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        How can an individual's life last forever? I believe that in the vast universe, including our earth, there are creatures with long life, and their lifespans are measured in thousands or even 10,000 years. However, the end of all life is death, which is nothing more than the difference in time.
        For example, the mayflies that live and die in the morning and the insects that die in the autumn, compared with them, the life of our human beings for decades is like immortality. , they are considered long-lived.
        However, whether it is a low-level species or a high-level species, whether it is long-lived or short-lived, as long as there is life, there will be death. This is the unchanging law of the universe, because even the stars that gave birth to life, and even the entire universe, will annihilate.
        Old Man Zhou said, "Anyone in this world can not believe in resurrecting the dead, but you should believe in it!"
        The old man Zhou smiled mysteriously, changed the subject, and asked me, "Do you know the story of Qin Shihuang's search for the elixir?"
        The topic was getting weirder and weirder, and I said, "I know!"
        The old man Zhou said: "Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fu to lead a team to go out to sea to find the elixir of life. Many later generations believed that Qin Shihuang was deceived by Xu Fu, but the deceiver usually deceived people for profit. With the navigation skills at that time, Xu Fu left the rich inland. , going to the dangerous sea is tantamount to seeking death. Is there such a liar in the world who seeks his own death? I am more inclined to believe that Xu Fu firmly believes that there is an elixir of life at sea, and he does not hesitate to risk his life to pursue his beliefs. Have you thought about it? Why did Qin Shihuang and Xu Fu both believe that the elixir of life is at sea? What is there in the sea that makes the ancients believe that there is an elixir of life at sea?"
        I heard it casually at first, but the more he went on, the more shocked I became. If Xu Fu had seen Wu Julan's clansmen and understood the other party's long lifespan and permanent appearance as immortality, he would have fantasized about the other party's immortality. way?
        Old Man Zhou asked, "Do you believe in the existence of mermen?"
        For a moment, my heart was terrified, but I didn’t dare to show any strangeness, and tried my best to pretend to be uninterested and bored, “Elixir of resurrection, elixir of life, mermaid, you won’t talk to me about five-dimensional space and Aliens?"
        The old man Zhou ignored my ridicule and said to himself: "There is a legend of the merman in China, 'Beyond the South China Sea, there are merman, who live in water like fish, do not waste their weaving, and when their eyes cry, they can produce pearls' There is a legend of a mermaid in the west, and there has always been a story about a human woman Agnete falling in love with a mermaid in Europe. Andersen also wrote a poetic drama "Agnete andthemerman" based on this folklore. You probably don't know this, but you must know his other The story "Thelittlemermaid"..."
        I pretended to be impatient and yawned, "Did you arrest me just to convince me that merman exists in the sea?"
        The old man Zhou showed a kind smile like the grandfather next door, but I couldn't help shivering.
        The old man Zhou said, "My grandfather told me that a fisherman once told him that he had seen the fish god. He said that the upper body of the fish god was a human body and the lower body was a fish tail. Isn't this the legendary mermaid, or a mermaid? "
        Old man Zhou stared at me and said, "The fisherman who has seen the fish god with his own eyes is your grandfather's grandfather. I remember his nickname is Chen Yuzai. Grandpa said that because his water is as good as a fish, and people are so good at it. Thin, they all call him Yuzai, but no one calls him by his real name."
        I couldn't pretend that I didn't care any longer, and looked at the old man Zhou in a stunned manner. Because Grandpa Gaozu's water xing is really amazing, even after a hundred years, there are still sporadic legends about him among the fishermen, so I always knew that Grandpa Gaozu was nicknamed Yuzai, and many old fishermen said that he was the fish god 's son.
        The old man Zhou showed his nostalgia, "Our family was in Sarawak back then. I was the youngest grandson of my grandfather. In order to fulfill my filial piety, my father asked me to accompany my grandfather who had inconvenient legs. Before my grandfather died, he always told me about this sinking fish. I thought it was a story made up by him, and I never took it seriously. When I found out that it might be true, my grandfather had been dead for decades, and many things could not be verified."
        Concerning my ancestors, I couldn't help but ask, "What the hell did your grandpa say?"
        The old man Zhou said: "If it's not about you and me, it's actually a most common folk legend, so I haven't taken it seriously. On a beautiful island, there was a poor boy named Chen Yuzai. He was often bullied. But he is diligent and kind. The water is the best among a group of young people, so he is called Yuzai. One day, when he went out to fish in the bào wind and rain, he caught the injured fish god, and he saved the fish god at all costs. In order to repay him, God taught him secret techniques. From then on, the fisherman became more adept at swimming, able to pick pearls that others could not, and to catch fish that others could not. Later, he bought a fishing boat and built a A big house, married a daughter-in-law, and lived happily."
        Indeed, as old man Zhou said, if this matter is not about himself, no matter how you listen to it, it is a folklore that promotes good deeds and encourages people to do more good deeds.
        The old man Zhou said: "Grandpa said that Chen Yuzi once got drunk and told him that the secret technique given to him by the fish god was a resurrection technique that could bring him back to life, so he was no longer afraid of water."
        I came back to my senses and shook my head sneeringly, "My great-grandfather is dead, my great-grandfather is dead, and so is my grandfather. If there is a resurrection technique, or an immortality technique, how could they die?"
        Old Man Zhou frowned and said irritably, "I don't know! But the more I find out, the more I believe what my grandfather said. Your family must have taught me a secret technique from a mermaid, and I must find it too!"
        I gave him back the two pictures he handed me, and said sarcastically, "You must tell me if you found it."
