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Chapter 5 It's Time to Meet

        Chapter 5 It's Time to Meet
        "These people like to call them Lian, Ju, Jun. It seems that they are more innocent when they use these words." Xu Anya also left the card table while speaking, and took out a cigarette from the cigarette case he was carrying. A thin cigarette.
        With just these words, Lu Mincheng has returned to normal: "... 'When you see the moon in the water, Qinglian comes out of dust'. That name is very good, and Xu Ershao doesn't need to ridicule people!"
        The life of the Fu family is very Western. Usually, the banquets don't open until eight o'clock in the evening. At the end, they either dance or play cards.
        Lu Mincheng played a game of mahjong and two games of bridge. Later, he played snooker with Fu Junshou. During this period, Xu Anqi called and called some people, and everyone gathered at Fu's house for a small dance.
        Fu Wuyou didn't show up all night. When he was leaving, Lu Mincheng heard the sound of the piano coming from the mansion. The servant who led the way said that it was the second young lady practicing the piano. He looked up at the white sky, and thought that this person was really good. It belongs to the Fu family.
        For the next half month, was still drinking tea and listening to the show, playing cards and walking the dog. went from the snail in the French Concession to the yellow crab shell on Shimen Road. On the weekends, called Lu Ruozuo back to have a meal together. Ya.
        After returning from Fu's house, he called Xu Zhengyuan to the door on another day and asked him if he remembered the woman who helped their team evade investigation during the Hongqiao street battle.
        "Remember, it's called Li Qinglian." Xu Zhengyuan thought that Lu Mincheng asked him to come for something important, and he scratched his head with sweat on his back when he came over. , can't find it."
        Commander Lu handed him a cigarette, Xu Zhengyuan hurriedly took it with both hands, took out a fire to help light it, and lit it for himself when Commander Lu smoked it.
        "Someone found it. Langsule knows where he is buried. I have asked him to move the tomb and erect a monument. You can put incense on the pillar for me."
        Xu Zhengyuan responded to the errand, and Lu Mincheng knew that he was reliable, so he didn't instruct him much, and he left after a meal.
        Before going out, Xu Zhengyuan seemed to remember something: "By the way, Commander, your birthday is coming soon. This year is your birthday. The brothers sent me to ask you what arrangements you have."
        Mentioning this, Lu Mincheng suddenly felt a colicky pain in his stomach: "The list has been handed over to Lang Sule to manage, what else can be arranged, Zuo is just eating, drinking and having fun... I'm fucked, I don't drink until I stand and lie down. Come on, can you bastards let me go?"
        That's right, Commander Lu was wise and wise, and there was only one weakness, and that was his low alcohol intake.
        Xu Zhengyuan smiled and said, "Don't be afraid! We've already agreed that this time, our brothers will never make you feel bad for your birthday!" He winked, "I heard that Boss Song came to Shanghai before. "
        Lu Mincheng was taken aback: "Why is he here?"
        Xu Zhengyuan sat down on the Huanghuali eight-legged round stool: "It's said to be acupuncture, but in my opinion, the drunkard's meaning is probably not drinking - do you want to post a serious post?"
        "Forget it, I'm too lazy to provoke him with his temperament." Although he said that, Xu Zhengyuan clearly saw Commander Lu's eyes move.
        So I immediately felt that I had grasped this person's mind, thinking that I should strike while the iron is hot: "Hey, what's the matter, as soon as I see this side and drink the wine, won't the fire burn?!"
        Commander Lu was silent for a moment with a cigarette in his mouth. Just when Xu Zhengyuan thought that he had done something stupid again on his own initiative and started to worry, the man opened his mouth, but he mentioned an irrelevant person.
        "In this way, you can send a message to the young master of the Fu family for me."
        "Who?" Xu Zhengyuan looked blank.
        "The third young master of the Fu family, Fu Junshou's younger brother."
        "The last time he was at Xiaonanmen, he saw it all. Also, he played well, so let Song Yunzhen learn from him."
        Xu Zhengyuan left after dinner that day, but what Commander Lu didn't expect was that he finally sent the invitation to Fu Jiusi himself.
        A few days later, a group of friends invited to play outside. When they arrived, they found that it was a private garden. The Chinese-style building was built with Western-style furniture.
        One of my friends was mysterious and said that I would bring someone here later, so that they could see what pure "Chinese enjoyment" is.
