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        It was the first time that I thanked Zhou Buyan so arrogantly. She came back to talk to me in disdain, and it was convenient for me to continue speaking loudly: "Prove that you have chosen the right boyfriend! What kind of man do women want? A man who is righteous to himself! If he can be so ruthless to me and Jiang Yisheng, it can only mean that he does not remember his old kindness and is ignorant. It will only be longer for you, after all, you are the one who has always been by his side."
        Zhou Buyan was obviously moved by my words, but she deliberately turned her face and said coldly to me: "Our business, don't worry about you!" After that, she pulled Zhou Buwen away.
        Zhou Buwen turned his head and glanced at me suspiciously, but said nothing.
        As he said before, for the subordinates who can gān, the death of the boss is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially a boss who is greedy for power and arbitrary, there should be no subordinates who want him to come back to life and live forever!
        The big man who escorted me gave me a push and motioned me to move forward. As I walked, I leaned towards the railing.
        "What are you talking about?" He pointed at me with a gun, warning me to be honest.
        I smiled and said, "This is the sea, not a small river. Do I still expect to jump down and swim to the shore? And your boss knows that I have hydrophobia, so it is impossible for me to jump into the water by myself!"
        I took off the blue diamond ring in my hand and held it in front of him, "This diamond ring will make you useless for a lifetime."
        Under the blurred light, the huge blue diamond ring shines brightly, exuding a fatal temptation to those who are looking for money.
        He stared at it for a moment, finally withdrew his gaze, and said viciously to me: "Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up and go!"
        "Give it to you!" I threw the diamond ring to him, and he subconsciously reached out to catch it.
        I took the opportunity to climb over the railing, and he hurriedly raised his gun.
        I said, "Your boss has seen this diamond ring, and he knows that I will never give it away. If the diamond ring is in your hands, but you say I committed suicide by jumping into the sea after giving it to you, no one will believe it! What is a reasonable guess? Of course, you were motivated by money and pushed me into the sea in order to grab the diamond ring! I advise you, it’s better to run away with this diamond ring, it’s my hush money!”
        After I finished speaking, I closed my eyes, leaned back, and fell straight into the sea.
        Chapter17 It is absolutely impossible to give up
        Maybe as he said, the long years have forged him to be very strong, and he will not be injured or weak, not to mention the feeling of grievance. However, I still feel wronged for him.
        I don't know where Wu Julan is outside the boat, maybe he just dropped out behind the boat, but I deliberately said so many words just now, with Wu Julan's inhuman hearing, I should be able to catch my voice, and I should rush to the vicinity.
        With a "thump", I fell into the icy sea.
        Even with my eyes closed and completely refusing to see the water that terrified me, I could still clearly feel the deathly darkness rapidly surrounding me. The sea water clogged every pore of me like a thick slurry, and the terrifying suffocation swept through every nerve, exactly like in a nightmare.
        In an instant, my sanity completely collapsed. I struggled instinctively, and even opened my mouth to breathe. It seemed that the water surface was above my head. As long as I raised my head and inhaled oxygen, I would get rid of this horrible suffocation.
        Suddenly, a pair of strong arms slammed me into his arms, and his open mouth was sealed with his lips.
        I opened my eyes and looked at him in horror.
        His hands wrapped tightly around my waist, his lips pressed against mine, and his azure blue eyes stared at me, as if to comfort me: Don't be afraid! do not be afraid! I am here!
        Right now, I'm at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by water all over my body, from head to toe. But, I was in the warmest embrace in the world, and the oxygen was flowing from his lips to mine. Calm down and feel it, there is no terrible suffocation in memory, no terrible death in memory, skin is close to each other, lips and teeth are attached to each other, but there is an indescribable tenderness.
        I couldn't help but stretch out my hand and wrap my arms around Wu Julan's neck.
        He knew that I had calmed down, put one hand on top of my head, and clung to me with the other, and suddenly started to swim faster. Because the speed is too fast, the water that rushes past has become substantial, and when it swipes across Luǒlu's skin, there is a tingling sensation. If it wasn't for his palm resting on top of my head, which helped me relieve some of the force, it would have been more painful.
        "Crash!" Wu Julan took me out of the sea.
        I hurriedly looked around, and as far as my eyes could see, I couldn't see Zhou Buwen's boat, and under a golden full moon, only the boundless sea was undulating together.
        Escape safely!
        I couldn't help laughing happily!
        Wu Julan tapped me on the head, "I'm still laughing! You dare to jump in such cold water, it's completely dead!"
        He stared at me badly, as if he was going to reprimand him. I put my hands on his shoulders, and suddenly I bit his lips gently. He was stunned, I looked at him with a smile, you can train me if you have the ability!
        If you train again, I will bite again!
        Seeing that he didn't dare to say a word, I proudly let go of him, "Don't think that your force value is higher than mine, so I can't deal with you!"
        Wu Julan stared at me and smiled at me.
        I was horrified. Just as the thought of "something bad" came up, all of a sudden, I felt like the world was turning upside down, and I couldn't help but scream "Ah".
        Then I found out that it was not the world that fell, but me. I was lying flat on the sea like I was lying on rough ground, and Wu Julan was pressing on top of my body.
