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        "Oh, that's it!" I've acted in American dramas, but I just didn't remember it for a while. However, I also really admire Wu Julan. It is estimated that except him, no one really reads the instructions for mobile phones, TV sets, and rice cookers from the beginning to the end, and memorizes them without a word.
        I rambled and asked, "Don't you say that exercise produces heat? Why do you want me to shrink up?"
        Wu Julan said: "On land, the body dissipates heat through exercise, and clothes such as warm clothes will keep the heat on the body surface. But in the sea, the clothes are all wet, and the heat generated by your exercise cannot stay on the body surface, and soon It will be taken away by the icy sea water, but it will accelerate the consumption of your body temperature, which is the same as using a wet towel to cool down your body temperature when you have a fever."
        "Oh, so... No wonder Jack asked Rose to climb on the board and didn't let her swim..."
        My body became more and more rigid, although I still had Wu Julan's words firmly in my mind, I insisted on talking to him and kept my mind clear. However, not only my muscles were frozen, but my mind seemed to be frozen, not because I didn't want to talk, but because I couldn't think of anything to say.
        Wu Julan bit my lip lightly with his teeth, "Xiaoluo, talk to me."
        "Well, I, I think... think..." I closed my mouth again.
        Wu Julan asked: "Why did you suddenly jump into the sea? I see that the boat has been very calm, and I wanted to wait for Violet to come before moving."
        I was sober all of a sudden, but I never bothered to tell him about such an important thing.
        I sighed and said: "Zhou Buwen's grandfather is looking for the medicine to bring back the dead. He said that my great-grandfather has seen the fish god...the mermaid. He found a picture of mermaid in the bronze mirror in my house. The chart he made, he believed that the merman knew about immortality, and could cure his illness and bring him back to life."
        Wu Julan said displeasedly, "Is this why you suddenly jumped into the sea?"
        "Hmm! Don't let them... find you."
        "Didn't I say, is it okay to trade me for your safety?"
        I got angry, "Wu Julan, you are crazy, what do you think of yourself? Do you think anything can be exchanged for it? I can exchange money or other things for my safety, but I can exchange it for my own. Is it safe to exchange my heart for my safety? I cut my heart to someone else, can I still live?"
        Wu Julan was silent for a moment, lowered his head, pressed his forehead against mine, and said, "But, I'm not your heart, it can't return to your chest by itself, but I can promise to return to you by myself."
        In fact, I didn't even have the strength to raise my head, but I threatened viciously: "You say it again, believe it or not, I will bite you!"
        He laughed and pecked my lips lightly.
        I murmured, "Don't say anything like that again, some things are absolutely impossible to give up!"
        He said, "Okay!"
        Before I knew it, I closed my eyes and lost consciousness.
        Wu Julan bit me hard, and I opened my eyes, "Just hold on for a while, and you'll have a warm blanket in no time."
        I was jÄ«ng a little, "Violet... is it coming?"
        Wu Julan didn't answer my question and teased me to talk to him, "Why did you give away the ring I gave you? That's our engagement ring!"
        "The ring... can be exchanged, you can give me another one, it can be bigger!"
        "Okay, I'll give you another bigger one! Guess that person told Zhou Buwen that you jumped into the sea?"
        "No... no."
        "He didn't say it, but it should have been discovered." Wu Julan smiled and said, "Xiaoluo, we have guests here, and we just borrowed their spirits and blankets to use."
        I was in a daze, my brain was not working very well, and I didn't understand what he meant at all, so I said, "Okay!"
        The roar of the rumbling motor came. I thought it was Violet who came to save our plane. With a jolt of spirit, I woke up a bit, and I became more energetic. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out that Zhou Buwen and their boat had left and returned.
        I don't understand, with Wu Julan's hearing, it is impossible to know that the ship is coming, why not leave early?
        It occurred to me immediately, and the only reason was me.
        My body temperature is close to the critical point of human body temperature, and I will definitely not be able to hold on to Violet. If not treated in time, there may be organ frostbite.
        Wu Julan was planning to use the enemy's supplies to save me, but...
        The dazzling lights illuminated the night, making hiding difficult, with two saboteurs cruising around and men in full diving gear standing by.
        From the loudspeaker on the boat, Old Man Zhou's frantically excited voice came, "Shen Luo, I know! I know! Your boyfriend Wu Julan is! Wu Julan is! Hahaha... He must know that I survived. Method!"
        My heart froze, how could he know? Am I missing something?
        Wu Julan guessed what I was thinking, and whispered, "It has nothing to do with you! I have a lot of doubts, but Zhou Buwen just didn't think in that direction. As long as he accepts Old Man Zhou's idea, he will think of me sooner or later."
        yes! The video of Wu Julan's death, the plaque on the inn, the martial arts skills, the mysterious identity... these are all known to Zhou Buwen.
        Old Man Zhou walked around on the boat, dancing with excitement, not like a terminally ill patient, "Shen Luo, Wu Julan, come out, we can have a good talk... You can rest assured, I will never hurt you!"
        I anxiously said to Wu Julan: "Go down! Before they find you... Go down!"