        As soon as everyone was seated, a stream of brightly dressed accompany guests came in, both men and women, looking at their appearance, each of them was unusual.
        The host of the dinner said with a smile: No, this is specially prepared for you, you come and choose first.
        Lu Mincheng looked at them one by one, and picked the one in the middle who had a quiet expression and dark eyes. He also picked the rest one by one. Then he hugged one of them and sat on the sofa chatting and drinking.
        This place is hard to find for ordinary people, so it must be different from other places.
        It's like the "golden soup and jade ball": a snow-white bone china bowl holds a thick soup made of fish maw, shark fin, big bones, scallops, sea cucumber, pumpkin, and duck egg yolk, and three lychee-sized balls are soaked in it. , respectively mashed shrimp and kidney mushrooms, mashed fish and green beans, and mashed crab and asparagus.
        Lu Mincheng ate afternoon tea in the middle of the afternoon, and didn't eat much for dinner. He was just a little hungry, so he asked for a portion. He didn't refuse, smiled and slapped between his waist and buttocks, and finished the bowl with the other's hand.
        The atmosphere gradually thickened, and after a while, everyone in the room was a little bit fluttering. Lu Mincheng felt that his chest was tight, so he unbuttoned the top three buttons, exposing the entire neck and a small piece of honey-colored chest.
        He lowered his head and was about to drink, when the person in his arms suddenly shrank his hand and looked up.
        Lu Min, who had a lot of prejudice about the fun-seeking trick on Fengyue Field, immediately hugged the person and drank a cup happily.
        The moment Fu Jiusi came in, he saw this scene: the room was filled with smoke, and there were people slanting on the low couch and sofa.
        Lu Mincheng just got drunk, but his mind was floating in the clouds and he couldn't react. When he saw someone, he just stretched out his finger and pointed: "Why are you..." But his tongue was knotted.
        "Nine thoughts come to sit." The host greeted.
        Fu Jiusi took off his jacket at the door, and untied his tie and cuff buttons as he walked. When he was seated, he had already put away his glasses. He leaned into the corner of the sofa, grabbed the cigarette rod in someone's hand and took a sip, and instantly melted into it. the larger environment.
        The other person laughed and said, "Where did you steal these glasses from? A pig's nose with a green onion looks more like you, so don't throw it away soon!"
        The crowd cheered, and he took out his glasses from his chest pocket: "I'll go to an art exhibition with someone this afternoon, and I won't let them in if I don't wear them properly." He said that with a little bit of strength, the glasses legs were broken into two pieces.
        The master called Yishui'er again to ask him to order. He chose to choose, and finally chose a slender girl with short hair.
        "What's your name?" he asked.
        The girl replied, "My surname is Yang, and the small character is Xiliu."
        Lu Mincheng looked beside him: "Did you call Xiqiao here..."
        As soon as the words fell, the man raised his head: "Yes, Xi Liu is the little sister."
        Everyone laughed: "This can also be seen together, the two of you are really destined."
        Someone said: "No, this is to choose the elder brother first, otherwise if the younger sister is chosen first, Jiu Si will have to choose another person!"
        Hearing this, everyone was joking, and the content was just "what kind of taste is better between floods and droughts" and so on.
        After talking about it, he urged Fu Jiusi to give it a try, and the coaxer said, "In the past, officials in the Qing Dynasty were not allowed to use prostitutes, and there were many civil ministers and court officials. "
        Someone joked that Commander Lu would give up his love, so he patted Yang Xiqiao's face: "Go and make a toast to Jiu Ye."
        Yang Xiqiao came to Fu Jiusi slowly, bowed his head and poured him a glass of wine, then squatted down to make a blessing: "Please be safe, Jiuye."
        Fu Jiusi accepted it. He was about to drink, but his hand was caught. When he looked up, the other party was looking at him with a smile: "I'll feed you."
        Everyone else laughed, and then he understood what kind of "feeding method" this was.
        "Wait a minute," he held Yang Xiqiao's glass instead, "Let's change the game today."
        Yang Xiqiao didn't hold back and asked him to take the wine cup away from his hand, wondering, "What do you want to do with Jiuye?"
        "Don't move," Fu Jiusi shook the silver-horned wine cup, watching the light shatter into foam in the ripples, "I'll feed you."
