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        I looked at him with a smile, and silently said to him with my mouth: "I'll wait for you to continue this kiss!" While speaking, I used his force to push me away, and also pushed him back hard.
        He didn't think that I would suddenly change from hugging hard to pushing out hard. He didn't want me to fall into the sea, so he could only pull back the force immediately, but his legs were already stiff and weak, and his center of gravity was unsteady, and he turned upright. nautical miles.
        As he rolled into the sea, gunshots rang out. The sound of bang bang ripped the calm night into countless swaying fragments. I couldn't see whether Wu Julan was caught or not. I only saw that his white shirt, which was blown up by the wind, looked like a white butterfly, swept away. Overnight, I fell into the dark sea.
        The gunshots still rang out, Zhou Buyan looked ugly, and suddenly shouted: "Enough!"
        With tears in my eyes, I stared at Zhou Buyan angrily. At this moment, I can't do anything, I can only pray over and over in my heart: no sheen, no sheen...
        Zhou Buyan said angrily to the people around him: "What are you still staring at? Hurry up and bring people here!"
        The two sturdy big men carried me onto the assault boat like a small jī.
        Zhou Buyan slapped me in the face with a slap, "You stare at me again! It was you who tried to escape first, and then we shot! Idiots, people fall into such a cold sea, even if we don't shoot, he Will freeze to death too!"
        Zhou Buyan ordered the assault boat to circle around the yacht. The bright searchlights illuminated the sea clearly, and no one ever surfaced.
        Zhou Buyan's face became more and more ugly.
        Zhou Buwen and two people searched our yacht.
        A big man stood on the yacht and said to Zhou Buyan, "Miss, there are two people in the cabin, but they are both drunk and cannot wake up."
        Next to Zhou Buyan, a thin, dark-skinned man who looked like a Southeast Asian man said something viciously. Zhou Buyan seemed startled and didn't say a word for a while.
        I vaguely guessed what they meant, and looked pleadingly at Zhou Buwen on the yacht.
        Zhou Bu ignored me, jumped from the yacht to the assault boat, and casually said to Zhou Buyan: "The people in the cabin are Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang. Jiang Yisheng is insignificant, but Wu Liangliang is Violet's granddaughter. As far as subordinates are concerned, the death of the boss may be a good thing, but if the granddaughter is dead, no one will let it go.”
        Zhou Buyan nodded, and said a few words to the man beside him, but the man didn't dare to say a word.
        I let go of my dangling heart.
        Zhou Buyan ordered, "Let's go!"
        With the roar of the motor, the assault boat took me to the depths of the dark sea.
        After more than half an hour, the assault boat approached a large ship.
        Zhou Buyan took the lead on board the boat, and while walking forward, he said, "No smell, take Shenluo to see grandpa! I'll go back to my room to change clothes and take a bath, and I'll go to accompany grandpa later."
        Zhou Buwen said, "Okay!"
        I was escorted to the boat, and the thin Southeast Asian man who spoke at first came over and searched me. I found tissue, lipstick, hand cream and a few candies one after another from my pocket. He didn't even look at them and threw them into the sea. I tried to tighten my stomach, not wanting him to find my phone hidden in my clothes.
        After checking the outside, he frowned in dissatisfaction and ordered me to unbutton my coat.
        As I had to unbutton my coat, I thought nervously: What should I do? How to do? to be discovered...
        Zhou Buwen, who had already walked into the cabin, became impatient and turned around and asked, "Are you alright?"
        The man said, "No cell phone."
        I said sarcastically, "On the yacht! You suddenly caught me. Do I still have time to bring my phone? Didn't I even leave my wallet on the yacht?"
        The man glanced at the impatient Zhou Buwen and accepted what I said. He opened my coat, checked for hidden pockets, glanced at the cashmere pullover that I could never have pockets, and stepped aside to signal his release.
        Zhou Buwen took me and walked forward silently.
        When he walked outside a room, he stopped and said softly, "My grandfather wants to see you. For your own sake, speak better."
        He knocked on the door and someone said, "Come in!"
        We entered a large, sumptuously furnished room. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, an old man with white hair was sitting on the sofa, tasting black tea. He was wearing a three-piece suit, his hair was neatly combed, and he looked like he was going to a feast soon, but his sunken cheeks, cloudy eyes, and pale lips made me feel the breath of death.
        "Grandpa, here we are." After Zhou Buwen finished speaking, he respectfully stood aside.
        "Why don't you say anything?"
        "She said to go back to the room to take a shower and change clothes."
        The old man Zhou sneered, "The female university is outgoing, she wants you to take this credit alone."
        Zhou Buwen lowered his head and said, "I understand."
        The old man Zhou glanced at Zhou Buwen, squinted at me, and said kindly: "You are Shenluo, right? Buwen often mentions you, I have long wanted to invite you over to meet, but Buwen always insists on using it. A gentle method, I don't want to alarm you, I didn't expect that we would still meet in my way in the end."
        When I saw that there was a separate bathroom in the room, I suddenly got into it, made a urgency of urination, and asked, "Can I use the bathroom?"
        Old Man Zhou asked amusingly, "Don't they even let you use the bathroom?"
        I said displeasedly: "I was on the motorboat before, surrounded by men with guns. It's good that I didn't get killed. How dare I ask to go to the toilet? Later, as soon as I got on the boat, I was escorted here. "
        The old man Zhou smiled and pointed to the bathroom, and the gentleman said, "Please do it yourself."
        I immediately walked to the bathroom, locked the door after entering, looked up and looked around, this is Old Man Zhou's own bathroom, it should be impossible to install a monitor.
