I haven't seen them for several months, and I haven't even gotten through the phone. How can I become a broom star to harm them?
        Shen Yanghui was still cursing me over and over again: "Shen Luo! It's all your broom star's fault! If it wasn't for you, my mother wouldn't quarrel with my father at all! My mother is right, you are a bitch..."
        I said, "I'm a bitch, you and I have half the same bloodline, and you're one-half of a bitch! Not even a bitch!"
        "Stinky shit!"
        "One-half of your stinky shit! The remaining one-half went into your brain! People get water into their brains, and you get shit into their brains!"
        Shen Yanghui and I were scolding back and forth. The words of the two people could be called the dross of Chinese language and culture. I glanced at Wu Julan worriedly, and found that he was standing aside, listening quietly, scolding me as a shrew. Looks very calm. I calmed down and continued to scold fiercely.
        Shen Yanghui was scolded by me for being stupid, and finally calmed down, no longer barking like a mad dog, and could talk normally.
        I said, "What the hell happened? You tell me well! Otherwise, I'll hang up immediately!"
        "You are so cold-blooded!"
        "Are you very passionate about me? Shen Yanghui, when your mother scolded me, she didn't shy away from you at all, which proves that she didn't intend to let you and me be siblings at all. What do you think of me?"
        Shen Yanghui was silent, sobbing and sobbing came from the phone. Then, he started talking incoherently about the incident, and I gradually sorted out the ins and outs of the incident.
        The reason was the bronze mirror that was snatched away by the stepmother. Someone found the stepmother and wanted to buy the bronze mirror. At the beginning, the stepmother considered that Shen Yanghui's surname was Shen, and it was considered a souvenir from the Shen family for several generations, so she did not agree to sell it. But the other party raised the bid and promised one million, and the stepmother was tempted and decided to sell the mirror.
        However, no one thought that the always cowardly father would be very firm this time. No matter whether the stepmother pretended to be pitiful and begged, or cried frantically, he would not agree with the stepmother to sell the mirror. The stepmother was used to doing whatever she wanted at home, so naturally it was impossible to stop there. The two kept arguing about the bronze mirror.
        This morning, my father drove Shen Yanghui to school, and by the way, he planned to put his stepmother at the subway station entrance so that she could go to work. Along the way, the family of three can be considered happy, but the stepmother received a call from the person who bought the mirror. Dad found out that because the other party promised to pay 1.2 million, the stepmother had agreed to sell the mirror, and secretly brought the mirror out, intending to give the mirror to the other party later.
        The two began to quarrel over whether to sell the mirror. No matter what the stepmother said, the father would not agree. After the quarrel, the stepmother lost control, and even though her father was driving, she beat her father, causing a car accident.
        Dad sat in the driver's seat, stepmother sat in the passenger seat, and Shen Yanghui sat behind the stepmother. At the moment of the car accident, in order to protect his wife and children, dad turned the steering wheel desperately to the right, so that the side he was sitting on faced the crash. car.
        In the end, Shen Yanghui was only slightly scratched. The stepmother's fracture was severe, but not life-threatening. My father had a massive spleen hemorrhage, and is now undergoing an operation for rescue.
        Shen Yanghui was confused and panicked, so he took out his anger at me. If it wasn't for me, Dad wouldn't be so insistent on not selling mirrors; if Dad agreed to sell mirrors, stepmother and dad wouldn't quarrel at all, there wouldn't be a car accident, stepmother wouldn't be seriously injured, and dad wouldn't be dead.
        Shen Yanghui called, not to seek comfort and help from me, but simply to vent.
        While listening to his cursing and crying, I remembered my father's promise to me when he left the island, "Xiaoluo, I know what you are worried about, it's not just your surname Shen, don't worry, I will make Yang Hui take care of that mirror. Keep it safe and never sell it!"