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        When we had just been escorted into the cabin, there was a sudden rumbling sound outside, and I saw the helicopter, the US Coast Guard ship, through the glass window. Wu Liangliang, Jiang Yisheng, and Violet were all standing on the boat.
        Soldiers with live ammunition stood at the bow of the boat and shouted loudly in English: "We received a report that your boat has hijacked American citizens. Now please put down your weapons and cooperate with the inspection! Repeat, put down your weapons and cooperate with the inspection..."
        I looked at Wu Julan suspiciously.
        Wu Julan said: "I originally wanted to kill them, but if you want to live in human society, I don't want you to be troubled by my actions, so it's not worth it. We should use human rules to solve this problem."
        No wonder Violet has never appeared, I still feel puzzled, she should arrive no matter how slow! It turned out that Wu Julan changed her plan and asked her to call the police, and then rushed there.
        Wu Julan smiled at me, and I was wondering why he suddenly smiled so softly for no reason, and then I fainted as soon as my eyes darkened.
        When I woke up again, I was already on the helicopter back to New York, but Wu Julan was not on the plane.
        Wu Liangliang said that Wu Julan, as a victim, had to tell the police what happened and cooperate with the police in their investigation, so he and Violet both left with the police, and asked Wu Liangliang, Jiang Yisheng and I to come back first.
        I asked depressedly, "Why did Wu Julan knock me out?"
        Wu Liangliang said in surprise: "Didn't those robbers fight? That's what the boss told the police!"
        The robber hit? He clearly knocked me out, okay? I rubbed the back of my neck in confusion, and I didn't know how he tapped, but I didn't feel any pain. But why knock me out?
        Wu Liangliang thought for a while, then laughed, "The boss is really considerate and considerate.
        black belly
        what! "
        Jiang Yisheng comforted me and said, "Brother Wu is for your own good. It's best not to watch that scene! As someone who is used to seeing corpses, I can't stand it."
        I asked, "What's wrong?"
        Wu Liangliang succinctly recounted what happened after I passed out.
        In his old age, the old man Zhou still maintained the fierceness of a pirate. He was not afraid of the government's army at all, and even tried to resist. However, his subordinates did not have his greed, nor his ruthlessness. In the face of the overwhelming firepower of the regular army, the thugs hired by Old Man Zhou quickly surrendered.
        Those who tried to resist were killed on the spot, including Old Man Zhou's confidant and Old Man Zhou.
        Wu Julan and I were successfully rescued as victims.
        Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan were arrested.
        Wu Liangliang told me that they would be prosecuted for kidnapping, coercion and attempted murder. The exact number of years in the sentence would depend on how the lawsuit was fought, but jail time was inevitable.
        It made me sad to hear that Zhou Buwen was going to jail.
        Jiang Yisheng said coldly: "Do you know how Zhou Buwen found us? Zhou Buwen installed a tracking program on my mobile phone! Fortunately, you and Brother Wu are safe, otherwise I... I... should What should I do? Everyone chooses his own path, and Zhou Buwen's path is also his own choice!"
        I whispered, "Zhou Buwen has left qíng under his command."
        Jiang Yisheng said: "I know, so Big Brother Wu has also left him to his subordinates. However, just because he didn't kill with a single knife when he stabbed someone, he can't be forgiven for what he did."
        I thought about it and didn't say a word.
        From the beginning to the present, I have almost died several times, not only Jiang Yisheng's father and my father, but also Wu Julan. If it wasn't for Wu Julan's peculiar physique, the last time he was at Yingzui Cliff, this time he was in the sea, he would have died twice.
        Wu Liangliang said, "Xiaoluo, I can understand your heart, but the boss has already looked at you and Jiang Yisheng's face, and his subordinates will stay, otherwise it will not only be old man Zhou who will be killed on the spot."
        I sighed and said, "Don't worry! I'm uncomfortable, but I won't beg Wu Julan to let Zhou Buwen go. I'll let the witch queen take out this bad breath!"
        Wu Liangliang patted me on the shoulder and muttered, "My grandma is about to die of anger, she still doesn't know how to teach me a lesson when I go back!"
        When we returned to the apartment, Wu Julan and Violet had already returned.
        Wu Liangliang asked in surprise, "Grandma, why are you faster than us?"
        "We were on a military plane and we were escorted back by the police, so of course it was a bit faster than you," Violet said.
        Wu Julan asked me, "How is your health?"
        I pursed my lips and said, "It's okay! How about you?"
        Wu Julan said: "No problem, a little skin trauma just helps the police collect evidence."
        I was stunned for a moment, he really... will take materials on the spot!
        Violet said to me, "The police will come later, and I need your cooperation to investigate."
        "Oh well."
        I suddenly remembered the last words of old man Zhou, and my face changed suddenly.
        Violet asked, "What's wrong?"
        I stopped talking, Wu Liangliang said to Jiang Yisheng, "Let's go back to the room first!"
        Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang left immediately.
        I worriedly said, "Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan should know that Wu Julan is... what should I do?"
        "So you're worried about this!" Violet looked relieved and laughed, "Zhou Buwen is a smart man, he knows the motive for committing the crime and the depth of his involvement in the case will affect the final verdict, he has now pushed everything to the Old Man Zhou claimed that he and Zhou Buyan didn’t know anything, just out of filial piety and acted according to Old Man Zhou’s orders, and never thought of endangering other people’s lives. Don’t worry, he won’t talk nonsense! Zhou Buyan was very protected by him Well, I really don't know anything."