        I murmured: "This is unscientific!" I moved slightly, only to find that his long tail fin was softly curled, wrapping my lower body, and his hands hugged my upper body, making me steady Locally lying on the sea.
        I couldn't help moving my legs and kicked my feet again, and found that I was still lying flat on the sea. I became bolder and my movements became more violent. The strength of his caudal fin is gentle yet powerful, and it doesn't give me a hard sense of restraint, but no matter how much I toss, he can wrap me around so that I will never fall into the water.
        I was moving happily when I suddenly found that Wu Julan's body became very stiff, he stared at me blankly, something seemed to be burning in the depths of his eyes... The caudal fins of the legs are not unconscious toys, but... Wu Julan's lower body.
        My lower body, his lower body, and the lower body without clothes... Suddenly, I felt that my lower body became very sensitive, obviously wearing a pair of jeans, but it seemed that I was wearing nothing, and every inch of my skin was clear I can feel the touch of his tail fin...
        I was stiff and motionless, staring at Wu Julan blankly.
        The corners of Wu Julan's mouth twitched lightly, her face expressionless, but her voice was hoarse, and she asked in a bewitching manner: "Do you still have the guts to bite again?"
        My eyes subconsciously looked at his lips. Under the bright moonlight, the lips with water droplets were like rose petals with dewdrops, which made people think... My heart was beating wildly, and I immediately moved away. His eyes deliberately crossed his face and looked at the sky above his head.
        In the dark blue sky, a golden full moon hangs, just like Hayao Miyazaki's anime, but even more dreamy and perfect is the handsome face under the moonlight. It seems that the entire sky has become a curtain. Just to show off his face.
        Wu Julan said, "As you wish, let's continue to finish that unfinished kiss!"
        As soon as the voice fell, he held my lips.
        It's not the first time we've kissed, I even gave him a teasing kiss just now. However, at this moment, when he actually started kissing me, I realized that this was our first kiss.
        Gentle and flexible tongue, hard and sharp teeth, like a water dragon spitting fire, not only burning me, scorching me, but also stroking me softly and comforting me. In front of his strength and gentleness, my soul was smashed to pieces in an instant, and helplessly flew up to the sky with him, exploded with a bang, and turned into gorgeous fireworks.
        After the kiss was over, I gasped and buried my head in Wu Julan's neck in embarrassment.
        Wu Julan asked in a hoarse voice, "Does it hurt you?"
        I nodded honestly, "But... happier! Even pain is happy!"
        Wu Julan laughed, "Next time, I will be more careful."
        I pressed against his cheek and whispered, "I'll learn how to avoid your sharp teeth, too."
        Wu Julan hugged me tightly without saying a word.
        Suddenly, I sneezed.
        Wu Julan hurriedly asked, "Is it cold?"
        I wanted to say "it's not cold", but the chill had penetrated into my body from every inch of my skin, and I was shivering because of the cold wind at night, and there was no way I could lie.
        I said, "I didn't feel cold just now, but now I'm starting to feel a little cold."
        Wu Julan said: "The critical point of human body temperature is 33 degrees Celsius. Once the body temperature is lower than 33 degrees Celsius, the muscles will lose control, organ functions will become abnormal, and they will fall into coma or convulsions. The current seawater is only 7 degrees Celsius. In sea water, for forty minutes to an hour, the body temperature will be lower than 33 degrees Celsius."
        I said bitterly: "It turns out that the tragic ending of "Titanic" is based on the scientific principle. When I was a child, it was strange that the water didn't freeze, how could people freeze to death!"
        Wu Julan obviously didn't watch this love movie, which is popular all over the world, and didn't understand my cold humor. He put his hand on my neck, testing my heartbeat, "You can hold on for half an hour at most."
        I started to count the time, the assault boat drove for more than half an hour, and I stayed on Zhou Buwen’s boat for more than an hour, that is to say, even if the boat started, it would take at least an hour and a half to drive back to our yacht. . I asked tentatively, "Can I swim back to our yacht?"
        Wu Julan said: "If I take you with me, I can reach the yacht in about forty minutes, but your body temperature will drop faster, and maybe you will fall into a coma after ten minutes."
        I began to feel that my jumping into the sea was a bit reckless. No wonder Wu Julan just followed Zhou Buwen's boat and didn't want to save me impulsively. He knew very well how fragile my body was.
        I asked nonchalantly, "What do we do now?"
        Wu Julan said: "Try to keep your body temperature and wait for Violet to come. After you were taken away, I have called her to inform her, and she will send someone to take a helicopter to pick us up."
        I cheered up all of a sudden and tapped him on the shoulder, "You deliberately scare me!"
        Wu Julan stood upright in the water and hugged me horizontally. He turned his back to the direction the wind was coming from, blocking the cold wind for me, "From now on, shrink your body as much as possible to reduce heat loss, but you must keep talking to me and stay awake."
        I began to realize the seriousness of the matter, and while trying to shrink into his arms like a baby, I asked nervously, "Isn't Violet not so fast?"
        Wu Julan stared at me and said, "You'll be fine."
        He didn't answer my question directly, and I didn't ask again.
        I looked at the vast sea around me, and asked with a smile, "There is no street name here, no sign of the building, how did Violet find us?"
        "The mobile phone has a global positioning function. As long as I choose to open the permission, VIolet can naturally lock my latitude and longitude. Don't you read the manual?"