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Chapter 14 Recovery

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Chu Liuyue’s body is like a sponge, frantically absorbing the power in the medicinal materials.
Hot and cold, two extreme powers flowed in her body, nourishing every inch of muscles and bones.
Minute pain came one after another, Chu Liuyue bit her lips tightly, a trace of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth.
But from beginning to end, she did not shout a painful groan, but forcibly endured, swallowing all the torture!
The incomplete veins in her body are like dry rivers on the cracked ground.
When those forces came surging, it was like pouring rain down!
In the past, Chu Liuyue’s body could not retain these powers at all, and could only watch them pass by.
But now, waves of power continue to impact, finally causing a change in the original vein in her body!
The dry and broken original veins gradually became lustrous and began to extend!
As time passed, the color of the decoction in the tub gradually became lighter.
The power contained in that was almost completely absorbed by Chu Liuyue!
Chu Liuyue was surprised to find that part of the power in the medicinal materials had been incorporated into her body, nourishing the original veins, and letting the incomplete part begin to extend, while the remaining part was flowing to the small lake in her dantian!
The lake was very small and the color was so light that those forces poured into it and disappeared miraculously, as if swallowed by something.
Chu Liuyue observed for a long time and found that the lake was like a bottomless pit. Except for the rippling waves, so much energy could not leave a trace.
She became more and more curious.
The lake was transformed from the transparent and incomplete page, and the mysterious blood rune that appeared at the beginning has never appeared since that day.
What exactly is it? How did it come?
After searching the memory of the original body thoroughly, she did not find any memories related to it, as if it appeared out of thin air.
And, the most important thing is that she hadn’t seen this thing before, but she felt a sense of familiarity inexplicably.
It seems… more like her rebirth!
It was impossible for a while to find out what was going on, Chu Liuyue simply stopped thinking about it, and concentrated on repairing the original vein.
One night passed in a flash.
In the morning, the decoction almost turned into a transparent color, and Chu Liuyue got up.
After a brief cleaning, Chu Liuyue found a few pieces of wood, made a simple plum blossom pile in the yard, carved a woodcarving man and stood beside him, and finally tied a sandbag on his hands and feet. Start practicing.
The conditions are indeed very simple, but in this situation, this is the most convenient and fastest way she can find to quickly improve her physical strength.
The Chu family has a dedicated martial arts training ground, but she has been squeezed out, and she might even cause unnecessary trouble if she goes there.
Although she is not afraid of trouble, she doesn’t want to waste time on those things now.
Before, she killed chickens and cursed monkeys, and even moved out of the marriage contract with the prince to frighten the elder Chu Xianmin and the others, just to make them feel jealous and stop for a while.
And she must take advantage of this time to adjust the state of this body to the best!
Not long after running in the yard, her forehead began to sweat, her breath became rapid, and her whole body was as heavy as lead.
Chu Liuyue felt helpless. This body was really fragile. If it wasn’t cleaned up, it wouldn’t even be able to absorb the medicine completely, let alone other things?
Gradually, her clothes were almost drenched with sweat.
It is July, and it is the hottest time. One can imagine how hard it is to exercise such violent activities in the sun.
Her face was flushed, but her lips were pale, sweat flowed down her slender neck, and strands of black hair stuck to her cheeks, looking very embarrassed.
When the physical strength of her body broke the limit, her legs became weak and she almost fell to her knees.
However, instead of stopping, she walked to the woodcarver, took a deep breath, and began to practice attacking tactics!
In her previous life, after breaking through a Tier 3 martial artist at the age of seven, she no longer practiced in this area, specializing in higher martial arts and mysterious amulets.
But fortunately, all she knows are the most subtle and fierce tricks, and now picking it up again is very helpful to her.
In the quiet courtyard, only the sound of the physical body and the wooden piles can be heard, which is very dull.
Chu Liuyue seemed to be tireless, training herself crazy!
The Dragon Tiger Store is a weapon shop under the name of the Chu family. It does business with swords, guns and swords, and Chu Ning is the second shopkeeper here.
Because he had some knowledge of various weapons before, he was sent here after being injured.
It is said that it is the second shopkeeper, but in fact, the status is not much stronger. The upper part has been pressed by the second brother Chu Yan, Chu Xianmin’s father, and the lower part is often squeezed out by various subordinates.
But today, Chu Ning discovered that these people seemed to target him even more.
After he returned to the store, he frowned when he saw that some swords were not placed in positions.
“Komatsu, this thing is so messy, why don’t you clean it up?”
Wu Song sat still, eating plums, and said lazily:
“If it’s messed up, you can just clean it up by yourself? Are you busy without seeing me?”
As soon as the voice came out, several people in the store looked over.
Chu Ning’s heart became angry, but seeing Wu Song rolled his eyes again, he sneered:
“I thought I was the eldest young master of the Chu family? I didn’t take a pee to see what I was like!”
Everyone laughed secretly, waiting to see Chu Ning’s joke.
Who didn’t know that his daughter Chu Liuyue had completely offended the third young lady Chu Xianmin?
The future of the father and daughter, I am afraid it will be even more difficult!
Maybe he will be kicked out of the Chu family soon!
Chu Ning took a deep breath and increased his tone:
“So, you don’t want to clean up?”
Wu Song didn’t care, ate the last plum, clapped his hands and stood up, walked aside, and reached out and overturned all the things that had been placed!
The dagger and sword slammed down!
“Don’t you think it is messier now? I think you should clean up yourself, haha!”
Wu Song said, laughing arrogantly.
As long as Chu Ning is gone, he will climb the big shopkeeper Chu Yan, and become the second shopkeeper is just around the corner!
Chu Ning clenched his fists.
Wu Song sighed contemptuously.
“Yeah, I want to fight? The second shopkeeper hasn’t been diligent for some years, right? Shall we learn from each other?”
After speaking, his eyes deliberately looked at Chu Ning’s legs.
This glance caused Chu Ning’s anger to erupt completely! Take a punch directly!
Wu Song backed away, and his figure dodged the punch!
“Ha, but likeβ€””
Before he ridiculed, he saw that Chu Ning was actually a few steps forward, giving the second punch extremely fast!
Wu Song was unprepared and was beaten upright! Fall directly to the ground! Blood in the nose and mouth!
But Chu Ning did not let him go, but followed him closely, grabbing his collar and beating him!
A punch fell, and Wu Song who was hit soon fainted!
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Wu Song’s strength is not weak. It stands to reason that Chu Ning is a half disabled, how could it be faster than his movements?
Chu Ning squeezed his head to the ground, saw blood in his hand, and finally stopped, and looked around like a knife:
“Who else wants to learn from?”
Everyone took a step back subconsciously.
That weak Chu Ning…seems to have changed!
Chu Ning wiped the blood off his hands, just turned around, and suddenly stopped!
When he rushed over just now, it seemed…to move faster than before? Moreover, the force in the body seems to be much smoother?
He slowly lowered his head and looked at his right calf.
Somehow, he suddenly remembered the bowl of medicine that Yue’er handed over in his mind.
She said, Dad will definitely get better!