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Chapter Nineteen Waves

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The old man was asked all of a sudden, scratching his head in distress.
This is indeed a problem.
He sneaked in today, but he can’t do this every time in the future, right?
Although the Chu Family’s defenses were of no use to him, since he planned to learn something from Chu Liuyue, he naturally couldn’t be so casual.
Besides, there are many rules and exquisiteness in the profession of Tianyi.
You should know that many celestial doctors place great importance on their own methods and processes of refining medicine. Unless they are teaching direct disciples, they rarely allow others to watch the research.
Chu Liuyue promised that he would be able to see it every half a month in the future, but it was actually very generous.
As for this identity…
“Why… I’m your apprentice?”
The old man spoke with excitement, but he frowned again, his expression hesitant.
“Oh, but the old man had a master before. Although his old man has already driven west, it is really a bit embarrassing to recognize someone else as a master like this!”
Chu Liuyue looked at him speechlessly.
This proposal makes her very embarrassed too! ?
She also doesn’t want to accept an apprentice of this age, okay!
“Well, how about you be my master?”
Chu Liuyue suggested.
The old man was startled, and hurriedly put on the fan.
“Eh-that won’t work! This is the old man who wants to ask you for advice, how can you be your master in turn?”
He could see that Chu Liuyue’s level was not much better than others, he was not qualified to be her master!
Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows were crooked.
“What are you doing so politely? The juniors are new and do not understand many things. Of course, a good master is needed to teach one or two. Is it possible that you don’t want to accept me?”
“Oh hello! What you said, how can anyone in the world want to accept you as an apprentice, but—”
The old man said, but suddenly realized something and opened his eyes dumbly.
“Wait, wait! You mean: you don’t have a master yet?”
Chu Liuyue blinked sincerely.
“Yes! Didn’t I tell you from the beginning?”
The old man looked at her suspiciously, and couldn’t believe it in his heart. In the end, he had to secretly guess that there must be a super master behind Chu Liuyue, but he couldn’t come forward for various reasons, so he said so.
“Do you-want me to be your’master'?”
Chu Liuyue nodded.
Chu Ning might believe her previous remarks, but she would definitely be full of doubts when she changed to another person.
She needs a “master” as a reason for sudden change!
If someone asks about it in the future, she only needs to say that she had been taught by her master secretly, and that she had been keeping a low profile before.
The old man was silent for a long time.
He is not stupid, he knows exactly what Chu Liuyue is making.
Having such thoughts and methods is enough to prove that she is absolutely not as incompetent as the outside world said!
On the contrary, she has top talent and extraordinary intelligence!
Such a girl who is only fourteen years old…I don’t know how many secrets are hidden in her body. Once she agrees, she will definitely involve a lot of trouble.
Chu Liuyue didn’t urge, her expression was calm.
The old man’s expression changed, his eyes turned back and forth on Chu Liuyue’s face and the cooked soup medicine.
He had already made up his mind to never mix up those messy things, but…
He really wants to see Chu Liuyue refining medicine!
“Good! I promise you!”
The old man gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind!
“From then on, secretly I see you refining medicine, on the bright side, my old man is your master!”
Chu Liuyue was not surprised by this answer. He stretched out his eyebrows when he heard the words, then folded his hands and bent his knees slightly:
“Disciple Chu Liuyue, I have met Master.”
It was a formal apprenticeship.
The old man was startled, looking at Chu Liuyue’s little green face, and for a while, there was some uncontrollable joy in his heart.
This is… his first apprentice!
In the past, he always found it troublesome to accept apprentices, but he didn’t realize that by chance, he actually accepted such a talented apprentice!
“Good! Good!”
He felt a lot closer to Chu Liuyue in his heart, and quickly got Chu Liuyue up.
“We, master and apprentice, don’t pay attention to those imaginary things! If you have anything in the future, just ask Master!”
Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows were curved with a smile:
“Thank you, Master.”
Hearing the fragile “Master”, the old man suddenly felt love and compassion.
“My teacher’s surname is Ye, if you want to find a master in the future, go directly to the Qiufengyuan in the west of the city!”
Chu Liuyue quickly searched in his mind, but did not find any person surnamed Ye, let alone Qiufengyuan.
But this is also normal. The original body has been trapped in the Chu family for many years, and he didn’t know much about the outside world.
It wasn’t the time to ask about this, and she didn’t feel entangled anymore, and she would know when she should know later.
Later, Old Ye and Chu Liuyue talked about refining medicine for a long time, and did not leave reluctantly until sunset Xishan.
For all this, Chu Ning naturally did not know.
Chu Liuyue also pretended that nothing had happened, calmly conditioning her body.
Twenty days passed quickly.
Early in the morning, Rare Treasure Pavilion delivered the last medicine.
After Chu Liuyue counted the medicinal materials, he began to refine the medicine methodically.
Unlike the past, Chu Ning is also at home this time.
From time to time, he looked towards Chu Liuyue’s room, proud and nervous.
After a few hours, Chu Liuyue finally stopped and poured out the soup.
“Daddy, this is the last time. After drinking, you can try to practice again.”
Chu Liuyue delivered the boiled soup medicine.
Chu Ning quickly stepped forward to take it, and his expression was a little excited.
During this period of time, his body has improved significantly. Not only has his previously disabled calf become as strong as before, but even his perception of the Force seems to be much stronger than before!
He even faintly felt that he seemed to be even better than his peak state!
After so many years of frustration, it is impossible to say that he does not want a comeback.
He didn’t expect that it was his own daughter who gave him this hope!
Chu Ning drank it without hesitation, and the blazing power went down, and then gathered in Dantian!
He lay his legs crossed, folded his hands in front of him, closed his eyes, and began to guide this force!
The surrounding heaven and earth force seemed to be guided by some kind of guidance, and began to gather towards Chu Ning!
This is a sign of a breakthrough!
Chu Liuyue curled her lips with satisfaction.
Chu Ning’s talent is indeed good, and it is unexpected to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to try to break through.
She quietly exited and returned to her room.
After this period of recuperation, the original veins in her body have almost recovered, and there is only one final touch that can be completely repaired!
She started refining medicine for the last time.
When the decoction was cooked, the sky was completely dark.
She took off her clothes and entered the bath tub, with the strong fragrance of medicine lingering.
The white mist rose up, almost concealing her figure.
Hold your breath and sink your dantian.
Strands of power immersed in Chu Liuyue’s limbs!
The original vein, which was originally incomplete and dry, has now become lustrous and flexible!
Under the nourishment of abundant power, the original veins continue to spread and grow.
At the same time, the small lake within Chu Liuyue’s dantian actually caused another wave!
A light red water drop suspended from the middle of the lake, and then transformed into countless small invisible particles, which merged into the original veins in Chu Liuyue’s body!
A majestic and vast breath, overwhelming Chu Liuyue!