        I said, "But..."
        Violet said with a smile: "Xiaoluo, it's not easy to subvert other people's beliefs! There are thousands of videos on Youtube every year claiming to have seen the mermaid with their own eyes, and there are videos as evidence, but who would believe it? Even if it is true If this Mr. Zhou says that Regulus is a mermaid, I can ask a psychiatrist to identify his spiritual condition, and suggest that the prison give them medicine and treatment.”
        I said, "Zhou Buwen got a map from the mirror in my house, maybe it was made by sharks."
        Violet said nonchalantly, "That thing... is now in our laboratory. Mr. Zhou will receive a satisfactory analysis report."
        I'm relieved that the only evidence that may exist is solved!
        Old Man Zhou and Old Man Zhou's confidants are gone, and the others don't know why Old Man Zhou arrested us. Zhou Buwen listened to Old Man Zhou's conjecture, and the inference he made was probably just skeptical. At that time, when he chased after the old man Zhou, it was probably with the attitude of verifying the truth. As a result, before I could really see Wu Julan clearly, I was hypnotized by Wu Julan's singing.
        When he received the test report of the map, there might still be no way to dispel his doubts, but he could only be suspicious for the rest of his life. As Violet said, even if he said that Regulus was a mermaid, who would believe it?
        If I hadn't met Wu Julan, and someone suddenly came and told me that a man with two legs who looked so normal that he was a mermaid, I would definitely laugh and step back quietly, telling me in my heart Don't provoke the lunatic yourself, it's better to run away!
        Violet hesitated, then asked, "Regulus, no one was hurt when we arrived. Your actions should have been gentle. Did you hypnotize them all with the mermaid's song?"
        Wu Julan stared at Violet and said lightly, "It seems that you have memorized all the knowledge taught by the elders."
        "Thank you for your compliment!" Violet smiled stiffly and said to me, "Then don't worry. Not all mermaids can use sound as a weapon, Regulus is the most powerful of the mermaids, and also the moon. The song of the round night, all those who are hypnotized by the song will have more and more confused memories of that night."
        So this is ah! While I was completely relieved, I started to wonder how Violet knew so much about mermaids, and what relationship did their family have with the mermaid family? I glanced at Wu Julan and thought maybe I should find a chance to ask him. After all, from a certain point of view, Violet and the others are now equivalent to my in-laws.
        Chapter 18 I know my heart
        Because I fell in love with a person, I fell in love with everything related to him. Everything that represents him will make me feel warm and happy.
        After a long nap, it was past nine o'clock after waking up.
        Just after breakfast, he received a call from Shen Yanghui, and he called "sister" very smoothly. I didn't ask him the reason for the change, and I just accepted his "let's get along well in the future" signal.
        After a few chats with me, Shen Yanghui said that my father wanted to talk to me, so I gave my father the phone.
        While chatting with my father, I walked upstairs and sat down on the sofa in the reception area, directly opposite the large floor-to-ceiling window more than five meters high. The warm sunlight came in from the window and enveloped people warmly, with a warm and comfortable feeling. Looking up, you can see the blue sky, white clouds, and a few black eagles circling and flying, which is refreshing.
        Although Dad has just finished the operation, but because of his good heart and spirit, his voice is more angry than when he was not injured before, it can be regarded as a blessing in disguise! He usually scolds his wife for becoming gentle; during the rebellious period, his son who looked down on him at all also respected him a lot.
        "Dad, don't worry, I will take care of myself, and you will also take good care of yourself, rest early... Okay! I'm hanging up, bye!"
        I put down my phone, looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside, and remembered the bronze mirror passed down from the hand of Grandpa Gaozu. Although the things are gone, but in exchange for the harmony of the father and the family, the grandfather and the great grandfather will definitely not mind, they will only be pleased.
        Wu Julan gracefully walked up the spiral staircase with a dark brown wooden box. I reclined on the arm of the sofa, quietly admiring his every move. With wide shoulders and narrow waist, long legs and hips, perfect mermaid lines and unicorn arms, a simple and unpretentious white shirt and black jeans, he wore a fashion blockbuster charm and sense of sex.
        Probably my eyes were too red, he stared at me, his expression became more and more indifferent, and he sat beside me without saying a word.
        I looked at him and said with a smile: "Nowadays, when women praise a man with a good figure, they like to say that he has a mermaid line. Do you know what a mermaid line is?"
        "I don't know!" Wu Julan put the beautiful wooden box on the coffee table in front of me.
        With the bad taste of flirting with a man with a paralyzed face, I was about to explain in detail what a mermaid line is, when Wu Julan looked up at me and said lightly, "However, as the name suggests, since the standard is mermaid, I believe, I will definitely let you Satisfied, after all, I am a real fish."
        I was stunned, and looked at him subconsciously—the slightly untied neckline, the well-proportioned chest, the flat and firm belly, the smooth mermaid line...
        In an instant, my heart beat faster, my face became hot, and there was a feeling of blood all over my body rushing into my head.
        Wu Julan, however, still looked blankly at me, looking at me solemnly, as if waiting for me to explain to him what a mermaid line is.
        I immediately looked away, and dared not look at him again, let alone flirt. As usual, I started to change the subject and make other decisions.
        I bent over and looked very interested, patted the wooden box on the coffee table, "A present for me? It's so big, what's a good thing?"
        Fortunately, Wu Julan didn't entangle me with his mermaid line, and without a word, he helped me open the wooden box, which contained the bronze mirror that had been bought by Zhou Buwen.