        While I was actually using the toilet, I hurriedly took out my phone and checked the sound. It was not muted. Fortunately, no one contacted me along the way.
        I quickly turned the phone to silent, and then sent a text message to Wu Julan. I didn't have time to type, so I just sent one: "5?"
        I sat on the toilet, put my palms together, put my phone between my palms, and silently prayed: Get back to me! reply me! reply me……
        The phone vibrated slightly and replied. Although I haven't seen what he wrote, but knowing that he is still alive, the heart that has been picked on the tip of the knife finally returns to its original place. I was so excited that I almost cried, and with tears in my eyes, I kissed the blue diamond ring on my middle finger.
        I was afraid that people outside would be suspicious, so I didn’t dare to stay any longer. I stood up and read text messages while flushing the toilet.
        Wu Julan's text message was also very brief: Safe outside the ship.
        I felt at ease all of a sudden, he was in the sea outside the boat, even if it was Longtan Huxué, as long as I knew that I was not alone, I would not be afraid of anything. I sent a text message: Ping An is contacted again.
        I turned on the faucet, let the water flow, and quickly deleted the three text messages, just in case they found the phone, and bào revealed Wu Julan.
        I still hide my phone under my sweater, close to my belly. I looked in the mirror and made sure I couldn't see it outside, I quickly washed my hands and opened the bathroom door.
        I walked up to Old Man Zhou and said, "Can you give me a glass of water?"
        The old man Zhou did not immediately agree to my request this time, but said with a smile: "Aren't you curious about what we want?"
        "Curious!" After confirming that Wu Julan was safe and sound, I became very calm. Now that I have seen the big boss behind the scenes, I might as well explore the ins and outs.
        The old man Zhou said, "What do you think we want? If it's right, I'll allow you to sit down and have a cup of tea with me."
        "At first, I thought you were looking for money and wanted those two stones. Later, I found out that you didn't care about millions of RMB. To be precise, even if it was millions of dollars, you didn't care." If the average family member can do it, the old man Zhou must be richer and more powerful than I imagined.
        The old man Zhou smiled and said conceitedly: "The Zhou family dare not say that they are rich and noble, but they have never been short of money."
        I said: "My brother said that you spent 1.2 million to buy the bronze mirror of the Shen family, but I don't think that bronze mirror is your ultimate goal. If you just want the bronze mirror, use Zhou Buwen and I I have long since found out that the bronze mirror was in the hands of my stepmother, and it is impossible to wait until now to go to my stepmother to buy it."
        The old man Zhou smiled and nodded, and said to Zhou Buwen, "She's a smart girl, Buyan can't compare to her."
        Zhou Buwen said: "What I like is the simplicity and directness of no words."
        I ignored their La Jiachang and continued: "My guess is that you don't know exactly what you are looking for, and the only certainty is that it has something to do with the Shen family's old house. When I found it, I placed my hope on the bronze mirror that my stepmother took away, after all, it is also an old thing from the old house."
        Old Man Zhou clapped his hands twice, indicating that I had guessed everything correctly, "Please take a seat."
        I rudely sat across from Old Man Zhou, and Old Man Zhou picked up the beautiful teapot on the table and poured me a cup of tea.
        I drank half a cup in one breath, quenched my thirst and said, "Darjeeling tea, are you a descendant of Chinese who went to Nanyang?"
        Old Man Zhou picked up the white porcelain teacup with gold rims, took a sip and said, "Why doesn't the little girl guess that I am the first generation of passers-by?"
        "The local accent is easy to change, and old habits are hard to give up. If you are the first generation of Chinese to go to Southeast Asia, even if you drink black tea, it must be Gongfu tea from a purple clay pot. You won't use English tea sets, and you won't drink this authentic Indian black tea."
        "The local accent is easy to change, and the old habits are hard to give up!" The old man Zhou sighed with emotion, "My grandfather has been drinking Gongfu tea all his life, and even his father was deeply influenced by him. The tea set must be made of purple clay."
        It turned out to be a passer-by who went to Nanyang, no wonder he acted boldly and ruthlessly. Grandpa once said that those who passed by in those days were all looking for a way out from the dead end, but those who can break into a foundation overseas are not ordinary people.
        I asked, "Is that bronze mirror disappointing you again?" If the bronze mirror contained what they were looking for, I wouldn't be brought here.
        Old Man Zhou said, "You guessed wrong this time!"
        guessed wrong? I was stunned unexpectedly.
        The old man Zhou handed me the two photos that he had in his hand. "The things in the photos were found in the old bronze mirror."
        In the photo is a thin white thing that looks like silk but not silk, like leather but not leather, with a map painted on it, I looked at it for a while, but couldn’t see why, I looked at Old Man Zhou doubtfully, “What is this? Treasure Map?"
        The old man Zhou laughed. He cleared his throat and was about to speak when Zhou Buwen said, "Grandpa, I'll go out and have a look."
        Old man Zhou stared sharply at Zhou Buwen for a moment, and said, "You stay! I'm sure you are also curious about what I asked you and Buyan to find in Shen's house! But remember, you can hear the following words. In your ears, keep it in your heart, and never let it come out of your mouth!"
        Zhou Buwen said, "Yes!"
        The old man Zhou calmed down and asked me, "Do you believe that there is a life-saving medicine in the world?"
        I suspected I was hallucinating, "What did you say?"
        The old man Zhou asked again, "Do you believe that there is a life-saving medicine in the world?"
        He was serious! I looked at the old man Zhou with the eyes of a madman, and said crisply: "I don't believe it!"
        Although I have seen the mermaid in fairy tales with my own eyes, and even believe in the existence of alien life, but the medicine to bring back the dead... I don't believe it at all!