        He was boneless in the corner of the sofa, so Yang Xiqiao had to bend over to reach the wine glass, but just as the other party was about to touch the edge of the glass, he shrank his hand, Yang Xiqiao was stunned, looked up at him, and saw that the man was still is laughing.
        So he still lowered his head to look for the wine cup.
        At this time, the wine cup suddenly rose a little bit, and before he could straighten his waist, the wine poured down.
        It was okay at first, and there was still time to swallow. Later, due to the problem of posture, the liquor could easily choke into the lungs. He endured it again and again, and he couldn't help coughing. The originally thin liquor suddenly spilled all over his body.
        The room was quiet, and everyone watched the young man's cheeks turn red due to choking on the wine, and the liquid slipped into the neckline along the slender neck exposed by raising his head, wetting a thin shirt on his chest, and the spring inside was looming.
        The young master Fu Jiuye is really a good-natured playboy.
        "How about my glass of wine?" Fu Jiusi shoved the glass back into Yang Xiqiao's hand. Although he was asking the other party, he stared at Lu Mincheng and raised his eyebrows.
        It's a pity that the man was drunk and dizzy, and now he can only laugh at him. This man is really good-looking, especially when his facial features are stretched out, he can often make people forget the **** things he did.
        Thinking about it, also felt that it was boring, so just had a drink with Miss Na Xiliu.
        On the other hand, other people saw this, and now they have come back to their senses, and they all gave a thumbs up: High! It has to be Jiu Ye Gao!
        Afterwards, everyone wanted to switch to the gambling game. Lu Mincheng and Fu Jiusi both decided not to join in the fun because one of them had bad luck in gambling and the other had good luck in gambling.
        When they were about to go out, they were like a group of swaying geese. Only Lu Mincheng didn't dare to drink too much, but he was still seventy percent drunk. Yes, just do it when come up with an idea in heart, and rarely worry about what other people think.
        "The beginning and third day of next month," he hooked on Fu Jiusi's neck, "It's my birthday, you are coming."
        Fu Jiusi drank too much, and the smoke came up again. He was pounced on by him, and he stumbled on his feet before standing firm: "...You invite me?"
        He blinked, "Yeah."
        Fu Jiusi rolled his eyes slowly: "...Your brother, you hate it!"
        "Don't let him come!" Commander Lu waved his hand, almost bringing two people down, and pointed to the nose of the person in his arms, "You, you want to come!"
        "Well... let's talk about it." Fu Jiusi bent down and climbed into the car. The back seat of the car was spacious and flat, just enough for a bed.
        Who would have thought that he had just reached halfway through his head, and was pulled from the back by the back of his neck. He was unsteady and fell into the other's arms, even taking the two of them back a few steps. .
        "...What are you doing?!" He frantically grabbed the hand with his backhand. Unexpectedly, he was restrained by two arms. Except for a voice, he could not move.
        "Don't agree...don't go." Commander Lu was so angry that he would kill him, and he really grabbed the neck with his backhand, using his five fingers a little harder.
        Fu Jiusi fluttered even more, but the most vulnerable part of his body was controlled by others. The urgent suffocation made his brain go blank, his limbs were limp and he couldn't lift his strength. In the end, his body relaxed and he collapsed in Lu Mincheng's arms and stopped moving.
        Noticing that the person in his arms was no longer moving, Lu Mincheng quickly let go of his hand, and his mind became clearer. He knows how much force he has used, so he knows what kind of state a person should be in under the force, but he drank alcohol and smoked a lot of cigarettes today.
        "Ah, wake up." He patted Fu Jiusi's face. Seeing that there was no response, he was busy pinching him. At this moment, the other party suddenly opened his eyes, and the next second, he bit the phalanx fiercely. go up!
        "Ah!" When he felt pain, he let go of his hand immediately. This time, all the clouds and fog dissipated, and his temples throbbed.
        Fu Jiusi jumped into the back seat of the car like a rabbit, locked the door quickly before he moved, and made a face through the window.
        He patted the back of the seat, and when Fu An heard the words, he stepped on the accelerator, and the car drove several meters before he turned his head and saw Commander Lu coughing in the exhaust of the car. Seeing his movements, he shouted from a distance, "Remember to come! "
        I don't know if it was drunk or smoked, but the voice trembled, and it sounded like parting from life in the middle of the night.
        The corners of his mouth twitched, leaning against the car seat and falling asleep.