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Chapter 24 Confession

        Chapter 24 Confession
        Xu Anqi's eyes lit up: "Which girl is that?" After a pause, she said to herself before Fu Jiusi could speak, "Let me guess, she must be a girl from a good family, well-educated, noble and generous. , is it or is it not?"
        She is the smartest person, and she knows that she can't be too direct when talking to a pampered young man like Fu Jiusi.
        For example, her words, on the surface, sounded like guesswork, but in fact, she had already made a statement to Fu Jiusi: If it wasn't "a girl from a good family", then it would be a very bad thing.
        She wasn't too worried that Fu Jiusi would bring back a lower-class person, such as those Huadan dancers-men, especially those men with a wealth background, their brains were a hundred times more lucid and realistic than women's.
        However, there is also a hint of worry. I am afraid that Fu Jiusi really falls into the so-called "civilized love" and wants to talk about a relationship between different classes. Although the ending is still under the control of her and Fu Junshou, the process will be twists and turns, and it may happen unexpectedly. She is out of energy now for many things, and it is always a laborious thing to solve.
        Fu Jiusi returned to his usual cowardly look, and said with a smile, "How do you know that, sister-in-law? He really came from a good family, and he studied abroad, and his education is no worse than mine."
        Xu Anqi hurriedly asked, "What's her name?"
        "His name..." Fu Jiusi just said two words, rolled his eyes, and stopped.
        Xu Anqi urged: "Tell me now!"
        Fu Jiusi made it difficult: "Cough, I, I'd better not talk about it for now."
        "Why?" Xu Anqi didn't notice that he was cheating.
        Fu Jiusi said, "It's like this at the moment. I want to be with each other for the rest of my life, but they don't want to." After that, he sighed melancholy.
        Xu Anqi was stunned for a moment, and then blurted out: "Yo! Which lady is this, with such a high vision? How can someone as good as our ninth brother be despised!"
        Fu Jiusi seemed very sad: "That's not it, sister-in-law! Let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart - I treat him with 120,000 sincerity. I really love him."
        Xu Anqi's eyes changed slightly: "...Well, then, what are you going to do now?"
        Fu Jiusi frowned slightly. After a few seconds, he looked out of the window, and a star flickered in the corner of his eye.
        Xu Anqi immediately ended the topic here. After returning home, she pondered for an entire afternoon. In the evening, she went into the bedroom and kept a secret conversation with Fu Jun.
        She leaned on the head of the bed and touched her stomach: "It's incredible, your brother has real feelings this time. I think this may be bad."
        Fu Junshou had just listened to her retelling. The story of secondary processing was always biased. He only felt that the protagonist in the story had nothing to do with his brother.
        So he was not as worried as Xu Anqi: "I don't think it is that serious. At his age, I like to talk about true love, but what did I love in the end?"
        What he said originally meant that when he was young, his feelings were mostly impulsive, and he couldn't take it seriously, but Xu Anqi was stunned for a moment after hearing it, and suddenly remembered that he seemed to have "loved" like this many years ago.
        The heartbeat drove the blood, and the hand on the abdomen seemed to feel a little vibration. She was startled as if her hand was scalded, and broke free from the memory.
        "Forget it," she rubbed her temples, "maybe I think too much."
        At that time, let alone Xu Anqi and Fu Junshou, even Lu Mincheng, who was the party involved, did not believe that Fu Jiusi would "hand in hand with him for a lifetime".
        He is a person who moves forward in a given direction. This road has no turning points, no turning points, and there is no possibility of turning around. All the scenery is fleeting, and his secularization allows him to enjoy it, but in fact these Nothing has much to do with his destination.
        So Fu Jiusi was an accident, a miracle, and a rare luck for him.
        He had to think about how long he could keep him, just because it was a very real issue.
        But since that time, after he met Fu Jiusi in Lu Yu, he was generally relieved. The next sentence of "Death and life are bound together, talk to Zicheng" is "hold the hand of the son, grow old together with the son", he selfishly changed it to "I am lucky to get it, and I lose my life to lose it"——
        Why bother with him?
        Since you can't see the road ahead clearly, let's love like this first!
        On this day, the two walked together to eat at a newly opened Sichuan restaurant. Lu Yu Pudong Primary School organized students to take anti-epidemic shots.
        Fu Jiusi stood on tiptoe and looked into the railing, and happened to meet a child who was crying piercingly. When Fang Fu saw the stranger, he felt even more aggrieved, and suddenly cried loudly: "I don't want to give me an injection. No needles!"
        Fu Jiusi was stunned for a moment, and then smiled sternly: "Don't struggle, the records of the vaccinations I've taken can be on one page, you're still a long way to go!"
        The child was so inhumanly threatened that he was so frightened that he lost his mind immediately, and the sound of crying disappeared.
        Lu Mincheng slid him away from the railing: "It's getting more and more promising? To frighten the children," he squeezed the back of his neck, deliberately stern, "Naughty!"