        Wu Julan did not move, glanced at the people on the assault boat, and said lightly: "The instrument they are holding is a radar life detector, which can be used to search and rescue people who have fallen into the water. Our yacht also has it. I have read the manual, five Within ten meters, they will still find us. If you buy a waterproof bag for your mobile phone, if the water depth exceeds 20 meters, it will fail due to the water pressure, and the mobile phone will lose the signal immediately.”
        Seeing their cao searching around with that instrument, I almost cried, patted his chest weakly, "It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter! No matter how deep it is! Go down quickly! Walk away, anyway, I'm about to freeze to death, let them save me first, you are so fast, you can definitely dodge..."
        Wu Julan sealed my mouth with his own lips, and seeing that I was no longer speaking, he raised his head, stared at me, and said coldly, "Never tell me to give up my spouse again, I only choose a mate once in my life! "
        I was stunned and stared at Wu Julan blankly, my eyes gradually filled with tears.
        Suddenly, my phone rang and vibrated incessantly in my chest.
        I'm confused and don't understand why my phone is ringing at this moment.
        Wu Julan said, "Shen Yanghui's call, your father's surgery results should come out."
        I looked at the boats and sprinters that were getting closer and closer to us.
        answer the phone?
        Is to give up the last chance to escape!
        Don't take it?
        This is a call about Dad's safety!
        Wu Julan said, "This is the phone you've been waiting for, answer the phone!"
        I shook my hands and picked up the phone tremblingly.
        "The operation was successful, and Dad is fine! The doctor said that he should be able to fully recover! Sister, thank you doctor friend..."
        When I heard the news that my father was safe, I wanted to hang up the phone immediately, but the sound of "sister" from the phone made me suddenly stupid.
        Shen Yanghui also seemed to feel embarrassed, and hurriedly said: "My mother called me, I hung up the phone, and I won't tell you!"
        However, he didn't hang up the phone immediately, but said quickly: "Sister, you don't have to come to Shanghai, anyway, when you see my mother, it's noisy, which makes everyone unhappy, very boring! I'll go with my father in the summer vacation next year. When I see you on the island, I will find a way to keep my mother in Shanghai, and only my father and I will see you! Then you will take me out to sea to play! Bye!”
        I held the phone in a daze, suspecting that my hearing had been frozen and I had auditory hallucinations. Shen Yanghui actually called me "sister"?
        A few shouts came from the assault boat, "I found it! I found it!"
        I came to my senses, the crisis was imminent, and I couldn't think about Shen Yanghui's strange "sister" anymore.
        "Over there! Over there!"
        They spotted our position on the instrument, and the samurai was heading in our direction.
        The radar life detector should only be able to lock on the characteristics of human life, and it is completely useless to Wu Julan. If Wu Julan would give up on me, it would be easy to escape.
        However, since he is unwilling, then, no matter what, let's take it together!
        Two assault boats and a large ship moved in our direction and surrounded us in a triangular formation.
        Wu Julan was not nervous at all, picked up the phone calmly, and called Violet, "You don't have to come here, I have to deal with a few things first, and then I will contact you after I have finished."
        Wu Julan hung up the phone and said to me, "I'm going to be completely deformed, can I make a human voice?"
        With a chill all over my body, I nodded.
        Like watching a quick shot of a movie, I can clearly see his changes.
        The scales were like rapidly freezing ice, spreading upwards from his waist, gradually covering the entire back, and continuing upwards, covering the shoulders and back of the neck. The color of the scales fades from a deep Kashmir sapphire blue to a crystalline light blue. Then, the scales spread from the shoulders down the two arms, gradually covering the entire arm, and the color gradually deepened from a crystal-like light blue to a sapphire-like dark blue on the wrist. As the scales covered the back of the hand with the blue veins bào, the hand also changed, the fingers became slender, and the webs were connected between the fingers. The color of the scales has turned blue almost black by the time the fingertips are reached.
        I felt the embrace I was leaning on became as solid as steel, and his arms were as hard as stones, as if they were indestructible.
        As his body changed, his face also began to change, with deeper sunken eye sockets, higher brow bones, a stiffer nose bridge, narrower nose wings, and a more prominent jaw. The eyes and hair were originally black with a little blue in them, but now they have completely turned into a Kashmir sapphire blue, the same color as his tail fin.
        Seeing me staring at him intently, Wu Julan suddenly lowered his head and almost pressed his face to mine. He deliberately opened his mouth at me, each of the white teeth, as sharp as the teeth of a shark, full of terrifying power.
        Even though I was frozen to the point of losing consciousness, I couldn't help grinning and smiling stiffly. It's not because of how funny his sharp teeth are, but because he no longer worries about scaring me, he starts to use his sharp fangs to deliberately scare me, which only shows that he knows that I love him, no matter what. I love him no matter how he looks, so he can be himself at will.
        The searchlights on the boat shone on the sea where we were, and we were both shrouded in a miserable white light.
        Wu Julan didn't respond, she still lowered her head and stared at me tenderly, as if saying: It's okay, if you really can't hold on, just go to sleep!
        I was exhausted, and my eyelids were so heavy that I couldn't keep them open, but I knew that this was definitely not the time to sleep, so I still held on hard.
        Wu Julan gently kissed my eyes, and seemed to give me a promise: Don't worry, everything will be resolved!