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Chapter 18 Sleeping Together

        Chapter 18 Sleeping Together
        Lu Mincheng was injured on his shoulder. The wound was not deep. It was a trace of bullets. It was only because he did not treat the wound at the first time of the injury, which caused excessive bleeding.
        Langsule carefully peeled off his shirt, the fabric just faded, and there was a bloody smell.
        "Go into the bathroom and clean up." Seeing that Fu Jiusi's face was pale, Lu Min decided to let him go.
        "Do not."
        He said this word for the third time tonight, and every time he twisted his heart and brushed away Lu Mincheng's "kindness".
        He watched Lang Sule use cotton dipped in iodine to clean the wound. He had also suffered a gunshot wound, so he knew how painful the process was. He kept tracing Lu Mincheng's face with his eyes, trying to see a hint of impatience.
        Yet nothing.
        Lu Mincheng looked calm and composed, as if the wound wasn't on him.
        Fu Jiusi's heart tightened, fearing that he pretended to be calm because he was there, gritted his teeth, turned around and went into the bathroom. Lu Mincheng, who was left alone, couldn't make up his mind.
        Although he described it as embarrassed, Fu Jiusi was not injured—the scraped skin on his palm was against the background of Lu Mincheng's wound, and he was too embarrassed to tell it.
        Endured the pain of soaking the tender flesh in the water and finished taking a shower, wrapped in a bath towel and opened the door, only to see a set of pajamas on the ground, and both Lu Mincheng and Lang Sule in the room were gone.
        He dressed himself and opened the bathroom door, but Lu Mincheng hadn't come back.
        He stood for a moment, and set his eyes on the room in front of him.
        This is Lu Mincheng's room. Fu Jiusi has been to Lu's apartment many times, but this is the first time he has set foot there.
        This place is different from what ordinary people imagined as a warlord's sleeping couch. It is neither simple nor tough. The walls are covered with dark flower wallpaper, there is a fireplace opposite the bed, a set of sofas by the window, and a sofa beside it. A half-human-height globe model.
        The bookshelves are also neat and tidy, with one for old books and ancient books, one for originals in foreign languages, one for newspapers and magazines, and one for novels and essays.
        There is nothing related to guns and guns here, just as there are no private secrets such as diaries.
        All the decisive killing and tenderness that the world guessed are gone, and some are just a residence for a person in this prosperous city.
        Lu Mincheng left and returned.
        When he entered the door, he held two cups in his hand. Fu Jiusi took it and was surprised to find that there was steaming milk inside.
        The two sat opposite each other on the sofa. The lights were bright and the milk was sweet, as if everything that had just happened was just a nightmare. When they opened their eyes, they were still in this soft world.
        Fu Jiusi noticed that Lu Mincheng had changed into his nightgown, and his wounds could not get wet. He probably washed up in another room just now.
        "Stay here tonight, and I'll ask Xu Zhengyuan to take you back tomorrow morning."
        Fu Jiusi was holding the milk and taking a sip, she glanced at him when she heard the words, then glanced at him quickly, and made a low "um" in her throat.
        Lu Mincheng kept staring at him, thinking in his mind how to convince this man to stay in his room, but at this moment he heard Fu Jiusi speak: "...You said the west wing is empty?"
        He was stunned: "Do you really want to live?"
        Fu Jiusi was drowning in the heat on his face after hearing the words, and he answered without thinking, "Yeah, otherwise where would I sleep."
        Commander Lu gave a "tsk", wondering if he was pretending on purpose or if he really didn't notice his "meaning".
        Looking away, I accidentally saw a little redness at the base of my ears, and suddenly knocked over the boiling water bottle in my heart - it was really "hot and wave".
        He cleared his throat, and after attracting Fu Jiusi's attention, he deliberately made a "hiss" sound and flicked the corner of his mouth with his thumb: "This mouth is in time for Sanhua!"
        Fu Jiusi was immediately embarrassed and said angrily, "Shut up!"
        Lu Mincheng was triumphant, and Fu Jiusi stood up and walked towards the door, but he didn't want to fall into a hot embrace after just two steps.
        "Don't go."
        The hot air rushed to the ear, and suddenly the body seemed to be emptied of strength, and the numb itching overflowed from the bottom of my heart, directly teaching people to fall into it.
        Fu Jiusi closed his eyes, turned around, and kissed him.
        Lu Mincheng was stunned for a moment, grabbed the back of his neck and lifted him an inch away, warning: "Don't bite."
        Fu Jiusi gritted his teeth: "Stop talking nonsense."
        The room was filled with intertwined lips and tongues, and occasionally a gasp or groan, but it was often quickly swallowed up by a more violent offensive.
        They stumbled towards the bed, which was warm as spring and summer turned, and the bed was covered with only a thin blanket.
        Fu Jiusi hooked Lu Mincheng's neck back and fell asleep. Lu Mincheng wanted to stretch out his hand to support him, but in a hurry, he forgot that his right shoulder was injured.
        Lu Mincheng quickly got up and looked at him: "Are you all right?"
        Fu Jiusi frowned and looked painful: "...Is your bed hard?"
        Lu Mincheng pinched his waist and loosened his shoulders for him: "I'm used to sleeping on a hard bed since I was a kid, and the conditions in the army are not good. Later, I didn't think about changing it after I set up my own house."
        With this interruption, the ambiguous atmosphere just now disappeared. Fu Jiusi rolled from the side of the bed to the other side like pancakes. Lu Mincheng got up and turned off the headlight, leaving only a small lamp at the head of the bed, and then went to bed. .
