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Chapter 13 Who's Peeking

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Chu Liuyue’s thoughts turned, and then she remembered that the seventh prince Rong Xiu did indeed leave the imperial capital early because of poor health, and only returned once or twice for so many years.
Even in the eyes of some courtiers, the Seventh Prince Rong Xiu had almost no sense of existence. What’s more, the little character who stayed in the mansion all year round and was bullied by the original body?
In the memory of the original body, the content related to the seventh prince Rong Xiu was pitiful, so Chu Liuyue didn’t realize that he was not in the imperial capital at all at the beginning.
“However, there has indeed been news in the past two days, saying that His Highness Seven is coming back…Yue’er, did you say that your Highness Seven you met in the woods outside the city before?” Chu Ning asked puzzledly.
Chu Liuyue secretly breathed a sigh of relief, pushing the boat along the river:
“Yeah! I was also a little weird at the time, I didn’t expect to meet him back in time.”
“No wonder–it seems that His Highness Seven is indeed back, but in the imperial capital, there is still no news…”
Chu Ning frowned and thought about it, but he didn’t take this matter to heart. After all, he was a child of the royal family, and they had their own reason to say and do.
What’s more, he is no longer in the court now, and he has been far away from these disputes for a long time, and it makes no sense to think about it.
He lovingly touched Chu Liuyue’s head.
“This time, we owe the Seventh Prince a big favor! If there is a chance, Daddy must thank him in person!”
Chu Liuyue slandered in his heart, what kind of favor, didn’t it just occupy his Bibo Lake for a while?
But looking at the relieved expression on Chu Ning’s face, she didn’t explain much, and quickly shifted the topic to the medicinal materials being cooked.
“Father, this is what I did according to the prescription, saying it is good for old wounds, you try it!”
As Chu Liuyue said, he filled a bowl of medicine and opened the jade box next to it. From it, he took out a red-red rhizome as thick as an inch-long thumb. With a firm grip, red juice dripped and dropped into the medicine. in.
Subsequently, Chu Liuyue handed the bowl of medicine to Chu Ning with both hands.
Chu Ning looked down at the pale red medicine, a little uncertain:
“Yue’er, is this… really useful?”
Of course Chu Liuyue knew what he was worried about. It was the first time a person who didn’t understand anything tried to decoct medicine, and no one could rest assured.
Do not expect to have an effect, I am afraid that it is good if it is not poisonous!
She can’t tell Chu Ning her true identity, nor can she say that his old wounds are nothing in her eyes, so she can only let him try directly.
“Yue’er is following the medical book seriously–”
Chu Liuyue was about to explain that the bowl in her hand had already been taken by Chu Ning.
He laughed and said:
“Since Yue’er worked so hard for her father, then dad naturally can’t let her down!”
With that, he just dries up that bowl of soup!
After drinking, the bottom of the bowl was brightened to Chu Liuyue:
“Look, Daddy has finished drinking it!”
The people of the world will harm him, and Yue’er will never!
Even if he was not sure what effect the bowl of medicine that Yue’er had made would be effective, he drank it willingly!
Because this is his most precious daughter!
Chu Liuyue was startled, looking at the hearty smile on Chu Ning’s face, she subconsciously asked:
“Yue’er is the first time I have tried, and I don’t have any experience. Daddy is not afraid to drink this bowl of medicine.”
“Don’t you have experience now? With daddy here, Yue’er doesn’t have to worry anytime! Whatever you want, just do it!”
Suddenly a warm current surged from the bottom of Chu Liuyue’s heart, and the whole person seemed to warm up in an instant!
She has experienced severe betrayal in her previous life, and she has almost completely frozen her heart, and even her bones and blood have congealed!
But now, looking at Chu Ning’s smile and pampering appearance, she suddenly made her heart lively.
She lowered her eyes to cover up the waves of her eyes, for a long time, finally she spoke:
“Daddy will be fine!”
Chu Ning was taken aback, but then she heard her say word by word:
“One day in the future, Daddy will definitely become as powerful as before! No, he will become even more powerful!”
Chu Ning smiled bitterly.
Better than before?
His legs have… there is no way to recover, and the realm can no longer be diligent. How easy is it?
But he couldn’t bear to say these blows to his daughter, so he smiled and squeezed Chu Liuyue’s cheek, and then asked:
“By the way, the money for these medicinal materials…”
Chu Liuyue’s eyes flickered:
“The money is given by the prince, so don’t worry.”
Chu Ning was skeptical, but seeing Chu Liuyue’s expression calm, she stopped asking more questions and left after a few more words.
After all, he came back by asking for leave, and since his daughter is okay, he should naturally go back.
After Chu Liuyue and others left, they continued to cook the medicinal materials.
Chu Ning’s injury is not a big problem, just use a little medicinal material to make a time, and the next thing is her highlight!
Time passed quickly, and it was night soon.
The smell of medicine in the room is getting stronger and stronger, even if she has closed the door and the windows, the courtyard is full of refreshing fragrance.
But they were originally extremely remote here, coupled with a farce during the day, no one in the entire Chu family wanted to come here.
The crescent moon hangs high.
Inside and outside the house, there was silence.
Chu Liuyue poured all the decoction into the wooden bathing barrel that was already prepared next to him, and the rising heat mixed with the rich medicinal fragrance rushed over his face.
Afterwards, she untied her belt and prepared to take off her clothes.
Although this body is very thin and weak, it already has the delicate curves of a girl.
The clothes fell, revealing the white and silky shoulders.
A bang suddenly came from outside!
Chu Liuyue put on the clothes very quickly, walked quickly to the window, opened the window and looked outside.
The courtyard was quiet, and she only vaguely saw a white shadow flashing across the wall in the distance.
But when she wanted to take a closer look, she was gone.
She waited vigilantly for a while, still nothing happened, so she stopped looking.
Just as she was about to lock the window again, her heart moved:
Could it be… Xuexue just came?
Besides, she couldn’t think of anyone else coming here.
But why did it go again?
After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue closed the window, but did not lock it.
If it comes back, it can also come in from here.
After doing this, she finally took off her clothes and went into the tub.
Fiery power rushed into her body crazily along the skin!
Chu Liuyue’s face was bloodshot almost instantly! Rising red!
The body’s original veins were incomplete and the physique was very weak. Such a powerful and turbulent force suddenly struck, and it was naturally unbearable.
Chu Liuyue opened the last jade box next to it, took out the emerald green longan cold jade cloud bead in it, and put it in his mouth.
A refreshing cold breath, instantly poured into your lungs!
Bursts of fine pain came from all over the body!
Cold outside and hot inside, it’s like experiencing a dual sky of ice and fire!
However, only with such a strong stimulation can the original vein be activated and repaired!
Chu Liuyue slowly closed her eyes.
Within the pubic area, the small lake transformed by the incomplete transparent book page suddenly rippled!
Outside the Chu family, in the squat and dim alley, a tall figure was hidden in the night.
The cold moonlight shone, but it was not as clear as the brilliance in his eyes.
Behind him, a White Lion was squatting aggrievedly, with a bag bulging on his forehead, which was obviously just beaten.
Rong Xiu stood with his hands in his hands, quietly looking at the dark and quiet courtyard, his tone was slightly cool:
“The next time it will hit you in the eye, understand?”
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