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        I called softly, "Wu Julan!"
        He responded softly, "Huh?"
        "I am willing to give you everything I have, including my life."
        Wu Julan said with a smile: "I know! I always... always knew!"
        "Have you made a choice?"
        "You..." My tongue trembled, trying with all my strength to make my voice sound normal, "You really can't... watch me grow old and ugly?"
        "Oh...that's good too! You can only remember my most beautiful appearance!"
        I laughed with trembling muscles, trying to lift my weight lightly and not add to the already heavy grief.
        However, tears poured into his eyes involuntarily.
        It turned out that he was sitting next to my bed, staring at my sick sleeping face. The three sketches that he drew carefully, one stroke at a time, were not so delicate and lifelike because he wanted to hurt me. But it was because that was the wish deepest in his heart to be fulfilled.
        Thousands of years of long life, but no more short decades to take care of me getting old and weak.
        I tried to restrain myself and didn't want to cry in front of him, but there was no way I could restrain myself. Tears streamed down, like broken pearls falling down one by one, falling on his neck.
        Wu Julan quietly embraced me who was crying silently.
        From the day I knew his identity, I have been struggling with how to accompany his long life in my short life. I always thought it was for this reason that he rejected me again and again, and now I understand that his cruel rejection again and again is for another reason.
        It's not that my life is limited, but that he chose to make his life limited!
        How could he be so cold to himself?
        If my skin was a little thinner and my actions a little hesitant, would he just disappear forever like the little mermaid without explanation?
        However, the prince does not love mermaids, but I love him!
        How could he make me feel so ignorant after breaking my heart, I don't even know what I lost.
        How could he be so cruel to me?
        All kinds of complicated threads mixed together, like a spider web, entwined in my heart, strangling me, making me feel like I was about to faint in pain.
        I opened my mouth sharply and bit his shoulder hard.
        Wu Julan stood motionless in the water, without dodging or defending at all, let me bite into his rรฒu heavily, and gently stroked my back with one hand, soothing my pain.
        My mouth was full of blood, watching the dark red spread down from his shoulders a little bit, dyeing the water a carmine red.
        Tears poured down my cheeks, I lay on his shoulders and burst into tears.
        I really understand now, that starry night, his three questions.
        "This is your choice?"
        "Even if it will cause you pain?"
        "Even if it causes me pain?"
        He questioned not only me, but himself. The life and death he forced me to think about did not mean that I left him, but that he left me.
        Wu Julan stroked my back and said, "I know very well that the one who gives needs courage, and the one who accepts it needs courage even more! I'm sorry!"
        I cried and shook my head, no need to be sorry, no sorry!
        One after another, cold, pebble-like objects fell on my cheeks and neck. At first, I didn't pay attention, until a few rolled down my cheeks and rolled into his neck.
        Is it... a pearl?
        I raised my head in amazement and saw a white pearl oozing out of his eyes, slowly sliding down his cheeks, the pearl glow, like a falling star, slowly disappeared. skyrim. His originally clear and beautiful eyes, blue as gems, gradually turned black as thick ink, and his pupils could not be seen at all, just like the dark sky where all the stars were destroyed. There is no light, only sadness.
        I frantically reached out and touched his eyes, trying to stop his tears. I tried to smile and said incoherently, "Don't be sad! Don't be sad... You know, I have a thick skin, thicker than a sea shell, and I'm not afraid of anything! I'm really not afraid of anything! Don't worry about me , look at me when you hit me like that, I can be revived with full blood in a blink of an eye, I'm a weird little monster who resists blows... I just cried just to vent, and I'll be fine after venting! I'm very strong, really Very firm! Can't you catch up to this old monster like you? Don't worry, I will be fine, I will be fine, I will definitely live better than when you were here..."
        The more I talked, the more swiftly the pearls fell one after another. My tears also unknowingly flowed down again.
        I closed my mouth and kissed Wu Julan's lips silently and tenderly.
        Wu Julan said, "I'm sorry!"
        I smiled and shook my head, sorry for what?
        I'm sorry, did you choose to love me? I'm sorry, did you choose to let me live?
        If it's your choice, it's my choice.
        I looked at the pearls that fell on us, and with tears in my eyes, I smiled and said, "This is my choice! Even if it will bring pain to me, even if it will bring pain to you!"
        Love is exactly the same as life, it will always be flowers and thorns. If my love is a flower, I am willing to embrace its beautiful fragrance; if my love is a thorn, I will not hesitate to embrace its sharp pain.
        Because, when I embraced flowers, it was Wu Julan who planted the beautiful fragrance for me with sweetness and smile; when I embraced thorns, his entire chest was already covered with thorns watered with his own blood.
        If our embrace can only be separated by thorns, then I am willing to hug him harder and harder! Even if the thorns pierce my skin and pierce my heart, as long as I can get closer and closer to him!
        Ending star-like life
        Some people are destined to be stars. Even if they are far away or even die, the light will still stay in your starry sky and shine on you.
        half a month later.
