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Chapter Three She is not dead!

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In this lake, there is still a man hidden!
Chu Liuyue’s heart shook–she hadn’t noticed it after being here for so long!
Although she no longer has the strength of her previous life, she still has the corresponding eyesight and keenness, otherwise it would be impossible to solve Song Lian’s trio by herself.
The strength of this man must be extremely strong!
“This is your place?”
She spoke cautiously.
There was a sound of water, and Chu Liuyue could vaguely see a tall figure coming out of the water, and despite the white mist, he could still see the outline.
Straight shoulders, broad back, and…the arc that faintly sinks into the lake…
Chu Liuyue held the hairpin tightly, still staring closely.
She had just been born again, but she didn’t want to die again so confused!
A low laugh suddenly came.
“It’s so pretty?”
Then, a wind came, and the white mist dispersed.
The man’s figure became clearer, and it seemed that he wanted to meet frankly.
Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart.
She hasn’t seen it in the world, so she is still afraid of this?
“The fog is obscured, I naturally don’t know if it looks good. Why don’t you wait for me to see clearly before giving you the answer?”
The white mist that was originally drifting seemed to stagnate for a moment.
The other party probably didn’t expect that such a little girl could say such things.
“If you really want to see it, I’m naturally happy. But… I’m afraid that before you can see clearly, your hairpin has already pierced my chest, right?”
The man didn’t seem to be thinking about it, and the smile in his voice was a little bit more.
Chu Liuyue didn’t speak.
The opponent is extremely strong, and very smart, she can see through her plan at a glance, obviously difficult to deal with.
For this kind of person, she certainly would not choose to head-on.
Her eyes waved, she rolled up her hair again, calmly inserting the hairpin into the bun.
“Sorry, I didn’t know this was your place. Just now I thought there was no one here, so I rushed in. If you disturb me, please don’t mind the son.”
The man was silent for a moment, his voice seemed far and near.
Chu Liuyue was a little surprised, the other party let her go so easily?
She was uncertain in her heart and did not speak for a while.
“Although the Bibo Lake is good for your body, you still don’t have a long-term pulse because you don’t get through.”
With that, the man got up first and got to the shore. Yemi was already dressed when he saw how he moved.
Although covered by the white mist, only one figure can barely be seen, but he can still see that the figure of this man is indeed first-class.
She also stopped twitching, got dressed quickly, and planned to leave.
This man is not easy to provoke!
However, before she took a step, the man’s voice came from behind.
“Little girl, although I don’t plan to pursue it, I still have to know who broke into my place today.”
The tone is steady, but with a trace of arrogance that cannot be refuted by the superior.
Is this wanting her to declare her family?
Chu Liuyue turned around, and a man was standing not far away.
She held her breath slightly.
She was once an emperor, and she did not know how many young talents she had met, and her fiancΓ© was Jiang Yucheng who was known as the first beautiful man in the Tianling Dynasty.
However, when she saw this man for the first time, she couldn’t help but flash in her heart.
A pair of sword eyebrows flew obliquely into the temple, the bridge of the nose was tall and straight, and the stars were shining, like the most beautiful starry sky, less than one thousandth of those deep eyes. Just one glance will make people crazily sink into that light.
The scarlet lips were slightly pursed, and they were impeccably curved. They were thin lips that seemed a bit thin, but because of the lip in the middle, they were a little peachy.
His eyes are the cleanest starry night in the world, but his lips are the most ambiguous spring scenery in the world.
Simple and mysterious, gentle and elegant, and noble and noble, it is like an invisible contradiction, just standing there, it seems to attract all eyes, making people crazy.
Chu Liuyue glanced at him, and silently uttered a word in his heart:
“Chu Liuyue.”
She didn’t want to conceal her identity. After all, the other party looked like a very capable person, and lying was just an increase in trouble.
The man on the opposite side was also looking at her, but his gaze was like moonlight, only lightly swept across, and finally stayed on her face.
“Since Xuexue let you in, forget it this time.”
Is it the White Lion?
The man suddenly stepped forward and walked to Chu Liuyue’s body step by step.
Chu Liuyue was full of vigilance, but still forced herself not to show hostility and looked at him quietly.
Then, he stood still, and suddenly stretched out his hand-warm finger pads gently rubbed her cheek.
“Miss Chu Family, naturally you can’t go back embarrassed with blood stains like this.”
Chu Liuyue was taken aback for a moment and looked down to see a faint blood stain on his finger.
The two heard each other for a moment.
He has a deep voice, agitating his eardrums:
“Also, I am Rong Xiu.”
Chu Liuyue wanted to say something, but he already said:
“You should go now.”
Chu Liuyue pursed her lips, although she didn’t know what his idea was, but…
“Thank you.”
Back to the Chu family, there is still a tough battle!

