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Chapter 18 Master and Apprentice

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After hearing the old man’s cry, Chu Liuyue realized that after she left that day, he had been thinking about how she started to restore her original veins, but for three days there was no result.
In desperation, he finally planned to visit the Chu family and take a look in person.
At this look, he almost passed away.
The whole yard was filled with a strong smell of medicinal materials, and he knew it was not simple when he smelled it!
It’s definitely not something ordinary people can do to blend so many medicinal materials perfectly!
Even if it is him, it is difficult to do this step!
This girl even said that no one helped her!
Is this the hell?
Seeing the old man’s sad expression of “you big liar”, Chu Liuyue helped her forehead.
Most people don’t know the use of her cooking these herbs, but this is different for the elderly.
He must be able to see something.
Chu Liuyue was too lazy to cover up and shrugged.
“If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it.”
After speaking, I went on to open the jade box and processed the medicinal materials.
The old man was taken aback, seeing that Chu Liuyue really didn’t even have any meaning to explain, and he suddenly fart in anger. Sit on a rock next to it.
“You girl, if you don’t give me an explanation, I won’t go!”
Chu Liuyue nodded perfunctorily.
“Oh. Good. There is water in the house. You can drink it yourself when you are thirsty.”
Check it out!
Look what attitude this is!
The old man frantically waved the fan in his hand, his beard drifting.
This time, he really got on the bar with Chu Liuyue!

Seeing that Chu Liuyue really ignored herself, the old man groaned and looked at the yard casually.
According to Chu family, it is also the four major families of the imperial capital. Although they are ranked in the bottom, they still have the background.
But this yard is remote and dilapidated, no different from ordinary poor families!
Whoever reads it will never believe that the once beautiful Chu Ning and his only daughter live here!
These two people are the direct blood of the Chu family, and they have ended up in such a field…
The old man sighed softly, and his anger gradually disappeared a lot.
Afterwards, he looked at the plum blossom piles in the courtyard, and it seemed that they had just been arranged.
This is-what Chu Liuyue used for training?
It’s too crude!
This father and daughter are living a bit miserable!
A special bitter breath suddenly floated.
The old man sniffed and saw Chu Liuyue take out a small arm-length black dried rattan from the jade box and put it into the boiling pot.
“Hey-why did you directly add the wall vines?! This thing will melt directly when it encounters boiling water! Then the effectiveness will be greatly lost!”
The old man quickly rushed to Chu Liuyue’s side, a tone of hatred for iron and steel.
“Oh, you girl! That wall withered vine is very valuable! It’s so worthless by you—”
Halfway through his words, he suddenly stopped.
The wall withered vine in the pot that was supposed to quickly melt, was actually lying in it!
The boiling water mist rose, and the heat rushed in, but the wall withered vines were actually intact!
Gradually, the ink-like liquid in the wall withered vines flowed out, smudging!
The original bitter and sour breath has become sweet!
This is the taste that the effect of the wall withered vine is completely refined!
The old man opened his eyes wide and looked at this scene in disbelief.
“How… how is this possible?”
The wall withered vine has a strong function of repairing injuries. In addition, it grows on a cliff and only grows an inch in ten years, so it is very precious.
But such rare medicinal materials are also very troublesome to deal with.
Because it is extremely fragile in texture, once it is damaged, the power of the medicine will flow quickly, and it can only be slowly boiled in water.
Once the water temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the efficacy of the medicine.
Especially boiling water, once in contact, it will quickly become waste!
But now, this wall of withered vine is not melted in boiling water, but has the strongest medicinal effect instead!
“How on earth did you do it?”
The old man looked at Chu Liuyue blankly.
Chu Liuyue pointed:
“Look carefully.”
The old man rubbed his eyes and leaned a few minutes closer, and finally saw that the wall of withered vines seemed to be covered with a layer of silver-white ice crystals!
“This is…Silver Ice Grass?”
This is an extremely common medicinal material. Because of its silvery white body and cold properties, it is generally used for pain relief.
“Silver ice grass is ground into powder and added to the water a quarter of an hour in advance. When the wall vine is added to the boiling water, it will quickly condense on the wall vine. In this way, the wall vine will not melt.”
Chu Liuyue explained.
One thing drops one thing, although silver ice grass is ordinary, it is excellent for use here.
The old man was stunned for a while, and suddenly slapped his thigh.
“Yeah! Why didn’t I expect it!?”
Chu Liuyue smiled faintly.
In fact, this is not the secret, but the level of heavenly doctors is different, and the understanding and application of medicinal properties are also different.
“This… where did you learn this method?”
The old man finally reacted, looking at Chu Liuyue with bright eyes.
Chu Liuyue fished out the wall withered vine, the effect has been exerted, and the remaining residue should be taken out as soon as possible.
“I figured it out myself.”
The old man naturally didn’t believe it, but after asking for a long time, Chu Liuyue didn’t give any explanation, and couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.
But those eyes are the medicinal materials that have not left the pot of cooking.
Chu Liuyue didn’t hide it, and let him look at it openly.
This is the medicine for Chu Ning, the prescription is very ordinary, and it doesn’t matter to him.
Because the technique and control of boiling medicine are more important!
Some people have no talent, even if they memorize the prescriptions, or even try hard, they still can’t become celestial doctors!
Quiet in the courtyard.
The old man watched Chu Liuyue cook the medicine, his expression gradually changed.
Chu Liuyue’s series of actions are smooth and flowing, and the time and dosage of each medicinal material are perfect!
The medicinal fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, which also indicates that the medicinal power is merging with each other!
This is absolutely impossible without thousands of exercises!
Even if it is him, I am afraid that he will not do better than Chu Liuyue!
Close the jade box and put the last medicine in!
Before and after, not counting the ones Chu Liuyue had put in before he came, he also put in at least 35 kinds of medicinal materials!
And obviously this is not the limit of Chu Liuyue’s level!
She is definitely up to the level of a heavenly doctor!
Regardless of whom she learned this ability from, he can be certain:
Chu Liuyue has an infinite talent on the path of heavenly medicine!
How did the Chu family manage to make such a rare genius of geniuses in a century, not only is it not cherished, but also bullying?
Look at this dilapidated courtyard again, it’s ironic!
He rubbed his hands and looked at Chu Liuyue’s eyes, as if looking at a peerless treasure.
“Um…Yue girl, the old man doesn’t ask you about those things anymore, there is only one thing I want to ask you for help…I want to come here to see you refining medicine in the future, look-can you?”
Chu Liuyue shook his head.
She has too many things to do, it is very inconvenient to have one more person.
“That, that… I will come once every three days?”
Chu Liuyue still shook his head.
“…Five or five days?”
“Half a month. One month if you disagree.”
“Good! Half a month! Just half a month!”
The old man nodded for fear that she would regret it, his face was already smiling.
Chu Liuyue suddenly tilted her head and asked thoughtfully:
“Then you see, in what capacity are you here?”
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Master arranged it!
Yes, the old man’s master arranged it~