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Chapter 139 Accompanying

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        Chapter 139 Accompanying
        Before they could drive out of this no-man's land, they were stopped by the eyeliner that the fox had put on before, but how could they be stumped by such a good car driven by a beautiful man.
        Until they were led and forced to drive to a cliff.
        The cliffs here are not really roadless, but it is impossible to walk with two people at the moment.
        The beautiful man's eyes were full of gloom.
        Jiang Ban saw the terrain and knew that the other party was in a difficult decision.
        His eyes fell on the person who looked like a vegetative person next to him. He felt that this person was not a good person, and he was driving a person who loved him crazy for nothing.
        Jiang Ban has no way of knowing what they did and what happened back then. All he knew was that their calamity caused others to live in peace.
        Now he still wants to use his body to save this person.
        If Jiang Ban hadn't fallen and lost his strength, he would have stood up and pushed this person down without a word. He thought so madly.
        "Don't touch him!" Yu Liuhuai aimed his gun at the opponent.
        Jiang Ban raised half of his body hard to look at Yu Liuhuai, noticing that the other party's body was full of bumps and bruises, he couldn't help but think of the huge scar on the other party's shoulder.
        Jiang Ban lowered his head and looked at his hand. There was also a little callus on his hand, which was probably traces from many years ago, and it has long since disappeared.
        His finger pulps, which have been re-raised, are now only drinking from a glass of carrot juice.
        It was he who overestimated himself.
        These changes, where is it that no one else has sacrificed something to protect him.
        The breeze swayed the green maple trees next to it, and also blew some gently swaying on the ground.
        Jiang Ban stared blankly at the tension between these people.
        The fox was a step late, he and Yu Liuhuai looked at each other, as if everything was fixed.
        If a coffin was custom-made for a person, the one who gave him the last nail must be the one with the hammer.
        "You want to take the half and half away, but you can't." Yu Liuhuai glanced at the lover who was lying on the car with his arms drooping naturally, and his heart ached, "But if you just want to study, I can promise you, I have one here. To the well-preserved rabbit ears."
        "Dropped at different times, the data here can also help you understand. If you need a living body, I can guarantee that his body data will be sent to you at any time, if you need it."
        Yu Liuhuai seemed to "cede land and pay indemnity", making promises to each other little by little, just to let the rabbit return to him safely.
        "How can you be so good?"
        "I don't dare to tell others, I just want my lover to be safe. You should understand this feeling." Although Yu Liuhuai said this, he still held the gun firmly in his hand.
        There was a hint of hesitation in the eyes of the beautiful man. For them, it was a waste of time to fight over and over. If he did agree to the other party's words, this would allow him to heal his lover faster.
        "Why should I trust you?"
        Yu Liuhuai threw out the pair of rabbit ears that he had been carrying. The things were delicately wrapped, and it seemed that some medicine had been used to keep them from rot.
        A parabola passed by, and the beautiful man caught it steadily. He glanced at Yu Liuhuai, and then at the soft little thing in his hand.
        Can't take the rabbit away right now...
        As long as he thought about it, he still had many chances, so he took this thing and dropped the rabbit, not so rude, and not so careful.
        "There will be a future." He looked at Jiang Ban with a creepy smile on his face, and his eyes flashed a strange light.
        They actually let them go like this? !
        Jiang Ban didn't expect it either!
        He was held in Yu Liuhuai's arms again, as if he had found a treasure that was lost and found.
        "I should hide you and see how you can toss yourself." Yu Liuhuai's face was cold, as if he was really thinking about this possibility.
        Jiang Ban ignored him and just looked at the man who was going down the edge of the cliff. What's going on, why did you really let that scourge go away? ! Then it's not worth it at all for him to be smashed like this!
        "No one can cure this wounded mountain. I will send you to your site and find a regular hospital. Also, remember the agreement between us." Without saying a word, the fox invited their bee warrior group, pick up the rabbit and put it on top.
        Jiang Ban looked at the two of them suspiciously, not knowing what they were playing dumb. But his whole body hurt so much that he was afraid that he would vomit blood as soon as he opened his mouth. This feeling hurt his heart.
        He was not good at speaking, and when he saw himself on the way to the hospital again, he was full of doubts in his heart.
        The fox left them a person with a little medical experience, who gave the rabbit a simple treatment first.
        But I don't dare to do more, I'm afraid that the bones inside are broken, and the internal organs will be injured.
        Yu Liuhuai's face was not very good-looking all the time. Seeing Jiang Ban lying in a drowsy state, he covered him with a quilt.
        "Half, does it hurt?" Yu Liuhuai asked the alien to give him some painkillers.
        But there was still a faint groan of pain that was almost inaudible from the quilt. The first wave of pain came quietly when Jiang Ban was about to fall asleep.
