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        Violet smiled self-deprecatingly and said: "Now, every woman is more crazy than the witches in the past to pursue the youthful beauty of her face! Sheep placenta, human placenta, hyaluronic acid, ròu toxin... All kinds of magical witchcraft have been used Seeing it as a legitimate existence, even those witches who study psychics are only studying 'paranormal phenomena'. My ancestors have always fantasized about this day, and without the help and funding of mermen, we would not be able to survive today."
        Violet stared at me and said very sincerely: "We owe the merman a lot, and our family, as a follower of the Regulus family, owes him a lot. Please believe that my love and loyalty to Regulus will never compare You are less."
        I have no doubts about her loyalty to Wu Julan, but, just like her mother-in-law must love her son deeply, but to her daughter-in-law... I said, "What is the purpose of your visit today?"
        Violet picked up a cup of tea, drank it quietly, and said, "Andersen told the story of The Little Mermaid from his perspective. Would you like to hear the story of The Little Mermaid from the perspective of a witch?"
        I have always known the reason why curiosity killed the cat, and said cautiously, "If it has something to do with Wu Julan, I will only want to know."
        Violet said: "The evolution of mermaids is different from that of us humans. Humans rely more on external forces such as technology, but the evolution of mermaids has always revolved around themselves. Each mermaid has a precious soul bead in its body. The spirit bead of the mermaid and their Spiritual power is closely related."
        I asked, "What is spiritual power?"
        Violet said: "It's difficult to use our human nouns to define the spirit. Simply put, it is the power of the body that can be directly seen by the eyes, such as strong fists and sharp teeth. For example, the singing of mermaids is their spiritual power. In addition, the mysterious way of communication between mermaids and marine creatures, the echolocation of mermaids like dolphins, these invisible and intangible powers, all count as the divine power of mermaids!"
        I nodded, indicating that I probably understood.
        Violet said: "A long time ago, a human prince traveled to the sea, and a little mermaid who had never been on land and had never seen a human being followed the prince's ship curiously and kept peeking at them. Unfortunately, the prince's The boat encountered the bào wind and rain and fell into the sea. The little mermaid wanted to save him, but unfortunately she was not strong enough, and the bào wind and rain was too strong, and the prince was drowned. The little mermaid felt very guilty and couldn't bear to let the prince die like this. On impulse, he gave his Soul Orb to the human prince. With the power of the Mermaid Spirit Orb, the prince came back to life..."
        I couldn't help interrupting Violet's story and asked curiously, "Does the resurrection technique that Old Man Zhou said really exists?"
        Violet explained: "The so-called resurrection is just a relative concept, a kind of awe-inspiring name for a technology we don't know yet. For example, it is very common for us to cut open the brain and transplant internal organs now, but if the ancients see it When you arrive, you will definitely be shocked to say that it is a secret technique to bring back the dead. Mermaids can only save people who have drowned through their own spiritual beads, and there is a strict time limit, and there is no way to treat people with terminal illnesses.”
        I nodded, "Understood!"
        Violet continued: "Originally, this is not a big deal, the mermaid who used his precious spiritual beads to save humans, the little mermaid is not the first, and certainly not the last. Anyway, the lifespan of mermaids is much longer than that of humans. She just has to wait patiently until the human prince is dead and get the Lingzhu back. After the little mermaid rescued the prince, he decided to send the prince to land. In order to ensure that the prince was rescued, the little mermaid sent him to a A place where humans live. When she hid behind a reef and saw the comatose prince on the shore being rescued, she felt relieved and planned to return to the deep sea, but she was discovered by a human fishing boat. Because of the wind at sea And save the prince, the little mermaid is already very tired. In the process of escaping from human capture, the little mermaid was seriously injured. She must get back her spirit bead, otherwise she will die. However, once the prince loses the spirit bead, he will die."
        I heard the whole heart hanging up, knowing the ending of the story, I still asked nervously: "Did the little mermaid go to the prince to get back his spiritual pearl?"
        Violet said: "Although the merman is a powerful race, it likes peace and never kills at will. The principle of the transfer of the merman's spirit bead is not killing, but willingness. Just like the mermaid who wants to be willing and willing to give out the spirit bead to save Just like the prince, the prince must be willing to give up the spirit bead so that the mermaid can get back his spirit bead. But who would easily give up his life? The little mermaid didn't know what to do, so he had to turn to the witch who followed his family. A witch is a human, and she understands the selfishness in human nature. It is absolutely impossible for a human to give up his life for the little mermaid. The only possibility is to make him fall in love with the little mermaid. My grandmother said, 'Love is the world The most magical witchcraft in the world, it can make selfish people selfless, cowardly people brave, greedy people kind, and cunning people stupid.' With the help of the witch, the little mermaid went to land and came to the prince's side, but the prince has loved to the human girl who rescued him from the shore and took good care of him. No matter how beautiful and smart the little mermaid was, and how hard she tried to attract the prince's attention, the prince never fell in love with her, but always loved her. Kind human girl. In desperation, the witch prepared a sharp dagger and wanted to help the little mermaid get back the spirit bead. However, the little mermaid has fallen deeply in love with the prince who is upright and loyal to love. No matter what. How the witch and her sisters begged, she still willingly gave up the spirit bead again, turned into a bubble and died, and exchanged her long life for the short-lived happiness of the human prince, and even he did not know what the little mermaid paid for him. everything."
