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        I finally closed my eyes in peace.
        In the haze, I heard the sound of singing like the sound of heaven.
        The pronunciation is strange, there are no lyrics, it's just a chanting that makes no sense, and you can't even tell where the singing comes from.
        Above the dark blue sky, a golden full moon shone on the boundless sea, and the sparkling sea water gently dàng with the sea breeze.
        The ethereal and beautiful singing seemed to pour down from the beautiful moon with the bright moonlight, and fell gently on people's bodies. From the ears, from the eyes, from the nose... from every pore of the skin to the depths of the heart, directly resonating with the soul.
        In the depths of everyone's memory ocean, there is an island that collects time but is abandoned by time. There is no wind and rain, no bitterness, and no harm, just treasures all the joy and warmth.
        On the cao field, the little friends chased and shouted together; in the sunset, a dandelion ball was handed over by my mother; on weekend mornings, my father drove the family out in a car; on the boulevard, and
        The man passed head-on, and one of his smiles...
        The soul has gone too long and too far, and has been forgetting to look back. Now I can finally wipe off the layers of dust, clear away the obstacles, and greet the buried and forgotten self again.
        The sea of ​​time is gently rippling, and joy shines with charming light like the sparkling moonlight on the sea.
        On this isolated island where time is treasured but forgotten by time, let's have a good rest with your past self!
        The hot and irritating liquid fell from the throat into the internal organs, and I gradually had a somewhat weak consciousness.
        In the haze, both body and soul are very tired and powerless. The heaviness of being turned into a rock made me reluctant to think or move. It seemed difficult to even move my little finger, and I just wanted to fall asleep.
        Although every inch of skin and every pore of the body yearns to fall asleep, the soul struggles not to fall asleep. Deep down, I always feel that there is something very important, something very important, something more important than my life...
        Wu Julan!
        I opened my eyes suddenly, and saw Wu Julan lying on the ground, holding my head in one hand, holding a bottle of strong xing foreign wine in the other, and was filling me with wine.
        I was relieved and relieved to see him safely right in front of my eyes.
        Wu Julan should have never thought that I would wake up suddenly. After he was stunned for a while, he seemed to understand the reason why I woke up abnormally. His eyes suddenly deepened, and he continued to feed me drinks while staring at me.
        I took a few sips in cooperation, and he saw that he was almost done and put down the bottle.
        The wine has played a role, and I feel that my body is gradually warming from the inside to the outside, and I should have passed the danger of frostbite safely.
        I tried to sit up, but I couldn't move from the neck down, and I was wrapped in blankets and blankets like a mummy in a museum. This is not important, the important thing is - I am naked and naked.
        I fully understand the need to do this. Wet and cold clothes are definitely not acceptable. If you want to quickly restore body temperature and avoid frostbite, of course, you must take off all wet clothes as soon as possible, rub your body, and warm your limbs. However, when I thought that it might be Wu Julan who stripped my clothes off, I felt that the blood in my whole body was boiling.
        I huddled under the blanket and asked with a hint of fluke, "Did Violet help me undress?"
        Wu Julan shook his head.
        I blushed, ""
        Wu Julan nodded.
        He and I were a little too afraid to look at each other and hurriedly looked away.
        Suddenly, I found that the room we were in was a little familiar, unexpectedly, unexpectedly... it was Old Man Zhou's room! I didn't recognize it immediately because I was lying flat on the ground and the angle of vision was very different from the angle I was standing the last time I came in.
        I couldn't care less about being shy, and asked in horror, "We were caught?"
        Wu Julan shook his head.
        I suddenly realized something and asked hurriedly, "Why don't you speak? What time is it now?"
        Wu Julan did not answer me.
        I didn't need his answer either, because I jerked out a hand, lifted the blanket that was blocking my vision, and clearly saw that his lower body was still a dark blue fishtail.
        The color of the fish tail is no longer as crystal clear as Kashmir sapphire, but like old blue satin wrinkled in the sun. There were scars on his chest, lower abdomen, and hands, and the long fish tail had been scratched by something, and his body was almost bruised, with blood splattered under many of the scales.
        I struggled to sit up and said angrily, "How dare you go ashore before you turn back into a human body? When have you seen dolphins and whales come to land?"
        Wu Julan didn't say a word, she sat up with difficulty, resting on the ground with one hand and me with the other.
        His fish tail is so graceful and beautiful in the water, and his movements are quick, but now he looks cumbersome and gigantic, and he struggles to walk. Even a simple movement to help me sit up took all his strength and managed to maintain his balance.
        I glanced around and found that the floor-to-ceiling window facing the deck was shattered, and there was a piece of láng on the ground, so I could tell that Wu Julan entered the room from there. However, I can't imagine how he took me on the boat with only two hands, and how he broke the glass window and dragged me into the house with a long fish tail.
        He has no legs and can only rely on two hands, crawling on the ground, helping me find warm blankets, and helping me get spirits.
        Tears rolled in my eyes.
        Wu Julan pointed to his fish tail and shook his head at me. I understood what he meant. What he meant was: the wound has begun to heal, this little injury is nothing to him, don't worry!
        I leaned over to look at his fish tail.
