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        I asked in surprise: "You bought it back?"
        Wu Julan said: "No. I have this plan, but I haven't had time to take action. The two brothers from the Zhou family took the initiative to send it back."
        I said, "Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan's father, the two sons of old man Zhou?"
        "Well. They want my understanding."
        I thought about it, and roughly understood what Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan's father thought. From Zhou Buwen's attitude, he could feel that his stepfather was very kind to him. It is estimated that the two brothers originally thought that the old man would not live long, and in order to get the inheritance smoothly, they followed the old man to make trouble. When the old man died, everything would naturally end, but I didn't expect such a big thing to happen in the end.
        "Will you forgive?"
        Wu Julan said: "It's enough to make them incapable of doing evil again."
        What he meant should be that he has no financial resources and no ability to bother us again. I found that although Wu Julan has not lived in this world for a long time, he is far more thoughtful in handling things than me as a human being. I didn't ask any more questions, and let him handle it with confidence. Zhou Buwen was very fond of Jiang Yisheng and me, and Wu Julan didn't kill him, but from the moment he appeared in front of me and Jiang Yisheng with ulterior motives, it was doomed that we would never be friends again. From now on, we are strangers with no relationship, and his future has nothing to do with me.
        I picked up the mirror and took a closer look. It was exactly the same as before, and I couldn't tell that it had been opened.
        Wu Julan said: "I asked Violet to put the chart back in the mirror, which is considered to be the original return."
        I thought about it for a while and said, "I want to keep the mirror in this room and not take it back to the island." It wasn't to beware of my stepmother's greed, but I didn't want to get them into trouble again.
        Wu Julan said indifferently, "It's all your house, you can put it wherever you like."
        I knocked on the mirror and asked curiously, "Old man Zhou said that the fabric used to draw the chart is the legendary shark, is it true?"
        "It's something made by mermen, and humans call it shark."
        Sure enough, what Old Man Zhou said was true! I sighed and said: "Grandpa Gaozu actually met a mermaid! Oh my god, it's amazing! No matter how you want to see it, two people in our family met a mermaid! However, Grandpa Gaozu never told his great grandfather. Why? Why doesn't Grandpa know anything? He didn't mention it to me at all!"
        Wu Julan's expression is very strange - embarrassed, embarrassed, embarrassed, hesitating and saying nothing, as if she doesn't know how to speak.
        I am very surprised that his paralyzed face has such a rich expression? What would make him feel embarrassed and embarrassed?
        Suddenly, I was so blessed that I thought of everything together—in 1865, Wu Julan was drugged and arrested, and he hurriedly returned to the sea after being injured. New York Island and the island seem very far away, but they are both in the Pacific Ocean. For mermaids, they are the same sea area without borders. What's more, Wu Julan's first time on land to become a man was on the continent where the island is located, and he has feelings for this continent.
        I pointed at him and said in shock, "Yes... yes... you! Did you give the chart to Grandpa Gaozu?"
        Wu Julan nodded slightly strangely.
        " the fish god that Grandpa Gaozu met!" I felt dizzy and my heart was beating fast.
        Of course I knew he lived longer than humans, but it's one thing to know, it's another to see the living proof. Thinking that my grandfather's grandfather once talked to him and treated him like a god, and now I'm in love with him and trying to turn him into our son-in-law, I suddenly feel... I'm really tough and good Amazing!
        Wu Julan must have thought that this incident would have an impact on me, and looked very uneasy.
        Feeling a little uncomfortable, I reached out and pinched his cheek.
        Wu Julan stared at my hand in astonishment, with another offended expression.
        I sincerely reviewed it, and it seems that I molested too little, and he still hasn't gotten used to it!
        I wanted to pinch again, but he grabbed my hand. Immediately I switched hands and, with great pleasure, offended his other cheek again, and he reluctantly grabbed my other hand again.
        I looked at him with a smile, he regained his awe-inspiring and inviolable face, and I felt relieved.
        I said puzzled: "Grandpa Gaozu told Old Man Zhou's grandfather about his magical experience. There is no reason not to tell his children and grandchildren! Grandpa should know about these things! But why has he never mentioned it to me?"
        Wu Julan's eyes were very deep, and she said slowly: "Probably I don't want you to have a psychological burden, I hope you live a peaceful life like a normal person."
        I nodded, "Yes! If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have known about these things. By the way, did Grandpa Gaozu really save you?"
        Wu Julan said: "I need an antidote, which only grows in the high mountains in the inland. Because of my injuries, I can't transform myself. Your grandfather was a very kind person, who helped me find that smell. medicine."
        I laughed: "Am I not kind?"
        He glanced at the two hands I was holding tightly, and remained silent.
        When I saw his embarrassment and anxiety just now, I felt uncomfortable and wanted him to return to his normal facial paralysis; now that he is in a turmoil, I always want to see cracks appear on his forbidden face. What the hell am I doing?
        I narrowed my eyes, trying to break free, but he knew I was going to do something wrong, so he grabbed it and didn't let it go.
        I smiled at him maliciously, do you think I can't move my hand, so I can't do it?
        I jumped up laughing and tried to bite him with my mouth. Wu Julan dodged left and right, but did not dare to use any force for fear of hurting me. He called, "Xiaoluo! Xiaoluo..."
        At this time, your name is useless, I won't listen!
        Finally, I got my wish and knocked him down.
        I pressed on top of him and deliberately acted like a good-looking bully, "Beauty, you will obey me today..."
