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Chapter 11 You Are Not Yue'er

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“Bitch! Bitch!”
Chu Xianmin returned to her room angrily, still remembering what Chu Liuyue had said before in her mind, her teeth tickling with hate!
What are you talking about getting a wedding? It is clearly intentional!
Thinking of Chu Liuyue’s indifferent expression at the time, Chu Xianmin’s chest was like a fire!
She slammed the door shut!
“What are you doing?”
A woman’s voice suddenly came from the room, and Chu Xianmin suddenly raised her head. After seeing the person clearly, she suddenly rushed over in aggrieved situation.
“Mother! You must call the shots for Min Min this time! Your daughter will be bullied to death by that little bitch!”
This woman is Lu Min’s biological mother, Lu Yao.
She is well maintained. Although she is in her thirties, she still looks very beautiful, with her own style in her gestures.
Usually, Lu Min loves his only daughter very much, but this time, in the face of Chu Xianmin’s crying, his face did not feel distressed, but rather dissatisfied.
“I’ve only been away for a few days, and so many things happened. You really disappointed Wei Niang. Then Chu Liuyue is just a waste that can’t stand up to the table. What means can you be made by her? Embarrassed.”
Chu Xianmin rarely saw her mother’s stern look, and couldn’t help standing up straight, but she felt even more uncomfortable in her heart.
“Mother, don’t you know, this Chu Liuyue seems to be a different person these days, and behaves strangely! It’s not that her daughter can’t beat her, but she is too cunning!”
When Chu Xianmin thought of the losses she had suffered under Chu Liuyue these days, she gritted her teeth with hatred.
“She let her daughter take two hundred thousand taels of silver for nothing, but now she has begun to use her marriage contract with the prince to suppress her daughter!”
Lu Yao frowned, becoming more dissatisfied:
“Speaking of this, I haven’t had time to find you. What’s the matter with the two hundred thousand taels? Even if the Lu family is rich, Weiniang is no longer considered the Lu family, let alone so much at once?”
Chu Xianmin was a little guilty, and she explained the matter in a tactful way. Seeing that Lu Yao’s expression became more and more ugly, she rolled her eyes and hurriedly said coquettishly:
“Mother, don’t my grandfather like me very much? They won’t help me?”
“But it’s too much!”
Lu Yao looked away, feeling very upset in her heart.
Although she is from the Lu family, she is actually a concubine, and her status is not high. The Chu family who married is gradually lonely.
Over the years, thanks to Chu Xianmin being good enough, their mother and daughter were able to raise their heads at the Lu family.
But it costs 200,000 all at once… I have to be laughed at by some of the Lu family!
Lu Yao Yu Guang saw that her daughter looked a little ugly, so she stretched out her finger and nodded her head.
“You! I don’t want to think about why people like you? Isn’t it because your talent is good and the prince likes you? Otherwise, who would see you in the eyes? I asked you, a month later, you can still be The college takes the top spot?”
Chu Xianmin disagreed: “Of course!”
Her talent is considered top in Yao Chen Country!
“But, the problem now is the marriage contract between the prince and that little bitch!”
Lu Yao disagreed, and smiled meaningfully.
“Silly boy, what are you worried about? The last thing you want this marriage to do is not you, but—the prince! You let her jump these days. When the time comes, she will naturally look good!”

Chu Liuyue moved out of the marriage contract with the prince, and she really shocked a group of people and others, and successfully blocked the mouths of the great elder and others, making those who want to see her jokes go away in embarrassment.
When the courtyard became quiet again, she finally put all the medicinal materials into the house, and then found a big black pot and started to cook.
If she has the force, naturally she doesn’t need to be so troublesome, just use the force to transform into flames to refine medicinal materials.
Unfortunately, now that the conditions are limited, she can only take the most primitive way.
Although this will cause the loss of the effectiveness of the medicinal materials, she has ordered a full ten times in the Rare Treasure Pavilion, and overall it should not be much worse.
After the water boiled, she put the medicinal materials into it one by one.
Soon, a fresh medicinal scent spread.
Because the characteristics of the medicinal materials are different, the time for adding them to cooking and refining is also different.
She carefully counted the time, while carefully pulling out the medicinal materials that had been exhausted, while adding in the remaining medicinal materials little by little.
The color of the concoction changes continuously.
And the medicinal fragrance became more and more intense.
Chu Liuyue took a deep breath, and suddenly felt a faint warm air rushing into his body, making the whole person much more relaxed.
“It looks pretty good.”
She murmured softly.
As the Tianming Emperor Ji of the Tianling Dynasty, she also has the talent to practice and become a heavenly doctor. Chu Liuyue had read almost all the medical books he could read in her previous life.
As long as the medicinal materials are sufficient, repairing the original vein is not a difficult task for her.
Chu Ning’s nervous shout suddenly came from outside the door.
Chu Liuyue walked over to open the door a little strangely, and she saw that Chu Ning was coming here quickly.
Because he was too hurried, he couldn’t take care of his injured leg, and came limping over, looking a little staggered.
“Father, why did you come back so early today?”
Chu Liuyue asked curiously.
Since Chu Ning was injured, she was sent to a shop in the Chu family to work, and she has been out early and returning late on weekdays.
“Yue’er! You—are you okay?”
Chu Liuyue was stunned.
It seems that Chu Ning knows what happened here, otherwise it would definitely not be such a reaction.
She smiled brightly:
“Father, you are too worried about Yue’er. What can be done in such a short period of time? Come in and rest.”
Saying, go and help him.
Chu Ning grasped her hand, stared at her tightly, and stopped talking.
He was busy working in the shop before, and when he heard that something happened to Yue’er, he hurriedly asked for leave and hurried back.
When he entered the courtyard just now, he saw the eye-catching blood stains in the courtyard at a glance!
Seeing that her daughter seemed to be okay and relaxed, Chu Ning’s heart became heavier, clutching Chu Liuyue’s wrist, unconsciously exerting force.
“Yue’er, you, did you really cut off Chu Liansheng’s arm?”
Chu Liuyue did not move, and nodded calmly:
“Yes. He wants to snatch my things, so naturally I can’t be bullied. Cutting off one of his arms is just to kill a man.”
It took a long time for Chu Ning to speak hard:
“He, he is a Chu Xianmin person… Didn’t you make it clear that you were against her by doing this? She—”
She is not a good person!
Chu Liuyue was a little bit painful when he caught him, so she patted his hand and comforted:
“Father, what do you want to do so much, don’t I do that, she will truly treat me as her sister?”
Chu Ning is speechless.
Yes, because of the marriage contract with the prince, Chu Xianmin is probably one of the people who most want to get rid of Yue’er…
“It’s nothing, father, don’t worry, I know everything I do.”
Chu Liuyue said, raised her chin towards the room, and smiled:
“By the way, I recently stumbled on a remedy that is good for restoring my body. Come and try?”
When she boiled medicine for herself, she actually did not forget Chu Ning’s injury.
She had secretly pulsed him before, and as long as it was treated well, she would be able to recover completely within half a month.
With that said, she was about to pull Chu Ning towards the house.
Chu Ning did not move.
He looked at the girl in front of him, that face was familiar to him, but why at this moment, he felt so strange?
For a moment, he finally trembling lips, said:
“You…you are not Yue’er. Are you?”
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