        In order to keep me warm, the air conditioner in the room was turned on to the maximum, and the warm and dry hot air was whirling. It was naturally good for me, but it was obviously not good for a mermaid who needed water in the first place and left the water. .
        The scales of the fish are like pine cones that have been exposed to the sun, and they have become withered and tilted up, which is very ugly. There are also several places, where they should have been scratched when crawling on the ground, all the scales fell off, revealing the scratched tender ròu inside, which looked a bit scary.
        As I stroked his hand over his wound, I thought that the pain of plucking fish scales was probably like the pain of peeling off our human skin, and my tears rolled down like broken pearls, dripping on the on his tail.
        Wu Julan helped me up. In order to distract me, he smiled and pointed to the blanket wrapped around me, indicating that the blanket was about to slip under my chest. Instead of the blanket, I stretched out my hands and hugged him violently. Wu Julan hurriedly helped me hold down the sliding blanket.
        He was the fishtail, and I was the one wrapped in the blanket. Both of them had difficulty moving, and fell to the ground together.
        My tears were still falling, Wu Julan kissed me soothingly, and wiped the tears from my cheeks one by one with her lips.
        Maybe as he said, the long years have forged him to be very strong, and he will not be injured or weak, not to mention the feeling of grievance. However, I still feel wronged for him.
        He is the master of this world, so obviously he doesn't need to feel wronged. But, because of me, he just wronged himself so much! For me, on land! For my sake, get hurt completely unnecessarily! Be clumsy for me!
        I whimpered and said, "I'm all right now, hurry up and go back to the sea!"
        Wu Julan glanced out the window and nodded with a smile.
        I propped myself on the ground, wanted to get up, sobbed and said, "I'll help you."
        He shook his head, pointed at me, and made a laborious look to show that I was heavy. Going back now, without my drag, he was easy.
        I was dumbfounded by him, "I'm just the right weight, so I'm not fat!"
        Wu Julan motioned for me to turn my head away and not look at him.
        I know, he was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable when I saw him crawling awkwardly across the floor with his long fish tail! Proud he didn't want to see such an embarrassing picture with my own eyes!
        I smiled at him, turned around obediently, and turned my back to him.
        Hearing the heavy rubbing sound behind me, I couldn't help but start crying again, but I didn't want him to know. I tried to hold my breath and let the tears flow quietly.
        After a while, a "thump" sound of falling water came.
        I turned around immediately and saw that he was no longer there.
        However, I knew he was just outside the boat, still with me.
        I had something to rely on, and I was very courageous, and I stood up with the blanket. I ran out of Old Man Zhou's room and went to other rooms to find clothes to wear.
        After I quickly pushed open the doors of several rooms, I should have found Zhou Buyan's room, and the closet was full of designer clothes.
        We're about the same size, but different heights, and her clothes are a little too small for me, but it's better to have something than nothing. I picked a loose sweater and a long skirt over my body, it wasn't pretty, but it was warm enough.
        I wrapped the thin blanket as a large shawl and walked out of the cabin impatiently.
        In the cool sea breeze, dawn has broken in the east, and the sun is about to rise.
        I couldn't help but take a deep breath, the long night was finally coming to an end!
        Suddenly, my body froze, and I stared blankly ahead—
        Whether it was a big ship or two assault boats, it was as if time had suddenly been frozen, and everyone suddenly fell into a state of sleep in a strange posture.
        The old man Zhou was lying on the rail of the boat, excited and joyful; Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan were hugging each other and smiling sweetly; some of the big men on the assault boat were squatting, some standing, some sitting, Everyone's posture is different, but the expressions are the same, and they are all smiling in happiness and intoxication.
        There were a lot of people around, but there was no sound. The scene was very strange, but I knew very well that Wu Julan made it, so I didn't panic, just thought it was amazing.
        It must be the singing I heard in the hazy last night! Let people fall asleep in their most beautiful memories and do not want to wake up.
        I stared curiously at one of the crew members on deck, hesitating to poke him to see if he would wake up all at once.
        Wu Julan's voice came from behind, "Even if you push him down, he won't wake up."
        I looked back in surprise.
        Standing under the rising sun, Wu Julan smiled at me, "In European folklore, the mermaid's singing has magic, which can charm the human soul. If it is explained by modern science, it may be regarded as a kind of advanced hypnotism. !"
        However, after being separated for a short while, it seemed like a long-awaited reunion. I felt a little sore nose and hot eyes, and threw myself into his arms all of a sudden.
        Wu Julan embraced me and said, "When the sun rises, the magic of the mermaid will disappear."
        As soon as his voice fell, as the bright sunlight shone on a person, I heard one after another, and the people who had fallen asleep woke up one after another.
        Their consciousness was still stuck in the thinking of arresting me and Wu Julan, shouting, "Where are the people? Where are they?"
        "Ah—on deck!"
        "Catch them!"
        Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan also woke up. They looked around, then looked at us, looking surprised and confused.
        However, because of greed and madness, Old Man Zhou completely ignored everything. Seeing Wu Julan and me, he shouted excitedly: "Catch them! Catch them..."
        Wu Julan raised her hands obediently, expressing her complete cooperation with them.
        I glanced at Wu Julan and didn't know what tricks he was playing, but I was sure that these people must be out of luck... I also raised my hands obediently.