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        I looked at Wu Julan, who was heavily chained and covered in bruises. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't help but patted the glass wall and cursed in a low voice, "What a fool!"
        Violet said: "In our eyes, Regulus is still very strong, but in fact, as the most powerful race among mermaids, he is already very weak. Xiaoluo, you are willing to put the mermaid spirit in your body willingly. Return the beads to Regulus?"
        I turned slowly, leaned against the glass wall, and looked at Violet.
        Violet said: "Anything you want to do but haven't done, we can do it for you! Your only relatives are your father and mother, but both your father and your mother already have a happy family. Even without you , their lives will not be affected in any way! In this world, you have nothing to worry about, you can leave peacefully! I promise you will not feel any pain, just like sleeping, you will sink into a peaceful and warm dream... ā€¦ā€
        "Grandma!" Wu Liangliang couldn't bear it, and wanted to interrupt Violet's words.
        Violet, however, ignored Wu Liangliang at all. Instead, she stared at me intently, and said enticingly, "Don't you love Regulus? Now is the moment when Regulus needs you to dedicate all your love!"
        The words "I am willing" lingered on the tip of my tongue, not because of Violet's witch-like lobbying, but because I was really willing. When I was by the lake, thinking about my heart, turned around and walked back to the apartment, I had already made my decision.
        Suddenly, I felt a shock from my back, and I turned around immediately to see Wu Ju Lanqi's long blue fish tail flapping up and down, causing flowers to churn on the water. His body struggled violently, the blue veins on his arms that were pulled in the air by the iron chain bĆ o, and even the sharp fingernails hidden in the fingers were exposed. Eight thick iron chains were pulled and shuddered, and the whole room shook a little. He seemed to be furious, as if he was about to break free from the chains and swooped over.
        I slapped the glass wall anxiously and shouted loudly, "Wu Julan, Wu Julan..."
        Wu Liangliang comfortably said, "It's just another round of pain attacks, which will pass in a while."
        I was lying on the glass wall, looking at Wu Julan nervously and worriedly, but there was nothing I could do about his pain.
        Standing beside me, Violet said hurriedly: "Regulus should be waking up soon, if you want to save him, you must make a decision as soon as possible! As long as you say 'yes', Regulus will no longer have to suffer! When you wake up again, you will have full strength, and if you want to live in the sea, live in the sea; if you want to live on land, live on land. Don't you want Regulus to continue to live freely?"
        How could it not be hoped? I am willing to exchange everything I have for his happiness!
        However, he must have thought so too...
        I stared at Wu Julan, who was bound by iron chains, and said to Violet: "You said, 'Love is the most magical witchcraft in the world, it can make the selfish person selfless, the cowardly brave, the greedy kind, and the cunning stupid'. ."
        "I said so!"
        "You're only right about one side of love, and there's another side to love. It makes the selfless people selfish, the brave people cowardly, the kind people greedy, and the stupid people cunning."
        Violet stared at me in surprise, as if in disbelief, "What did you say?"
        I said: "When facing someone you love deeply, no matter how kind and selfless people are, they will become greedy and selfish, unwilling to share, just want to monopolize, and greedily want him to be only good to himself, preferably better , Even better, the more the better; no matter how brave and stupid people are, they will become cowardly and cunning, because they have concerns and worries, they will cowardly endure everything that they can't bear for the sake of their loved ones, and they will also love I became suspicious and suspicious."
        Violet asked impatiently, "What exactly are you trying to say?"
        "I want to say that your understanding of love is too self-righteous! Even if it is a desperate sacrifice, you must ask the other party if he is willing to accept it! Otherwise, it may not be happiness, but hatred!"
        Violet glared at me viciously.
        I also glared at her fiercely, "Either you force me to submit now, or let me wait for Wu Julan to wake up! Even if I want to leave, I have to say goodbye to Wu Julan and make sure he accepts my choice. , will continue to live a good life, because I care about him and don't trust him, I can't leave him silently like this, this is my selfishness and cowardice!"
        Violet stared at me for a moment, eyes slowly filling with tears. Suddenly, she bent down and bowed deeply to me, "We will never dare to go against Regulus's choice, please forgive me for what I have done!" After speaking, she immediately turned around and hurried away.
        I looked at Wu Liangliang suspiciously. Violet gave up and cut me open? You let me go so easily?
        Wu Liangliang smiled with tears in her eyes and said, "The boss has warned us again and again, even before giving Jiang Yisheng's treatment, he warned grandma again. You are the life partner chosen by the boss, and grandma will never dare to hurt you. , she just induces you to issue an order yourself, and she is the executor of the order."
        My legs went weak, and I fell to my knees along the glass wall.
        Inside the glass wall, Wu Julan also calmed down.
        My face was against the glass wall and I stared at him blankly.
        His arms were dragged in the air by the chains, his body leaned forward, his head drooped weakly, and he looked very calm and peaceful, without the madness just now.
        Wu Liangliang looked at the various data on the instrument and said, "The boss should be waking up soon, but it will take a while to change back into a human body."
