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Chapter 12 Ling Yunhe (2)

        Chapter 12 Ling Yunhe (2)
        As soon as these words came out, the audience was silent for a moment, and then a buzzing sound suddenly erupted as if the beehive burst.
        Fu Jiusi looked stunned and pointed to the stage: "Is this your idea?"
        Lu Mincheng didn't seem to have expected it, and it took a few seconds before he came back to his senses: "I told her that since the surname Du is shameless, I will just tear up my face and speak on the scene, and then I will take a 'reason' first. Word, there are many fanciers and Liyuan to protect her, she will not suffer a loss, and then I will say hello to the newspaper to guide public opinion, or I can borrow her a few soldiers to support the scene... I didn't say that she would be dead for life. marry!"
        It is true that Liang Xunhe originally said that "before this ambition is fulfilled, there is no plan to marry", but she carried out such a lofty ambition, which itself is a kind of oath, which already gave people the impression of resolutely not entering the marriage relationship.
        Everyone here has read the newspaper more or less. Even if they don't read the newspaper, they can probably piece together a story from the gossip they heard, so the name of Fourth Master Du appeared in everyone's mind for the first time.
        A bomb was thrown off the stage, but the good show on stage was not affected in the slightest, and it started step by step amid the tumultuous excitement.
        "Yo, don't mess with your mother," Lu Mincheng's eyes lit up, "this is Feng Qingshan's representative work, I haven't seen Liang Xunhe play it yet!"
        Fu Jiusi asked, "What story are you talking about?"
        Sun Yao knocked on the table: "Have you heard of "Iron Crown Picture"?"
        Naturally, Fu Jiusi had never heard of it before, so someone explained to him that this play was about when King Li Chuang of the Ming Dynasty marched into Beijing and was blocked by Zhou Yuji, who was then the chief soldier of Shanxi. The story of Li Zizhi's death, and finally Li Zizhi drove straight in and seized the city of Beijing.
        The hands of the general on the stage trembled, and when he fell to the ground, his waist was still straight and straight, and a "mother" hissed like a cracked silk, piercing the raging flames, and wiping away the blood of the only son on the steps and the soul of his wife from the sword.
        No one talked about gossip anymore, and never even made a sound. This side of the world seemed to have suddenly transformed into Ning Wu hundreds of years ago. They were no longer just spectators.
        The random arrows pierced into the flesh and blood, piercing not only the general's heart, but also the 276-year-old Guozuo of the Ming Dynasty. Such a majestic pain, just looking at it, made people feel daunting in their chests and cold in their hands and feet.
        "Looking at the dragon city, it's so easy to get together, it's just a talk, laugh, and drink!"
        The sword on his neck was stained with the blood of an alien race, but his eyes looking down at the stage were so calm, even as if it was gentle, one couldn't help but believe that the last scene in his eyes was the rain of apricot blossoms in the south of the Yangtze River, and the loneliness in Mobei. Smoke dusk.
        Everyone who watched it was crazy and drunk, but Fu Jiusi, because he couldn't understand the lyrics and couldn't appreciate the figure, he always only looked at the lively shape, so naturally he didn't understand what a realm of transformation was.
        He looked left and right for a moment, turned his head and wanted to say something, but Lu Mincheng made a silent gesture in front of him. He stretched out his hand to block the finger, but was caught and pressed on the table, unable to move.
        He frowned and was about to make a sound when he suddenly found that there was a star of water in his eyes.
        He was startled, and then he looked at it again, but there was nothing left. His suspicion was just dizziness, and he saw a tiny shadow flickering in his dark pupils, like the fireworks in the dark night when he first saw him in the house.
        The general fell under the city gate, with the broken mountains and rivers behind him. It was different from the decision when he committed suicide. The gesture of landing was so slow, as if there were thousands of nostalgia, and he was unwilling like a billion.
        At the end of the song, the audience actually forgot the action, as if all the spirits of the pear orchard were dumbfounded.
        After a few more minutes, someone finally shouted loudly: "Okay!"
        The word "good" not only broke the tranquility, but also awakened a wandering soul. Then there were cheers and applause. Sun Yao let out a snot, and his voice actually had a hint of crying: "Wow!" Lu Minchengsong He opened his hand and moved his lips, as if a scene saw many thoughts, but in the end it turned into a long, silent sigh.
        Fu Jiusi felt like an outsider. He probably understood the story and understood what it was about, but if he wanted to say that his heart was deeply touched, it would be true.
        "How well does she sing in this play?"
        Before Lu Mincheng could speak, Sun Yao slapped the table: "Wow! It's very good—" He paused for two seconds as if he couldn't find the words to describe it, "In the past, the arrows from other mothers were so random. The three words 'Fengqingshan' are mentioned, and I think it will be replaced by 'Liang Xunhe' from now on!"
        When it comes to a play, the singers have their own thoughts, and the listeners have their own thoughts. Only Fu Jiusi felt that his birthday was celebrated, he ate the meal, watched the play, and joined in the fun. The rest All the worldly affairs have nothing to do with him, so he is ready to go to court.
