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Chapter 26 The Search

        Chapter 26 The Search
        It is not difficult to catch Lu Mincheng's whereabouts. This person can cause discussion wherever he goes, such as—
        "We are the authentic old Peiping Shabu-shabu. Commander Lu loves from the north to the south, and I only praised it after a visit yesterday!"
        "The hot and fragrant duck oil crispy biscuits that just came out of the oven, Commander Lu walks on the front foot, and the Lu Mansion will come to the back foot!" This is Han Fuxing's master.
        "Qinhuai's delicate scenery, Jinling's elegance, and Qinhuai's demeanor, only the girls in our family are most loved by Commander Lu!" This is the prostitute of a brothel.
        Fu Jiusi punched the table and knocked over two small teacups the size of walnuts: "He dares to go whoring?!"
        Sun Yao accidentally splashed his trousers with tea, and while cleaning it, he complained, "People who prostitute prostitutes, why are you panicking? Look at my trousers... I made them to order!"
        Fu Jiusi was angry, and his face turned black. After Sun Yao finished cleaning his pants, he looked up to see his face, and he was suspicious.
        "You..." He hesitated, "still living in his house from time to time?"
        Fu Jiusi glanced at him and didn't answer. He reached out and poured himself another cup of tea.
        Putting the teacup lightly on the table, he breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly, "Five masters."
        Sun Yao was flustered for no reason, and opened his mouth: "Hey."
        Fu Jiusi looked at him and said solemnly, "I regard you as my friend for the rest of my life. It was the same in the past, and it will be the same in the future."
        When Sun Yao received his confession, his heart suddenly became cold.
        He glared at him angrily: " just kill yourself!"
        Fu Jiusi admits that he is not afraid of committing suicide, but Lu Mincheng's daring to prostitute is the real one.
        He took Sun Yao to the brothel and asked the old man, "Which one did Commander Lu order?"
        The old bustard smiled and said, "Mr. looks young, dare to ask where did you come from?"
        Fu Jiusi never looked at her directly, but only looked at the door face here: "If he came, would you dare to ask that?"
        The old bustard said "Hey": "Sir, you are joking, I only asked one more question because I looked at you two with uneasy eyes." After saying that, he stepped forward to lead the way, "Please come this way."
        Sun Yao has always been good-natured, so he answered her: "We are from Shanghai."
        The old bustard said, "No wonder you look decent."
        She opened the courtyard door of a small two-story building, and a girl stuck her face out: "Mom, what's the matter?"
        The old lady asked, "Is your girl here?"
        The girl replied, "Yes."
        "Will you rest for a while?"
        "I'm resting, I'm re-embroidering the handkerchief."
        The old bustard said, "Go back and say that there are two distinguished guests from Shanghai looking for a girl."
        The girl responded, and she went back and forth in a while to open the door for them.
        This is a high-level residence on the banks of the Qinhuai River. It is a "fragrant nest". It has pink walls and black tiles, a single-door courtyard, a field of orchid grass on the west side, and a begonia tree on the east side. taste.
        The main surname is Bai, the name is Yutang, and the pipa is the most unique.
        When he was outside the door, Fu Jiusi was open-minded, but when he saw someone, he looked like a gentleman.
        They first listened to two pieces of music, and then talked for a while. The two newcomers from Shanghai also learned the rules of the old Jiangnan talents, and chatted with Miss Bai about poetry and songs.
        Sun Yao looked at the fake nails wrapped around her fingers and asked, "Is it possible to take this? Anyway, your own nails are so long."
        Bai Yutang smiled and said, "Mr. Sun is joking, how strong are his nails? Once they snapped off, the pain was like punishment."
        Sun Yao said: "We don't come to Nanjing very often. I heard that the government plans to lift the ban this year. Once this is lifted, your pipa will be able to shine again."
        Bai Yutang sighed: "Nian Nian said to let it go, but there is no news every year - it is said that some learned female gentlemen protested. It's just that they don't think about it, how many women in this world can be as lucky as them? ? I'm relieved now."
        At this moment, Fu Jiusi suddenly said, "Miss Bai is not afraid even if she accepts it, she just takes out the six yuan monthly donation, and I don't know how many colleagues will envy it, not to mention there are one or two 'VIPs' to join in. ."
        He suddenly opened his mouth, but he said something that was neither yin nor yang, and Sun Yao smiled, secretly scolding him for not being a weapon, and arguing with him.
        That Bai Yutang is worthy of being a member of the Fengyue Field, and even listening to his teasing, he is not angry, and still smiles: "Mr. Fu said that I have the small reputation I have today, and it is all thanks to the two distinguished guests like you— After all, what's so special about me? It's just a chat with Haitang, to relieve the worries of the gentlemen."
        "Jie Yu Haitang," his eyes were filled with wine, and the corners of his lips twitched, and he felt a little soul-stirring, "Since that's the case, why don't you ask Miss Bai to tell me how to 'relieve' for Commander Lu."
        With such a delicate mind as Bai Yutang, Ben noticed from the very beginning that Fu Jiusi was not someone who was addicted to his old hobby from his clothes, demeanor, and manners. She, and his eyes are not on her, and what he said was not like seeking joy, but like seeking vengeance, so he was suspicious of this person's intentions.
        Until now, everything seemed to have an answer.
        She thought contemptuously: It was a rabbit.