        He was confused and wanted to turn over, but Yu Liuhuai didn't even have to stop him, because the rabbit couldn't move at all.
        Bean-sized beads of sweat slid down half of his cheeks like this, and his hand was caught in the other's arms, cold and sweating.
        Yu Liuhuai didn't dare to move him, so he could only sit next to him and block some wind for him.
        Jiang Ban had been in the hospital for more than a year, but Jiang Ban came back in less than half a year after he was discharged.
        "Heartbeat and blood pressure are normal, which is the degree and scope of the fracture. I'm afraid I will have to rest for a while in the future." The doctor at the hospital gave the most objective evaluation after the examination.
        Yu Liuhuai frowned, "He's in pain."
        The implication is that hope to give the rabbit an anesthesia or something.
        "Mr. Yu..." The medical staff hesitated.
        "Okay, let's go."
        Seeing that Yu Liuhuai couldn't be anesthetized, he didn't say more, just sat down and guarded the rabbit on the bed.
        At this time, his communication rang, and this thing was specially used by the fox to communicate with him.
        He took it.
        "Is the person okay?"
        "Well. To keep it."
        "Take care of him."
        "You don't need to say it."
        The two of them really didn't have anything to say, only the fox seemed to sigh, "He is too strong, it's best not to let him know about the things we discussed."
        "When did you go and ruin that place?"
        "It has just exploded, but it is a long-term thing to completely destroy those materials."
        "Okay, my people, you can arrange it yourself."
        When the fox finally hung up the phone, he added another word, "Take care of him, and...don't come to the mountains if you're okay."
        Yu Liuhuai sneered.
        Who wants to go to that hellish place that much? !
        For a while, there was only the sound of the ticking electrocardiogram left in the ward. Yu Liuhuai looked at the rabbit, grabbed the other's hand, and put it on his face, "Get well soon, I also prepared something for you, think about it. show you."
        What responded to him was the shallow breathing of the rabbit.
        When Jiang Ban was born, the Jiang family was so powerful that they almost recruited people from all over the city to celebrate his birthday. The whole Jiangcheng lit the lights for him all night. Yu Liuhuai learned about that grand occasion in the newspapers that were left sporadically afterwards.
        Yu Liuhuai didn't have that much ability. He just bought an island. If he could, he would like Jiang Ban to be the happiest and only rabbit on that island.
        until they die.
        Yu Liuhuai's assistant soon arrived, and hurried footsteps sounded in the corridor. He brought some daily necessities and deliberately kept his voice soft when he entered the room.
        Yu Liuhuai did his best to deal with rabbits and never faked his hand.
        Right now, he turned around to get a towel, went to the toilet to get wet and warmed up, returned to the hospital bed, and gently wiped the sweat off Jiang Ban's body.
        But when the hot towel touched the other's eyes, Yu Liuhuai made a move. He saw that the rabbit seemed to be waking up, and his eyes moved.
        "Half and half?"
        When the rabbit opened his eyes, his vision was still very scattered, as if he had been sleeping for several years before waking up.
        Yu Liuhuai possessed and kissed the other party, "Shh, if it hurts, just sleep for a while." Talking will affect the whole body, it hurts a lot, and it will be a big crime when you wake up.
        Jiang Ban had been looking in one direction, not knowing if he was looking at Yu Liuhuai, but after gradually gaining some energy, he suddenly had the focus, and tried his best to smile at Yu Liuhuai.
        "I'm still laughing, do you dare to rush up like this next time? You're not the only one there, don't you know that you shouldn't do dangerous things?"
        Yu Liuhuai has been training him.
        Jiang Ban sipped, showing an unhappy look.
        It was quiet in the ward, Yu Liuhuai looked at the other party's unhappy look, didn't say anything for a long time, and finally compromised, "You're the only one who will be mad at me."
        At this moment, a faint smile appeared in Jiang Ban's eyes. He knew that he didn't need to be disciplined any more, and his mood also improved.
        Warm light poured in from the door on the side and shone on the bed. Rabbit squinted and saw that someone came to change the dressing.
        Yu Liuhuai's hand has been holding each other, as if promising, don't be afraid, I will always be by your side.
        The towel was placed on the bedside table to the side, and the two of them held their hands tightly.There is always someone saying that the fingers are connected to the heart, and it seems that every beat of the pulse signals his master, the humming in his chest.
        They remained in this position for a long time until the nurse finished changing the medicine and walked out of the ward.
        Jiang Ban has fallen asleep again.
        The pain kept his eyebrows tightly locked, and he could not sleep peacefully.
        Yu Liuhuai sat beside the hospital bed, sat quietly, and did not leave.He thought, no matter how long the rabbit wants to sleep, when he sleeps, he can always see him when he wakes up.