        I said, "Can you let me in? I want to go in with him!"
        Wu Liangliang hesitated and agreed to my request.
        I swam into the "big fish tank" through the water pipe.
        When swimming closer, the wound on Wu Julan's body could be seen more clearly, very ferocious. Although I know his physique is peculiar, the recovery speed of the wound can be said to be unbelievable. However, I still feel very heartache, I wish I could slap him to wake him up and ask him why he couldn't think of another way.
        I took out the potion that Wu Liangliang helped me prepare, and sprinkled it on his wound little by little.
        While trying to float myself on the water, I had to pay attention to avoid Wu Julan's body, lest I accidentally pull on the chain and hurt him even more.
        However, this is after all in the water, the simple action of applying the medicine becomes more and more laborious, and my body sinks little by little uncontrollably.
        Suddenly, I felt my body light up, and I stood firmly in the water as if I were standing on land.
        This feeling is very familiar, I looked down and saw that it was Wu Julan's fish tail. The flat caudal fin is like a huge and powerful palm, supporting my feet and holding me up.
        Wu Julan woke up? !
        I immediately looked at him and he slowly raised his head and slowly opened his eyes.
        When ordinary people wake up from a coma, there will always be a moment of confusion, but Wu Julan's eyes are clear and determined, as if he has never been in a coma. However, there was fear in his blue eyes, and he stared at me eagerly, as if I would disappear at any time.
        I was worried that he would be strangled by the chain again, so I frowned and said, "Let me go!"
        He swung his tail and wrapped me directly. At the same time, he grabbed the chain with both hands, trying to get me closer to him. Fortunately, Wu Liangliang untied the chains in time with understanding and understanding, only to hear a few crisp "clicks, clicks", and all the eight iron chains were loosened.
        I breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly tried to help him untie the iron chain wrapped around him, but he ignored the iron chain on his body, but as soon as his hands were free, he put one arm around my back and the other He held my head and kissed me hard.
        I struggled subconsciously for a few times, but he pushed harder, savagely prying open my lips, rushing straight into my mouth, licking and entangling my tongue with his rough tongue. When I was almost breathless from his kiss, he let go of me, but he was still a little frantic and kept kissing my ears and neck.
        I vaguely understood his abnormality, put my arms around his neck, and whispered in his ear: "I'm here, I'm here, I didn't promise Violet..."
        Wu Julan finally calmed down. He freed one hand to untie the chain on his body, pulling almost rudely, completely ignoring his wounds.
        However, I care!
        I grabbed his hand, "Don't move, I'll come!"
        He supported me and floated quietly in the water.
        With my head down, I carefully untie the chain for him, and occasionally when I'm out of strength, he'll take the lead and help me take most of the weight.
        I didn't lift my head to look at him until I undid all the chains on him.
        With four eyes cast, the eyes of the two of them were surging, and they fell into a strange silence. I wanted to say it, but I didn't know where to start, and he probably couldn't speak yet.
        In this airtight and dark space, the whole world has shrunk to only me and him. The world's battles and stars seem to belong to another world far away.
        I stroked his face gently, brushing all his wet hair back.
        I stroked his eyes, and the stars and rivers flowed slowly in his eyes; I stroked his nose, and the morning breeze was slowly passing through his nose; I stroked his lips, and he opened his mouth and used a sharp Teeth bite me gently!
        If you can, just hide it in your arms, bite it in your mouth, and don't let it go!
        never let go...
        I hooked his neck and whispered with tears in my eyes, "Hold tighter."
        He wrapped the whole fishtail around me, wrapping his arms around my back. I was like a silkworm baby wrapped in a cocoon, hugged tightly by him.
        I said, "Tighten tighter!"
        He was getting harder and harder, causing pain all over my body, but we still wanted to push harder, wishing to embed ourselves directly into each other's body.
        I closed my eyes and wanted to hug him like this until time turned to ashes and the world to nothingness.
        After a long time, Wu Julan's voice suddenly sounded.
        "Little snail?"
        I moved slightly to show that I heard it.
        He asked, "Did Violet tell you everything?"
        I nodded.
        He said: "You didn't promise Violet, I'm very happy!"
        As I expected, he heard the conversation between Violet and me.
        He said: "Even if Violet doesn't tell you, I will tell you everything. I just want you to have more time without worry, so I put it off. I know you have a lot of questions to ask me now, I'll explain it to you one by one."
        I raised my head, stared at him and asked, "Do you love me?"
        He said without hesitation, "Love!"
        I smiled and leaned into his arms again.
        He was stunned and asked hesitantly, "You... do you have any other questions?"
        I shook my head.
        He said, "Aren't you angry?"
        I shook my head.
        In the early morning of the first meeting, he saw me for the first time, and the purpose was not pure, and even had the intention to kill. However, it doesn't matter how things started, what matters is the process and the results. I clearly felt his love, and I knew my love for him. I don't want to waste our time on a start, especially since our time may be limited...