        But seeing that he dresses so well and talks well, he's not like an ordinary butt-sucking person.
        Then guessed that Xu was a young master of some family background.
        After thinking about it like this, he rolled his eyes and smiled: "A busy person like Commander Lu has no time to listen to me. He sat with me the day before yesterday, and it was Boss Dai who was the host, and the other one. There were a few gentlemen in the government who talked like business, and I did the background music."
        Fu Jiusi didn't speak, but his brows were unlocked.
        When the other two saw it, they both thought it was funny, the two smiles collided, looked at each other, and understood each other.
        It was past midnight when they came out of Bai Yutang's place, and the two called a rickshaw by the roadside to return to the hotel.
        Sun Yao was about to lift his foot to get into the car, but Fu Jiusi stretched out his hand to stop him: "What are you following? You were so happy to see you two looking at each other, why did you abandon her?"
        Sun Yao laughed until he gritted his teeth: "You don't sleep with her. Wouldn't it be a shame if I went to sleep alone?"
        Fu Jiusi was relieved now, and he didn't care about the happiness of others: "You can sleep!"
        Sun Yao didn't bother to pay attention to him, so he got into the car first, Fu Jiusi whistled and stepped up, sat down next to him, and by the time he returned to the hotel, he had already pressed out several deep folds on his thin cashmere trench coat.
        Only after that did Fu Jiusi realize that Sun Yao made a special trip to Nanjing this time to attend a friend's birthday banquet.
        "I think it's really busy these days when you come to Lu Mincheng, and it's not appropriate for you to go to him rashly," Sun Yao told him, "Why don't you go to celebrate with me first, and play for another day or two."
        He suggested this, although he was telling the truth, in fact, he couldn't accept their current relationship for a while, and deliberately wanted to tie Fu Jiusi to prevent him from going to Lu Mincheng so quickly.
        If he said "I'm not happy for you to go to him", Fu Jiu would definitely go against him, but now that "Lu Mincheng is busy, it's inappropriate to go to him rashly", he would be obedient.
        Sure enough, although the boss was not happy, Fu Jiusi finally accepted his suggestion.
        There were still two days before the birthday banquet, so Fu Jiusi took advantage of this time to come to Nanjing and Sun Yao happened to be on the way, so he invited his cousin Song Lian out for dinner.
        Song Lian and Sun Yao had heard each other's names before, but now because of Song Jingqing, the two became more close to each other in addition to embarrassment.
        The original intention of Fu Jiusi's group dinner was to make them more familiar with each other. After all, they would become a family in the future.
        After three rounds of drinking, everyone opened their stomachs.
        Song Lian patted Sun Yao's shoulder: "Brother Sun, my cousin has a hard life to tell the truth - don't look at people like us, others don't worry about food and clothing, how many things are going on in the house? I think this is you better than me."
        "Jing Qing's father left early, and her mother is an aunt from a small family. Not many brothers and sisters in her family have kissed her, but my cousin, my cousin, has been able to say a few heartfelt words since I was a child. "
        "Her mother asked me to find a good family for her a few years ago, so I always keep an eye on it, but not to mention she likes it, there are not many who can catch my eye."
        "Now that she has a relationship with you, I see that you are also very good. You are a person who can get married, so I would like to wish you a selfish blessing. I hope you can get together in the end. When I say this, you don't think I am abrupt."
        Sun Yao thought to himself: You are not abrupt, but I am abrupt. Before I "go down the mountain", I "go to the door" first.
        The two of them turned their heads, only Fu Jiusi was the matchmaker for the first time. Right now, he was complacent and felt that he had done a really good deed.
        So was very relieved, and was very happy to eat the food on the table.
        After that, Fu and Sun went to the birthday banquet according to the original plan.
        Sun Yao's friend, surnamed Gu, is a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in Nanyang. Now that he has returned home, and he has more money, he has bought factories and land all over the country, and used it as starting capital to start domestic business.
        "You said his name was Gu Chunming?" Fu Jiusi was stunned when he heard Sun Yao say that name.
        Sun Yao nodded: "Why, you know it too?"
        "...I have heard the name, but I have never dealt with it before."
        That was in Lu Yu a few months ago, when he pretended to be Lu Mincheng's adjutant and met with him a Japanese named Sakurai Yutai.
        Later, he felt that the whole thing was not right, so he sent someone to check the details of Yutai Sakurai in private, and learned that he was an adviser to the Japanese military, and he was active in China because of his profound attainments in Chinese culture. All walks of life in Japan act as a bridge for exchanges between the two countries, so Gu Chunming's name came into his sight at this time.
        Thinking of this, he frowned: "I heard that Gu Chunming often deals with Japanese people?"
        Sun Yao didn't take it seriously: "If the nonsense in the newspaper, whoever reported something to the Japanese today, will be able to spread it tomorrow and sell it all over China."
        Fu Jiu thought that there was such a statement, it was not necessarily groundless, but seeing his relaxed expression, he finally swallowed the words.
        I just thought to myself: depending on whether he is a human or a ghost, it is not too late for me to see him.
        He was in a good mood, but unexpectedly, at the stranger's birthday banquet, he finally saw the person who made him fascinated.
        The author has something to say:
        Notes: 1. Going down the mountain, the words "Si Fan", which means entering the world, here is extended to fall in love; the meaning of coming to the door, the son-in-law of the door, here refers to taking the initiative to join up.