        Fu Jiusi was quite flamboyant: "I think when I was vaccinated, the whole class of students didn't like to cry!"
        Lu Mincheng sighed: "Ninth brother."
        Fu Jiusi asked, "What's wrong?"
        Lu Mincheng made a serious statement: "Promise me, you can't compare yourself with children in the future."
        When I arrived at the Sichuan restaurant, I wanted a private room—the two of them love to enjoy themselves, and as long as there is a little leeway, they will never feel wronged—but the guy who ran the hall said: "I suggest you two, you should sit in the lobby. , we have Sichuan Opera here, the boss Bai Ping Chuan Bai from Chengdu, his face changing is a unique skill, if you sit in the box, you won't be able to see it!"
        The two then changed their seats in the lobby according to their words.
        "I've seen Sichuan opera, and the face change in it is really amazing." Lu Mincheng used to have a lot of talented people in the northwest, and a regiment commander who was originally from Sichuan did this job before he joined the army.
        At that time, singing was still a low-class thing, and it was a thing that could not be on the table, but the head of the regiment had a big heart and a fat body, and he was a true love of drama. When encountering entertainment activities in the military, he will always show his hand.
        Fu Jiusi lost a lot of his knowledge in this area, so he couldn't talk, so he changed the subject: "Oh... It is said that my mother was originally from Sichuan."
        "Hmm... um?" Lu Mincheng was stunned, "Isn't your mother the sister of Commissioner Song? How could she be from Sichuan?"
        Fu Jiusi stared at the stage, crossed Erlang's legs and drank tea and watched the play leisurely, but he said a shocking secret: "That's not my biological mother."
        Lu Mincheng was greatly shocked. After he came back to his senses, he hurriedly asked him what story there was.
        Only then did Fu Jiusi tell the secret: "My biological father's name is Fu Yulin, and the fathers of my eldest brother and second sister are brothers of the same mother, and the two deceased ones in our family are actually my uncle and aunt. , but I gave them to them when I was less than a year old - as the saying goes, it is better to have a kindness than a kindness, and I always get closer to them."
        Lu Mincheng was still a little stunned: "...Why did you give them to them?"
        However, as soon as he finished speaking, he knew that he had made a blunder - to hold the newborn child to someone else, or a man, even if the other party was a brother, it was a rare thing, and most of it was a last resort.
        Sure enough, Fu Jiusi said lightly, "It is said that my biological parents caught up with the bombing on the Tongpu Line in February of the Yimao year not long after I was born, and both were killed."
        Although Fu Jiusi said that he was "closer to his adoptive parents", what happened to his biological parents was a tragedy. Lu Mincheng automatically ignored the fact that an infant had no memory, and Gu Zi thought he was extremely pitiful. Yes, very sad!
        Immediately, there was an overwhelming feeling of pity in his heart, and he could not wait to hold him in his arms—he had forgotten how Fu Jiu thought about a day when he was not afraid of the sky and the earth!
        Afterwards, Fu Jiusi asked him again, "I heard that your father has married many concubines. I'm afraid your family's situation is more complicated than mine?"
        Lu Mincheng shook his head: "Although there are many concubines, there are not many things to do."
        Fu Jiusi was curious: "How could it be? Those old-fashioned families I've heard of are fond of making troubles in the inner house—for example, Sun Yao's family, he still stays out all day long and doesn't go back. That's why."
        Lu Mincheng explained to him: "My father has a strong temper and draws a gun if he doesn't agree, who would dare to cause trouble? Besides, because my father has only two men in our generation, Lu Ruozuo and me, apart from my mother, Only the fifth concubine has such a reliance, and the other concubines either have nothing to do, or have daughters, and in places where our old ideas prevail, they have no confidence."
        Fu Jiusi asked, "How many young ladies are there in your family?"
        Lu Mincheng counted with his fingers: "Including those who have not left the cabinet, there are thirteen in total."
        Fu Jiusi let out a "ho", "Isn't this what people call the 'Watthouse' 1!"
        Lu Mincheng said happily: "No matter how many tiles there are in our house, someone will still break their heads."
        Fu Jiusi nodded in agreement, "That's true."
        After that, the two only ate and watched the play. Because of the distressed feeling before, Lu Mincheng repeatedly served him dishes during the dinner. Fu Jiusi was used to being served, so he didn't think it was inappropriate, even because the person who thought for him wasLu Mincheng enjoyed it very much, and was quite proud - look, despite the temporary lack of trust, he still put me in the most important position in his heart!
        So they ate a meal to their heart's content, then drank tea here, and stayed from "the willow head on the moon" until "the night is deep and no heat", and then they went back to their homes.
        The author has something to say:
        Wajiao: refers to a family that has many daughters. In ancient China, the folks in ancient China used "Nongzhang and Nongwa" to refer to the pair of sons and daughters.