        I had a wedding with Wu Julan on the island.
        The wedding venue chose a yacht moored in the sea, which is both down-to-earth and floating between the sea and the sky.
        The yacht was beautifully decorated by Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang, just like a dream ship in fairy tales.
        Because Wu Julan is very sensitive to smells and sounds, and doesn't like crowded crowds, which I happen to not like, we only invited the closest people to our wedding.
        On Wu Julan's side are Violet and Wu Liangliang. On my side are Jiang Yisheng and Shen Yanghui. Dad is still recovering from illness, and there is no way to participate, so Shen Yanghui can even represent Dad. My mother had to take care of two children, and she was far away in Canada, so she couldn't come to the wedding in time. I promised her that I would send her the video of the wedding.
        Actually, legally speaking, a week ago, Wu Julan and I were registered as husband and wife in accordance with the strictest legal procedures.
        However, at this moment, under the blue sea and blue sky, I heard Violet ask: "Wu Julan, are you willing to accept the woman beside you as your life partner? Share all the glory that life has bestowed and all the suffering that life brings?" I still It felt like my heart almost stopped beating for a moment.
        Wu Julan held my hand and said, "I do!"
        Violet asked: "Shenluo, are you willing to accept the man beside you as your life partner? Share all the glory that life has bestowed and all the suffering that life brings?"
        I smiled, stared into Wu Julan's eyes and said, "I do!"
        "From now on, you are each other's life partners and can kiss your partner," Violet said.
        Wu Julan lifted my veil with a smile, I closed my eyes, and gave him all of my peace of mind.
        After everyone finished eating the seafood dinner that Wu Julan and I prepared heartily, they decided to leave and return the entire yacht to me and Wu Julan.
        "I wish you a happy honeymoon!" After Jiang Yisheng gave me a big hug, he took Shen Yanghui to the boat and left first.
        Wu Liangliang finally checked all the equipment on the ship and told me, "Keep in touch with us at any time!"
        "I will!"
        Violet asked, "Have you decided where to go?"
        I said, "The Chinese say that if you marry a dog, you will follow your dog, if you marry a dog, you will follow a dog. If you marry a bench, you can carry it with you. I will go wherever Wu Julan goes."
        Violet laughed and exclaimed: "Regulus's trip to the ocean... is very exciting! There will be many amazing things to see, remember to take pictures for us!"
        I smiled and said, "Okay! Liangliang gave me a waterproof camera, and I will use it well."
        Violet said, "Then let's go and wait for you to come back."
        I took them all the way to the side of the boat.
        Wu Liangliang had already descended into the boat, and when Violet was about to get off the ladder, I said, "Violet..."
        Violet stopped and looked at me patiently.
        I feel embarrassed, but yรน said nothing.
        Violet said: "You are Regulus' life partner, and I am ready to serve you no matter what."
        I became more and more embarrassed. I looked back at Wu Julan, who was in the cockpit concentrating on getting ready to sail, and made sure he wasn't paying attention to us. I leaned in front of Violet, suppressed my voice, and asked hesitantly, "The story in "Agnete and themerman" says...Agnete gave birth to a blond mermaid, is that true?"
        Violet was stunned for a moment, then suppressed a smile and said, "It's true!"
        I blushed and asked, "Then me, me... and Wu Julan..."
        "That's also fine."
        I happily said, "Thank you!"
        Violet shook his head, "Yes I should thank you!"
        I smiled and said nothing more.
        Violet said: "Happy honeymoon to you all!"
        After watching Violet and Wu Liangliang leave in the small boat, I was about to bend over to put away the gangway when Wu Julan walked over quickly, "I'll come!"
        After he put away the ladder, he turned to look at me, and asked without expression: "Let's go? My bride!"
        He really always used the most serious tone to say the most serious things! I couldn't help laughing, wrapping my arms around his neck and saying, "Let's go! My groom!"
        He said that he wanted me to accompany him to the sea the most. From now on, I will accompany him to see the place where he was born and grew up, and share the wonderful times and memories of his collection.
        As the sky grew darker and our ship was further and further away from the land where the crowd lived, it seemed that we were the only ones left between heaven and earth.
        Wu Julan set up the autopilot and drove the boat slowly to the depths of the ocean.
        The night seemed extraordinarily quiet, and the undulating voice of the sea could be heard very clearly, like the rhythm of some kind of life rhythm, telling us something.
        Wu Julan and I were naked and wrapped in a big blanket, lying on the deck embracing each other, quietly looking at the sky above our heads.
        The stars are dense, the stars twinkle, and the bright Milky Way stretches across the sky.
        The Milky Way, which is formed by countless stars, is radiant and splendid, just like a sparkling, flowing river.
        I looked towards the sky and stretched out a hand, as if I was going to pick a star.
        Wu Julan's hand stroked up from my chest, along my shoulders and arms, around my wrist, and entangled with my ten fingers.
        The stars are shining brightly in the sky, shining on our hands.