It wasn’t until the girl’s slender figure completely disappeared in the forest that Rong Xiu finally retracted his gaze and looked at White Lion.
The gentle smile on his face gradually faded.
“You wanted to please her, so you sold your master?”
White Lion didn’t move.
“If you pretend to be dead, I will tell it next time. You actually have another name called Huahua.”
White Lion stood up suddenly.
It is clearly called a snowflake! Don’t call Huahua! It’s a dead beast to hear it!
“The imperial capital should be quite lively these days, so it will leave you alone.”
Snow Snow’s eyes suddenly lit up!

The atmosphere in the Chu Family Hall was stiff and cold.
Chu Ning was anxious, pacing restlessly while looking outside nervously.
“Yue’er has been out for a day, it’s already evening, why haven’t you come back? Great Elder, let’s send someone out to find it as soon as possible!”
What if something goes wrong? !
Yue’er, she has no strength at all!
“Chu Ning, what are you worried about? It’s not the first time she has gone out. How could something happen? Maybe it’s because the child is playful. It’s just late?”
The Great Elder Chu Xiao sipped a sip of tea, and said.
Chu Ning was extremely anxious, but knew that they would never promise him anything.
But-it’s getting dark! Yue’er would never be so ignorant, not coming back so late!
“I will find it myself!”
Before he went out, one person walked in first.
The visitor wore a goose yellow tunic with a pretty face. It was the third lady, Chu Xianmin.
She saluted first, and then said with a hint of aggrieved cry:
“Elder, Xianmin knows that her sister hasn’t come back yet, so she shouldn’t come to bother you, but… But there is one thing, Xianmin really dare not hide–Xianmin’s things have been stolen!”
The Grand Elder frowned: “What’s the matter?”
There were tears in Chu Xianmin’s eyes:
“Today I asked my sister to come to my room, wanting to give her some private money so that she would buy something for herself when she went out shopping. But I didn’t expect that just now, I went to see it, and the silver slips and jewelry given by my parents were gone. !”
Chu Ning solemnly drank:
“What do you mean! Do you want to say that Yue’er stole something from you!?”
Chu Xianmin cried harder, pear blossoms with rain, full of grievances:
“That’s not what Xianmin meant… How dare Xianmin wrong her sister? But today only her sister has been to my room…”
The Grand Elder squinted his eyes:
“Could it be that she stole something delicate and ran away secretly!? What a courage!”
Chu Ning was about to argue, when a communication suddenly sounded:
“Miss is back!”
The people in the hall were stunned.
A tear hung in the corner of Chu Xianmin’s eyes, concealing her unbelievable eyes.
how come? !
Chu Liuyue shouldn’t–
A slender and straight figure came back against the light!
“The elder is really joking. As the eldest lady of the Chu family, I have a share of the Chu family’s assets. How could I betray the Chu family to get the third sister’s allowance?”
Chu Liuyue stepped into the hall with a smile, but Chu Xianmin shuddered!
“Three sisters, don’t you think?”