        Fu Jiusi turned his head sideways: "The lights are off."
        Lu Mincheng said, "Keep it for you to use at night."
        Fu Jiusi snorted, "I never wake up at night."
        When Lu Mincheng saw this, he turned off the light, and suddenly thick darkness enveloped his vision, and only two people's breathing could be heard in the huge room.
        The night was dark, the bed was warm, the heat was surging in the stomach, and the fragrance of milk remained between the teeth.
        After the body completely relaxed, the fear in Fu Jiusi's heart gradually returned.
        He turned over and turned to Lu Mincheng sideways.
        Lu Mincheng seemed to sense something: "What's wrong?"
        Fu Jiusi didn't speak, and the mantis pupa came closer.
        After a while, the two of them fit together again, their lips and teeth intertwined.
        But this time, Fu Jiusi was a little hurried. Although he didn't bite again, the rush on the tip of his tongue also revealed the anxiety in his heart.
        When the love was strong, he simply rolled over and pressed Lu Mincheng on top.
        Lu Mincheng was startled: "What are you doing, Brother Jiu?"
        Fu Jiusi still didn't speak, as if he wanted to tell Lu Mincheng the mixed five-flavor soup in his heart with this kiss.
        The movement between you and me was a little bigger, which involved the wound on Lu Mincheng's shoulder. He took a deep breath and slapped Fu Jiusi on the buttocks: "Where's the fuck?"
        Fu Jiusi buried his head on his neck and grinded his teeth: "You are the one who fucked."
        Commander Lu received such a brazen announcement for a while, and at the same time, he felt that the young master had never suffered a loss, and at the same time, he also noticed a slight difference.
        He pinched the back of Fu Jiusi's neck: "Ah, what's wrong?"
        Fu Jiusi stopped grinding his teeth, his head hung like a heavy long-haired watermelon on his shoulders, and it was amazing to say, if someone else did his position, he would have lost his breath long ago.
        After a while, Lu Mincheng suddenly felt a touch of wetness on his shoulders.
        Startled, he grabbed Fu Jiusi's shoulder and pulled him away.
        In the darkness, he couldn't see Fu Jiusi's expression clearly, and he only had an intuition that something had happened to him.
        Fu Jiusi no longer wrestled with him. The moment he was torn apart, he lost all the strength in his entire body. He wished he could give up his mind and soul, leaving only a clean and empty body.
        Lu Mincheng was at a loss for a moment, so he could only ask in a low voice what was wrong.
        Fu Jiusi shook his head indiscriminately, pressing his forehead against his chest, using the silk nightgown as a face cloth.
        When he finally calmed down, he blew his nose and said in a loud voice, "Your clothes are dirty."
        At this time, Lu Mincheng didn't even care about clothes, he only worried about the people in his arms.
        He vaguely guessed what this was for, but Fu Jiusi didn't say it, he couldn't ask, he just hugged the person on his body even tighter.
        "It's fine if it's dirty." He groped and stroked Fu Jiusi's face, not accidentally touching a wet spot.
        "What are you crying for?"
        "I don't know..." Fu Jiusi sighed, and now he was relieved, and felt that his behavior just now was very humiliating.
        Lu Mincheng didn't ask any further, he just kneaded along his vertebrae section by section. After a long time, Fu Jiusi came to his senses and realized that his actions were no different from when he was holding Sanhua.
        Immediately embarrassed, he rolled over from him and lay down again.
        But he didn't expect that this time, Lu Mincheng would be reluctant. He stretched out his hand and took Fu Jiusi into his arms again, and restrained him from moving.
        Fu Jiusi struggled twice but didn't break free, so that's all.
        After a moment of silence, he said, "When you killed someone for the first time, didn't you react at all?"
        Lu Mincheng probably guessed what he was doing before, thinking that I, like a butcher's paw, picked up a pampered canary for nothing.
        "Not all," he hugged Fu Jiusi like a whisper, "I was on the battlefield, and the enemy didn't give me a chance to react. From the time I killed the first person, I knew I couldn't stop, otherwise I would die. Own."
        What he said was sincere and sincere. In fact, it was indeed his mental journey at that time. However, for Fu Jiusi, the point of this sentence was not here: "...But, you are not like me."
        Lu Mincheng kissed his ear: "Tell me, you know that the other party is an enemy, why is there such a heavy psychological burden?"
        Fu Jiusi shook his head: "I don't know. In fact, I don't think I am a person with a high sense of morality."
        "But you are afraid."
        Fu Jiusi did not move or speak.
        Lu Mincheng continued: "What you are afraid of is not the enemy that threatens your life, but the very thing of 'killing a person'."
        After these words, the two stopped talking, and the room fell into silence.
        After a long silence, Fu Jiusi moved his lips: "Ending a life with one's own hands is different from talking on paper."
        "Yes," Lu Mincheng whispered in his ear, "Now you know what kind of person I am?"
        Blood stained the long banners, killing people like hemp.
        Fu Jiusi clenched the hand that was wrapped around his chest, he shook his head vigorously, and whispered, "You are a hero."
        Lu Mincheng was stunned for a moment, and then laughed: "Give me a high hat?"
        Fu Jiusi did not explain.
        Lu Mincheng finally kissed his ear: "Go to sleep."
        Fu Jiusi closed his eyelids and fell asleep with the breath of Lu Mincheng on the pillow.