        Violet lowered his head and gently wiped away the tears with a tissue.
        Violet's tears made my heart tremble, I wish I was just in a nightmare, as long as I woke up, nothing happened. I tried to tell myself that it was just a story, a very distant story... But, I know better than anyone, how could Violet come here on purpose, just to tell me a story, and tell me a story that made me cry?
        Violet raised his head and stared at me sharply, like a sharp dagger, against my lifeline, not allowing me any way out.
        I asked in a trembling voice, "If a human being has... a merman's spirit bead, what symptoms will her body...will...have?"
        "There won't be any abnormal changes on the surface, and the testing equipment in the hospital will not be able to detect it at all. It is impossible for her to grow a fish tail, to be able to move freely in the water all of a sudden, and it is impossible for her to live longer. However, Her body will be better than ever, she will hardly get sick, and even if she is sick, she will recover faster than others."
        I murmured, "It turns out...that's how it is!"
        Violet said: "Regulus..."
        I stood up, trying to control my shock and fear, and said to her, "Please leave!"
        Violet said eagerly: "Xiaoluo, let me finish, I have to tell you..."
        I pointed to the door and said sternly, "It's not your turn to tell me about the matter between me and Wu Julan! If you have anything to say, ask Wu Julan to tell me personally!"
        "Xiaoluo, Regulus..."
        I suddenly lost control, covered my ears and screamed, "I told you to leave! Leave! Leave immediately..."
        Violet hurriedly walked towards the door, "Okay, I'll leave, I'll leave immediately!" She stood at the door and said loudly, "Xiaoluo, I know you need a little time to accept everything I say, I will Waiting for your decision."
        The door slammed shut, and I was alone in the room.
        I still covered my ears and stood still. However, some things can be regarded as non-existence if they are not heard.
        Through the hazy tears, I can see that the surroundings are still familiar, but the warmth of the original house has turned into bone-chilling cold, and the boundless darkness is surging from all directions, drowning me from head to toe, letting me It was hard to even breathe.
        I panicked and ran out of the house without taking anything. I vaguely heard the receptionist talking to me. I turned a deaf ear and walked straight out of the building.
        I didn't know the direction, I walked casually, there was nowhere to go anyway, I just wanted to get away from Wu Julan.
        The cold wind gushes to the body, bringing a biting coolness.
        I think I should calm down and think about it, but every inch of my body is filled with panic and anger, leaving my brain chaotic and desolate. I don’t know what to think or do. Can keep walking.
        As I was walking, a blue lake appeared in front of my eyes, and before I knew it, I stopped.
        Although I am a child who grew up by the sea, my love for water is no deeper than that of other human beings. It was not until I fell in love with Wu Julan, a mermaid from the depths of the ocean, that I really fell in love with water.
        Anytime I see blue water, I can't help but smile. The homonym of Wu Julan is Wujulan, the person I love lives in blue water!
        Because I fell in love with a person, I fell in love with everything related to him. Everything that represents him will make me feel warm and happy.
        However, now I look at the lake, but there is no feeling of warmth and happiness.
        Because, I can't help but think about the warmth and happiness that Wu Julan gave me, is it because of me, or because of the mermaid spirit beads in my body?
        I stood by the lake, staring silently at the lake, recalling everything that happened after meeting Wu Julan.
        That sad morning, I opened the door and he collapsed in the yard of my house.
        Chi Luǒ's feet were full of scars, and he should have walked a lot to find me with difficulty. More than a hundred years have passed, and human society has undergone earth-shaking changes. Language, writing, communication tools, and communication methods... have all changed. He certainly did not expect that he would appear in front of me so awkwardly.
        Wu Julan is not a mermaid who has never been in contact with human society and doesn't understand the sophistication of people. He must understand that it is almost impossible for me to fall in love with him, but the "impossible possibility" actually happened...
        I fork with both hands and put them on my chest.
        It is hard to imagine that there is something belonging to Wu Julan in this body.
        Back then, Grandpa Gaozu helped Wu Julan, and Wu Julan should have generously promised to satisfy Grandpa Gaozu's wish. For fishermen at sea, the most feared thing is to drown in the sea. Wu Julan used the spirit beads that can "return the dead" as a reward, so that Grandpa Gaozu was no longer afraid of going to the sea. But my great-grandfather and great-grandfather, who had been fishermen all my life, didn’t use it, and neither did my grandfather, but I accidentally drowned when I was seven years old.
        It turned out that the nightmares I often had were real. I had really died, but my grandfather saved me with the Lingzhu gifted by Wu Julan.
        It turned out that in the vast crowd, Wu Julan and I met for no reason. He came here specifically to find me, in order to retrieve his Soul Orb.
        No wonder when I first saw him, I was always frightened by the look in his eyes, not because I was too timid, but because of my animal instinct, and I felt his killing intent towards me.
        His arrogant and indifferent son-in-law must have been depressed and impatient at the thought of trying to find a way to make me fall in love with him willingly! He must have wanted to slap me with his palm and take back the things that belonged to him. Anyway, it was my great-grandfather who was kind to him. He has already repaid with the practical actions of "loaning Lingzhu for more than 100 years".
        Unfortunately, the incident exceeded his expectations, he passed out at my feet, I have "drops of grace" for him, he can only "kill me with one palm" or "let me be willing to return it" tangled between...