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        I couldn't help but laugh a little bit, it's nasty! Originally, it was he who asked me, and I could enjoy the seduction and pursuit of the beautiful man, but he completely ignored the rules and abruptly turned everything into I tried my best to please him and pursue him!
        I fell in love with him willingly, not only did he not warmly welcome him with open arms, but he also pushed me away coldly again and again! It's abominable!
        Gradually, all the panic and anger that had just found calmed down, and only the endless sadness was entangled in heart, and it hurt sharply with every beat of heart.
        I smiled at the blue lake and said softly, "I should have punished him for his deception, played with disappearance, and made him worry, but... I can't bear to make him worry!"
        No matter why he is good to me, it is an unchangeable fact that I love him. I can not be clear about his mind, but I can not be clear about my own mind.
        I turned around, walked in the direction of the apartment, and walked back firmly.
        When passing a secluded tree-lined path, a call suddenly came: "Shenluo!"
        I stopped, turned around, and saw Violet.
        Violet walked quickly to me, stared at me with piercing eyes, and asked earnestly, "Have you figured it out?"
        It's not that I don't understand her heart, but it still makes me feel very uncomfortable. I said coldly: "If you think about it, it's all between me and Wu Julan, you don't have to worry about it!"
        I turned around to leave, but suddenly felt a needle-like pain in the back of my neck.
        I turned my head and looked at Violet in shock.
        Holding an empty syringe, she murmured, "I'm sorry!"
        I opened my mouth, but no sound came out, and the whole world became a shaky phantom. My body went limp, my feet staggered, trying to grab something, only to see Violet's figure getting more and more blurred, and finally turning into pitch black.
        Chapter19This is our choice
        If our embrace can only be separated by thorns, then I am willing to hug him harder and harder! Even if the thorns pierce my skin and pierce my heart, as long as I can get closer and closer to him!
        When I regained consciousness and opened my eyes, I found myself in a laboratory, or an operating room.
        I was wearing a long white sleeveless dress, lying flat on a surgical bed, the shadowless lamp above my head shone on me, and there was a dazzling array of knives and surgical instruments on the sterile table not far away, it seemed that as long as another doctor came in, I can begin to open my belly.
        For a moment, I was lost and didn't understand why I was in the operating room. am i sick? Immediately afterwards, I remembered why Violet and I were comatose.
        I was so terrified that I wanted to jump out of the surgery room immediately, but found that my body was so weak that I couldn't exert any strength at all. I struggled for a while before I stumbled and tumbled from the surgery bed to the ground.
        I stared at the door that represented escape, and struggled to crawl towards it.
        Suddenly, the door was opened, and Wu Liangliang walked in wearing a white lab coat.
        She saw that I was not in the surgery room, but on the ground, stunned for a moment, and hurried towards me.
        I struggled back in horror.
        Wu Liangliang stopped, and she said uneasily, "Sorry! I thought you were still sleeping, but I forgot the mermaid spirit pearl in your body. You can't look at it with a normal person's physique."
        I have retreated to the corner, and there is no way out, but slowly calm down.
        I looked up at Wu Liangliang, and said sarcastically, "Sorry for what? I'm sorry, are you going to cut me open?"
        Wu Liangliang's expression was very embarrassed, and she slowly crouched down to the ground, reducing the sense of oppression against me. She said: "My grandmother did think so. When she sent me to the island, she said to me, 'That kind of witchcraft love is too illusory, and we have to prepare for another course of action'. I'm seeing When you met for the first time, you didn't feel at ease, and I feel very sorry!"
        I didn't expect her to be so frank, I stared at her blankly for a moment, and remembered the night when I first met Wu Liangliang.
        She pointed to the conch on the table and said, "There is a queen standing next to the king of heaven, like Empress E and Nu Ying, and Shuang Shu Banjun, but did you know that the red spiral snail of the king only eats the queen phoenix snail?" I thought this comment Conch's words were addressed to me, but I didn't expect that she was actually speaking to Wu Julan. She was lobbying Wu Julan tactfully—on the food chain, it is normal for one creature to take the life of another creature.
        No wonder Wu Julan said abnormally at the dinner table: "I officially announce that Shen Luo is my woman. From now on, if anyone has any bad intentions against her, I will punish her severely. Please think carefully before taking action. Can you bear my anger?" At the time, I only thought Wu Julan's words were terrifying and embarrassing, but now I realize that his words have deep meaning, that he is not only warning Zhou Buwen and Zhou Buyan, but also Wu Julan Violet behind Liangliang and Wu Liangliang.
        It turned out that I thought it was a warm dinner with old and new friends. There were six people at a table. Except for Jiang Yisheng and me, the other four people were not thinking about the dinner at all, and they didn't feel the atmosphere was warm.
        How sarcastic!
        I asked bitterly, "What do you want to do to me now?"
        Wu Liangliang was silent for a moment and said, "Grandma hopes you can return the Mermaid Spirit Orb to Regulus."
        I glanced at the scalpel placed on the sterile table and asked, "Are you now confident that you can get back the Spirit Orb?"
        "Thousands of years have passed since the story of The Little Mermaid, and witches' knowledge and skills have advanced greatly. However, we have never done it, just a theoretical confidence. What grandma wants The best solution is, of course, you can agree to it willingly."
        It seems that their plan is that it is best for me to agree. If I disagree, they don't mind cutting my body open. I said, "Does Wu Julan know what you do?"
        Wu Liangliang didn't answer my question directly, but instead asked, "What do you think?"
        With my back against the wall, I sat on the ground, silent without a word.