        The old man Zhou said: "My grandfather said that he killed someone because of a mistake, so he decided to go to Nanyang alone. Before he left, Chen Yuzai, who had the best relationship with him, showed him a chart of the sea, saying it was the fish god of the sea. It was given to him. Grandpa still drew a copy, and for many years, grandfather escaped death several times by relying on the sea chart taught by the fish god, and finally gained a firm foothold in Nanyang.”
        I can't help but slander, drifting at sea all year round, relying on charts to gain a firm foothold, if it is not for shipping, it is to be a pirate. Looking at Old Man Zhou's appearance, nine out of ten he was a pirate.
        Old Man Zhou seemed to have seen through what I was thinking, and with a bit of pride, he said calmly: "Grandpa has been a pirate for many years, and then he washed his hands with a lot of money and started a shipping company with a group of brothers. That picture is regarded by grandpa as the lifeblood of life. All of us, our children and grandchildren, have seen the sea chart of your son, but none of us believed what Grandpa said, all of whom thought it was the old man who was trying to establish his prestige.
        The old man Zhou held up the two photos and stared at me eagerly, "But now I have seen the chart that my grandfather said, the chart of Chen Yuzai! The researchers have sent research data to map this sea map. The material of the map is very special. It is not any known material. I suspect it is the shark recorded in the classics. When the map is sent to the United States and a more detailed analysis is completed, everything I said can be proved! Yuzai's chart is real, so the resurrection technique he said must be real!"
        A dying person who is dying, but because of greed, his eyes burst out with a burning gaze. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it, the only thought was that he must not know Wu Julan's true identity, otherwise, he would turn into a devil and do unimaginably terrifying actions.
        I don't know if it was because the old man Zhou was too excited, which caused the disease. He suddenly began to cough violently, as if he wanted to cough out all his internal organs.
        Zhou Buwen immediately picked up the phone and called someone, and a doctor and two nurses ran in.
        Zhou Buwen wanted to step forward to help, but the old man Zhou pushed him away impatiently and motioned him to leave.
        Zhou Buwen said respectfully, "Grandpa, then I'll take Shenluo down first. When Grandpa is in better health, you can talk again."
        Old Man Zhou waved his hand impatiently.
        Zhou Buwen took me away.
        The corridor was covered with a thick carpet, which completely absorbed the footsteps of Zhou Buwen and I, and the miserable white light illuminated the narrow passage, giving people a dull and depressing feeling.
        My mind was spinning rapidly, and I had to find a way to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, if they found Wu Julan who had been following him, or Wu Julan did something to attract their attention because he was worried about me, it would become an unimaginable catastrophe.
        I took the initiative to speak and broke the silence, "Thank you for Jiang Yisheng!"
        Zhou Buwen's pace slowed down a bit, "I thought you would hate me because of Wu Julan."
        "Wu Julan's business has nothing to do with you."
        Zhou Buwen glanced around and said, "When I searched your yacht, I quietly threw two lifebuoys down. Maybe after we leave, Wu Julan will climb back to the yacht by himself."
        Although I know that Wu Julan doesn't need it at all, it's rare that he still has the heart... I stayed silent and didn't speak.
        At the end of the corridor, Zhou Buwen turned a corner and took me to the deck.
        The icy sea breeze slammed over me, and my mind became extraordinarily clear.
        Zhou Buwen walked up to me, "I'm sorry about your father! I asked them to settle this matter peacefully with money. I didn't expect a car accident."
        "My stepmother's temper, no one can blame others. Shen Yanghui said that she actually fought in the car, but she was fine, but my father's life and death were unpredictable."
        People with complex families like us, other than ourselves, don't know how to comment. Zhou Buwen comforted me and said, "I heard that he is the best doctor in Shanghai, and my uncle will be safe."
        I stopped and said, "My father is dying right now. If our Shen family had a life-sustaining medicine, I would have given it to my father! I really don't know, and I haven't even heard of any life-returning medicine!"
        Zhou Buwen said, "I believe in you!"
        I said, "That crazy old man is obviously terminally ill. He is paranoid chasing a false fantasy because he is greedy for life and fear of death. Do you want to go crazy with him all the time?"
        I deliberately used a derogatory term to call the old man Zhou, and observed Zhou Buwen's reaction, but Zhou Buwen was still as gentle and elegant, without any displeasure, and obviously had no feelings for the old man Zhou.
        Zhou Buwen said: "I don't believe it, but what grandpa said is not without reason. How do you explain your great grandfather's extraordinary water xing and the chart hidden in the bronze mirror?"
        "No one has really seen the water of my great-grandfather grandfather. Maybe it's just because he was lucky and really good in water. It was exaggerated when he picked pearls that others didn't pick. As for the chart hidden in the bronze mirror. , maybe it was a coincidence that Grandpa Gaozu got it from some dignitary, he didn't dare to tell the truth, he pretended to be a reward from the fish god..."
        I was trying to convince Zhou Buwen when a voice suddenly interrupted me.
        "What are you talking about?" Zhou Buyan looked displeased and walked over from the cabin with a big man with a gun.
        Zhou Buwen smiled slightly and said calmly, "I'm talking about something that Grandpa said just now."
        Zhou Buyan's expression turned slightly, "I heard that Grandpa is not feeling well again, let's go and accompany him!"
        Zhou Buwen said: "Okay!" He pointed at me, and ordered the big man with the gun: "Take her and lock her up."
        Zhou Buyan took Zhou Buwen's arm with a smile, turned and left.
        I raised my voice and said loudly: "Miss Zhou! Zhou Buwen's feelings for me are only those of my friends. Because of our special family, we are also considered to be in trouble, so he cares a little more about me.And take care. Not only should you not be angry, but you should be glad he did."
        Zhou Buyan stopped and turned around, "What do you mean?"