        "I'm leaving." He also knew how to say hello to Lu Mincheng.
        Lu Mincheng seemed to have been deeply touched by the play just now. He changed his whole body, and he didn't see the condescending smile that was always on his lips at that time. He seemed to have the temperament of Mr. Lu Xun.
        "Um... are you leaving?" He came back to his senses, watching Fu Jiusi put on his coat, and suddenly frowned slightly——
        It was a very subtle movement, and I'm afraid even people like Sun Yao who often hang out with him would not be able to detect it, but for some reason Fu Jiusi could see it clearly.
        At the same time, he could see clearly those eyes. There was fire and ice in them. The extreme heat and cold were all buried in the deep black pool. Then they were hardened into sharp blades and stabbed mercilessly.
        He was stunned, not understanding why he was being blamed for this, as if he was leaving now not to return home, but to escape from the front line of the battlefield.
        However, he was Fu Jiusi after all. Fu Jiusi would never be timid. After a moment's absence, he should still put on his clothes and put on his hat. After finishing everything, he turned around and left, even deaf to Sun Yao calling him from behind. .
        "Hey, Brother Jiu is gone." Sun Yao returned to the table and saw that Lu Mincheng didn't say a word, just smoked in silence, suspecting that he didn't see Fu Jiusi leave.
        "Let's go." He took a puff of cigarette but didn't spit it out, as if he wanted to immerse his internal organs in nicotine, and he had a chemical reaction with his sadness.
        "What does he know," he thought to himself, "what do I care about with him."
        But even though he thought so, he finally put out the cigarette butts and got up and walked out.
        "Where are you going?" Sun Yao asked.
        "He came in my car when he went out, and I asked the driver to take him off."
        But out of the door, the man has long disappeared.
        As he said, Fu Jiusi did not bring anyone or a car, so at such a speed, he was probably in a hurry.
        He stood in the doorway for a few seconds, and a teasing smile appeared on the corner of his mouth - that was a real, delicate and expensive young master from a famous family. He was always admired by thousands of people, and even if he was single, there were thousands of ways to fly back to the splendid glory. Nest, what does he have to rely on him?
        Thinking like this, he turned around and returned to the banquet, only the bright sun of Chunri left a long shadow behind him.
        Lu Mincheng said that for Sun Yao to stay later, he really had something to discuss with him.
        He has always had a close relationship with Sun Yao, not only because of their personal friendship, but also because of a business they have been working together since many years ago.
        They had a meal in Lu Yu, and went into the study for a secret conversation. When they went out, Sun Yao took a step slowly, touched the small three-legged bronze cauldron at the door, and turned around and said, "Actually, this thing is just a rice bowl. , now that I can barely afford to eat, I don't think I need to worry about it anymore."
        Lu Mincheng bit his cigarette: "The rice bowl is also his own rice bowl. Whether or not you can afford it has nothing to do with the Japanese."
        Sun Yao paused for a while: "There are people watching your seat, and now the top is all about peace talks, then Asakangshu is confident because of this. If you are clearly unwilling to take the bait, I am afraid that someone will be unable to hold back your hands and feet. "
        Lu Mincheng didn't tell him what Xu Zhengyuan found out a few days ago, he just said, don't worry, I know it.
        After Sun Yao left, he sat alone in the room thinking about the problem, but after a long time without success, his heart became more and more depressed, so he shouted at the top of his voice: "Sanhua!"
        Not long after the voice fell, there was a rustling sound on the floor, and a creature with short legs and a fat body, shaped like a cylinder, rolled over from under the table.
        Lu Mincheng picked up the fat dog and rubbed it from the head to the butt. Sanhua was very happy and licked his saliva happily.
        He pulled the dog's ears and pulled the dog's mouth open, and looked at those two dark eyes; he pointed at Sanhua's nose fiercely: "You son of a bitch, you know you can't find me. Happy, right?"
        Sanhua stretched out her tongue and breathed, and the dog's mouth grinned—it's a son of a bitch anyway, so it doesn't count as being scolded for accepting this sentence for someone else.
        Lu Mincheng played with the dog for a while, from rubbing the dog's head, the dog's back, the dog's butt, and the dog's stomach to finally rubbing the two soft dog ears. The commander's mood really gradually calmed down in the process.
        At this time, Lang Sule came and knocked on the door: "Commander, the phone call from Fu's house is open, saying that Jiuye is not at home."
        Lu Mincheng smiled: "Where is he not at home, obviously he doesn't want to pay attention to me."
        Langsule thought, "Okay, although I don't know what happened between your two masters, but seeing what you mean, you know your feelings clearly, so why don't you feel awkward."
        Lu Mincheng kicked the dog off his knees, got up and shook the dog's fur: "Do you still have those sweet wheat biscuits that Kong Qingfang sent back last time?"
        Lang Sule said: "Yes, I still have it. You don't like to eat this, I thought I would keep the second young master back to bring him to school."
        "No need," he said as he walked out, "you go and find it for me, and I'll take it with you tomorrow."