        Wu Julan must have known Wu Liangliang and the others' intentions, but from the very beginning, he had warned Wu Liangliang sternly. He even brought me to New York on purpose, arranged a grand reception, knelt down in public to propose marriage, and held a fairly formal engagement ceremony, probably to get Violet and the others to admit me, so as not to mess around.
        I remembered what he said to Violet and the others: "Shen Luo is my chosen life partner. From today onwards, we will share all the glory and all the suffering that life brings."
        At that time, I was deeply touched by this sentence, but until today, I really fully understand the importance behind this sentence.
        I burst into tears and laughed.
        Seeing my watch, Wu Liangliang gently twitched the corner of her mouth and said, "Fortunately, I dispelled my grandmother's thoughts early in the morning and told her that it is impossible to deceive you. This is the boss's will."
        I asked, "Aren't you afraid of Wu Julan's anger when you treat me like this?"
        Wu Liangliang stared at me with a very complicated expression, "I'm afraid! But... we have no choice!"
        I said, "Where is Wu Julan now? Jiang Yisheng's examination results should have come out already!"
        Wu Liangliang stood up without saying a word.
        She walked to the cao workbench, pressed a button, and the shutters rose slowly, only then did I realize that the entire wall was made of glass.
        I was a little baffled and didn't know why she opened the curtains and stared impatiently at Wu Liangliang who was standing in front of the glass wall. However, when the shutters were halfway up, in the haze, I saw a Kashmir sapphire-like blue fishtail, swaying gently in the water.
        Wu Julan!
        I never thought that I would see his mermaid form in a room on land, and I almost screamed, and immediately used both hands and feet, and quickly climbed to the glass wall.
        The whole room is a rectangular container, with three walls of hard metal, and one wall facing us is glass, much like those huge fish tanks that keep sharks in the Sea Life Museum.
        The "fish tank" is about four meters high and contains three meters of seawater. Wu Julan's lower body was immersed in the water, and the long and huge blue fish tail gently dàng with the water waves like a beautiful blue satin. His upper body floated on the water, his head hung limply, and he was clearly in a coma. The blue-black hair drifted down, half covering his face, so he couldn't see his face clearly.
        His arms were wrapped with iron chains, and his arms were forced to open, like the suffering gods in ancient Greek mythology, they were pulled into a "cross" shape. One end of eight thick iron chains was fixed to the upper and lower corners of the house, and one end was tightly wrapped around him, like a huge spider web, locking Wu Julan firmly.
        How dare they treat Wu Julan like this? !
        The anger poured out like a volcanic eruption, and it made me stand up all at once. I jumped on Wu Liangliang, trying to strangle her.
        Wu Liangliang didn't resist, and said hoarsely, "We... just follow the boss's orders."
        I roared angrily: "Wu Julan will order you to treat him like this? No matter how you treat me, I can understand, after all, you are for Wu Julan's good! But if you dare to hurt him, even if I die, I will drag you to death together. !"
        Wu Liangliang's eyes were full of tears, "Jiang Yisheng is like his father, the probability of hereditary mental illness is 89%."
        I was stunned, 89%? This probability is simply saying that Jiang Yisheng will inevitably become a lunatic!
        Wu Liangliang's tears rolled down her cheeks. She said, "The boss had to restore the form of a mermaid in order to help Jiang Yisheng to treat his illness. After the boss's treatment, Jiang Yisheng's disease probability can now be controlled below 6%."
        On the one hand, I was happy for Jiang Yisheng, on the other hand, I was even more angry, and asked sarcastically: "Is this your way of repaying? Or, it was your plan from the beginning, you used Jiang Yisheng's illness to lure Wu Julan into your trap? Jiang Yisheng Just a bait for you?"
        Wu Liangliang stared into my eyes and said word by word, "Shen Luo, I love Jiang Yisheng as much as you love the boss! We really do this by the boss's order!"
        I believed what she said and slowly let go of the hand that was around her neck.
        I lay all over the glass wall, staring at Wu Julan.
        There are no lights inside, the only source of light is the lights on our side. Through the glass wall, shadowy shadows shone on Wu Julan. His skin was unusually fair, but the chains wrapped around him were dark brown. Between the waves, the light and shadow flickered, and the chains seemed to have turned into countless poisonous snakes, entangling and strangling him.
        I heard my own voice sounding softly: "What's going on? Why is he doing this to himself?"
        Wu Liangliang said: "In order to treat Jiang Yisheng's illness, the boss has overused his spiritual power. Just like a person who overuses his muscles, he will inevitably suffer from muscle strain and strain. The boss is now suffering from excessive use of his spiritual powers. Pain. However, this pain is far more intense than we imagined. The boss was afraid that if he lost control, he would destroy the laboratory, so we locked him with the strongest titanium alloy chain."
        I muttered to myself, "Excessive use of spiritual power?" Wu Julan must have struggled fiercely before. The areas on his body that were covered with scales were better. The front half of his body without scales was almost ripped apart by the chains.
        Violet's voice sounded behind me: "The merman's spiritual power is closely related to his spiritual orb. It should be difficult for a merman to use his spiritual power without the soul orb. I never thought that Regulus could still use the mermaid's singing voice. Even with a full moon Help, he should have endured a lot of pain that night to complete this task that was beyond his ability. In fact, with Regulus's power, he could directly kill everyone and never suffer from future troubles. But , just because you are human, he doesn't want to burden you with a spiritual burden, so he would rather bear the terrifying pain. Just like now, just because Jiang Yisheng is someone you care about, Regulus will save him at all costs."