        "Hahaha..." Jiang Yisheng's hilarious laughter came from the stairs.
        Under the cover of his voice, there was a small snicker. Without a doubt, it must be Wu Liangliang who wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh.
        I froze for three seconds, then immediately rolled over and sat up, staring at Wu Julan dejectedly: How about your inhuman good hearing?
        "I want to remind you that you won't listen." After Wu Julan explained without expression, she also turned over and sat up, looking at Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang.
        Wu Liangliang immediately restrained her expression, made a serious appearance, and gave Jiang Yisheng an elbow, warning him to also restrain herself.
        Jiang Yisheng was busy and made a serious appearance, but when he saw me, he couldn't help laughing again.
        I was dejected to think that Wu Julan was unpredictable and did not express anger and self-arrogance, while I was expressive and timid.
        I asked for a broken jar, revealing its true shape, picked up a cushion and smashed it viciously, "What's so funny?"
        Jiang Yisheng caught it with a smile, and made a cautious look with a low brow and pleasing eyes, "King, calm down, the little one has something serious to report!"
        "What's up?"
        "I've been in the United States for eleven days, and the hospital only gave me two weeks off. I have to go back. Do you want to stay in New York for a while, or go back with me?"
        I looked at Wu Julan inquiringly. Although I now have a home in New York, all New York means to me is him.
        Wu Julan said, "As you like."
        "Then... I want to go back. The winter in New York is too cold, unlike the winter in the island, the wind is sunny, and there are still green trees and flowers everywhere."
        Wu Julan said, "Okay, let's go back."
        He instructed Wu Liangliang, "Help me apply for a visa and buy an air ticket. This time, Xiaoluo and I will fly back together."
        As soon as I heard it, the joy blossomed, Wu Julan is now a person with an ID card! We can go wherever we want in the future!
        Wu Liangliang said hesitantly, "Regulus, you..."
        Wu Julan stared at her.
        Wu Liangliang smiled reluctantly and said, "Okay, I'll do it in the afternoon."
        I pretended not to see Wu Liangliang's abnormality and didn't ask anything. Since Wu Julan didn't tell me, that means I don't need to know.
        Wu Julan said to Jiang Yisheng, "Before you leave, can you take time to go to Violet's research room and do a comprehensive physical examination?"
        Jiang Yisheng seemed to think of something, glanced at Wu Liangliang, but did not speak, but the smile on his face gradually disappeared.
        I asked in confusion: "Check what?"
        Wu Julan said: "Violet's laboratory has the best brain neuroscientists in the human world, as well as experts who specialize in genetic neurological diseases. Jiang Yisheng's disease may not be completely eradicated, but it may reduce the probability of the disease."
        Wu Liangliang said: "The current medical research of human beings cannot completely cure the diseases carried by genes, but it is not helpless. Just like cervical cancer and rǔ adenocarcinoma, the incidence of disease can be reduced by about 75% through vaccination or early surgery. Movie star Angelina Jolie reduced her risk of developing adenocarcinoma from 87% to 5% through early surgery. And we are lucky to have Regulus, and they...he will be of great help in treating Jiang Yisheng's disease. "
        Jiang Yisheng sneered twice, and said to Wu Liangliang, "You mean, I not only need to know that I may become a lunatic, but also accurately calculate the probability of becoming a lunatic. I can still do it now. Tell yourself that I may be like Grandpa, but after checking, I'll know I'm definitely going to be like Dad?"
        Wu Liangliang was speechless. Any physical examination will have two results - good news and bad news.
        Jiang Yisheng said coldly, "You're not the only one who understands medicine. Do you think I haven't seen cutting-edge research materials all these years? Please don't be self-righteous about messing with my personal affairs. I'm not that familiar with you!" After he finished speaking, he turned around Just go downstairs.
        Wu Liangliang immediately chased after him, "Esun, Eisen..."
        I didn't care to appease Jiang Yisheng, suppressed my voice, and asked Wu Julan anxiously: "Is it really possible for you to help Jiang Yisheng?"
        Wu Julan said: "Mermaids and humans, as two branches of evolution, have gone to two completely different evolutionary paths. Just like polar bears and pandas, they have the same ancestor, but because they chose different living environments, polar bears are now fierce eaters. Fiercely, the panda has become an ornamental animal that eats rough. Compared with the human's reliance on external power, the evolution of the mermaid has always revolved around itself. qiáng. I can't say for sure, but there is a high possibility that I can help Jiang Yisheng."
        It seems that Wu Liangliang has communicated with Wu Julan in detail before, and it is confirmed that it is feasible. I immediately said, "I'm going to persuade Jiang Yisheng to get checked!"
        "Xiaoluo, should..."
        Regarding Jiang Yisheng's future, I was very anxious. I couldn't bear to listen to Wu Julan's analysis. I rushed down the stairs like a gust of wind, trying to persuade Jiang Yisheng as soon as possible.
        However, when I rushed to the living room, I made a turn and ran into the aisle. Just as he was about to rush to Jiang Yisheng's bedroom, he suddenly braked and stopped. The scene in front of him was—
        Wu Liangliang pressed her hands against the wall, her body pressed against Jiang Yisheng, pressing him against the wall, and was kissing him.
        I half-opened my mouth, stared blankly for three seconds, turned around silently, and tiptoed back to the living room.
        Wu Julan stood at the entrance of the spiral staircase, leaning on the handrail of the staircase, looking at me with a half-smile.